Mental Fatigue and Inner Growth

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Mental Fatigue and Inner Growth

What is spiritual maturity?

  1. It’s when we stop trying to change others and focus on changing ourselves.
  2. It is when we accept people as they are.
  3. It is when we understand that everyone is correct according to their own perspective.
  4. It is when we learn to “let go”.
  5. It is when we are able to not have “expectations” in a relationship, and we give of ourselves for the pleasure of giving.
  6. It is when we understand that what we do, we do for our own peace.
  7. It’s when we stop showing the world how smart we are.
  8. It’s when we stop seeking approval from others.
  9. It’s when we stop comparing ourselves to others.
  10. It is when we are at peace with ourselves.
  11. It is when we are able to distinguish between “need” and “want” and we are able to let go of that want.
  12. Spiritual maturity is gained when we stop attaching “happiness” to material things!

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Nobody ever said detoxing a corrupted world was going to be an easy task. Perhaps that is why 200 million lightworkers ended up incarnating onto the planet, especially since the mid-20th century up until recently.

Going through my Telegram channels, I just noticed there has been yet another train derailment, this time near Houston. Years ago, I remember reading or hearing about how trains can be derailed from a distance. Perhaps that is what is being done now. Whatever is going on, it is related to the ongoing discoveries being made by Congress and the public into the extent of corruption within our government agencies, social media companies, and military (DS), federal agencies, and health industry.

If it appears that the entire planet has gone crazy, it hasn’t. It is just that the deepest, closely-held secrets of a dark regressive force present on this planet is being revealed, drawn out into the light. Like cockroaches — a creature I am well-acquainted with living in Florida — the minions, double/triple agents, sleeper cells, and moles are being revealed, their covers blown.

The truth is slowly emerging! Wait until it becomes known that the same ‘disturbing cabal’ is not just behind Twitter but all social platforms and media!

@Laura Aboli

It is apparent the war against the Deep State has now reached its most painful state… painful for the People. With the ongoing attacks against food, water, air, our bodies… those who haven’t woken up to the regressive tactics of the Deep State Cabal will have to… as their own communities, pocketbooks, minds and bodies are under siege.

I have no idea how long this phase is going to take, so have patience. We’re in the midst of a movie, but you do not have control of the off switch. It is event-driven, not date-driven, which includes the advent of the new financial system, QFS, that is just around the corner.

The Deep State does not want to lose control, they are still dangerous and do not regard humans as being equal to them. I realize this is hard for people to fathom, but we’re dealing with a psychopathic criminal cartel who are incapable of empathy.

Beyond all of this chaos, which will continue to get louder and more evident to the populace, world-wide, consider the requirement for those who are awake to take more care of themselves, to learn meditation techniques, healing techniques, how to work with crystals/sound therapies, to detox, to grow their own food, and to arrive at inner balance.

I do not regard those who are behind the Cabal’s efforts to destroy humanity as “evil”. They sincerely believe in their “divine” right to do what they have been doing. This is programming, indoctrination, cultural beliefs that have dominated/controlled a certain percentage of humanity for millenia. Yes, they are toxic, dark, dangerous… and we tend to fear them because they represent the darkness that abides in all humans, whether we like it or not. We live in a dualistic environment, especially in third density. Yet, if we do our inner work, develop patience as all of the deeply-hidden gunk emerges out of our subconscious for clearing… we are aiding in healing not just ourselves but the planet as well. This is the reason we came here as starseeds, as envoys… to remember who/what we were/are and to utilize the inner power to transmute the darkness and return it to BALANCE.

The dark is a stimulant for growth. Without the contrast of the dark, lighted cultures would stagnate, so some opposition and conflict arises periodically to stimulate creativity and growth. Highly evolved cultures assist evolving ones to adjust to the higher frequencies.

Earth humanity has been repressed in their natural innate ability to create, expand, develop technology, and balance ourselves spiritually. This was a provocative inference into our evolutionary development, which is one reason the Galactic Federation of Worlds got involved in removing the off-world invaders, like the Nebu Orion Grays and the Ciakahrr Reptilians… Both of these parties wanted this planet for their own purposes. Humans were regarded as resources, to be eaten by the Ciakahrrs, and enslaved by the Orion Nebu. There was heavy Earth military involvement with these off-world intruders, as well, a dark history that has been largely hidden from the American public.

Benevolent ETs have also been involved with our governments. Out of this alliance has emerged Solar Warden and now Space Force, which is wrapping all of the benevolent secret space programs into one entity, being developed as a space-based defensive shield for Terra and the solar system. Treaties and alliances have been made with various ET councils and confederations. Real disclosure of the presence of benevolent ETs within this solar system is coming. They are already showing themselves in the skies at night.

We are living in dramatic times, people. We are in the midst of becoming fully-fledged adults, kicked out of the nest of apathy and complacency, beginning to take back our personal and collective power, accepting responsibility for our actions, thoughts, and intentions.

We are emerging into a transitional period for humanity as we move from the third density paradigm into the fourth density. Individuals who have been on their own healing/clearing journeys have progressed into the fifth density already and some beyond, but for the most part, the majority of the human collective will reside in fourth density for at least ten to 20 years. However, we have the power and creativity to move ourselves forward and upward faster.

Eventually, humanity will learn to function as a unified collective, but we are nowhere close right now. There is much to learn… to remember about ourselves. The quickest way for the individual is by going within and learning to connect directly to Source, to be humble and accept the inner guidance, which will insist that you break through preconceived expectations, indoctrination, and beliefs. Growth is not easy, but it is natural.

Like a plant breaking through the dark, moist soil and reaching for the Sun, we yearn to feel that warmth on our faces and in our Hearts, connecting back to the energies of Home, of Oneness, of Source, our Mother.

As balanced adults, we will learn not to expect others to tell us what to do or how to do it. We will think, feel, and know what to do. We will be able to look upon those who still wallow in dark dreams and see them as they are in reality, fractals of Source, just like ourselves. Some souls require more experiences than others. Some souls want to experience the darkness from the inside. Since they are all fractals of Source, we learn to judge them not, for they are us. With balance, one is no longer touched by fear and can feel love for those who surround us, live with us, share this world with us. It doesn’t mean we will let them rule us, however; that is a violation of our sovereignty. Balance is the state of managing to be powerful, sovereign, and open. It is somewhat of a paradox and takes a high degree of trust, remembering that our consciousness is all that is real. The body is temporary. This life is temporary. We exist and experience this life because we chose to come here. And by doing so, we have made a difference. Honor your effort, your presence, your light. You are loved. You are love.

Be well,


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