Eliza: Pleiadians – Misinformation vs. Disclosure

A version of a Pleiadian male

The Pleiadians – Misinformation vs. Real Disclosure

Note to Readers:

I am writing this article to dispel what I regard as misinformation being put out there about Pleiadians by one channeled “source”.  Either the author of this information is uneducated about Pleiadians or intentionally misinformed or… You can make up your own mind.  What I am sharing is my opinion and what I have managed to learn from my studies of the work of Dr. Michael Salla, Elena Danaan, and Alex Collier, as well as other sources.  Each individual needs to do their own research and not take my word as gospel.  We are receiving new information each week regarding our relationship with extraterrestrials.  Opinions vary from complete denial of ETs, to them being “from the Devil and evil”, to being our saviors, to… well, the list is long.  However, since this is my blog, I am just putting forth my opinions/knowledge regarding this particular topic.

First, a bit of disinformation:

Some humans have mixed feelings about the importance of Pleiadians to Earth when learning about different ETs simply because they have white skin.

Not all Pleiadians have pale skins.  For instance, the Taali from T-Marhu in the Ashaara star system (Taygeta) and the Taal Shiar from Taalihara can have a variety of skin colors, ranging from pale white to medium dark tones like Middle Eastern peoples.  The Errahel of Erra and Alkhori (Noor) of Alkhorhu are the Pleiadians who are pale-skinned, blonde, and blue-eyed.  All three of these human races are descended from migrants fleeing the Man system during the Lyran wars.  Further information on Mana-Hai aka the Pleiades (Taurus) is available in Elena Danaan’s book, “A Gift From the Stars: The Book of Alien Races”.

If the author of this material really knew what they were talking about, they would not be using Earth names for any of the stars in the cluster the natives called Mana-Hai: “the daughters of the Mother”.

Another piece of disinformation – IMHO, this entire paragraph is pure BS:

Pleiadians are the primary ‘parents’ of humans and protectors of Earth but that doesn’t mean humans are descended from Pleiadians. Nor are Pleiadians future versions of humans. They’re native to different dimensions and humans have never procreated with extraterrestrials.

The Pleiadians are not the progenitors of Earth humanity.  Humanoids were originally seeded upon Terra by the PaTaal, aka The Seeders. Ten races of the PaTaal seeded the original genome (DNA) on Terra to develop the first third density humans into Nataru, aka The Milky Way galaxy.  The PaTaal also seeded the original four human races of the Man star system, which we know as “Lyra” or Kepler 62.  These four races consisted of the Laan, the Taali, the Ahil, and the Noor. See “A Gift from the Stars: The Book of Alien Races”, a book published by Elena Danaan for more information on these races, plus her drawings.  These four hu-man races did intermix their DNA with Earth humanity.  All of them had colonies at one time or another on Terra.

As for Pleiadians not being “future” humans, that is an interesting statement, for many Pleiadian star seeds or envoys have come from the future, namely about 300 years in the future.  The reason being was that the Galactic Federation was informed by the Andromedan Council that their seers foresaw a great calamity befalling the entire galaxy if not stopped in its tracks.  It was seen through Looking Glass technology that one possible timeline had Earth human super soldiers controlled by alien AI and Ciakahrr mind-control to form up as an invincible army that would invade the entire galaxy including higher density worlds.  How this is possible is the fact that Earth humanity is really interdimensional in its genetic make-up, meaning we can consciously transcend densities and dimensions (universes).  Our former controllers had enough insight to know they could use Earth humans as a means to conquer Nataru and other galaxies.  It was a threat that could not be overlooked.  The nexus of the start of this potential threat was the Sol system, including Terra, Luna (the Moon) and Mars.  So, the GFW stepped into the fight to free Terra and the rest of the solar system of regressive alien presence.  Alex Collier, an Andromedan contactee, has explained this scenario in several of his lectures over the past 30 years.

As for Pleiadians living “in other dimensions”, the author has his terminology mixed up.  Densities are levels or frequencies of consciousness within a universe.  Our universe has twelve densities.  Universes are dimensions, hence when a race is called interdimensional, they have the ability to move through portals from one universe to another.  The Anunnaki are one such race.  So are the Seeders, the PaTaal.  Each universe or dimension has its own “rules” and number of densities which can vary from one universe to another.

