Hu R U, Earth Human?

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Eliza: Hu R U, Earth Human?

This is a response I made to a recent comment given by a long-time reader:

I took a very quick look at the “book” and decided it was too complex for me to read. In short… our history is less complex than what this fellow put forth. Humanity did not “fall”. I may look at the piece later, but right now I am reading Elena Danaan’s book The Seeders. Complexity is a trap for the mind. True spirituality is merely the connection of your consciousness to Universal consciousness… something that must be experienced. Words do not suffice and certainly not that wall of words I just witnessed. Goodness. BTW, duality is embedded within Source itself… the Yin and Yang, feminine and male, dark and light. It is the basis of life, creation and destruction. Without the tension of duality, there would be no evolution. No human being can surmount duality, certainly not outside the Void itself… ~ Eliza

There is a lot packed into that one paragraph. Let me attempt to enlighten you a bit. Keep in mind that as a writer, I work from an intuitive level and make no claims to being a researcher or scientist. I will refer quite often to the works of Elena Danaan that have given me a better understanding on the origins of the Terran Hu, humanity of Earth.

The book to which I am referring is: A History of Falls and Humanity’s Origins by Noel Huntley.

At first glance, this work reminded me of the works done by Ashana Deane of Voyagers fame. Here is a sample in case you want to test the waters yourself:

I am sure to be attacked by Ms. Deane’s fanatical followers, which just enhances my determination that the works mentioned above have nothing to do with our real history. The truth stands on its own. It does not require defending.

Even Elena Danaan isn’t always “right”, in that as of now, she does not have complete access to humanity’s history — an edited version of it from one of the Anunnaki who was directly involved in at least a portion of the story… the last 400K years. Elena is a designated emissary of the Galactic Federation of Worlds. She has noted in a recent Q & A session that she only puts out information that has been vetted or authorized by her mentors and contacts within that military organization. The GFW is a military organization and DOES NOT contact civilians on Terra EVER. As with any military org information is compartmentalized. Any currently serving military or veteran would understand; civilians do not… they want answers yesterday, even when it is inappropriate and would affect the outcome of ongoing operations.

For some reason, I can comprehend the need for security and the drip, drip of intel. Perhaps I have served in other military organizations, although not in this lifetime. Frankly, my physical vessel is not up to the regimen that recruits are put through.

Anyway… while it may appear that Elena changes her story about certain things it is due to the fact that she is constantly undergoing actual physical and sometimes light body travel, being on board GFW ships and occasionally even visiting ships belonging to other ETs and planets in other solar systems. Every time she experiences new contact, she learns more about our relationship with the Galactics, and more recently, the Intergalactic races/species.

The volume that I picked up this morning… early… is The Seeders. Within its pages is a type of journal written by Elena as she undergoes her experiences in meeting with the Seeders. During her first physical encounter with them, she is given an activation by Oona, a representative of the Intergalactic Confederation and an Altean. During this encounter, Elena remembers… everything. She remembers that she is Altean and agreed to incarnate into Earth humanity long, long ago… as one that is cryptically referred to in the Bible as “a Watcher”. As a member of the Guardians, she wanted to experience physicality in a third-density body with its wide range of emotions. Elena also writes that there are many among the PaTaal or Guardians who decided to incarnate into Earth humanity… as they also did into the four Hu-man races from the Manna system (Kepler 62, the Man star system). Now, incarnated into powerful Earth bloodlines, Elena is playing out the role of an emissary, with Thor Han Eredyon, her Twin Flame, playing his role as mentor, guide, and protector during this transformational period on Terra. Both Thor Han and Elena are from Erra in the Taygeta (or Ashaara) star system of the Pleiades star cluster… from 300 years in the future.

Now, about those alledged “falls” of man. How can an evolving race fall when they were originally in the frequency of third density? Yes, yes, so much new age writings claim much the same thing that mankind “fell” out of higher densities.

