Eliza: The Return of the Guardians

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Eliza: The Return of the Guardians

Yesterday (08.23.16), I was rather overcome with nausea, diarrhea, joint pain, muscular aches and a general feeling of malaise.  Later in the day, I saw that there had been a significant CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) from our Sun.  And this morning, came the news of a 6.4 on the Richter scale, deadly earthquake located in the center of the Italian Peninsula… an area of ancient villages perched atop the ridges of the Apennine mountain range.  Things are rocking and rolling…and it’s going to get even more intense according to various sources, inner and outer.

This morning in the wee hours when it was still inky black outside, I “heard” a telepathic greeting.  “They” introduced themselves as the Guardians.  Having just finished reading “The Ascension Mysteries”, a new book by David Wilcox, and being an avid reader of various other sources, I was already familiar with these beings, beings of great significance in our hitherto unknown history.  They are a highly advanced sixth density race that aids and guides other younger races through various evolutionary stages and then withdraws to allow the races to mature.  With their return, it is apparent that the human collective based on planet Earth is ready to undergo just such an evolutionary advancement, from an earthbound civilization to a cosmic one, free to move among the stars and to meet and interact with our “cousins” and other galactic races. (Editor’s note from 2023:  I feel that members of the Council of Five and the Andromedan Council are a part of this guardian group.  The High Council of the Pleiades might also be involved.  When I say “Pleiades”, I am referring to the Ashaara star system (Taygeta) NOT Jayha or Alcyone.)

“We are here in great numbers to assist humanity in their upcoming Ascension!”

In 2004, I was made aware of the cyclic nature of our Universe and certainly of our solar system and planet, when I authored a long paper on the root races of humanity.  Whether or not you believe in the existence of root races is unimportant.  What struck me as important is that everything, from individuals to the Universe itself undergoes cycles.  The ancient Sanskrit texts call these cycles the Yugas.  We are currently leaving the Kali Yuga or dark cycle and entering a golden age or Sathya Yuga.  As noted in theosophical texts, the yugas tend to overlap, so when one great age or Great Year (25,920 years) is completed, there comes a period of significant chaos and overturning of the old in favor of the new ongoing impulse of energies from the Great Central Sun.

There was one other somewhat disturbing phenomena as well of cyclic nature and that has been enshrined in the legends, stories and sacred texts the world over, a period when our Sun, giver of life, puts forth a great surge of light that has the potential to wrought great changes upon our little planet. So it was with great interest that I read the pages of David Wilcox’s latest book, which implies that this light surge is momentarily expected and has been known of for a very long time by our erstwhile controllers, variously known as the Cabal.

The members of the Cabal believe that they are the direct descendants of the priests who served the extraterrestrial beings who arrived on Earth some 55,000 years ago.  Their story is encrypted within the ancient Sumerian texts.  These beings called “the Watchers” in the Old Testament of the Bible, intermarried with indigenous humans, something that apparently violated Cosmic law.  Divine retribution was swift and violent as a great kingdom located in North Africa was overthrown and cast down, its extensive ruins buried beneath the sands of the Sahara Desert.  This “judgment” came from the heavens in the form of an attack from the enemies of these new rulers of Earth.  The attack may have come one of several parties:  Anunnaki, Nebu, Ciakahrr Reptilians, and/or opposing Pleiadians from the Ashaara system.  The T-Ashkeri from Sirius B could also be involved.

Long ago… in my own lifetime, I learned of the former existence of another planet within this solar system, the remnants of which are now the Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter.  I also learned that Mars and Venus had both once carried life and civilizations.  Mars had had great oceans and Venus had pure air and beautiful gardens.  I learned these things in the classroom of a New Age church.  History, even that which is suppressed and hidden from everyday man can be rooted out and discovered within the esoteric texts of the great mystery schools.

One must approach these teachings with some skepticism as much has been altered for a specific agenda of retaining control and instilling fear in human beings.  Even the Bible, a much altered volume, is missing several (40+) books which would lead readers to a much different conclusion about our own history as well as the real teachings and activities of the great teacher, Issa ben Joshua.  And much of the history before the time of Issa (aka Jesus/Yeshua) and the Romans has been excluded from the Old Testament, in favor of volumes that would support the propaganda and dogma given forth by the church…in its various forms.

