Transmutation and Metamorphosis

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The world is still a wondrous, beautiful place. Don’t let anyone take that from you.

You only notice the few dying flowers on a Cherry Blossom Tree if you focus on them. Take a few steps back & look at the tree in its entirety.

You were not put here to be enslaved.
You were not put here to be abused.
You were put here to blossom Earth.

You’re here right now absorbing pain, trauma & psychological torture, so your fellow citizens don’t have to in their state of blissful ignorance & utter confusion. You won’t always feel this way, but it is necessary in the metamorphic process of our planet.

Who are the destroyers of the dark?
The powers that SHOULDN’T be.
Who will be the builders of Light?
The powers that will be… You.

We are Children of God, Citizens of Heaven FIRST, & Earth, second. That is an undeniable fact that many overlook.



Note to Readers:

This one had me in tears…

In order to transform a person, a collective, a world, one must penetrate the darkness that hides out inside, forgotten, suppressed, rejected, feared… and drag it out into the Light. How does one go about this process? By transmuting the darkness from within oneself, stripping away the debris, and shining the light that remains.

Each of your cells, your very DNA contains the Name of God written upon its energetic signature, its frequency…

Even in the darkest of places, there you will find the Light and the love that binds us altogether as One, fractals of Source.

Not sure if that makes any sense… but please accept my blessings sent to you on this day.

Eliza ❤

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