The Sirians: Out of the Heart of Darkness

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The Sirians: Out of the Heart of Darkness

via Eliza Ayres

Note to Readers: This piece was written over ten years ago. I am not doing any channeling these days, but it is interesting to see just how much I have changed in some things and not in others. Truth is truth. Lies are usually found out eventually… and I have discovered plenty of untruths, outright lies, and tons of misinformation, distraction, and disinformation being presented as “truth”, which didn’t hold up to years of scrutiny and a growing sense of inner strength, discernment, and sovereignty. Life is a journey; not all survive it.

Below is a description of one of the Sirian emissaries as I pictured him during a meditation. From the description, I would guess that he is a Katay from the Sirius A, Ashkera star system and not from Morga or one of the other planets of Sirius B, or Thula. Whoever he is… wow!

As he is speaking, I gaze upon or rather up to the Sirian Emissary, for he is very tall, at least seven feet tall. He has a slender, elegant figure of great strength, vitality, and grace. He is wearing a dark blue suit that clings to his long limbs, over which is draped a long light blue loose caftan like robe embroidered with gold and silver threads into beautiful leaf and flower patterns. Upon his head is a small turban like hat, with a great blue diamond pinned to the front above his forehead. The Sirian’s hair is very dark, almost black and hangs down his back in waves. He has deep violet eyes that are set wider than that of an Earth human; they are also very large and lustrous. His skin is dark, with a bluish cast, but quite smooth like the skin of a twenty-year old. His nose is long and straight; his lips small and perfectly formed. His ears, peeping out from the dark hair are small and set lower on the head than an Earth human’s, but are quite perfectly formed. In all, he is a magnificent being. He also has the appearance of glowing slightly and is surrounded by a golden aura that emanates great peace and wisdom. I suspect he is actually a being of 6D or higher, appearing in this manner for my benefit.

And now, to the “Sirians”:

Out of the Womb of Creation comes the beginning of a new race, a composite race, the new Human. From many races came the seeds for your beginnings, nurtured deep in the breast of the Mother, you have remained in potential until now, as the increasing energies of the Cosmic Rays are triggering the etheric portions of your DNA, unleashing the codes within.

We are the Sirian emissaries, and we come in peace, with words of remembrance, from those who are both kin and mentors. Among the many star races that have given birth to humanity, we are but one, but one with close ties to planet Terra, for many of our finest chose to incarnate there in preparation for the coming harvest and beginnings of a new Cosmic race.

For those of you who are ever awakening to the shift in the energies, do you feel the subtle changes in your own feelings, about yourself and about the world around you? Like a stag lifting its head to sniff at the shifting wind, you can smell and sense a difference. For those who are sensitive, there has been a lessening of the burden that you have carried up until now, the emotions and beliefs of others. You are becoming aware that you are a sovereign being and that it is up to each individual to sort out what is theirs and what belongs to others. It is up to each to dissolve the base frequency that keeps them bound to repeating behaviors and negative belief programs, endlessly.

The Light tsunami that is about to hit the solar system, planet Terra and you, will shatter the remaining debris and barriers of the old energy; it will not survive the increase of frequencies. You will survive for you were born to this time, this day when the birth of a new being was to occur. The planning and preparation for this time have taken many lifetimes, on many planets, in many dimensions. Each of you has been seeded with a unique blend of gifts and talents with which you have been endowed by Source, through your own efforts and by the fractals of your composite being.

Yet still, we sense there are those among you who persist in denying their own power, who seek to lash out at others in a bid to gain some sort of protection for themselves by establishing as being authorities on any issue. This is an old game of the ego, desirous to protect its territory and to retain its rule over your future destiny. It is a game that the ego will not win, for the cycles have moved beyond the control of mind, ego, and emotions to continue to limit humanity to the 3D belief system that was constructed specifically to control and suppress this very thing from happening – the birth of Humanity, into all its beauty and splendor.

For too long have you been denied your birthright, yet the struggle has won you much needed and valuable experience and insight about life on a physical planet, seemingly cut-off from Source, from the one you know as your Creator, your parents, and from us, your galactic kin. Truly you have never been separated but for the Veil of Forgetfulness that you took on as you entered this lifetime. These karmic veils were designed to make you believe that you were separate, but always there was an inner drive to discover a way to return to Wholeness. This drive emanated from deep within your etheric body, as a pink diamond, a sacred seed set there to be discovered by you and to thereby set into motion a complete transformation and return to full consciousness and more.

We applaud your efforts to get to know yourselves better and to connect with each other, but do not hang on the efforts of those that you might label as special or talented. All of you are co-creators and have tremendous potential and creativity to use for the good of the collective and so you shall when you come into your full birthright as a Cosmic Being. You will not recognize yourself from your present human perspective, yet you will recognize Self as being what you are in Truth, a fully-fledged Human angel, a light being, a star seed, a composite being of many layers and much complexity, of great beauty and strength.