The information regarding our collective history is far more startling than one would think.  For one thing, the Earth has carried civilizations for far longer than people have been told.  It has been the orthodox view that civilization is only about 6,000 years old.  What do you think about civilizations on this planet as being millions, if not billions of years old?

The information presented in David Wilcox’s book, The Ascension Mysteries, has a positive message:  Humanity is meant to ascend and the energies that will surge forth from our life-giving Sun are meant to support that process.  As David has attempted to establish in this book and his two others, “The Source Field…” and “The Synchronicity Keys”, is the rather profound realization that our Universe supports life.

Photo by Diego F. Parra on Pexels.com

The work of pioneering archaeologist’s and researchers has been uncovering the remnants of civilizations that do not “fit” into the orthodox view of history or even that of “pre” history.  Skeletons of giant humans, with odd elongated skulls, some with double lines of teeth; buildings made of giant stones that modern engineering cannot hope to hope to emulate, strange markings on the ground in vast isolated parts of the globe, incredible mathematical secrets embedded in huge stone edifices like the Great Pyramid; vast and complex cities lying off shore, buried beneath the waves or covered by the sands of great deserts… these things silently speak a vastly different story for our planet and the history of the indigenous races here.  For one thing, it is evident that many civilizations have both risen and fallen over a far longer period of time than has been put out or generally accepted by orthodox researchers.

So why the silence one must ask themselves:  Why has there been a systematic cover-up, indeed a violent suppression of any knowledge of the existence of “other” species of humans upon this planet? Is there someone in a position of power and authority who has a desire to keep secrets in order to retain order and control?  The answer is “yes” and it is evident that the Cabal is the “who”.  Why?  For the very reason that the origins of the Cabal are extraterrestrial, from a combination of hybrid Anunnaki/Reptilians, Ciakahrr Reptilians, and the Orion Nebu… and they don’t want humanity to know this secret.  Still, given the extent of the data dumps, the ongoing revelations by patriotic insiders within the secret government, the secret of the Cabal’s dealings with humanity is coming out.  The Internet is playing a great role in the unmasking of the Cabal, as it allows a wide assortment of individuals to connect or seek out seemingly unrelated information and begin to piece together a puzzle that is altogether different in scope to that which currently passes as “history” in our heavily controlled universities and colleges.

The one thing that the Cabal fears most is the Ascension of humanity.  And they fear the judgment that will befall all those of a negative nature, the so-called “service to self” agenda that has long kept the Cabal and its many minions in power.  The judgment, if it can be called such, is simply the rebalancing of karma long overdue.  The members of the Cabal, with the advantage of their esoteric training in the dark arts of magick, their knowledge and misuse of cosmic law for their own purposes and their continued manipulation of humans through the use of disinformation and instilling fear and confusion, have abused their position of authority over others.  Payment is due… and soon.  The members of the Cabal can run, but they cannot hide from the agents of Karma, the Guardians.  And they cannot hide from the effects of the mighty rays of our Sun and the Cosmic rays that grow in ever increasing intensity upon this planetary body as the day for the coming of the Sun of God approaches.

It is also apparent that all of humanity will not ascend either.  The requirement is that you must be at least 51% positive in nature, or “service to others” in orientation.  The Law of One material encourages one to learn forgiveness and kindness.  Just “be kind” and you will be okay.  The teachings of Jesus speak of forgiveness, letting go of judgment and being merciful in your daily dealings with others.  Truly one can find forgiveness for one’s own foibles and mistakes and then find forgiveness for others who have harmed you in kind.  Forgiveness, acceptance, adaptability, and kindness will assist one to strive on a spiritual level, if not on a material one.

There are many forces that govern our world.  The Law of Cause and Effect can be manipulated to an extent, but it cannot be put off forever.  Those who have governed mankind and sought its destruction for their own malicious purposes will be made to suffer the consequences in kind that they have wrought upon the innocent populations of countries torn apart by war and violence.