Let me attempt to explain. For one thing, many people are still identifying their physical vessels or body as themselves. It is the soul essence that descends in frequency, not the body. As the bodies evolve, they can become the vessels for higher frequency souls. For an example, the bloodline of Yeshua, the bloodline of the Patriarchs and Prophets in part came from the one the Catholic Church has demonized as the Snake… ENKI, the geneticist who accompanied his brother, Enlil, on the latter’s campaign to conquer Terra.

To be sure this knowledge has been generally forbidden by our controllers, those who have ruled over this planet for hundreds of thousands of years. They did not want us to know how our physical avatars were developed nor to know what our potential was as a species, as a race due to the input from several starry galactic and intergalactic races, including the Anunnaki. The ancient stories of paleo-contact were rewritten into stories about a supreme God whose decisions (more like reactions) and demands led to much violence, despair, division, often quite intentional. Is this Old Testament “God” a being of Love? More likely, it was a mean-tempered ET who detested humanity, demanded his followers to destroy his enemies, and visited plagues and calamities upon enemy and his people alike. This “god” of the ancient stories was an ET, a militant half-Reptilian with a violent, fiery nature and a distinct dislike for humanity.

I have written about this divisive relationship between Enlil (Yueh) and Enki (Ea) before. It is a story that is echoed in the racial memories and sacred teachings of many peoples on Terra. The names change, the story changes, but it is always the story of a conflict between two brothers. Those brothers were Prince Ea, the half-human, half-Anunnaki crown prince of his father, King Anu, and Yueh (the fiery one) or Enlil (commander of armies). Enlil was given the task to add Terra and the Sol system to the empire of the Anunnaki, which about 400,000 years ago consisted of approximately three-quarters of Nataru.

The Anunnaki were not one race; they were many peoples, members of a huge empire that existed (and still does) in a parallel dimension or universe. They consisted of diverse races, including humans, Reptoids, Insectoids, Grays, and hybrids thereof. King Anu was the Crown Prince of that empire and wanted to create his own empire and so he took some of his people through the large interdimensional portal that exists in the Bootes constellation (Arcturus). It was there Ea was conceived of the union of his mother, a human and queen, and his father, Anu. However, Prince Ea was born in the Sirius B system… Thula. In contrast, Enlil (Yueh) was part Reptilian, although it is not evident what species, as some Reptoids are benevolent races. Enlil was not. He contained within his being all the malevolent human-hating, fiery and stubborn, greedy tendancies of the lower frequency regressive Reptilians like the Ciakahrr.

When the two half-brothers and their fleet arrived in the Sol system with Nibiru, their primary vessel, a huge moon-sized vessel, with supporting scout ships, etc., Enlil determined there were primitive creatures, early homomids, already present on the planet of Terra.

Terra was highly desirable, having resources, especially gold, which was used by the Anunnaki and refined into monoatomic gold, then consumed. By then, the Anunnaki could be considered an extremely ancient race, and have since have mastered their own genetics, creating a series of avatars and moving their consciousness from one to another, becoming eternal beings.

Still, there was a profound difference in the make-up of each prince. Ea was half-human and possessed empathy. He was capable of feeling compassion for others. Adversely, his brother Enlil was incapable of any sort of empathy or feeling towards others. The fiery prince regarded the primitive humans with disdain and only wanted to have his scientist brother, Ea, to create a slave race, enhancing the intelligence of the creatures just enough so they could be useful servants.

Being a scientist, Ea was curious about these black haired hominoids or primitive man and began testing their genetics. During his genetic experiments on the ship Nibiru, inside a biosphere which contained a huge lush garden environment, an Edin, Prince Ea discerned the true genetic inheritance of the local humanoid race as being derived from a much earlier genetic experiment — which we have now been told was performed by the Guardians aka The Seeders, 24 different races intimately involved in the propagation of Life throughout the Multiverse under the direction of The Nine and Source itself. So Ea began a series of his own experiments. He wanted to see what would happen if he were to activate the potential already existant in the DNA sequence within the homomids. As an intelligent and compassionate man, Ea added a bit of his own high frequency DNA to the mix and in doing so he created the first fully activated modern human being, Homo Sapien sapiens. He named it “Adamu”. Then, he went about creating a female creature who would act as a mate for his Adamu. After several trials, he finally succeeded in creating the first female who was a suitable match for his Adamu… Eve. Prince Ea was the Snake in the Garden, the one who fully activated the DNA potential of his newly created Earth humans.

