It All Begins with the RIGHT Feeling – “Feelings ARE Frequencies”

“It All Begins with The RIGHT Feeling”

Note to Readers:

One caution to those who believe that always attempting to “think positive” will solve their problems…

If you suppress your TRUE feelings, you are in effect, lying to yourself, but your FREQUENCY will communicate your real feelings… which will be correctly interpreted by Universal Consciousness to match your perceptions.

Detach from the thoughts… without judgment. Discover the Zero Point of balance.

Reaction, rejection, suppression… doesn’t work. Self-denial, self-judgment doesn’t work or assist you in growing. You will just have to work on releasing these repressed emotions later.

We grow when challenged. Our thoughts are not our thoughts but energies moving through us. How we react to them, act upon them, blame others, attempt to shame others or ourselves… will depend on you.

The Universe presents us with more of the same of how we think about ourselves. Allowing yourself to experience the thoughts without reacting to them brings balance and peace.

Just know that you are the master of your life. If you learn to adapt to circumstances, your life will flow. It won’t be without challenges until the entire planet returns to Zero Point, true balance, and raises in frequency. Then the challenges will lessen although the lessons will continue until a new plateau of evolution is attained.

Evolution comes through feeling. When you no longer judge those feelings and learn to listen to them, you might begin to understand that your feelings are a form of communication from the Unseen, from Universal Consciousness.

Your body is a delicate instrument that registers frequency. What is your impression when you first meet another person? Are you nervous? Do you feel like something is “off”? Is your reaction emerging from a place of fear of the unknown or is there a warning? Listen and observe. Your intuition speaks to you from a very deep wordless level.

People who spend a lot of time with animals and/or out in Nature learn to quiet their thoughts and be part of their environment, observing.

This morning on my daily walk, I passed two Limpkins and a marsh rabbit who were undistrubed by my presence. Animals respond to an individual’s frequency. I’m still learning to still my mind… It takes practice.

Photo by Eliza Ayres

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