Now, the Pleiadians range from low 4th density to 9th density, the Taali being the lowest in frequency.  The Taal Shiar may be upper 3rd density, but I am unsure of this.  They have been involved with the Alliance of Six and the Deep State black operations on Terra.  One cannot assume that all Pleiadians are benevolent in nature.  Elena Danaan will be giving an update soon on the state of affairs on Taalihara, the planet of the Taal Shiar, as the Orion Hive, the Dominion, has fallen.  Consequently, the alliance with the Ciakahrr and Orion Grays may have undergone quite a change.

The Pleiades are considered a star cluster in the Taurus constellation — from an Earth perspective.

If this writer is implying the Pleiadians seem to “look after” Terra, then they are somewhat correct.  There are two approaches:

  1. Telepathic contact with star seeds/envoys giving spiritual messages.
  2. Many of the blonde, blue-eyed Errahil are members of the Galactic Federation of Worlds in military positions.  However, there are also Taali who usually perform in the background, being at a lower density than their cousins the Errahil. 
  3. There are other blonde or Nordic type ET races other than the ones from the Ashaara star system (Taygeta).  To assign the label “Pleiadian” to every blonde ET is also a misnomer.

There’s unfortunately a lot of bad info in the disclosure community from sources telling stories of humans being prisoners of Reptilians, and Pleiadians fighting to free humans from captivity.8 This is all entertainment with no substance.

This paragraph is highly misleading for several reasons.

  1. Not all Reptilians are regressives, or “baddies” as Elena Danaan calls them.
  2. The Ciakahrr Reptilians from Alpha Draconis have held Earth humans prisoner, both on and off planet. They also worked with the Nazis who fled Europe prior to the ending of WWII and supplied the breakaway Germans with advanced technology to build the Nacht Waffen (Dark Fleet), which enabled the Germans to eventually blackmail the Americans into allowing a large number of former Nazi scientists and experts to migrate to the United States under “Operation Paperclip.”
  3. The Deep State apparatus was largely overseen by a combination of the allies in the Alliance of Six from the Orion Zone, including the Ciakahrr, the Eban, and the regressive Anunnaki faction led by Enlil and Nintag.  The leader of the Ciakahrr was called The Pindar.  The Eban, a regressive Gray species from the Orion Zone, were the ones involved in signing a treaty with the Majestic 12, which was the start of the black operations run by the DS military industrial complex, both underground and off-planet.
  4. There are benevolent Reptilian races, but not in the Ciakahrr or their warrior caste, the Nagai.  They are a low-frequency highly militaristic culture.
  5. Now, the Pleiadians, primarily the Errahil, have been fighting to remove the physical presence of the Ciakahrr, Eban, and the remainder of the Alliance of Six or Nebu from Terra and the Solar System.  This project was completed by the GFW military in cooperation with the Earth Alliance.  So, actually the benevolent Pleiadians have been heavily involved in freeing Earth humanity from the regressives, both Reptilian and Grays, as well as their human ET allies.

Here’s another juicy dash of disinformation:

Genuine Pleiadian contactees share spiritual teaching and messages. The most important thing Pleiadians are working on now is our ascension which inauthentic sources just don’t get.

This author is suggesting that his information is genuine. I detect a certain level of hubris in that assumption. Well, I know for a fact that Elena Danaan is in telepathic communication with real Pleiadians via technology, not simple “channeling”.  When she was abducted by Grays as a nine-year-old, she was implanted with a tracker, something that was done to keep tabs on those individuals the Grays want to use in their hybridization programs.  Elena was rescued by warriors from the GFW.  Their medic, Myrrha, a T-Ashkeru, was unable to remove the implant, so the crew members managed to change the frequency to a secure one.  In 2018, this telepathic connection was reactivated by Commander Thor Han Eredyon.  Thor Han has given Elena periodic updates on what is going on in our solar system.  This is real information, valuable to the small group who is currently monitoring the progress of real ET disclosure.