Without putting the possibility that the genetic manipulation was done by master extraterrestrial geneticists in the general picture of the development of our physical avatars, is it any wonder that palentologists have not yet discovered the “missing link”. It is due to the species as we know it today having been largely developed in a lab or labs, on the huge starships sometime during our world’s ancient prehistoric past.

The snake and the tree is also a metaphor for the internal multidimensional quantum biotechnology carried within the Terran Hu physical avatars. The snake — there is actually two as symbolized by the medical caduceus — the Pingala and the Ida that wrap around the Tree of Life, our nervous system, the spinal column and rise up to meet in the pineal gland, then open up the Crown Chakra giving access to Universal Consciousness:

According to the Yogis, there are two nerve currents in the spinal column, called Pingalâ and Idâ, and a hollow canal called Sushumnâ running through the spinal cord. At the lower end of the hollow canal is what the Yogis call the “Lotus of the Kundalini”. They describe it as triangular in a form in which, in the symbolical language of the Yogis, there is a power called the Kundalini, coiled up. When that Kundalini awakens, it tries to force a passage through this hollow canal, and as it rises step by step, as it were, layer after layer of the mind becomes open and all the different visions and wonderful powers come to the Yogi. When it reaches the brain, the Yogi is perfectly detached from the body and mind; the soul finds itself free. We know that the spinal cord is composed in a peculiar manner. If we take the figure eight horizontally (∞), there are two parts which are connected in the middle. Suppose you add eight after eight, piled one on top of the other, that will represent the spinal cord. The left is the Ida, the right Pingala, and that hollow canal which runs through the center of the spinal cord is the Sushumna. Where the spinal cord ends in some of the lumbar vertebrae, a fine fiber issues downwards, and the canal runs up even within that fiber, only much finer. The canal is closed at the lower end, which is situated near what is called the sacral plexus, which, according to modern physiology, is triangular in form. The different plexuses that have their centers in the spinal canal can very well stand for the different “lotuses” of the Yogi.[31]

The 22 different genomes that the Terra Hu have been endowed with through the ages, first by our original seeders, and then blending (mating) with other races and/or intentional genetic tinkering by the Anunnaki and Lyrans, who inherited the ability to alter their genetics to suit their environment. These various groups had colonies present on the planet, including the Anunnaki, descendants of the Lyran Hu-mans (Ahil, Taali, Laan, and Noor), humans from the Centurai system (closest one to Terra), as well as the odd Gray or Reptilian. Earth has been a battle ground, with hotly contested Custodial Wars for a variety of reasons. This unprecedented living library of ET races exists within our physical avatars making our bloodlines highly desirable as currency in the Multiverse. One day, we will fully graduate to being a member of the Intergalactic Confederation, as a true interdimensional race, unique within the Multiverse.

When Enki (Ea) was forced to leave Terra, he took with him the original frequency signature of the first eleven genomes of the original seed of the humans. He has returned with this pure frequency gift that will enable all of humanity to recalibrate their DNA if so desired. The story of Noah was a metaphor for Enki’s efforts to save a small portion of humanity during the great Flood. The flood was an intentional act by Enlil, designed to destroy humanity completely, but his efforts were thwarted, in part, by his half-brother. The “animals” carried by the Ark (a star ship) were the DNA of all life forms from the planet. When the disastrous melting of the continental glaciers of the Younger Dryas, caused by the impact of a huge comet, was complete and had retreated, Enki returned his precious cargo to Terra. Meanwhile, ancient cities, entire cultures and people were wiped out by an angry Enlil, including the ancient civilization of Atlantis which had existed for hundreds of thousands of years. The remnants of these lost cities can still be found under hundreds of feet of salt waters off today’s coastlines, including India, Japan, the Mediterrean Basin, and the East Coast of North America.

