Eliza: Religion, Cognitive Dissonance and the Rest of the Story, May 10, 2023

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

We are living through the times prophesized in the Bible… a very much altered and edited version of multiple layers and encounters with ETs, largely glossed over, suppressed, and repressed on purpose by an elite group desirous of maintaining control over a curious, restless, and rebellious young humanity.

I am not sure of the origin of the quote below, but it is very perceptive, at least in a still limited fashion:

Amazing to see the cognitive dissonance on display, even within the Patriot community, regarding the current world dynamics of the Middle East, the Israeli State (separate from the Israeli “We The People”), the Khazarian/Akkadian historical relevance, the distinction between the Turkish-Ashkenazi and the Abrahamic-Hebraic Jewish lineages, and more.

Guard your hearts against reactivity.
You might discover something unknown.

“Last for a specific reason not mentioned even a single time”

Cognitive Dissonance and the Rest of the Story

As inconvenient and uncomfortable as it is to witness the whole world, or at least the more exploited portions of the population, go into conflict and turmoil… humanity is fighting the remnants of the minions of the Deep State. These people… and most of them are human… are fighting for their lives, pulling out all stops to create unrest, chaos, turmoil, and attempting to shut down media in order to control whatever country they are attempting to recapture.

In observing the Truther community for a few years now… certainly since 2017, I have arrived at certain conclusions. Namely, there are different levels of being “awake”, and there are actually several factions within the Truther movement, many with their own agendas. Some of the intel providers are working from a place of ego. Some are real patriots. Then there are some who are religious fanatics… their hearts are generally in the right place, but their understanding and comprehension of what is really behind all of this chaos leaves something to be desired…

I’m not suggesting that I know it all. I’m learning more everyday, especially when I type out those annoying but highly accurate reports from Q The Storm Rider. The person has abysmal spelling skills unless it is all intentional. For my part, I don’t care about telegraphing intel to other parties… I am not military intelligence or a spy, just a quiet retired woman watching this crazy covert military operation in process of playing out in front of our eyes.

What I do have is the ability to connect dots, so I observe, question, and take notes… as each of you who has the time should also be doing.

It was through this ability of mine that I broke free from the Black Goo of the Nebu influence — the whole channeling thing, especially the last bit with Myka Danaan…

And you know what helped me to break free? The Earth Alliance space force and the Galactic Federation of Worlds military forces crushed the Nebu forces (Orion Grays) on Luna, our Moon, and deactivated the technology there that was being used to beam ELF waves to Terra to keep the population suppressed and under control.

Then, later on… the Cube on Saturn, under the control the Nebu and allowed by the regressive Anunnaki aligned with Enlil (Commander of Armies) and Ninurta… this technology was also turned off by benevolent forces.

Enlil, Ninurta, and Marduk were arrested, along with the Pindar — the head honcho of the Ciakahrrs on Terra — and in 2022, were tried and convicted by the Intergalactic Confederation and representatives from the various Galactic Councils of Nataru, our resident galaxy. Before the arrival of the Intergalactic Confederation, who outrank all the Councils and Federations located within Nataru, the GFW could not take any action against the regressive Anunnaki (Enlil’s faction), the Ciakahrr, and the Nebu (Orion Grays).

Now, I realize that many will believe that I have lost my nuts… (never had any in this lifetime :)) but I am being quite serious about what I have observed especially in regard to how religion has been used as a means to keep “the humans” divided, fighting each other, and highly programmed into being reactive against conflicting ideologies or belief systems. This includes the New Age belief system, which I have had quite a lot of experience inside for over four decades. I don’t know everything. I don’t think we’re meant to know everything… What would be the fun in that if we figured out everything before hand… It would make living rather boring, at least for some of us.

Now… the Christian, Isalmic, and Judaic religions basically sprang from one tree, the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, you know that tree reputed to have grown in the Garden of Eden. And then there was the Snake and the Fall… etc., etc. Good story but completely metamorphic in its content and based on a partial Lie… a really BIG lie.

