The Council of Five — Galactic Anthropology

Logo of the Council of Five (taken from (8)) After launching the ‘Galactic Elena Danaan Research Center‘ (1), I would like to spend some time on the Council of Five. We have spoken about this council quite a few times before on this website. On this page you will get some background on this council, […]

The Council of Five — Galactic Anthropology

Note to Readers:

I can see that I need to re-read Elena’s books. There is some rather dense information packed into those volumes. The reading can be difficult at times due to Elena’s phrasing — how can I not insult people who probably speak more languages than me!

I had forgotten the timing when the Council of Nine originally became involved with the Galactic Federation of Worlds.

The Andromedan Council and the Council of Five were the ones who encouraged the GFW to get physically involved in freeing Terra from the presence of regressive aliens — the Nebu and all of their allies. If it had not been for these non-military entities being willing to get involved, we might still be held under the sway of the Ciakahrr and the regressive Orion Grays.


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