The Galactics – who the heck are they?

The Galactics – who the heck are they?

Kerry K

Who are the Galactics and who are these special people who channel them?

In this video, I speak about channeling and why it’s an outdated method of connection and who the Galactics are and why they always invite you into equality with them.

You will never hear me say things like “the Sirians said” or “the ‘Pleiadeans said” as if their information is almighty and holy. this would imply that they are somehow more superior and they’re not, not by a long shot.

If anything, the Galactics want you to elevate and I want you to elevate to the point of holding reverence for yourself as a being of consciousness.

Note to Readers:

I wish people would stop using the little Greys and referring to them as “Galactics”. They are an engineered slave race and work for the Nebu. I don’t think that is what Kerry is doing here. Earth humans are certainly not Greys, although there are now many hybridized Grey-Earth humans thanks to the underground hybridization programs performed for over 70 years. These programs in the D.U.M.B.s have been removed, the children saved… at least those who were not physically or mentally unable to live in another environment. The hybrid children have been rehomed to other worlds that are more accepting of them. Elena Danaan has shared more of this information in her videos and communications.

Other than that, yes, Earth humans are Galactics… we live in Nataru, the Milky Way Galaxy. We are considered an evolving race with unique genetics from several star nations. The Galactics are not superior to us. They are not gods or angels and do not want or require our worship.

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