For starters, the Garden of Eden was actually a BIOSPHERE contained within Nibiru, the gigantic mothership of the Anunnaki, who illegally took possession or custodianship of Terra… namely Enlil, Commander of Armies, took possession of the planet for himself. He was sent by his father, King Anu, to take Terra to add it to the rest of their holdings within Nataru. So, he came, he saw, and he conquered…

However, Enlil was accompanied by his half-brother, Prince Ea, who is called ENKI in the Sumerian texts. Enki or Ea was/is a scientist, a geneticist. When he was ordered to take the indigenous and very primitive humanoids present on Terra and upgrade them (strengthen their bodies, make them intelligent but obedient) to be a slave race, Enki agreed, more out of natural curiosity than anything else.

There was a profound difference between the two half-brothers. Enlil or Yu was/is half-reptilian, while Ea’s mother was human. Enlil’s personality was devoid of empathy, unlike that of Ea’s. Enlil HATED the humans and wanted to control them. Ea wanted to learn more about them.

In his genetic studies of the genome of the Terrans, Ea learned that the Earth humans were the result of another genetic experiment, as their genome contained eleven different ET markers, none of which were indigenous to the planet. So he decided to enhance the existing genome and brought several fully activated human beings, modern Homo sapien sapiens into being. His first successful experiment resulted in Adamu or Adam from the Bible story. Enki/Ea also enhanced the new human’s DNA with some of his own, resulting in a highly intelligent new human being.

The story of the two trees in the garden and the snake is a metaphor for Ea’s development of a fully awakened human, one who knew right from wrong intuitively. The Snake was Ea, but not an evil creature, for Ea loved his creation. The snake and the Tree also represent the tree of the nervous system, with its two intertwining serpents of the Kundalini, rising to the top of the Crown and connecting multidimensionally with Source Creator… not a physical god, but CONSCIOUSNESS.

Still, the next development was not quite so happy for Ea, as an enraged Enlil found out about his creation and was going to destroy the newly created humans. Ea found a way to smuggle Adam and the others out of the great mothership and down to Terra. The Adamic lineage has managed to survive through the long centuries since its creation, but not without struggle as Enlil’s minions have vowed to destroy it root and branch.

Enlil was a cunning man, ruthless, hard, a real warrior. He delighted in sowing division, chaos, and violence. The chronicles of the Old Testament are actually stories of the violent “gods” who ruled over Terra, who were, in fact, extraterrestrials, primarily regressive Anunnaki. These Anunnaki had several colonies ranged around the planet. Remember, they had access to star ships, and advanced technology.

When Enlil noticed that the Terrans had a natural tendency to gather together and create cities and live peacefully, he decided to create mischief and chaos. The story of the Tower of Babel is another metaphor for now the “gods” decided to create division so the humans could not understand each other… more on a consciousness level than language. The humans were scattered across the face of the planet.

Enlil also arranged for other geneticists to take the altered DNA of the upgraded humans and to degrade it by taking whole swaths of it “off-line”. The inactive DNA was still present but deactivated. This increased the docility of the humans, reduced their life expectancy, and lowered their intelligence.

Some time later on, Enlil introduced the concept of religion to humanity. He and a few of his cohorts played at being “God”. Enlil was Yahweh… the god the Hebrews were always encountering “in the desert”. His Anunnaki name, Yuh… means “fire”. Enlil, Ninurta (his son) and Marduk (son of Ea) took turns playing “God”, sometimes as Satan, and later as Allah. Thus, all of the religions of the Book emerged from a tissue of lies, powerful Sky beings playing with the sensibilities of naive, dumbed down Terrans.

There are Biblical scholars like Paul Wallis, Corina Pataki, Billy Carson, and others, who have come to question the validity of the claims behind the ancient bible stories… which is actually a highly edited version of ancient stories told by our ancestors about the visitations of ETs to this planet. I have posted some of the videos from these researchers in the past couple of years.

So, what is so important about Israel? Why does it figure so prominently within the plans of the military alliance that is now taking down the Kharzarian Mafia and their minions? The reason behind this mystery comes to light when you know that the ancient Canaanite religion, known today as Satanism and sometimes as Luciferism, is based on a Reptilian appetite for blood, murder, sex, and control. If you look into the ancient roots of the Khazars, an ancient people from Turkey.. along with the influence of corrupt Babylonian mystery religion involving black magic, symbols, and rituals… you have a very potent recipe for control over populations through mind control and fear.