Again, the question, why have these “men” done these things?  In part, they believe themselves superior in origin and blood than the rest of humanity… for they are not, entirely, human in origin.  That is, they are not indigenous to this planet.  In esoteric texts, you will find the story of beings who were allowed to reincarnate upon this planet after their own planets, Mars and Marduk, (sometimes referred as ‘laggard’ evolutions who failed their own ascension cycles) were destroyed in a great war, a Star Wars if you will.  It was a story of the fall of a great Empire that had dominated the local star cluster, bringing war and destruction to its enemies, as these people were of a highly aggressive, domineering nature.  They were also gigantic in proportion, being some 70 to 100 feet in height, of massive build, since their primary planet, Marduk, allowed for the growth of larger bodies.

Marduk was destroyed in an attack led by enemies of the Empire (probably the Ashaara Pleiadians).  For a short time, the damaged Mars served as a base, but then, it too was struck by enemies and destroyed, its ocean being flung into the skies and its atmosphere stripped away.  The tiny remnant of survivors from these disasters found their way to our Moon, which was an ancient hollowed out alien base, and finally landed upon Earth itself.  There the rattled survivors suffered more losses in the destruction of their cities, pursued still by their relentless enemies.  With the fall of Atlantis and other bases, the remaining survivors lost much of their remaining technology, but with their superior mental abilities and highly aggressive natures, still managed to bring great portions of humanity under their control…  And so, this tenuous balance over humanity has remained until now…

These people remember and revere their past even as they deny us the knowledge of our own.  Such is their contempt for the masses of humanity.  Such is their hubris in their utter belief in their right to rule and control.

Yet in the end, energy seeks balance and so all that has been denied and taken away will be returned to the rightful owners of this world, the indigenous populations.  And this lovely planet will take her rightful place in the panoply of worlds.

This water planet that is our home is located in a highly coveted piece of real estate on the edge of the galaxy.  It is also located next to a huge portal or Stargate (yes, they do exist) that allows for instantaneous travel from one galaxy to another across the entire Universe.  As a result, this area of space has been fought over for millions of years. (Editor’s note:  Elena Danaan has seen this portal.  It is located near Jupiter and is extremely coveted.  Fortunately, the Galactic Federation and Ashtar Galactic Command share responsibility in monitoring who/what is allowed in or depart from the solar system.)

Long, long ago, a highly advanced race of beings called the Ancient Builder Race, constructed the stargate system, connecting up solar systems and galaxies, so that neighboring civilizations could trade and exchange with each other.  Since our local star cluster, including the constellations of Sirius and Andromeda and others, was highly sought after, the Builders also designed a highly advanced defense system made up of artificial moons, much like the Death Star as presented in the Star Wars series.  This defense system was designed to keep out negative races from entering or threatening the protected solar systems.  However, the Builders, being of a positive nature themselves, did not understand the determination and technological cunning of some of the negative races, who did, after some millions of years, managed to penetrate and eventually take down the defense shields of these artificial moons.

Our world and others became open and vulnerable to the attack and conquest by these negative polarity races and thus, many civilizations have come and gone from the face of the Earth, most hidden by the great cyclic catastrophes that overtake the planet due to the periodic light surges from our Sun.  By fire, flood and earthquake have many the great cities and kingdoms been destroyed.  So, humanity has returned to a child-like state numerous times, forgetting their past, except for the vague messages left by unknown ancient ancestors upon stones strewn across the face of the planet.

The Guardians have returned.  They have been known by other names, such as the Ra collective, who presented the Law of One series, which can be found free online.  A sixth density and positively oriented race (IMHO, races), they are here to assist, guide and work with us as our world undergoes this hour of testing and trial.  Be guided by your high heart and divine mind as you are presented with challenges to overcome, as well.  Seek salvation in following the guidance given forth by the great sacred teachers of humanity.  In their words there are the keys to heaven… the heaven that exists within your own heart.

