Council of Nine – On the Cusp

The Council of Nine: On the Cusp

 via Eliza Ayres

Note to Readers:

The following was a channeled message that I received in November 2012, over ten years ago now. There are several points of interest. 1) Even ten years later, the Shift continues and is accelerating. We have to keep in mind that these ancient Beings (the Nine) do not relate to our 3D concept of time nor do they have to deal with the clean-up on aisle five thanks to the unconsciable acts that have been done and are being done by a tiny percentage of humanity in opposition to the wishes and hopes of the many. 2) The idea that the Adamic physical body can be worn by any soul, just like Type O blood can be used as the Universal donor. And who completed the creation of the Adamic body? Enki (aka Prince Ea) an Anunnaki master geneticist, who given the directive to create a slave race to work for the Anunnaki forces which had taken up custodianship of this planet. However, unlike his militant and arrogant half-brother (half Anunnaki/half reptilian, Prince Yu or Enlil), Prince Ea recognized the potential of the human genome of the Earth humanoids. He took it upon himself to design a perfected version of the physical body in his own laboratory found within the huge planetoid-sized ship called Nibiru. Within this ship, there was a garden and it was there that Ea first placed his “children”, for he had added his own DNA to the mix, giving Adamu and later his Eve, a high level of intelligence. He was aware that the Adamic race would eventually supersede the abilities of even the highly technologically advanced Anunnaki… his own race. His half-brother, Enlil, was outraged by Ea’s subtle defiance of his orders and cast Adam, Eve and several other hybrids out of the Garden, out of the artificial environment biosphere called an Edin, and onto Earth. Enlil went even further by casting his own half-brother out of the family and sending him away from the planet and his children, who became the Christic line. Enlil then ordered his own controlled geneticists to manipulate the DNA of the humans, creating the desired slave race, intelligent enough to obey orders and not intelligent enough to act against its controllers. However, Enlil did not take into consideration the potential of the Earth humans, a gift granted to them by previous Seeders, their ancient mothers and fathers, who grafted their DNA into the planetary genome of humanity. Thousands of years later and much trial and pain, the Adamic race is growing through a difficult phase, becoming teenagers who are about to emerge into adulthood and all the responsibility that phase of life entails. The original seeders left their imprint of ten distinct DNA patterns. These seeders were from another universe, another dimension, a higher dimension and density than our own. In time, this original DNA package was added onto by eleven more races, this time from other humanoid species/races who had also been seeded into this universe by the Seeders, but who had developed on other worlds. These were primarily the Children of Lyra and those races who left Lyra long before the destruction of that paradise by the Ciakahrr empire, the mighty warrior race of Reptilians, who incidentally, also came from another dimension. So, long and short of it, the Adamic avatar can be worn by any soul. Not all species have souls but exist connected to hive mind, devoid of autonomy of thought and deed. The Orion Grays are such a being, soulless, and have sought to insinuate their way into our world by the creation of hybrids, some being ensouled and others soulless and connected to hive mind. The Orion Grays are not just one race, but see the book, A Gift From the Stars: The Book of Alien Races, by Elena Danaan for more information.

Now to the message given ten years ago:

We are the Council of Nine and we have come here so that the heart of our messenger and yours might fill with hope and joy. As we look upon your small planet, we see the energies rising, the vibrations of the population increasing and the anticipation growing, with the approach of the Shift. As many of you are aware, the Shift is already in process and will continue on for the next couple of years. It takes a while for an entire planet to move into a completely new paradigm; there is much shifting of expectations, physical happenings, movements of peoples, as well as the completion of the collapse of the paradigm that is about to exit. There will be much change upon the face of the Earth; indeed, many of you are calling out and praying for such change to occur yesterday. We commiserate with you; however, allow the adjustments to flow naturally. We assure you that they will proceed at a pace that will astound and delight even the most cynical among you.

What will change? First and foremost, humanity will move from greed, disease and fear to a constant state of harmony, peace and happiness. In and of itself, this is an exceedingly large step for an entire planet to undergo. As a result, all wars and conflict will disappear. Peace will “break” out and former enemies will finally recognize their mutual humanity. Many will extend their talents and skills to clean up the remanents of a corporate world gone amuck, where the selfish interests of a powerful few outweighed the considerations of billions of their fellow people. No longer will the powerful and arrogant run the world; it will be truly inherited by the “meek” who are not meek at all, but in reality powerful light beings in physical bodies.

