Eliza: On Embracing Being Change

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“On Embracing Being Change”

by Eliza Ayres

I let the intelligence of the Light decide where to apply the transformative energies. And finally, I realized that the one being transformed was me.

Quantum physics has been around since the 1900’s but is only now catching some attention by those who are yearning to understand the world from a new perspective. We’re learning that we are the Creators of our world in which we move, play, live and die. When we change from the inside out, we change now the world treats us.

I’ve long understood at an intuitive level the need to study and embrace the darkness that dwells within, which is often the root of our strength and gifts. So many people are unwilling and perhaps unable to look within, seeking to scatter their energies and attention through outside activities, relationships, careers… anything that will prevent loss of control over an individual by the ego.

Yet there are those among us who have sought solitude on purpose. We no longer seek the dark comfort of physical caves buried in the wilderness far away from population centers but find solitude in our personal spaces carved out of the wilderness of city and town.

Why do so many light workers, Way Showers, Ascension guides and the like live alone?

The answer is simply that solitude is a necessary part of facing self. Until you are able to spend hours alone in peace and quiet, you cannot know the simplicity and comfort of being in love with who you are, in the moment. Through the experience of quietly washing dishes, working in the garden, taking a walk… and doing chores by yourself, you begin to unwind the cords of karma that bind you to the traumas of other lifetimes on other worlds and dimensions.

All of our lifetimes are being played out simultaneously. This is real as quantum physics explains to us. All the elemental levels of creation are connected by strings of energy. Every center of consciousness has connections through all of the dimensions, which is said to be 11 or 12 dimensions in quantum physics, although I’ve been told and have read that there are actually 144 levels or dimensions, most of which cannot be reached by ordinary human consciousness at this time.

You are more than you know. Our very human trait to dismiss this kind of information or knowingness is a means to protect ourselves from the need to also be responsible for the self-same information. Once you know a thing, you allow its energy to enter your world.

The process of awakening can be a painful one, especially for those who wake up when they have long been adults in our society. Suddenly they realize that everything they have been taught to believe as truth is not. This epiphany can cause two things: 1) a person will go into extreme distress and denial or 2) the individual will want more information and begin to perhaps obsess over the need to know what the f**k is going on with this world!

Eventually, the obsession subsides and the individual may still continue to look outside of himself to find answers to the paradoxes that he can now see clearly as being in the physical world as played out in mass media outlets and the alternative media sources. The question that begins to loom next is: “What is real?”

Personally, I have found the only way not to go blooming mad is to open the mind and heart, allow the information to find its way to you, determine what you currently resonate with and let the rest go. As your consciousness expands, it becomes apparent that your ability to absorb new information increases. This is due to your personal frequency levels rising. The information or Light is always present. You need to rise in frequency before you can tune into the light at any given level.

The lower the frequency level of an individual or group, there exists a greater resistance or inability to access or understand new information. If you desire to understand and learn about how the world works, step free from the grip of the artificial matrix of television news, conditioned belief systems and limited perspective as presented by most governments and institutions on this planet.

We are multidimensional beings who have long been suffering from a self-induced state of forgetfulness. To assign responsibility for this state of being to an ill-defined other, such as the illuminati, the government, the Church, the elite, or any other group, is to deny our own culpability in the creation of a mad, mad world.

Yes, some of us are not native to this planet. Yet we volunteered to come here, as system-busters and renegade light workers, with the collective desire to bring Light to a darkened world. So, we’re NOT victims here and it’s time to wake up to our ability to shift the energies.

People meditating, praying, and directing Light (which is Love in its most powerful form) to a situation can change the world. It’s happening all around us. See and feel what you want to happen, to be and feel, and send that intention out into the world. Make that intention for the best outcome of all and allow the energies to work their magic. The magician, the Magi is you, in your divine form, the true inner Self that is beginning to be revealed to the Way Showers of Planet Earth.

Another awareness that has recently emerged is that I have come to accept that I am a starseed, and not indigenous to this planet. Yet, my consciousness presently resides in a human vessel of clay, of earth earthy, of the planet. My gratitude to that vessel grows with each passing day as I feel the aches and pains that comes with every passing Wave of Cosmic energy, as the body strives to adapt and change as the Light penetrates and restructures the internal DNA patterns.

The body… or more accurately, the living intelligence of the elementals in charge of the body, lovingly responds to the gratitude and love sent in their direction. For too long they have been subjected to thoughts of lack, self-hatred and despair, simply because of the strong beliefs of the individual consciousness that they hold within a physical matrix of energy. If you hate yourself because you do not measure up to the artificial standards put forth by a crazy world, then your body has no other option but to reflect and support your beliefs.  As it has been said, the Universe supports your beliefs.  Change them and you change your world.

Most individuals greatly underestimate their ability to change. If you desire to look more beautiful, sexy, or glamourous, then you are falling for the ego tricks designed to keep you in a state of constant lack or despair. No one, not even a movie star, can meet the artificial standards that dictate what is now considered “beauty”. And being beautiful has not helped anyone to be happy. True beauty emanates from the Heart within. And true beauty comes from self-acceptance, self-love, and self-appreciation for what you are already and the potentials that you carry as gifts within.

As my physical body ages and expands with Light, I find myself letting go of expectations. I used to be more physical active. In the last couple of years, I have had to lower my expectations as I have required a great deal more of rest and relaxation, a commodity that is difficult to find in my present working conditions. That will all change soon, as retirement looms on the horizon and opportunities to begin a new way of living present themselves. So I find myself in a period of transition, neither here or quite there, but ever unfolding as I acknowledge and finally accept my inner power, wisdom and compassion.

I started my blog writing mostly channeled pieces. Now, I am drawn to delineating at least a portion of my inner journey towards the Light, being the Light and expanding with the Light. I can now accept that my Being exists in many dimensions, timelines, and places, within and without the confines of the Third Dimension. I have released the need to “know” who I am elsewhere and have surrendered to the Divine Will that guides me every moment. I acknowledge the presence of my “Team” who aid and abet this process of unfolding awareness and send my gratitude to those who have served as mentors and guides along the way.

Yes, ultimately, humanity is moving towards a reunion with Source, with collective consciousness, with Unity consciousness. This is the goal, the reduction, release, and transformation of Separation Consciousness and the revivification of a dying world. We are here as Change Makers, but the change, real change must come through each one of us as we awaken to the glorious qualities of eternal being that have existed within, before Time and Space were ever imagined by Source and designed by Creator.

We are the Ones whom we have been waiting for to change the world. We are the Ascended Masters, the Galactics, the indigenous Record-keepers, the Magicians and Magi… we are One in our desire to see this world filled with Light and Love, with abundance and joy-filled living for every living creature upon the planet. Yet, change comes in increments, with every self-realization and “aha!” moment, with every splicing together of holistic understandings, with every sacred breath we take…

What is the secret of being joyful?  Find beauty in all things, including yourself.  The joy wells up from within your heart in the response to beauty recognized.  It just is.

We are bringing change by being here, by being present, by being ourselves, as individuals and as a collective.  Thank you for being a companion on the Journey Home.


All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, no replication allowed, https://sunnysjournal.com

Note to Readers: This piece was yet another excerpted from Blue Dragon Journal, circa 2015, which I am in the process of permanently taking down. As far as embracing change, it was time to let the old me go and that included BDJ. There are only a few pages of content to remove… and then, hopefully, save a few of my old photos… and then that chapter is finally closed. On to the new…

❤ ❤ ❤

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