Are You Afraid to be Free?

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by Laura Aboli

“We must be free not because we claim freedom, but because we practice it.”

~ William Faulkner

As crazy as this may sound, there are large numbers of the population that will need to learn to be free. The illusionary walls of the matrix run deep in people’s consciousness and the ‘safety’ of prison is chosen by many, over the risk of the unknown.

The structure, the rules, the norms, the welfare system, the false security and the state as the protector of the masses, runs deep in people’s psyche, after all, we were all indoctrinated to believe that without it there is only chaos and anarchy.

The constant overwhelming fear mongering with threats of climate disasters, global pandemics or nuclear armageddon are designed to make you feel powerless and defenceless in the face of catastrophic threats and therefore needing of the governmental structures and processes to keep you safe and alive. ‘Little you’ can do nothing without them.

Freedom from the matrix is therefore dangerous in the eyes of the masses who feel they need the constant ‘protection’ from a hostile, dangerous world in continuous turmoil.

The Covid pandemic brought to light how much people were willing to give up for a little safety, it was sad to witness the degree of servitude, compliance, ignorance, reliance and in some cases utter stupidity we have reached as a species.

The dumming down purpose of education was a success. The herd mentality is deeply ingrained and the addiction to fear is systemic, so does real freedom stand a chance?

Those of us that are called conspiracy theorists; crazy, radical, nonconformists, us weirdos, have a vision, an understanding, a sense of the freedom that is ours to exercise and each day that we put it into practice, as difficult as it sometimes is, we are spreading the spark, the feeling, the notion, the awareness, that a better reality is possible beyond the matrix and that we don’t need it in order to survive. In fact, it’s the matrix itself that is designed to keep us from thriving and merely surviving.

Our living example is the only thing that will transform the world. The herd will realise that it’s possible and as soon as they dare to step into freedom, the walls of the matrix will collapse.

This journey is entirely about learning, about knowledge and wisdom, but perhaps the hardest lesson, as sad as it is, is for humanity to learn to be free.

Notes to Readers:

Oh, yes.. I have witnessed this fear in the people around me and when I have ventured out to public places. There are still people wearing masks when driving alone. Why? It comes down to fear of the unknown. Have these people attempted to move beyond, to research the source of their fear? Probably not or they wouldn’t still be wearing masks. It is a psychopathic fear, deeply engrained in the psyche of these folks. I feel for them. They will not understand what is happening when the fact that the pandemic was designed to elicit fear so people would be willing to take the vaxx… when this truth finally explodes upon the public consciousness.

Lordie… the news has been out there, the truth has been exposed by real scientists and physicians for a long time, but you have to be willing to go there, beyond the confines of your invisible cage.

I’m not sure if these people will be able to survive the onslaught of their own cognitive dissonance as a result of having the truth of Covid marched across the television screen on CNN and MSNBC. The truth that Fauci has lied for 40 years about all of his “research” leading to AIDS, and now to… well, AIDS… Autoimmune Deficiency Syndrome, wherein the immune system can no longer function when confronted with any outside agent.

Fact is Covid 19 has never been isolated. There is no virus; never was. I realize that people will argue… but, but, but… Look it up from a reliable virologist or scientist, not Fauci. He was an agent of the Deep State, heavily involved in their covert attacks on humanity including acting as an eugenist… with the depopulation agenda. Who is dying from side effects of the vaxx? Young men. Babies. Pregnant women.

Three-quarters of the population of the United States willingly (or were coerced into) taking the vaxx. That is over 250 million people. Just 25% of the population had enough common sense and probably a built-in skepticism of “systems”, that they resisted the coercion, the public defamation and abuse taken from those who took the jab. And this is supposed to be the land of the free.

The indoctrination of children that passes for a public education these days has worked brilliantly at dumbing down the population, especially of young people. This is unfortunate… but there is hope they will wake up and probably be VERY angry when they realize how manipulated and bullied they have been at the hands of their communist manifesto trainers… oh, yes… teachers.

I am shaking my head at the foolishness of some people, but know in my heart they chose to undergo these harsh lessons. The consciousness of the Creator exists within all of those who took the vaxx and if they have a bit of fight left, they will eventually emerge from their fear.

This is when the lesson that we are not the body must be thoroughly learned. Our consciousness resides within a physical vessel for a lifetime, in order to experience physiciality, learn certain lessons, and perhaps perform certain missions. Our “soul” does not belong to our body’s bloodline. The body is borrowed. The bloodline is borrowed for a lifetime. The consciousness of those who have passed due to war, violence, and the “side effects” of the vaxx are not lost. Their souls have returned to the worlds between worlds, back to Source. Some will return; others will not. All sentient life is consciousness, fractals of Source, and eternal in nature. This includes those beings that some have labeled as being “evil”.

The next few months are going to very difficult for those who have been sleeping, locked into a perception of reality that is illusionary. Whether or not they can handle the truth is yet to be determined.

Those of you who are awake will be needed, just to listen, perhaps point out some information… but not to lecture, cajole, or judge. Compassion and acceptance, acknowledgement of the real pain… and just the ability to listen without judgment will aid in these ones eventually being able to heal. However, the healing of any mental illness resulting from this deep societal trauma will rest with each individual themselves.

Being long separated from my family members, I doubt I will be reunited with them in the future. I guess I am the black sheep of the family, but that is okay. I have followed my inner guidance through a valley of great darkness, stepping over land mines, being drawn in by false promises, only to free myself and continue to walk on and into the Light. Salvation comes from within, feeling and freeing the heart from the dominion of the ego… cultivating the ability to listen to the intuition and to use critical thinking when necessary. No, I’m not perfect, but I didn’t come here to be perfect. I came here to experience being in a physical form during a MAJOR transition for the entire galaxy of Nataru (the Milky Way).

Earth… Terra is the keystone to the elevation of the entire Galaxy. We, the Terra hu, humans of Earth, children of Gaia (the consciousness of the planet) and the Seeders… we are in the process of a painful and triumphant graduation from enslaved children to enlightened galactic adults. Feel this in your heart and rejoice that you are here during this glorious moment. Each of the survivors of these times will have these moments etched upon their consciousness, upon their soul essence, marking them out as special and unique among all of creation. It is written: “Ye are gods!”

Eliza Ayres

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