Vidya Frazier: Recognizing Ascension Symptoms

Recognizing Ascension Symptoms

Vidya Frazier

If you are having strange or confusing experiences these days, you are probably experiencing ascension symptoms – signs that you are making a rapid shift in consciousness on your path into the Fifth Density. Or perhaps you are awakening to new realities or discovering you suddenly have psychic or intuitive gifts. These too are ascension symptoms. Although exciting, they can also be disorienting and leave you wondering what’s happening to you.

It can be helpful to recognize all of these experiences as “normal” for these times in the Fourth Density – that nothing is amiss. You are simply progressing rapidly along your ascension path. In this video, I describe some of the most common ascension symptoms so you can recognize them and know what to do when they occur.

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Some symptoms:

  • physical symptoms without medical explaination – temporary
  • aches and pains in body
  • exhaustion – can last for days, even weeks
  • digestive issues – you may need to change diet, you need to “tune into” your body
  • sleep issues, insomnia, or heavy sleep
  • hypersensitivity to sounds, chemicals, bright lights, smells, food
  • Mind fog
  • High-pitched ear ringing
  • Flu-like symptoms, detoxing symptoms
  • old memories reappear
  • chronic conditions reappear
  • dry eyes, skin
  • As your consciousness is rising, your body has to shift and release
  • self-care is important, be gentle with your body
  • psychological issues – an enormous amount of change
  • Who are you? Everything is shifting… past, present, chaotic
  • emotional pain and upset, revisiting old emotions/memories even from childhood
  • depression, anxiety, self-doubt, despair, rage, judgmentalist, self-hatred, mood swings
  • feelings of joy… followed by despair and doubt
  • ascension is a process… now you can clear old unresolved emotions, baggage and let it go
  • etc.

Note to Readers:

I’ve noticed that many ascension guides, mentors, and teachers still use the term “dimension” to indicate a frequency rate. However, according to the Galactic mentors of Elena Danaan, the correct term is “density”.

A “dimension” is a parallel universe that can be accessed through interdimensional portals and/or wormholes. We live in a Multiverse, which is constructed by consciousness, the consciousness of Source.

Density = the frequency rate of the particles of matter within a dimension. Our dimension has twelve (12) densities, with Source being reached at the 13th level. Other dimensions will have different levels of densities and often different qualities.


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