Eliza: On Self-Love

Eliza: On Self-Love

Note to Readers: Now, this is ironic. I spent an entire year, actually about 13 months with an ascension “guide”… and look at this, I was writing about the same stuff in 2014. We know more than we often believe we do. Yes, I’ve done a lot of reading, studying of metaphysical materials. I even have vague memories of lifetimes studying and acting out various spiritual roles as a teacher, the Mother Superior of a small nunnery, the wife of a priest, and so on. These things are written into my flesh and occasionally emerge as words. Self-love is basic. Your frequency will not rise until you are capable of understanding that you are not the body; you are consciousness, energy, frequency, and resonance. With self-love comes acceptance, compassion, and love for all you see and experience. It is to feel the world outside as a continuation to the world within, expanding to encompass the Multiverse. Well, onto my little offering:

Self-love: this is a theme I have wrestled with my entire life. Mostly, it is due to my resistance to doing what others tell me to do, expect me to do in order to be accepted, generally following rules, feeling judgmental towards, or being judged by others for my perceived lacks and inability to adjust to the requirements of other to fit it.  For a long time, I felt a little lost in this world. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Self-love… when you fully love self, you do not feel the judgments of others and likewise, you do not judge others as wanting, which is a consequence of projecting your inner feelings out into the world around you. Obviously, I understand this intellectually, but still, there emerges this kind of “stuff” to be looked at, hopefully dispassionately, but certainly with interest. In, “like I’m still doing that?”

We’re human and as humans we have taken on quite a load of s**t to turn into usable compost, reformatted and transmuted as energy for the good of the world. Love does have to enter into the process as being the only solvent to dissolve self-hatred and transmute it into self-love.

Without loving self, you cannot truly love others. And without loving others, you cannot fully serve unconditionally. If the tiniest particle of self-hatred and/or resentment remains, there is always a condition about your love and your service to others.

So, I’m learning as I go. At least I am willing to look at myself and see what can be changed. And if I allow myself some time and a little slack, I can also return to balance.

While I have a lot of gifts to offer humanity, I need to take care of myself first… and in so doing, I’m still able to be resolutely honest with my readers. No, I’m not perfect.

I came here to experience NOT being perfect, to experience polarity in all its permutations and so far I feel I’ve done pretty well… I have survived without going completely nutty.

On another topic, I’m becoming quite telepathic these days and registering with high sensitivity the feelings and thoughts of other people, which makes it quite challenging to maintain an inner balance, as well.  Ah, well… I’m obviously an empath.  I can feel the thoughts and energies of individuals living thousands of miles away, especially if they happen to be thinking of me.

It’s so important to become well acquainted with YOUR frequency signature so you know when you are receiving some outside interference and/or communications from others. We are so connected, although most of us hardly realize it during our waking moments. I am becoming even MORE sensitive than I already was… and striving to learn to handle that gift.

Journaling assists me in moving out of an unbalanced state. I would suggest that everyone find something, an activity or hobby that assists them in coming back to balance and clarity, as well. It’s only a suggestion; you’re welcome to ignore any advice coming from me.

There is journaling and what I do… sharing my inner thoughts and process with others all over the world. In person, I’m actually quite modest and quiet… well, I used to be, LOL. I can be quite silly and friendly as well.

These cosmic energies that are squeezing the older dense energies out of our four lower bodies are to be appreciated and thanked with a spirit of gratitude. Remember everything is energy and vibration; the cosmic waves of light that slap us so hard are also aware and sentient. I’m sure that they would appreciate a little love now and then, as a change from all the inner whining that has been going on from some folks.

I was reminded a few days ago, by one of my quiet guides that spiritual development comes in waves, as in ebb and flow. The big wave comes in and then it recedes. Another wave comes in and then it recedes. We reach a point of bliss and then come down. We reach a really low point or feel under stress for a while, then return to a state of balance and calm. By allowing yourself a more natural flow of feelings, being aware of that flow, you can return to balance if you get a bit off now and then.

Being a double Libra (sun/rising) balance is important to me. And obviously, it’s a challenge as well, as it will be and has been one of my greatest tests.

We are constantly being tested to see if we learned our lesson well. And sometimes, that lesson is simply to learn to accept self as you are now, as you will be and as you have been. Forgive and forget; let go of what has been. Release the need to worry about the past. Forgive yourself and others for any perceived wrongs and move on in your life. And understand that you will not always be in agreement with other’s opinions but allow them the right to state them and then choose what you want to do with the information. You’re not obligated to like everything out there, as each of us has preferences and likes. Those preferences will change as you allow your inner being to change and adapt to new situations that enter your life.

These are challenging times to be sure, but all of us have what is necessary to get us through them successfully if we but put some trust, love towards self, and allow that love to flow forth from us.

Many of us have been taught about scarcity… that there isn’t enough love, food, jobs, money, etc., in the world to supply everyone with happiness. There is, but that’s a whole other story… and not for right now. Starting with self-love, we can bring abundance into our life that wasn’t there before, because we blocked it out due to our belief in lack and our non-acceptance of self. The Universe hears your feelings about self and obligingly gives you what you believe. Change your belief and your world will change; it is cosmic law.

If you believe that you are worthy to receive love that you are love and capable of giving love, then your world will begin to reflect those qualities back to you within the interactions you have with those around you in your daily life. I get the oddest smiles from strangers! And give them a big smile, back!

Love is all there is. Love is where it’s at. Learn to love self. Meanwhile, I’ll do my best and attempt the same. Shouldn’t give advice on something I haven’t tried on myself!

We’re changing… bit by bit, molecule by molecule. Focusing on clearing self of old energies, thought forms and what have you, will allow you to feel ever clearer in your outlook on life. I wish you all well.

And if you’re already there… well, good for you; you don’t need these humble words of mine, do you!


Eliza Ayres

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