Eliza: On Surrender

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Eliza:  On Surrender (repost from 2021)

When many of us enter into the world, we are given parameters in which we might measure ‘success’, goals which we ‘should’ pursue, destinations to where we should go, all measurements that come from our family, our friends, our work, our upbringing, and our education.  We are constantly fed ideas about looking outside of ourselves and comparing our progress to that of other people.  For a time, these pursuits may work for us, but then there is always something missing, something that isn’t the ‘real’ us.  There is a lack of commitment, a paucity of joy, especially when our expectations do not come into being, when we feel that we have failed in our mission.

There might come along in your life something that happens, whether it be losing that job which was to be another step on the ladder to success; loss of a relationship, even loss of freedom, something that has happened to many people during the past year of the Covid-19 lockdowns, resulting in a pathological sense of loss of control in one’s ability to choose the direction of one’s life.

What choice do you have when it comes down to a matter of diving deeper into depression or discovering what lies within your own divine nature?  To make these deeper discoveries, you must first surrender your old expectations, judgments, beliefs, letting go of control and allowing the unseen to dominate your life.  No longer having control of your outer self-determination, you do have the ability to make a conscious choice to surrender, let go, and to allow the divine within to map out a new course of direction.

Surrender is not failure.

There are times in your life when you will have no other choice but to surrender to what is happening now in your life, whether the external cause be an accident, an act of nature, physical illness, or outside mandates and controls placed upon your person by authority. 

Surrender is not ceding defeat. 

You can surrender to what is happening and still discover joy within.  It is a matter of attitude, letting go of long-term plans, and learning to adapt to circumstances beyond your control.  In surrendering to the moment, you may just be inspired to change the whole direction of your own life plan.  You may even begin to discern and discover previously hidden strengths within your own nature, as resilience and versatility come to the fore, as needed.

Surrendering is not yielding to the authority of others.

It takes great courage to surrender in the face of adversity.  It takes greater courage to recognize that despite what others tell you, order you to do, you must follow your own inner guide, abiding by an internal code of ethics and standards that may not resonate with the outside authorities.  It is a recognition that by presenting a yielding strength without resistance, you can slip by the controls that are put upon your physical person but do not succeed in dominating your inner nature.

Surrender is not about sacrificing your morals or values.

When you are surrounded by images of perversion, violence, and moral decay, you do not give in and fall into the waste land, but preserve your own inner code and alignment to a set of values that has nothing to do with the expectations or expressions of the outer world.

Surrender is not martyrdom.

To surrender to the natural flow of the Universe is not to become a martyr or a victim.  For in letting go of your ego’s expectations and plans, you are releasing the need to feel loss.  You regain a faith in the universe to provide for your needs.  You learn to trust in yourself, your inner guidance, your ability to release what feels ‘safe’.

Surrender can hurt.

Most people want to maintain some sort of control over their lives.  They loathe and fear uncertainty and the ‘unknown’.  To voluntarily release this false sense of control can be painful to the ego.

Surrender can be scary.

Knowledge that you are no longer the one controlling your life’s journey can be scary, yet, at the same time, you are set on trusting the Universe to provide you with what you need.  Whether quickly or slowly, you arrive at an acceptance of a dichotomy, that the world is both safe and unsafe.  Letting go of your fear of letting your guard down… in case the world is an unsafe place is a huge act of courage.

Surrender requires faith.

You have to be able to believe in something greater than your own ego in order to undergo this transformative process, whether it is believing in the fundamental goodness of humanity or of life itself. 

Faith can give us hope despite any current feelings of despair.

So, you are standing looking at the wreckage of your house that has been just torn apart by the passage of a powerful tornado.  All of your belongings are scattered across acres of territory, dampened, twisted, and broken.  Do you stand there waiting for something to happen?  Or do you begin to pick up things, decide what to keep and what to release, perhaps all of it, choosing to move or to stay.  Whatever you decide, whatever you do to surrender, you are the one who will have to do the work.  Whether it is to rebuild your life, you need to take care of yourself physically and spiritually.  Instead of wondering what you did wrong to get yourself in such a dilemma, move forward, step by step, surrendering to the process, courageously, helping others when you can, being an example of quiet fortitude and inner strength.

Surrender requires courage and patience.

Upon surrendering, you are allowing yourself to become vulnerable, something that requires both bravery and tenacity.  You are not giving in; you are surrendering – it is not the same thing.  You learn to release obsessing over what may happen and allow what is happening to unfold, sometimes in unexpected ways… that were previously unseen.  You learn to listen and watch for subtle clues and messages that indicate you are going in the ‘right’ direction, signs that may not be evident to many around you.

In the words of another, surrender is the choice to put aside your mental pre-conceptions of what is and is not possible, your allegiance and belief in the supreme power of control, your fear of the unknown and unseen.

Surrender is allowing to create room for the sacred, the unknown, the mysteries of life to deliver their grace and wisdom in response to the call of your heart and soul.

Surrender is about trust.  It is about the honoring of your own sacred divinity, acknowledging the power of your inner wisdom, and embracing the inner union of heaven and earth as defined through the lens of an individual’s journey.

Surrender is about recognizing that while you live in a physical body, you are not that body; you are not hemmed in by the parameters that are required by the body, but you can expand inwardly without limitation.  You will discover previously untapped gifts and graces that can be drawn outward into your day-to-day life, through learning about what brings joy to your being.  In bringing forth your expression of joy, whether it be by doing meditation, exercising, baking a beautiful loaf of bread, gardening, writing, dancing, singing, sewing, designing functional and beautiful buildings, traveling, learning a new language… you also bring joy to those who are around you.  And perhaps, along the way, you connect with what is the divine plan for your lifestream within this life, while suspending all need to question, determine the outcome, and focus on the present moment.

I will stop for now.  I send forth my blessings and love to all.


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