The Truth About Being Single

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Note to Readers:

What an interesting perspective. And I thought it was because I was too picky! Truthfully, I do quite well on my own, in my own space… alone but never lonely. I am not seeking another person to make me whole. I am whole in myself… as me. Yes, there are things I would change, but that is how we evolve and grow.

How about you?

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6 Responses to The Truth About Being Single

  1. Barbara says:

    Thank you, Eliza, for posting this, indeed, very interesting perspective. Makes sense, and for me, it connects to your previous post by Ms. Frazier about ascension symptoms. I was in a very long relationship with a fellow when ascension symptoms started. By then I knew what was happening, but try explaining that to your partner who is not the least bit interested in anything to do with ascension. As time when on, I could no longer hide the physical aspects, and as a result my partner began to bully. And so I left and have never regretted it. Been on my own now (with cat) for almost seven years (actually, much longer than that when I think about the years I hid those ascension symptoms and played the ‘dutiful wife’ act). Anyway, I much appreciate that you’re keeping your readers abreast of all things ascension/evolution/ET. I hope you’re feeling better since the lunar eclipse. Much love, B.


    • Eliza Ayres says:

      Thanks for the comment, Altea. As for how I’m feeling… it goes in waves. One day great, the next day… squashed. Just attempting to “flow” with it as there is not much I can do except rest, eat lightly, hydrate, and take walks. Vidya’s video was helpful as she summarised much of what we have all been going through. As for relationships, I have found I don’t really want one right now… I have little tolerance for making small talk and generally being around too many people at any one time. BTW, cats make great companions for people who live alone, not demanding, but loving, too. I always called my two the furry little Buddhas. I don’t have pets now but talk with the ducks and squirrels when taking my walks. I know… weird lady! Just being myself. ❤


      • Barbara says:

        Thanks for your response, Taz. Yes, talking to my cat has been a blessing. He never argues, but does need a fair bit of brushing and cuddling in exchange for my ramblings. Walking has been very helpful and now that the warmer weather is here in our Canadian south-west, I’m not having to force myself to get ‘out there’. So we’ll continue to go with the flow, while knowing the destination. It’s okay to be weird when we’re being ourselves. B/A.


        • Eliza Ayres says:

          A/B – Your cat must be a long hair… I had two short hair torties. One didn’t like brushing and the other one loved to be vacuumed and brushed. Cats can be quite amusing. I sometimes watch “Girl with a Dog” on YouTube… the young lady is a professional pet groomer and sometimes works on cats, as well as all sizes of dogs. I will get another pet someday, but not quite yet… ❤


  2. Unicorn Dreaming says:

    I’m quite happy being single too.. couldn’t imagine myself in a relationship to be honest.. ❤️


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