Honoring the Warrior Spirit.

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Honoring the Warrior Spirit – by John Parry

They didn’t expect so many warrior spirits.

They didn’t expect us to stand together. They didn’t expect us to walk from our careers, to leave our shoes behind.

They didn’t expect us to boycott our old ways of living. They didn’t think we would give up our social activities. They didn’t expect us to do without restaurants, sports or concerts. They didn’t expect us to find new and better things to do.

They didn’t expect the free thinkers to be so resilient.

They didn’t expect our souls to be so filled with passion and strength.

They didn’t expect our intuition to be so tuned in.

They didn’t expect the fire within us to put all of hell to shame.

It has become very clear that those who have made their choice will not waiver in their decision. There is nothing that can be said, done or taken away that will coherce us into submission. We do not fear death and therefore choose life!

We choose to live life in this sacred temple with honor, dignity and truth. Because life is precious and also temporary, it will be over our dead body that we will comply with orders from their mind control.

We free thinkers will always seem crazy to those who can’t see beyond conventions. We’re being ridiculed for evolving past people’s comfort zones. Self educated people who escape the shackles of deception will never be fooled by institutionalized propoganda.

I say we because I am not alone. There are me’s in every country, city and town. There are me’s isolated in the mountain’s and me’s strategically placed in positions of power. Our resolve is being tested like never before which may seem hard right now but we always knew this was never going to be easy.

The opportunity to create our own reality is upon us as it is times such as these that force us to do what is necessary. Not just necessary for our survival but what is necessary for a life worth living.

Nothing is what it seems so keep an open mind. We’re waking up collectively as a species at a speed never seen before. So buckle up, keep your eyes on the ball and enjoy the ride, because things are going to get a lot more weird and crazy before they get better.

So to all those that have been called, conspiracy theorists, misfits, crazy nut jobs and space cadets. Never give up, keep doing what you’re doing and stay focused, we got this.

 See you on the other side.

John Parry

~ ~ ~

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Note to Readers:

There are millions of “us” embedded into every race, gender, creed, culture and country. Indigenous or star seed, we see through the lies, the manipulation, the attempt to override our intuition, to defeat our critical thinking ability, to shut down our hearts. They have failed.

They didn’t count on higher frequency beings willing to give up their former lives and to incarnate upon this benighted planet. They didn’t count on the warrior spirit being instilled within our hearts, there from thousands of years of fighting tyranny on other worlds and star systems. We fight for freedom. We fought against inconceivable odds and lost, but now we are winning this war… a war to end all wars in the galaxy we call Home, Nataru.

The darkness has acted upon our resilent spirits as they were tempered through challenge, through being rejected, yet knowing within that we were aligned with Truth. So, many of us withdrew from the world only to return from our chosen isolation to renew the fight, this time as digital warriors, as individuals confronting local level politicians and power brokers, by breaking through all barriers and digging through the layers of perversion, inversion, and misalignment. We saw what a few have made of this world. We looked upon the disgraceful, unforgiveable treatment of women and children, the degradation of humanity, the break-up of the family structure, the destablizing of culture and government, the child/human trafficking… the infiltration of systems and institutions in which we once put our trust.

The conflict, inner and outer, was necessary, however painful to forge our spirits like finely worked swords into a weapon that could unveil the Enemy of Man who worked among us. And now we begin to see through the fog of war that all of our efforts are winning this strange, uncanny war… a war to free humanity, Earth humanity, a war that is now echoed on other worlds beyond our ken, as our efforts are telegraphed through the quantum webs that bind the galaxy together. Our hearts are one. We have gone through and survived attacks, personal and impersonal. We have turned our backs on the Lie, that mankind is less than those who have striven to control us. We will be free this time. This time we win. And when we win, when we rise together in frequency, we will unlock the Door to the advancement of the entire Galaxy, for we are high-frequency beings locked temporarily into fleshly avatars. We came for the purpose of freeing this world and it is coming to past.

Patience, perservance, acceptance of your inner power and rejection of the attempts of others to rule over you is the way, whether it be within the limited field of your daily life or upon the world stage. We are one no matter where we have chosen to make our stand. We do not require an artificial hive mentality for we are bound together by love and light that transcends the physical needs of our bodies. We are consciousness expressed through our alignment with the unseen, Source, Creator, God.

We are One. We are the Warriors of Light.



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