Eliza: Feeling the Fifth

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Eliza:  Feeling the Fifth

Note to Readers: This piece was originally written in 2016. For several years I fell into another dark patch, but have recently stepped out into the Sun of my Presence once again. I can smile, just smile, and feel the answering warmth in my heart center as both my body elemental and my unseen guides acknowledge my growing inner peace. Ahhhhh.

Last night, as is often the case these days, I wasn’t quite awake or asleep; rather, I was in that now familiar betwixt and between state where my emotional being is more receptive to feeling the higher dimensional downloads that are ongoing now.

How do I put into words the sense of a profound feeling of joy?  It was a wave of feeling, a peaceful sensation… and a feeling of being whole, complete, and loved.  I felt a unity with those who were assisting me and have communicated my willingness to completely surrender to my I AM Presence.  There was no sense of separation; just joy in being held closely to my unseen friends and allies. The feeling, the warmth permeates primarily  the area of the heart chakra,  although sometimes it can feel like all the cells in my body are dancing with joy, as a sensation of light vibration passes through them.

In feeling into the fifth dimension or 5D as it is often expressed, your body is your guide.  Your feelings are your expression and experience.  If you are a person who has a problem trusting your inner guidance or intuition you might experience problems believing that what you are feeling is even “real”.

Fortunately, I’ve been one who has had access to an inner voice and inner knowing for decades.  It wasn’t through any teacher, mentor or guru that I acquired this ability.  Rather it was through making mistakes, suffering pain and loneliness… and then coming through to the other side and feeling the love that exists outside the understanding of the “normal” (read “conditioned”) narrow human mind.

I remember one dark day after I received the final divorce papers from my husband, decades ago now.  I fell into an unexpected deep, deep hole of depression and anguish.  I still loved my husband, even though I chose to leave him.  I still love him even though he has been dead for nearly twenty years now.  Love does not end.  Love is forever.

I had gone to a Unity church gathering and something that the minister said inspired me that night to call out for help to God and the angels.  It didn’t matter that I felt deserted and lost in my misery.   Somehow I knew my prayer would be answered and it was.  I was crying and crying when I felt my body fill with light warmth, like huge arms were gathering me up in a warm hug, enveloping me in a wave of love.  I felt protected and loved.  I went to sleep feeling that warmth encircling and to this day, have never forgotten that sensation.  That is a bit how it feels when you are swimming through fifth dimensional energies.  Warm, loved and protected.

Such moments or experiences of these high energies were rare in my life but occurred when I needed reassurance of a wordless variety.  In some manner, I have always been connected, although little in my outer experience reflected that inner knowing.

For those who are struggling with the now continuous waves of high frequency energies, I can only give this advice… surrender to the feelings.  Don’t try to label them as good or bad or compare what you are feeling or not to whatever else someone is experiencing.  Each of us is so entirely unique in our personal expression that our focus and experience WILL be different from that of every other person.  That is the beauty of being in a physical human body, that individual point and focus of expression.  It is what makes the human of the Earth plane so completely unique in the Universe.

This planet, a rare and beautiful water planet, is the focus of an ancient experiment in consciousness.  Only those who are Masters are here to experience life in a 3D body.  Never forget just how special you are yet keeping with a sense of being grounded and humble… in short, being authentic in relating your experience here.

I don’t claim to be a teacher although some might say that I am.  I am simply a plain person who has the innate sensitivity to experience feelings that are, say, more elusive to others.  Being an empath or highly sensitive individual is now becoming a strength as the world is converted to higher dimensional frequencies.  It is an ability or gift that I was born with, one that was difficult to live with as a younger person, but now is serving me well.

Along with being highly sensitive to other people’s emotions and even thoughts (no, I don’t “hear” thoughts; I sense them) my ability to “hear” non-physical communication opened up after I went through what is expressed in modern terms, a mental breakdown.  A shaman would express it in an entirely different way, that of a potential shaman opening up to their awareness of the other worlds that exist side by side and sometimes overlapping with our own 3D reality.  So… being clairsentient and clairaudient… has allowed me to experience other dimensions while maintaining a pretty mundane physical life.

Experiencing ascension in this timeline doesn’t mean you are going to go elsewhere, to an intergalactic ship, to another planet or another universe, although you can certainly experience those things while embarked on lucid dreaming or astral travel.

At this point in my experience… and I can ONLY speak from my own experience… I feel the energies of 5D periodically, not on a consistent basis… but I DO know when I am now experiencing them due to the overwhelming sense of LOVE that comes like a warm wave.

Feeling the difference between 3D and 5D energies is like when as a swimmer in a shallow lake, you move from a patch of very cold water to one that is pleasantly warm, allowing your body to relax.  That is simply how 5D energy actually feels.  I know, as I have experienced it myself now.

These days, I find myself allowing my intuition to guide me towards reading material online.  I find that a lot of the channeled material is now repetitive, although it may hold some value to those who are in the early stages of waking up from their conditioned sleep.  It is not my place to judge anyone’s efforts to communicate.  I just suggest the use of caution when reading such materials.  Feel into it with your heart and use a little critical thinking as well.  There needs to be a balance in approaching new experiences.

There is no one way to approach ascension.  Not everyone incarnated on the planet today will ascend within this lifetime.  It is a soul level choice, pre-determined before birth, which decides upon ascension or not.  Being here now, however, does give one the chance to observe how other people go through the process even if it is not your chosen path during this lifetime.  Source does not judge its expression as all experience is of value to the ALL THAT IS.

So… there it is.  When you live permanently in 5D energy you will experience a sense of constant bliss, even while observing and living in the midst of pain and suffering.

Find the courage to write down just how you are experiencing or not the transition between the various energies and waves that are permeating our world today.  These are difficult times for many.  There are choices to make on a daily if not moment to moment basis.  And it is wise to venture beyond the need to judge yourself, your emotions, and reactions.  Part of you, that ever present Higher Self that is the Christ energy anchored within the Secret Chamber of your High Heart chakra, is always the observer.  Become aware of the Inner Master and seek guidance from this one, your most unique and pure expression of being while embodied here in the physical if holographic reality of the 3D Earth Plane.

I AM Eliza. Lovingly I bow to the Divinity that exists within all living creatures.

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  1. Unicorn Dreaming says:

    Great post.. thank you.. ❤️


  2. denis says:

    Thank-you for being part of my life.


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