The Seeding of Humanity Right Next Door to the Draco’s — Galactic Anthropology

When we talk about the seeding of Humanity it is useful to distinguish between the seeding of humanity on our lovely planet Earth, or Terra as the Brazilians call our world, and the seeding of humanity in our Galaxy, Nataru (1). This article reflects on the latter seeding, that in the Lyra system, a long […]

The Seeding of Humanity Right Next Door to the Draco’s — Galactic Anthropology

Note to Readers:

Why did the Pa-Taal aka the Seeders (The Guardians) seed Terra AND Lyra?

Curious thing, too, as the Nagai, a part of the Ciakahrr warrior race claimed Terra as they were there long, long before the coming of the Pa-Taal. The Nagai had even terraformed the planet so it had a swampy humid carbon dioxide rich environment perfect for large reptiles. They “seeded” dinosaur types, from small to extremely large and fierce, until suddenly the dinosaurs were wiped out by an undetermined natural event. Doesn’t this sound familiar to what happened with Atlantis and perhaps numerous other prehistorical civilizations (pre-history according to conventional scientists and archaeologists, at any rate).

Apparently, the Seeders were the ones who created the natural catastrophe that wiped out the big dinosaurs, leaving behind only remnants like lizards, snakes, crocodiles and alligators. Still, some of the Nagai must have known this event was coming as they sought shelter underground and so survived. Later on, when the main Ciakahrr forces arrived on Terra they coerced the Nagai to join with their agenda to reconquer the planet.

Needless to say, there were numerous terrific custodial battles held over this planet and solar system, primarily due to its position on the outer Orion arm and the existence of a highly desirable portal located near Jupiter.

Lyra also had a huge interdimensional (from one galaxy to another or even universe) portal located near Kepler 62, which was equally highly desirable by the Ciakahrr.

So, in understanding the existence of interdimensional portals within the two different solar systems used by the Pa-Taal to seed humanity, we might construe part of the reason for choosing those particular solar systems was their placement and the portals. The portals made it easy for the Pa-Taal (and others) to access the solar systems and check in on their experiments, both on Terra (Earth) and in the Kepler 62 (Lyra) system.

We’ll probably never know for sure what the original motives were of the Pa-Taal except by asking them outright… and you might not be able to do that unless you raise your frequency and become a contactee.

Another reason the Pa-Taal did what they did, where they did, was simple scientific curiosity and perhaps a desire to bring more balance to an evolving galaxy, Nataru.

Calling the Ciakahrr “evil” is short-sighted, as they, too, are a part of Source, fractals. The dark and light serve the evolutionary process. What better way to spur the growth of their experiments than to choose a position that will guarantee their jealous and highly aggressive neighbors will come a calling some day?

As a direct result of the Ciakahrr invasion of Lyra, the Lyran human races were scattered like seeds throughout Nataru, changing in looks and size depending on their new environments. The Pa-Taal gave their progeny the intuitive gifts and skills to adapt to new environments through means of altering their genetics. And the Lyrans knew how to terraform whole solar systems, tasks which were accomplished in more than one system. The Lyrans were also able to hybridize themselves with other races and species like the Taal-Ashkeri who hybridized with a benevolent Gray race when they settled in the Sirius B (Morga) system. The Laan were equally talented in creating various hybrids of their original race.

From our POV, it is all spectulation at this point. We will learn more as the disclosure continues to dribble out… Someday, it will be a flood as we all attempt to adapt to being exposed to other humanoid and non-humanoid races.


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