Elena has warned that channeling can be dangerous to the channeler or medium, as their consciousness can be overcome by uninvited intruders like the Grays.  Since I used to channel since 1994, on and off, I can personally vouch for the dangers involved in just naively opening up your consciousness to be contacted by just anyone.  Some of the channeled messages I received appeared to be quite benign in nature.  However, as of 2021, I decided to shut the door on all further channeling. 

Make no mistake, some star seeds have a soul agreement to act as a contactee or channel for messages especially from their home world, particularly with named mentors.  Still, there has been much Orion Gray interference in the channeled material received by some people.  Learn to protect yourself using simple meditation techniques to keep your etheric body clear from uninvited alien interference.

Now, the topic of ascension is an interesting one.  Higher density Pleiadians are certainly not the only race/species involved in aiding the ascension of Earth humanity.  We are being overseen by a combination of councils, federations, and confederations.  The Intergalactic Confederation is eminent in those who are overseeing the Earth Project, as at least ten of their races seeded their genome originally on Terra.  These high density interdimensional (meaning they come from another Universe) beings are also known as the Pa Taal, the same group who also seeded the Man star system, rumored to be the birthplace of humanity in Nataru, which is yet another misnomer.  There are three types of humans in Nataru and several races, many of whom have added their DNA to Earth humans. 

The Intergalactic Confederation outrank the Anunnaki, who used to control the entirety of Nataru, in the “Old Empire”, which is now much diminished.  Still, the Anunnaki play an important role.  The Intergalactic Confederation informed King Anu of the Anunnaki that they were the custodians of the Earth Project since they were the ones who originally seeded the planet with early humans.  The Anunnaki interfered with the evolution of humanity, both in positive and negative ways… another story.

There are no perfect races, including Pleiadians. Pleiadians have made mistakes too. Humans need to evolve consciously to discern individuals by their actions and not judge entire races. Humans are in no position to judge anyone. Every Soul has played a villain in other lifetimes.

Who is implying all Pleiadians are perfect?  They are evolving like any race and in fact, are four races, including the Errahil, the Taali, and the Alkhori, plus the high density D’Akoorhu who resonate at 9th density, those who are called the Pleiadians of Light, the highest level of evolution in the Man race. The Pleiadians do have some responsibility in assisting Earth humanity.  For one thing, we’re cousins. The Pleiadians have blended their genome into ours.  There have been Pleiadian colonies on Terra.  The Pleiadians were also involved in the Earth Custodial Wars, between the Ciakahrr/Nagai, the Anunnaki, and the Pleiadians or members of the Galactic Federation of Worlds.  The latter organization formed soon after the Black League or rebel faction in the Orion Wars was finally defeated by the Nebu or Alliance of Six, but that is another story.

The Pleiadians are not perfect. The Taalihara of the Jayha system are evidence of that statement.  They choose the regressive route and aligned themselves with first regressive Reptilians and then the Alliance of Six.  Looking very similar in coloring and build to many Earth humans, the Taal Shiar could easily infiltrate Earth society.  They were heavily involved in the dark agendas of the Deep State military-industrial complex and in the intergalactic slave trade, along with the Maytra from the Andromeda Galaxy.  So, there are lower frequency Pleiadians, as well as the Dakoorat, who resonate at 9th density and are in light body.  The Pleiadians cover nearly the entire scale of what is possible in soul evolution in this universe. Lower frequency Pleiadians are quite capable of being spiteful idiots.

I will be addressing the Alliance of Six or Nebu in another article, else this gets too long.  Kindly understand that what I have written is my current understanding of the Pleiadian races, a topic I am certainly no expert on… although I may have given that impression in the past.  Still, in those days, I was speaking about a Pleiadian Federation that doesn’t even exist, an example of Orion Gray disinformation.  So, I have been there, done that, with the Pleiadians.

I hope this short article gives the reader some further insight into the complexity of the Pleiadians.  There is much we do not know about ourselves much less an entirely different set of races.  Again, the Pleiadians have four races, all descendants of the first hu-mans seeded in the Man system, which we know here on Earth as “Lyra” or Kepler 62.

I would prefer all my readers do their own research into this topic and not ask questions. To my present level of awareness, I am not an official contactee of the Pleiadians, just a curious person.



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