Our mothers and fathers, the Seeders, have returned to this solar system to be on hand to witness the graduation of the Terra Hu, the humanity of Earth, as we move from slavery and fully awaken to our full potential. It is what lies ahead of us. The Seeders also have reclaimed the solar system, especially Terra, as their custodianship. The Anunnaki no longer have access to Terra or this solar system. Ea handed over the custodianship of Saturn to the Earth Alliance in 2022. Saturn used to be owned by Enlil and then his son, Ninurta. Just think what awful things are associated with Saturn and then you know…

In this history or at least my brief description of a story that encompasses millions of years of evolution, I discern no fall of humanity. What really happened was, when Enlil discovered the experiments of his half-brother, Ea, he became enraged. He didn’t want a fully activated human, far from it. He wanted humans who were only intelligent enough and strong enough to serve as a permanent slave race. He realized that given the full potential of humanity, that we as a race would far surpass the Anunnaki, and indeed, any of the other regressive races that attempted to control us.

A great war ensued, and Ea’s faction was eventually driven off the planet. Enlil remained, along with his faction and some hybrids. This faction has been one of the groups who have remained in power, the hidden hand, going behind the scenes to rule the planet through the agency of its chosen (selected) kings. Enlil’s faction successfully infiltrated the three peoples of the Book, altering the stories of their ancestors to create a false narrative about a singular “God” that was the highest God. Read any story in the Old Testament that speaks about blood, murder, war, tribute, slaves, gold… and it is a story about Enlil, who was obsessed about controlling and destroying whole swaths of humanity. Enlil, his son Ninurta, and Ea’s son, Marduk, took turns playing “god” in the annuals of humanity. The Catholic Church is a creature of Enlil’s need to control humanity through the Inquisition, through torture, through violence, through hatred of women.

Human history is complex… let’s give it that, but does not involve a “fall” from grace. That was pure B.S. put in by the Church to make everyone feel bad about being human. No… it was Enlil’s faction, his scientists who took some of the newly created/upgraded humans and purposefully turned off their activated DNA, which resulted in a shortening of the lifespan of ensuing generations and dumbing down of the population so they were more docile, obedient, and easier to control. Add into that scenario the intentional poisioning of our food, water, air, and soil, you begin to see the manifestation of the hatred held against humanity by members of the Enlil faction, those who are hybrids of the Anunnaki. Look around to see who belongs to this bunch. It should be fairly easy to discern the troublemakers given their exposure by the White Hats or Earth Alliance.

When I see Patriots quoting the Old Testament, I shudder and think, “Oh, lord, they know not what they are doing…”

The “Lord” of the Bible, at least the Old Testament, was Enlil. And Ninurta. And Marduk. And there were many Elohim, powerful ones from the skies, the Anunnaki who were assigned various colonies across the planet. There were also other colonies of ETs in various locations including Lemuria and Atlantis. Our largely forgotten history of paleocontact and more recent contact has been intentionally hidden and suppressed from humanity.

Also, the Father that Yeshua talks about in the New Testament is Source Creator, Love. Yeshua fought against the teachings of Yahweh and was persecuted by the priests of the Temple. The teachings of the Christian church are not the teachings of the great Avatar, but the directives designed by Enlil and his followers to control humanity. Why else would hundreds of books of original material have been rejected by the Church fathers if it wasn’t out of a desire to obscure the Truth. Why else would the teachings of the Essenes and the Cathars, the “pure ones” have been subjected to destruction by the forces of Rome? Why are truth tellers persecuted even to this day by the ones who have been indoctrinated through MKUltra and mind-programming indoctrination? Same reason. Why were the cultural stories, language, and practices of indigenous peoples attacked and destroyed? To hide the truth about Contact and existence of interaction, frequent interaction between Earth humanity and ET races and species, benevolent AND malevolent.

