Eliza: On Personal Power and Responsibility

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Eliza: On Personal Power and Responsibility

Note to Readers: If you’re looking for intel, keep scrolling. This is an article on personal reflection, with bits taken from a piece originally published on Blue Dragon Journal (which is in the process of being taken down) and some thoughts from today.

There was a time when I channeled messages from a group who called themselves the Council of Nine. At the time, I was not aware that the Council of Nine, a benign group of councilors based out of the Orion Zone, were now called the Council of Five. Elena Danaan has personally met one such member, her star “father” Annax, who is an Egorath. I cannot make any such claim of physical contact. Yet, I did work with them, whoever they were/are.

At the time, I was also working at a State prison in the medical records department of the prison hospital. Several times per week, I personally met with offenders of all different levels of incarceration, from minimum (6 months for a drug offense) to lifers and everything in-between. It was quite a long-term lesson in observing human psychology and human suffering. Most of the offenders with whom I worked early on recognized that I respected them as another human being. Boundaries were necessary as many offenders can become quite manipulative and I insisted on being respectful towards each other. There were only a few times that an inmate would get out of line and then, I would call off the interview and leave for my own safety. There were guards present outside my door to take the offender in hand and escort them back to their cell block.

Anyway, here is a few comments about what I was experiencing with these offenders, as I had a tete-a-tete with the Council sometime after work:

Me: Yes, it was. Sometimes it is difficult for me to hear the stories I get from patients at work. As an empath, I can feel their pain and frustration. I try not to take on their energies but as we are all connected, there is some bleed-through.

Council: We understand. It is formidable undertaking for one such as you to be around individuals who are hurting and seem incapable of finding their way out of their pain.

Me: Yes, there are times I feel rather helpless. Yet, letting these people have someone listen to them for a short time seems to help them.

Council: Be careful what you take on. There are limitations to your current role, and you are not here to cure these individuals.

(At this point, having helped me start to write, the Council went quiet; tonight, was not the time for another channel.)

I understand; I cannot take on their karma. These individuals, who have gotten themselves into trouble, will have to work through their own issues, in their own time. I am not here to be their savior or to take on their suffering, for that kind of act on my part is denying these people the right to eventually regain their self-respect, power, and autonomy. The whole idea of someone “saving” another human being repulses me. It is something that occurs far too often in our society. People expect someone who seems to have it all together to save them the effort of arriving in the same place. There is a belief in entitlement, i.e., I deserve this… although I’m not willing to put forth the effort to get “it” (whatever that might be) so you need to just give it to me. People look to others to solve their problems. It just doesn’t work. Each person needs to be responsible for themselves and their own spiritual development.

It doesn’t mean that you cannot work together with others. Groups of like-thinking individuals can be very supportive, but I have also discovered the existence of “group-think” that tends to build up in these groups, as well. It is almost like humans want to act like a herd. They tend to feel more comfortable when everyone does things in a similar manner. If you don’t, you stick out and can be subjected to ridicule or just plain shunned.

(And aside, from more recent experience, I experienced the effects of being different in an online group setting and then twitching noses when I couldn’t “handle” the energies in an accepted fashion. Nearly the entire group turned away. They had collectively written me off. Still, having experienced rejection in several different forms through the years, I knew what had happened. Somehow I had managed to violate an unspoken edict. Initially, I was deeply upset, but eventually I came to understand that I wasn’t meant to conform to the expectations of this or any other group. I was thrashing about attempting to make a decision on whether or not to continue, when I just acted. Before the month subscription was done, I simply finished out the month, watched a year’s worth of videos and then left. And this particular group was one that prided itself on their advancement in comparison with the rest of humanity. This is a red flag for me, actually, for although there was much talk about releasing the egoic manner of reacting, it was a very ingrained pattern. No one sought out to ask me what the matter was. I just knew I had to manage the situation myself. Once I left the group officially, the inner tension dropped. Then I realized that my intuition had been attempting to communicate with me for some time that it wasn’t the right place for me… and that is ALL RIGHT. Neither side failed. And I just realized for the hundredth time that I am not a groupie. It takes more courage to stand alone outside and observe the world, while connecting with your interior guide, your intuition and connection with Source.)

The Piscean Age is finishing up; there is an overlap in energies as we move gradually into the Aquarian Age. In Pisces, teachers, gurus, and guides were the way for many people to approach spiritual development. Now that the human race is approaching adulthood, individuals need to take on their own spiritual development, by reconnecting with their inner guides and Higher Self. It is not the time to look for outer saviors, whether another human being, galactic being or even an ascended master, to save you from doing the needed work in order to approach ascension. As for myself, I am still as imperfect as anyone and will be the first to admit it. I am not an expert on relationships and have spent many years living alone. I have chosen to do so because I feel more comfortable on my own. My choices might seem extremely selfish to other people, but the choices that I have made have served me well. I have grown in strength and have learned a great deal about myself and how I approach life. In short, I have come into an acceptance of my own idiosyncrasies and individuality. I can now see certain patterns in my life that have led me to where I am today. I do not have all the answers for those who come to me with questions. I can answer some, but I would prefer people, especially my readers, to learn to become independent in their search, to use their own initiative and creativity to solve their own problems.

What advice I can give and do so willingly, is to learn to look beyond the expected. If you have a particular dilemma that is ongoing in your life, there is a lesson there to be learned. And the answers are also there, all around you. Until you learn to look for the answers to your dilemma, the pattern will repeat itself, until you notice it and do something to change your behavior and thinking, but particularly how you react to the problem; for ultimately, every problem is an opportunity for growth; and through growth, your soul gains in experience and wisdom. No amount of reading from books, listening to lectures, taking advice from teachers and friends can act as a substitute for personal experience and dealing with issues in your own way and in your own time. Friends and teachers can point out things, but unless you are willing to listen, nothing is going to change. I’ve been in this situation myself, so I do know what I am talking about, but not everyone is willing to accept that everything that happens in their lives is their responsibility.

Everything that comes your way in life is an opportunity, not a problem. How you see the opportunity will affect your future. If you choose to ignore, it may repeat or reappear in another form. Until you learn the lesson involved you will be fated to repeat it; such is universal law. What you resist will persist.

And now to current times…

Perhaps you can see how being able to think and act from my own volition could be beneficial during a crisis, such as the one the world endured during the last three years or so. I was not, at any time, convinced by the arguments being presented by mainstream media or health “experts”. I can usually tell when someone is lying to me. Besides that, I don’t watch MSM news. The experience of even watching the news for a few moments is entirely revolting to me. The programming and manipulation is easy for me to see. I really don’t understand why other people are still falling for the lies, but they do and so, again I find myself on the fringes of society, watching and observing as people suffer, having made the wrong choices for themselves and their family members. Meanwhile, it is my duty and responsibility to see that I remain calm, balanced, healthy, and out of the main current. Out of choice I have become somewhat of a recluse, focusing on running this blog, absorbing information, weighing choices, limiting my exposure to other people, and doing my writing.

I have learned a great deal through this strenuous journey… strenuous in terms that not everyone is willing to endure being alone with their thoughts, willing to look within, willing to release what no longer suits. Yet I can and so I will.

I can only offer my observations from my own experiences while on this planet during this lifetime. Whatever I have been elsewhere or whoever… means little to me now. I know that my consciousness resides in an avatar, a temporary vehicle, and someday I will go home, wherever that is. It is enough for the time being. Meanwhile, I am observing life from a somewhat neutral place.

I hope you can discover the peace that exists within your own consciousness and the connection you have written in your DNA which is multidimensional in nature and connects you to all things, physical and non-physical.


Eliza Ayres

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