Sananda, Ashtar, St. Germain and the Rest of the Clique — Galactic Anthropology

‘Lord Ashtar’ with his rescue fleet (2) Triggered by an interview that Dr. Michael Salla had with Marc Brinkerhoff (1) on September 14, 2022 I just had to write this post. After watching a few minutes I knew I had seen enough of it. Perhaps some people resonate with Brinkerhoff’s story, but I do not. […]

Sananda, Ashtar, St. Germain and the Rest of the Clique — Galactic Anthropology

Note to Readers:

Since I am signed up to receive notifications from Dr. Michael Salla, I found out about the video interview posted above. Frankly, I was confused as to why Dr. Salla would ever interview such a person given that Elena Danaan has verification from her galactic sources that “Commander Ashtar” is an AI psyop. All of the rest of the gang fit into the same category. This is a technique used by the Nebu to capture the attention of lighted souls. It doesn’t matter if the Nebu are no longer physically present on the planet (and they aren’t) for these lighted souls are distracted, their attention drawn to something that will not work to advance their own soul evolution.

I have written pieces regarding “Ashtar” and “Commander Ashtar” in the recent past. I was even deep within the illusion being told that Lord Ashtar was an uncle by marriage. That crooked mirror cracked from side to side when I was drawn to reading Alex Collier’s works and then watching Elena Danaan’s videos and reading her books.

Ashtar is a Taami word for “high commander”. It is not a person; it is a title.

The Ashtar Galactic Command is a breakaway group of Taal-Ashkeri (hybrid Taal humans + indigenous Greys) that are simply mercenaries and who work cooperatively with the Galactic Federation of Worlds. They have a base located in the atmosphere of Jupiter. Elena has referred to this base both in her videos and writings.

The Ashtar Collective is based on the planet Morga in the Thula (Sirius B) star system… which is part of the tri-star system we call “Sirius”. These people were infiltrated and taken over by the Nebu during a portion of the Orion Wars. Greys are reptoids, cold-blooded. There are benevolent Greys and malevolent Greys; the Nebu and their allies, are the latter group. They seek to infiltrate and take over star systems. Read more on this subject in Elena’s books. Any channeled material from Sirius B has to be false, fake… another distraction.

“Jerusalem” ship – Elena goes into this topic in her debunks, as well. Another psyop, another distraction. Extraterrestrials do NOT use Earth names for ships. Many of their ships don’t even have names of any sort.

Religious beliefs related to ETs are another draw for some seekers, thus you will see the names of religious figures used to draw in people, too. More psyop… it is a vast network of carefully crafted lies. In the words of Thor Han, the extraterrestrial races do not have religions. They are aligned directly with source, consciousness. There is no intermediary required. There are no “gods” above or below.

Once you break from the spell, you cannot go back. I’m there, through my own willingness to drop the Lie and move back into alignment with Source.

Use extreme discernment these days and take personal responsibility for choices made. If you make a mistake, learn from it as I have.


P.S. I have no doubt that this piece and my opinion regarding this topic will trigger someone. People have a tendency to look outside of themselves for salvation, as they have been conditioned to through ages of domination by alien forces. Look within for the true connection with your own Soul and Oversoul. Only you can go there…

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