The reason why high frequency souls agree to enter into physical form on Terra is the desire to experience physicality, the sensation of being cut-off from Source for a time until the embodied soul can renew that contact through being challenged and growing in self-awareness. This is Source learning about itself, gaining wisdom through experience. Without experience, there can be no wisdom. Without experiencing how it feels to believe you are separate from Source, you cannot understand what makes humans “tick”. We learn our soul lessons through repetition. If the lesson is not thoroughly learned and intergrated into our awareness, it is repeated… not as a punishment, but directed by our Higher Self.

If you are fed information but have not experienced and integrated the feelings that go along with it, you are not learning or expanding your wisdom and compassion. You are simply memorizing by rote, a method of indoctrination that passes for education in today’s schools. We learn through our feeling body, through our intuition. If some information doesn’t agree with me, I move on… I have learned this through much experience. It doesn’t mean that a book or movie isn’t meant for someone else. That you have to decide for yourself.

Bottom line, the Deep State does not want humanity to know of its true origins, that our souls are eternal, fractals of Source itself. And the bodies we use during our incarnations upon Terra were originally seeded in Love, by the Seeders, under the direction of Source itself, and augmented by many further genetic alterations, including the one that appeared to be a “fall”, but was an artificial and deliberate manipulation of the genetics of the human race. Everything and everyone who wants humanity to disparage themselves by calling them “sinners” or “fallen” is pushing the narrative designed by those who do not wish for humanity to awaken and to continue its natural evolution into Universal Consciousness, reunion with Source while embodied within a physical vehicle. This was the experiment, the master design intended by the Seeders, to see if this would be possible, and they have returned to witness the long-awaited results.

Months ago, I attempted to read Volume 2 of Voyagers by A. Deane, which contained information similar to what I found at a glance at Huntley’s volume. I could not concentrate on the Voyager material at all. In fact, I discerned there was something “off” about the material for me. Then, my laptop hard drive crashed and the copy was lost. For whatever reason, I wasn’t meant to go in that direction. Each of us needs to learn to respond to our intuitive nudges. Sometimes we need to read or experience something for a reason that is not immediately clear. I have been reading theosophical writings, etc. for decades, and have discovered the contents are not in agreement with what I have been learning of late from folks like Alex Collier and Elena Danaan. And with them, their knowledge isn’t complete, either. There are always more dots to connect and details to add to enhance a story or history. My rejection of the Voyager material and that found in the Huntley book is simply my reaction to the material. Someone else might find the material to be everything they ever wanted. Our spiritual journey is extremely personal and cannot be dictated by another else our free will is violated. The material merely did not call me to make a further study of its contents.

True spirituality is simple. Raise your frequency. Meditate. Practice yoga if that interests you. Eat a clean diet. Exercise. Spend time in Nature. Go within and experience your own frequency… your unique “song” or note. Earth humanity is unique, precious, and has an amazing future ahead of it, thanks to Ea, the GFW, the Seeders, the Andromedan Council, the Council of Ailnham (formerly known as the Orion Council of Five) and other supporting Councils and Federations whose names have not yet been shared with us.

Still, whatever I present here is the distillation of my interpretation and current understanding of what I have encountered, which is subject to frequent change. I make no claims to being an experiencer, a contactee, a researcher, a scientist, just a person who has a great deal of curiosity about this world and the ones beyond it. Take everything presented with a grain of salt, do your own research, make your own determinations. If you get triggered by any of the information or opinions presented, then it is your duty to find out why and to do your own research. I am not responsible for hurting your feelings.

Learning discernment is your number two job as a human in the process of waking up to your power and magnificent. There are many liars, disinformation artists, and naive people caught up by alien black goo out there doing the work of the Deep State. Beware. There will come a time when we don’t have to exercise as much caution and care, but now is not that time.

There is much else, but that will suffice for today.

Much love and appreciation to all.

Eliza Ayres


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