Elena Danaan: Protecting the Truth About Val Nek

Commander Valorian N. Oroyan aka Val Nek

Elena Danaan: Protecting the Truth About Val Nek

PROTECTING THE TRUTH about VAL NEK, avoiding confusion and counterintelligence. I was the first to speak about my childhood friend Valorian Neek Oroyan aka Val Nek, from E. Eridani, in “A Gift From The Stars”(early 2020). Unfortunately is identity is used to spread confusion in the disclosure community. The real Val Nek is not in contact with anyone on Earth since October 2021. Please don’t fall for this deception and check the real facts:
— HERE IS HIS TRUE APPEARANCE HERE: https://www.elenadanaan.org/interstellar-contacts

Ms. Megan Rose is the person in question who maintains that she is still in touch with Val Nek. The man is no longer in this solar system, he was compelled to leave his former position and his friends due to Ms. Rose being overcome by alien black goo AI. She knows what she is doing and is lying. Val Nek has never had a relationship with her; he has a male partner.

I remember the occasion when Megan Rose suddenly went off-air for a couple of months, back in November 2021. This is when all of this went down.

We don’t need disinformation agents like Ms. Rose and others in the Disclosure movement sowing their seeds of division and misinformation.

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