Message to the Agents of the Dark – Elena Danaan

Message to the Agents of the Dark by Elena Danaan

Elena Danaan

Here is the written article for those who prefer to read:

This is a magnificent message from Elena, who stands firmly in the Light.

I first encountered her messages a couple of years ago and they, along with the work of Alex Collier, changed my life.

When I noticed the attacks beginning against Elena coming through Megan Rose, Ismael Perez, Corey Goode, and others… I was even more strongly sure that Elena was embodying the Truth. I stand by her work and will support it as long as I am in embodiment here and beyond. The agents of the Dark want her to fail. She won’t. We, who stand in the Light and work for the freedom of humanity, will not fail, either. A compassionate person, Elena did not name these individuals outright, but I have…

She is the one true emissary to the Intergalactic Confederation and the Galactic Federation.

The dark is crashing like a dark tide against her feet, without taking her down.

Elena originated in another galaxy and universe and has come into this world to serve humanity as we move back into freedom and light… into our Star Trek future.

Eliza ❤

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