Seek within for your Truth and you will find it there, as you listen to the silent still voice that speaks to you in the darkest part of the morning before the light of dawn illuminates the East. You are on the brink of becoming masters and it is up to you to take the last steps through the thorny forest of self-doubt and shadow. From the heart of darkness, from the dark womb of creation, you will emerge bright, glowing beings of great power and authority. And with your Coming, your world will change completely. No longer will the problems that existed within the conflicting belief systems of third density be an impediment to your progress in healing the earth. You will cut through the shattered remains of the old paradigms with your Sword of Truth and reveal the way forward like a clear beacon of light, for that is what you are, even now.

We stand with you, to guide and mentor, to point out your strengths, to give you encouragement, but you must do the work yourselves, and take the final steps through the gates that stand on the edge of the new world.

Into the new, leaving behind all of the old, you have been engaged in stripping away layers of conditioning, outmoded belief systems and thought forms that are not of your creation. What is left, as pristine as it still does not represent the wholeness that you seek, but it is emerging even as we convey these words through our scribe.  Feel the difference, sense the changes that are ongoing deep within your own bodies. Like the caterpillar locked deep in the embrace of its cocoon, the transformation that you are currently undergoing is profound and beyond the understanding of the old rational mind, but with patience and the spirit of self-discovery, you will discover a portion of your potential.

We hear the skepticism in your minds. Do you doubt our words perhaps? That is your prerogative; yet, in time you will see for yourselves what it is that we attempt to convey in these humble words. Honor yourselves and believe in your journey. Each and every one of you is important to the Whole, which includes us, your kin, and the entire Universe. The complexity of the mission that you are involved with will become apparent, but not quite yet, so we bid you have a bit more patience with these messages and those coming through other channels.

We realize that now there exist many detractors and those who would criticize the words that come through our various scribes, yet we remind each of you that you all have the ability to “hear” what is not seen. It is a gift and ability that is part and parcel of your multidimensional being and a sense that has been much maligned by those who would control you. You see, by hearing within, you are bypassing all control systems designed to cut you off from the source of your inner wisdom. If you doubt your intuition, you disempower the very source of your wisdom; you do, in fact, willingly act to cut off yourself from Source.

Also, you have the ability to discern whether or not a message resonates with you. If you have not yet attained the frequency level of the messenger, more likely the message will have little meaning for you, right now. That can and will change, but only you can determine what suits and what does not. It is up to you to decide to leave that behind which does not and leave others to their individual journeys. It does not matter that you do not understand the words or meaning for that is the habit of the rational mind, to seek to categorize, divide and conquer. It is the feeling behind and beneath the words that is important; if it is meant for you, your heart will understand, even if the message makes no sense to your waking mind.

There is no reason to fear that you will be taken over by a negative being, for you are a sovereign being you have the right to command the spirits. They must obey Cosmic Law or suffer the consequences, as even now the erstwhile controllers are beginning to feel the loss of their control over humanity. It follows that what you focus on returns to you in full measure. If you focus on controlling others, it is done out of fear of those who are “outside” of yourself, but in reality, it is done out of fear of Self.

Those who sought to control and suppress humanity knew that the end of their time would come and have done their utmost to slow down the process of awakening. Yet, humanity is waking up from its collective dream of despair, lack, and fear… waking up to the realization that what it has been taught all these past centuries is not the truth. What is Truth remains to be discovered by each individual; it is a part of the great adventure that still lies ahead.

Go forth into the light that beckons you onward, dear ones. You are not far from a profound signpost upon your journey. Remember the journey doesn’t end when you attain the frequency levels of fifth density; it is only beginning. We will greet you in the light of the new dawn, as you emerge out of the heart of darkness, each and every one, as promised to the Creator in time outside of time.

May our blessings follow your footsteps as you go forth. Namasté.

Copyright© Eliza Ayres – All Rights Reserved, 2012-23. Permission is NOT granted for videos and recordings to be made from this written material.,

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2 Responses to The Sirians: Out of the Heart of Darkness

  1. Barbara says:

    Super message, Eliza/Taz, thank you for re-posting. I like this line very much:

    “Remember the journey doesn’t end when you attain the frequency levels of fifth density; it is only beginning.”

    Indeed and agreed, but methinks I’ll be taking a restful/playful ‘now-time-out’ with my Arcturian friends before leaping into the next adventure! Much love, B.


    • Eliza Ayres says:

      Oh, Altea… I totally agree about experiencing some R&R after this lifetime on Terra. It has been intense! Still, we have adventure-seeking souls and long to discover new things! ❤ Eliza


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