Angelic Notes: Further Encouragement to Starseeds

Another Message from the Angels – Further Encouragement

via Eliza Ayres

Do you not remember, dear ones, that our mission was to be there as support, to hold your hand energetically when doubt dogs at your heels, when you have lost your sense of direction if only for a moment.  We will never let go or let you down.

Whatever disruption or seeming disruption in our connection, know within the heart of your being, that we are truly here for each and every one of you, our beloved sisters, and brothers. Many of you are angelic beings, sweet, gentle, and kind. It is with compassion that we see you confronted by the edgy dark energies of disintegrating third density matrix. Breathe, dear ones, and know that it is illusion. You are one with us and we are one with you. Nothing can destroy that connection.

Think you now or feel in your heart just what a sense of loss and being lost it must be for those in your world who are not yet aware of our existence and their connection to us. Such desolation of the soul to feel deserted and cut-off, but this is not reality. And it is for our lightworkers now to be the guides, mentors, and teachers to those who have lost their way, after centuries of being reborn into this world, an endless cycle of reincarnation caught up in a time-loop of karma and denial.

As you reconnect to us, your guides, and your family, in an increasingly conscious fashion, you will assist energetically for those around you to come into an awareness that something else, another part of themselves exists outside the limitations of their body.

Most people in this world believe that life begins with their birth and ends with their death. They have no awareness of anything beyond what they experience in daily life and have, indeed, been discouraged from seeking beyond what is known. What is unknown, unseen, and unfelt has not existed for these ones. Yet you the lightworkers know better. You the sensitive ones have always just known that there was more to life than what was physically manifest and experienced within the limitations of the five senses. You have known this, have held this knowledge within and in part, you have also denied your own knowledge, being fearful of what others would say if they knew you were different.

Well, news flash, dear ones, “they” already know you’re different. And so, they look to see how you react to the rapid changes that the entire planet in now engaged upon. Unconsciously or consciously, depending on their own degree of self-awareness, they look to you to see how you manage your day, how you deal with unpleasant confrontations, how you deal with unexpected change. Unconsciously the humans around you know that you are both different and alike and it can bring to them a sense of bewilderment.

For so long, those who have been different have been ostracized or destroyed. The rigid structures of the third density frequency did not allow for ingenuity and inventiveness to be met with anything other than suspicion, betrayal, and outright hatred. The underlying constructs of the third density that supported this unflinching rigidity have been removed by the Elohim, the ones who created it in the first place. Now, freedom to choose and to be what you truly are has been returned to the people. And you, dear ones, will be some of the first to go forth and engage this new sense of freedom, to be, to experience the fullness of what physical life was meant to offer – an opportunity for God to learn more about itself.

You are a fractal of God, embedded in flesh, a living soul encased in a physical vehicle, and you are here to experience and to be a part of the transition of this world as it returns into a state of Christ Awareness. This is a state of being that has nothing to do with one man and his ministry or the resulting religious institutions. It has everything to do with the raising up of the vibratory emanations of the planet and the thought-forms of its inhabitants, to stabilize its presence in the higher frequency worlds. It isn’t even about life in the fifth density. When the full transition is complete, a full spectrum of multidimensionality will function upon this beautiful world. Beings from many worlds and vibratory levels will be able to visit her once, again. And the great dreams of the prophets and dreamers of this world will be surpassed by what is to come, what already exists in the Now.

Long ago the planet descended into physicality as a result of its great beauty and attractiveness being irresistible to all comers, many who took from her without giving back. You are in the process of giving back to her the fullness of her divinity, even as you take upon yourselves the fullness of your divinity while being embodied.

For those who still wonder why they have not translated to the higher worlds already, know that you are now in the process of bringing those higher worlds to earth. In other words, you are bringing heaven to earth by being all that you are. And we are here to support this great work of the ages, the return of the sovereignty of the planet and her people, as well as the magnificent diversity of life upon her, a diversity that is unprecedented anywhere in the Universe.

Your mission, should you accept it – it is always a matter of free will on this planet – is to stand strong and flexible within your own power, love, and wisdom. It is within you to discover the way to come into balance so you can act as a living demonstration of what all people can be when they come into a full acceptance of what they truly are, embodied human angels and masters. It is for you to fully anchor your Soul and living Presence in your fragile human body and to emanate the light of heaven into the world. By this feat, you will allow the frequency levels of the people around you and that of the planet to rise higher and higher until heaven meets earth truly.

Your magnificence and beauty shine out from you, and we willingly act as mirrors to constantly remind you of what you truly are. You are loved and are our beloveds, the ones who stepped forth at the call from Gaia. We chose to remain behind, but are still part of this mission and transition, acting as your mentors and guides when you remember to call upon us. We are your family of light and we do not forget or let go of our connection to you for one moment.

Every one of you is entirely unique and special in the eyes of the angels and your Father-Mother God; each one of you will complete your mission. There are no expectations or pressure; we just know you for what you truly are – what you have, perhaps, forgotten or are still in denial of – it matters not. We are your cheerleaders and helpmates, if you allow us to be, to assist and guide when it is necessary.

We cannot do the work on the ground, as that is your work to do, but we are ever at your side. Our unconditional love for you goes forth to you every moment of every day. We admire your strength of purpose and the resolve to complete the mission that exists within each one of you, even though you may lose sight of it once in a while. Never doubt that you have what it takes to complete the journey. You are the bravest of the brave and were chosen from many for this task. Go now, unafraid to display the glory that emanates from within, the fullness of who and what you are, aware and alive, fully embodied, and beautiful human angels.


Thank you, beloved angelic legions of the Divine Mother.

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Note to Readers:

On a more personal note, I felt myself held by an angelic Presence during a very dark time in my past.  I was alone, just divorced, a stranger in a new town, separated from friends and very depressed.  I called out to God to help me… and immediately felt unseen arms gently gather me up while I cried my heart out.  I later fell asleep still feeling held.  I could not see my visitor, but surely felt his/her presence.  Just the memory of that occasion aids me in keeping on, giving me the internal strength to walk through the storm.

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