When you add the ET component to the mix, you have a powerful instrument of control.

Given what I have learned about the Khazarian Mafia, they were never Semites, although in today’s Israel, they have probably cross-bred with Shepardic Jews who are Semites, so mixing the two blood lines. Still, these false Jews, aka Zionists, are fanatics. They hate humanity… basically anyone who isn’t one of their tribe. In this they carry on the legacy of Enlil, who may or may not have bred his own bloodline into a portion of humanity. It is my surmise that the Khazars are just such a legacy.

These people do not think like the rest of humanity. They do not contain empathy. They systematically set up systems to entrap, blackmail, threaten, murder, and create chaos, using the power of their central banking system, which money launders funds illegally obtained through weapons trafficking, drug trafficking, human/child trafficking, and abusive behaviors and acts by their numerous intertwined corporations.

Israel is the final stronghold of the Khazarians… although they have attempted to take Ukraine for themselves, by systematically attacking over 5,000 native Ukrainians during the past near decade since the military coup, aided by the Deep State, NATO, and the CIA overturned a democratically elected government in 2014. Ukraine was the site of the original empire of the Khazars and it was hoped by the Zionists to recreate that empire.

The Nazis, Communists, and other “isms” were all created by the fertile sly minds of the Zionists, many of whom are based in Great Britain, under the leadership of the Rothschild clan…

The Swamp is deep, tangled with old sordid roots. When some of the really dark truths emerge, many people will go into profound shock… and can you blame them? All their beliefs, strongly-held, will be pulled out from under them and the world will never be the same.

I foresee certain elements within the Truther movement potentially being impacted by the coming revelations, which will become quite apparent when our galactic neighbors make themselves known to surface humanity. We are not the only species present on Terra either, as several former ET races live within the planet in the Inner Earth realms.

I shake my head when I see narratives being pushed by so-called Truthers about the Firmament, Flat Earth, ETs being fake, etc. These poor deluded people are in for a major upset to their precious belief systems.

There are levels of being awake. It is necessary to let go of the belief systems, the conditioning, the fear, the need to follow the crowd or fit in…

To really know yourself as a fractal of Creator Source, you have to detach, be alone or spend time alone, in meditation, contemplation, to observe and not judge the antics of others. Someone has to anchor the Light when the lights go out for many of our fellow creatures who have been overtaken by the fear narratives being perpetuated upon their societies.

Real disclosure is coming, it is in process. There is a Plan, which was shared with our military White Hats and came by special courier from the Galactic Federation of Worlds, along with the Intergalactic Confederation. We are not alone.

One more thing, Jesus is NOT your king. He ain’t coming back. His soul matrix is not from Terra. In fact, his soul essence belongs to one of the member groups of the Intergalactic Confederation, the Hoovids. Yeshua played his part, a very difficult part, and is not required to return to “save” Humanity. Instead, humanity needs to recognize that their salvation lies within themselves. As Yeshua told us, “Ye are Gods”… and “The Kingdom of God lies within.”

The “God” Yeshua was talking about was Source Creator, Love, not Yahweh or any other ET made fake god. The Kingdom is our union with Source’s consciousness through our Heart Center, up the spine, and through the Crown Chakra, connecting to COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS. So… you can still be a Christian, as this consciousness is also called “Christ Consciousness”… the Christ being the anointing by the sacred oils contained within your own spinal column. This concept has been explained by others and I would encourage you to do your own research on what I have covered here today.

I am not a scholar, an authority on the Bible, just an retired woman who has a curious seeking mind and an open heart. In my seven decades, I have experienced much and will continue to learn more about myself and the amazing world we live in.

We live in an amazing time in the history of our world. History is about to be rewritten, the hidden and suppressed elements revealed and it will tell a vastly different story than what most of us learned in school and Sunday school or mosque.

A reminder: NOTHING I have shared here needs to be believed, or adhered to. Do your own research. Ask your own questions. Be courageous enough to step beyond what others have told you to believe. I am doing that myself. It is how our soul essence gains in experience and someday, I will present what I have learned to Source, which learns through me, as one of its fractals.

With much love and respect,

Eliza Ayres


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