For too long, the religions of the world have sought to control humanity by driving a wedge of fear between humans and the planet, their Mother Earth, Gaia. The dream of going to heaven or paradise or just dying to escape the daily onslaught of pain while locked in the 3D fear matrix was enough to inspire many people to listen to their ministers, rabbis, gurus and others to strive to leave physicality and leave it all behind. There was a reason for this madness, one that your erstwhile mentors did not trust you to know; physicality is the key to soul growth and development. To enter into the school room of Earth is a highly coveted position, even in the darkest moments of the last hours of the departing Dark Age or Kali Yuga (Black Age in Sanskrit).

Not only is being embodied coveted among the many souls who wished to be on the planet at this time of transition, but your race, the human race is a key to the transition that is not only changing the face of your little planet, but the entire Universe in which we all live, including the celestial or non-physical worlds. Our messenger remembers reading a clue the other day which mentioned that the human Adamic body is like “O” blood type; a universal blood that can be given to any person despite their blood type. Like O-type blood, the Adamic body can be used by any soul from this Universe. All souls will be able to eventually take on physical forms so they might also benefit from the lessons learned while in physicality. And beyond that simple but profound bit of information, is the fact that the Adamic body is also capable of holding all twelve levels of vibration presently existing in this Universe. To be sure, it can be argued by some that there are more levels, but this is quite a revelation. It means, in short, that full-fledged Buddhas, bodhisattvas and even cosmic beings will be (and already have) embody on the physical plane. You will not have to go anywhere, you will not have to leave this planet (unless you want to) to experience the highest and finest vibrational planes while still enjoying the sensations and experiences that can only be discovered through living in a physical vehicle. This is a joy and wonder to think upon, is it not?

The Earth was intended originally to be just such a place, where young souls could be trained by souls of great wisdom and where there was much beauty and peace to experience. And so it shall be, again, with the focus and determination of those who hold the immaculate concept of the new earth in their hearts. We encourage those of you who are firmly on the path of return to embrace a new vision for yourself, your people, your planet and the universe. There will come a time when all of you will be needed to teach, guide and mentor those who are still in the process of waking up from the collective nightmare that has been the now fading paradigm.

There will be much confusion, fear and upheaval as the changes to come upon your old and crumbling institutions ensue. Seek to discover your own connection through your heart flame to soul and monad, your soul family that speaks as a collective. Each of you is part of a greater soul of fire, a finger of fire extended into physical reality. As such, you cannot be moved from your path by outside forces; you are one with Creator, with All That Is. You are an eternal being, loved by the angels and admired for your bravery by the star and celestials families who watch on.

Beloved ones, you stand on the edge of an amazing transition, one that has never taken place before in the entire universe, yet one that has exceeded all expectation. Some of you have been given glimpses of the future by your own future selves and they congratulate you from that future to let you that you have succeeded beyond the wildest dreams of the planners of this process. You are amazing beings and have proved your worth a million times over.

We encourage you to all find the time for individual meditation and rest as your bodies, minds and hearts will be challenged in the days to come. We know you are up for anything as humans are capable of amazing feats of adaptability, despite the sometime resistance to change. We know you will make it; have faith in yourself and each other and life will support your vision.

We wish you much joy and love along each step in the journey that is ahead. We will be back to share more soon. Namaste.

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Note to Readers:

The Nine briefly mention religion as a means to control the consciousness of humanity. Who do you think initiated the primary religions upon the planet? Who sought to divide humanity from itself? The controllers. Different languages, different cultures, different beliefs, different religions… always division sown upon this world. Why? To keep humanity from uniting. We need to look beyond our differences and unite in our diversity, in self-acceptance of our unique humanity. We are an entirely unique race, even more so than those who came from the Man system, for each one of those races only received one primary genome from their Seeder race. We had received ten, plus the genome of a lemur-like animal, thus the similiarity of our genetics with the primates. Still, the primate upon which our genetics is based was not from Earth originally. You could actually say that nothing was on Earth after the planet was created long ago. Life had to move through its long evolutionary development. It wasn’t created in seven days by a nameless god. The planet and its solar system is billions of years old. When the conditions were right, the planet was seeded with life. And the first species to seed this planet were Saurians, a type of reptile, but that is a long story.

Keep in mind that all evolution is spiritual evolution. Some species like that of several Gray races and the Ciakahrr reptilians are locked into lower densities through their own choice. They will not be able to continue to survive in this Universe when it finally ascends in density. Unless they snap out of their own self-created paradigm, their races will go extinct.

Life occurs in long cycles. We, as a race, are currently emerging from a form of slavery. We stand on the cusp of a new world, one which we will create for ourselves, for our race was granted the innate abilities of co-creation. It is time to take up the challenge and walk free from the old paradigm and breath freedom and unlimited potential.

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