The Council of Nine:  The Journey Home

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The Council of Nine:  The Journey Home (2012)

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Note to Readers: This piece is a sample of my earliest writing efforts on my blog, Blue Dragon Journal. The readers who have long traveled with me through over ten years of blogging may remember it… By posting it, I am not advocating that you start channeling. It is too dangerous right now. And I was in a different place then, literally and figuratively.

Good morning! We are the Council of Nine. Thank you for the opportunity to speak to you, again, so soon.

Events move apace for our way showers. Even as we speak, a myriad of changes are occurring in each of your bodies. New cells are being created. The light is penetrating into dark corners of your psyche where it has not been able to penetrate for a millennium of linear time.

We come to you today bearing gifts, in the form of light packets, designed to dissolve any further resistance to the process of transformation that lies before you. It is your decision to proceed further. Actually, those of you reading these words have already made this decision, whether you are aware of doing so or not; it was a decision made for you before incarnation.

As this last bit of darkness is removed, the last bastion of the ego fortified by, in some cases, of decades of human conditioning, will fall. Do not feel that you have failed if you are feeling out of sorts, fatigued or even cranky. These sensations are indicative of the “battle” being fought at a cellular level. Your body, the last hold out against change, is following its natural instincts for survival and is resisting change. The cosmic light even now penetrating the atmosphere, the earth below your feet and your bodies is bringing inevitable transformation to the very cells of your physical body and it (the body) deems this as a threat to its existence.

At a cellular level, the cells are being sorted out and reconfigured into a state of being hitherto unknown. The physical body is undergoing the real transformation, even transfiguration, if you will, into a new crystalline pattern. As with the reconstruction of molecules of water turning to ice, so, too, are the cells of the human body turning into crystal. You may ask, does this mean that we are turning into rocks? No… the crystalline structure is designed to hold more light, which in turn will rise up your vibrations and allow you to move into a higher vibrational density, into Fifth Density. There the body will not hold as heavy a density, but will be made of light and be able to be altered with thought and intent. The appearance of physicality even on the level of the third dimension is an illusion. In truth, the body is made of swirling vortexes of energies. Your physical body is truly made up of waves, frequency, and resonance. In the higher dimensions, you will be able to form and reform these vortexes at will, to suit your development and that of the collective in which you find yourselves.

So, if you are feeling fatigued and achy these days, know it is for a good purpose – transformation is in progress and will continue to intensify as the time of the Shift approaches. The way is being prepared. The Light packets we bring are designed to ease this process for you if you would so allow. In the end, it is your own choice, your own soul contracts and level of consciousness that determine the pace of transformation. As with snowflakes, each one of you is unique and precious to your Creator. Be kind to each other and especially be kind to self in these days of change.

As an illustration of the thrust of transformation, yesterday we mentioned to our Scribe that we would speak of Love today. Our scribe was concerned that she would not be able to find the words through her translation to describe what Love is. You see, our scribe is also feeling out of sorts, stretched beyond her normal boundaries of comfort. She is a very private person who has found that she has been putting very private thoughts out on the Internet for all to read. She does so in response to an intense upwelling of knowing that comes from within. She is responding to the growing presence of her greater Self who is now in the process of merging with her human personality. It is a process that causes discomfort at times and great joy at times. All is good, as she is learning to be once again more than she has been allowed to be while incarnated within a confining matrix. Indeed, while incarnated within this matrix, our scribe has experienced more of what Love is not than what it is. So, it has been for many of our way showers, who for the sake of the collective, have ventured into places wherein bides ignorance and unconsciousness, there to drive out the darkness out into the Light through the process of transfiguration and transmutation.

The term “love” has been much misused and maligned in current Western society. Love has come to mean the sexual attraction between two individuals whether they are of opposite sexes or the same. We are here to tell you that this concept does not even reach the first level of understanding of what Love is. In truth, Love is the highest vibration of Light or the feminine aspect of Light. Love binds the Universe together in a harmonious Whole.

A gloss of glamour has been placed around the concept of romantic love in the Western world. People seek their “better” half in a search that is never ending and can never succeed for it a journey built upon illusion. Romantic love is a watered down version of the real search of the soul for the Beloved. The roots of romantic love stem from mystery teachings that emanated out of the region of what is now southern France. The love that one seeks in reaching out for the Beloved, is the yearning of the soul to be reconnected to its Creator, to Source. In your search you have reached out to what is outside of your body, searching for the face of the Beloved in the face of another body. Many people of your Western culture and around the world have experienced the heartache and disappointment to discover that the Beloved does not exist in that other person and cannot be found there.

