The Great Divine Director: On Challenges

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The Great Divine Director: On Challenges

I am the Great Divine Director. I greet you this day in the energy of unity and love. And I continue in my mission to serve the evolution of humanity.

Your world is changing. That should be evident to most people. Where the change takes one can be very different for each person. How you chose to react to the change is even more telling.

It has been said that change is the only constant in your world. That phrase certainly holds true now as old systems are showing signs of wear and tear, as entropy continues to devour what has been resistant to change.

Creation first comes in the form of destruction. It is this essential stage of change and transformation that you now find yourselves. This transformation and re-creation process breaks down everything that resists movement. The rate of change seems to be increasing but it is truly your awareness of this process that makes it so.  All that was created from the energy of the departing cycle (the Great Year, 26,900 years) is in the process of dissolving, breaking down, which creates chaos in the world, at least for now.

There are many people who would rather cling to the old and resist the new. They will find it more difficult to do in the coming days, months, and years. The world is moving on; it is time to let go of the old paradigm and every element within these belief systems that resonate with the old, decrepit energies.

Transformation requires that one let go of that which no longer serves. The object of letting go can be anything and even everything within one’s life. Being comfortable as you are will soon become uncomfortable if there is an ounce of resistance in letting go.

Many people might interpret this transformational energy as a need to let go of all material goods, relationships, jobs, and former interests. This might be so for some people, especially when they find that they no longer resonate to being in a certain setting or with certain people. It’s not really about things or persons outside yourself. The journey is one that really takes place inside yourself. It is how you choose to interface with the self within.

You might find yourself unable to concentrate or work on old projects. Let them go without judgment. Being here doesn’t require that you finish anything or even do anything.

Follow your interests, what gives you a moment of joy during a stressful day. Does your heart lift when you see beauty in nature? Perhaps you want to explore using different mediums of expression.

Sometimes the process of letting go is to simply let go of all that your ego mind has placed in front of you as problems. Your mind was created for the job of keeping your consciousness safe within its physical vessel… or rather keeping your physical vessel safe so that your consciousness could continue to reside within it. It prefers to create problems to keep itself employed. However, your consciousness and soul are the ones who are in charge and can make the choice of allowing the problems to disappear and dissipate as if they never were… only illusions that the mind has built up in an attempt to gain your attention.

During this period of great change, there is the potential to feel quite stressed by the circumstances in which you find yourself. However, the human consciousness contains a vast ability to adapt to whatever is entering its awareness.

Self-judgment often enters the picture when going through changes. You may be hearing at times as part of the mind-chatter, If I was good enough, I would be… Fill in the sentence with those things you yearn to be, to have, to do, to experience… and you will discover where your focus and intent has been derailing your process.

Start with where you are NOW, in the now moment, which is the only real place to be. What happened in the past cannot affect you NOW. Whatever is about to emerge from the future is also beyond your knowledge and experience in the NOW. Be here and now. Easier said than done, but it is possible to allow yourself to be aware of the mind chatter, the fears, the emotions, the beliefs that something needs to be done a certain way… and anything else that gets in your way… and choose to let those things go.

Vigilance is required. Listening to the mind and allowing the flow of thoughts and emotions to go through without latching onto any one of them will enable the energy to dissipate and release itself into the ethers.

Perhaps you are uncomfortable with the sensation of strong emotions. You have probably been trained to suppress and deny your feelings, to not look at them with compassion and to understand them in others. Experiencing feelings and emotions are part of the journey of being human. The challenge is to master the emotions and thoughts, without suppressing them so that they are hidden away to be dealt with in the future. Deal with them up front, experience, feel and release.

Seek balance. There will always be the sensation of first tipping one way and then tipping another until you discover just the right elements to bring your being into balance. New challenges will arise to test your ability to reconnect within and to master anything that comes within your field of experience. You can do this. That is why you are here now, dear Masters.

Feel out the energies. As you gain clarity in your ability to discern the feel and resonance of one energy over another, you will be able to discern and hence decide on what is right for you, in the moment. Your desires and needs will change as you continue to move through this process.

Transformation will continue to reveal and strip away those things within your life that no longer serve. It may be your job, your primary relationships, your living space… or simply letting go of a no longer desired habit or pastime.

Look back into the recent past and wonder at how much you have changed already. More is to come, of this we can assure you… but it does not have to be a fearful journey along the way.

Be open to feeling with the heart and discerning and choosing with the mind. Listen to your body. Make a choice and then listen to your body. If it is the right choice in the moment, you will find your body is relaxed and eager to move. If it is the wrong choice, there will be a feeling of uneasiness centered within your solar plexus or upper abdomen area (just beneath the diaphragm). This is not dualistic judgment. It is a simply a matter of choosing what direction you want to proceed in within this moment. The way could change tomorrow, but you will not know that until you arrive at the next moment.

This is a challenging theme for those who have allowed themselves to become caught up in restrictive belief systems and ways of doing things… especially those who have judged others as being wrong in their beliefs and practices.

Listen well – ALL existing belief systems including those within the realms of esoteric teachings – are being challenged.

What is good for one person will not necessarily work for another. There is no purpose in attempting to determine the direction in which others find themselves by decreeing that it must be done this or that way and no other. That restrictive thinking no longer pertains. The barriers to individual and collective creativity have dropped and will continue to dissolve until all that remains is the pure essence of being in the moment.

There are as many perceptions about life as there are human beings living upon this planet. One way fits all will not work, has never worked… and will not continue to be allowed to be used by a few to control the many. The dam has broken, the waters of the unconsciousness have been set loose.

All that has been hidden through the millennia, whether from self or the collective, is now in the process of being revealed. Learn from what is revealed, revel in the ability to make choices for what you wish to experience and learn how to navigate these untested waters of Source. You are on your way to becoming a new Human, a fully conscious divine being clothed in flesh and walking upon the earth, in your full splendor and strength. To get there will take tiny steps and adjustments, so be patient with yourself. You are on your way. Rejoice and make it so!

In joy,

I AM the Great Divine Director, your brother in the Light and Love of the Creator.

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres,

Note to Readers: The Great Divine Director is well-known in esoteric writings. During my initial years of keeping my first blog, Blue Dragon Journal, this being came forth several times. The GDD is supposed to be an Ascended Master on the blue ray. It is also suggested he has a Sirian origin and is known by other names in Hindu teachings.

Understand I am no longer channeling, but I do feel that this piece and the few others I share with you are worthy of your consideration. This piece was originally written in 2015. Remember, light beings do not comprehend or are ruled by linear time. Still, you can observe for yourself the destruction of the old paradigm is now clear to be seen by all, even those who are reluctant to accept change.

Change is probably the only experience we can count on in life, especially in the lower densities, so we might as well learn to adapt. Be the willow and the oak, supple, flexible, and strong at the same time.

Take what resonates and leave the rest.


Futher note to newer readers: If commenting, keep on topic. In other words, if you ask me anything unrelated, your comment will be summarily deleted.

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3 Responses to The Great Divine Director: On Challenges

  1. I totally agree Eliza… that as you said it so perfectly … ” Transformation requires that one let go of that which no longer serves. “…
    So much if we really take a step back and look, no longer is serving humanity as a whole, It is only serving the few..

    Love also the analogy of the ‘Willow and the Oak…. Staying strong is vital, while not allowing yourself to break..
    Sending LOVE and Blessings dear Eliza.. ❤ and thank you for all you share.. ❤


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