Step clear of the need to judge those who have killed, tortured, and denied humanity their divine inheritance, for their time of judgment has arrived.  They are judged by the content of their own hearts, that denies the existence of goodness and kindness towards one’s fellow creatures, whether sentient beings or the planet itself.  All life is sacred.  All life comes from love.  When one turns away from love, one dies inside.  Seek the warmth of the Sun, the sun that will unite you with Higher Self and carry you on the winds of heaven to ecstasy and bliss.  It is never too late to return to balance, for those who watch over us love us well and without condition.  And they are here, beside us, at every moment of decision.  You are not and never have been alone.  Seek and you will find what you need within, for within your own DNA rests the knowledge of the Universe.

Blessings and love to all,

Eliza Ayres

All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, https://sunnysjournal.com

Tri-color Heron, photo by Eliza Ayres

Edited 1.30.2023; originally written in 2016.

Note to Readers: Yes, folks… I’ve been around the block a few times. As I noted in an email recently:

I deleted yet another page of BDJ, and now only have four more pages.  Still, I have a lot of photographs I will attempt to save.  If it’s too much trouble, they will get deleted, too.  Then, it’s the end of Blue Dragon Journal, a journey that has taken me through the past decade of many transformations and transitions.

Like the other older posts recently uploaded, they could all be found in Blue Dragon Journal. However, peoples’ attention-spans grow shorter with every passing year of using cellphones to communicate. I can remember writing long, delicious ten-page letters to my sister… who won’t even talk to me anymore. Life has changed. I have changed. It is time for BDJ to go bye bye and so I am working on that task.

For those who might regret this change and all the rest I have ever made, it is simply not a good idea to cling to anything in this world. We are consciousness embodied and these lifetimes are an opportunity to experience things, not cling to them, which includes relationships. Let go when these things no longer serve.

There is some wisdom in these earlier posts and a lot of pompous nonsense. I am shedding the latter.

Be well and healthy,



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5 Responses to Eliza: The Return of the Guardians

  1. Skip says:

    Exterminate the cabal & let’s get on with it.


  2. So much wisdom you bring Eliza and I wanted to also comment on another post but comments were closed on ‘Feeling the Fifth’.. Holding that LOVE and I understand the rock bottom we each at times feel to then reach out to ask for our Higher Helpers Help.. What a profound experience that was..

    Most have no clue to our Ancient History or the deeper Galactic connections.
    I have faith that our Cosmic friends along with all those in the Alliance are each preparing a better way forward… We know how long this has been in the planning.. And while we see many positive strides we still have many more steps yet to take…
    Thank YOU for all that you bring, Let us keep our own vibrations as high as possible to help combat the dark forces.. Whom we know have lost the battle, but will still keep fighting to their bitter end..

    Many thanks Eliza… ❤ 🙏✨


    • Eliza Ayres says:

      Thanks, Sue. I’ll adjust the comments on “Feeling the Fifth”. I have just been accustomed to turning them off due to some of the controversial topics being posted at present.
      As far as the Guardians are concerned, it was the Council of Five and the Andromedan Council who advised the Galactic Federation to come to this solar system to assist Terrans in clearing their planet and system of all negative ETs, which was accomplished in 2021. The rest of the burden of cleaning up Terra is up to humanity and from the looks of it, the operation is running apace. We always have to keep in mind the difference in perspective between 3D and 5D. You do not experience linear time at all in 5D. The Guardians do not have military forces, which is why the GFW is now present in our solar system, until Terran engineers can build enough star ships to adequately protect and patrol the solar system. The ground work also had to be carefully planned out for in the past (and to some degree, still happening) those who have opposed the Deep State usually ended up in body bags. It has been an exceptionally difficult operation to plan and is meant to take down the DS permanently to the last Satanist who has committed criminal acts against humanity… i.e. SRA, and all the rest. Consider this reply as a post script to the blog post.

      Thanks, again, Sue, for holding the Light in the UK! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, I follow quite a lot of those whom you post on too.. 🙂 I am often thinking great minds think alike, lol and home in on Truth 😉 Though I still use much discernment to go within to Feel with my heart a situation..
        I agree, the Major Players from top down, including the Malevolent ET’s top down, have been removed..

        Thank you… We are holding Space… and will be needed to keep holding, as more realise what was done to them.. and the children..
        Sending thanks again Eliza… We will keep on Keeping on…
        Much love ❤


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