The search for the beloved through romantic love has become a way to keep you distracted, from focusing on the true journey. Judgment and conditional love have taken the place of what should be a journey to self-discovery. Only by learning to love self can you begin to approach the true goal, to begin the journey, Home. Those of you and they are Legion, who have made it their goal to seek that Home, have discovered there is a place that exists within every person, no matter where they might be on the Path. It is a place of safety where you can begin that journey home in earnest.

In their great Wisdom, the Seeders, your ancient mothers and fathers, placed a golden seed within what was to be the high heart chakra of the Adamic body when it was created so long ago by the Master Geneticist, Prince Ea (ENKI). This body was to be the new hu-man, a perfected vessel to carry the soul home when the cycles were right. Through the movement of people, through the agency of change, the sacred genes of this Adamic body have found their way into every corner of the world, bringing mutation to the indigenous peoples as well as to the galactic colonists who settled upon this planet during the days of Lemuria and Atlantes. Now, every incarnated soul upon this sacred planet is wearing the Adamic body and carries within it the sacred seed of Godhood, the potential for reconnection to Spirit and Creation. Now each body contains the potential of union with God, the Beloved, whom all seek because it is an inevitable consequence of being disconnected from Source. It is within each drop of water the desire to be reunited with the Ocean. So it is with the soul; it yearns for the Beloved. It can do nothing else. Only those who have lost all their light through their self-hatred and their deeds of destruction can escape the call and even these lost ones will eventually find reunion or be unmade, their essence sculpted into a brand new soul.

In the typing of these words, our Scribe begins to understand the concept of what we are attempting to convey here: Love is the response of the Soul to the Light of Spirit. It does not matter if the soul is housed in a female or male body, for ultimately the soul is androgynous. With the reunion of twin flames, the soul is reunited and can take on the characteristics of either sex as needed.

Through the Fall of Man, there grew up a wall of thorns surrounding the garden in which the sacred seed was planted. Now that the vibratory levels of the planet are increasing and certain pioneer souls are responding to the cosmic Light, the seed of Love is growing in each of their hearts, seeking out for reunion, first to their twin flame, separated at the moment of creation, and then to the Source from which they came, the Realms of Light.

Now as the cycle has returned to allow for the advent of the Light upon this world, the Law of Grace is allowing entrance to the secret garden to those who seek. In metaphysical circles, this place within has been known as the Secret Chamber of the Heart. In truth, it is the place of alchemy, for the personality to be reunited with its Higher Self, the lead to be transmuted into the gold of Spirit. It is here that you will be reunited with the two halves of your inner nature, masculine and feminine, your guides, your soul and your connection to Source. It is here that you will begin to create your New World, to reconnect with your galactic families and to find your feet planted firmly on the Path of the Return.

It is to this place you must go as the illusion of the third dimensional world is being dismantled around you. This is the place of communion (coming into union) from which you can begin to touch the stars, reaching out to other lightworkers, to your galactic family, to the angels, your guides and to the Realms of Light. It is here that you will discover you are more than you could ever imagine, that you are, in truth gods and goddess of the divine, creators and teachers in training, relearning all that has been hidden from you during your sojourn upon this darkened world.

By going within, during your meditations or even during the day for mere moments, you will find all that you seek. The secrets of the Universe will be revealed to you, at first not in a fashion that your waking mind can comprehend, but as the ties to the illusionary 3D world are loosened, the understanding will take the form of bursts of enlightenment as your mind begins to comprehend concepts beyond what mere words can convey. At first, this process will feel more like osmosis. Like a thirsty cell, you will suck up knowledge without having the requisite understanding. However, when the moment is right, the knowing will be there, as if a packet of light or information has been unzipped and the contents revealed. Comprehension and delight will be yours when you begin to understand and comprehend who and what you are, as well as the many possibilities of the new life unfolding before you.

As the outer events occurring worldwide are designed to distract you, to keep you separated and in fear, you will find an inward focus will bring quite the opposite effect. There you will discover a new world of peace, joy and a feeling of being welcomed Home. This feeling of Home is the closest understanding of what Love really is as the highest vibration of Light within this Universe. It is experienced as a feeling of complete unconditional acceptance of all that you are, have been and will be. Love is the key to reconnection to the Realms of Light which will continue to beckon each one of you forward on your journey back to Source.

In your moments of solitude and meditation, you are able to re-establish this feeling of unity, of bliss. Yet the feeling of this unity on the third-dimensional plane of existence will continue to be an ephemeral sensation until your vibratory level has increased to the extent that you are able to reunite with your Higher Self. In order to preserve the integrity of your physical vessel, it is necessary for this process to be undergone over a period of time, so exhibit patience, towards self and others, during this period of transformation. The Shift is happening. It is happening right now.

Be at peace, blessed Ones. We are ever with you, in the eternal Now.

Thank you, Council of Nine

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