Was the Christian Bible Controlled Narration?

The Last Judgment, Michangelo, Sistine Chapel, Vatican, Rome

Was the Christian Bible Controlled Narration?

by Q The Storm Rider

“When one person suffers from a delusion, it is called insanity. When many people suffer from a delusion it is called a Religion.”
~Robert Pirsag

Why did the Pope Alexander the VI want Michelangelo to create a white Jesus …

Why did Michelangelo paint Jesus with blue eyes , white skin and paint Jesus as Cesare Borgia (his lover)<< the Pope’s son

///Was the Bible the first Mainstream media (mockingbird / controlled NARRATION)

Think about it????

Today the media, Facebook, Google, mainstream media can lie at any point and it’s controlled by the DEEP STATE 6,000 year old CABAL who created the CIA and most all INTEL agencies and WARS AND CENTRAL BANKS….

But somehow the bible in the hands of the Romans, and gay Popes, and VATICAN, some how managed to be untarnished..

Imagine all the Christian WARS .. The Templars Knight the creation of the first BANKING SYSTEM through the Bible and Romans //////

Don’t get me wrong..I believe in Jesus…. And GOD…. BUT something is really fishy about the Romans, GAY Pope’s, KNOWN VATICAN CHILD MOLESTATION RING AND THE CONTROL OF THE BIBLE NARRATION????

DO YOU REALLY THINK THE BIBLE WAS NEVER RE-EDITED IN THE 2000 YEARS WITH OVER 200 denominations of the bible in the U.S and 45,000 different denominators of the bible exist globally…

What if…… The bible was heavily redacted??

And the real 54 books of the bible is hidden under the VATICAN library…

Why did the VATICAN in 1964 remove 14 books from the bible?

This isn’t about an ELECTION
This about a GREAT AWAKENING….


Note to Readers:

BTW, this isn’t half of the lies told to you by religious leaders. What if you learned the “God” you have been worshipping and counting on all your life was not a god, not even human, but an ET? And Jesus is not your king nor is he going to “save” you. That’s your job, not his. His soul isn’t even from this galaxy… So many lies and misrepresentations done to take away your innate power and divinity… your direct connection to Source.

Not going to get into this today.

Check out the video series done by Elena Danaan on this topic…

Sometimes it pays to drop seeds slowly so the one encountering the information doesn’t experience a complete meltdown.


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