Eliza: There is a SPIRITUAL CONSPIRACY unfolding on Earth NOW, May 17, 2023

Every once in a while, an article or a photo sings to me, to my soul. The article pictured above was found on one of the Telegram channels I follow and read on a daily basis.

I would imagine that this soul group, which is HUGE, made a deal, an agreement, to every once in awhile send encouragement to each other when a moment of doubt and uncertainty or anticipation has occurred.

Encouragement, relighting the fire of the heart flame is periodically required during this campaign. We all knew going in that it would be a long campaign and one that might not suceed, yet we were willing to try, this time, to win.

If this little article sings to you, consider yourself one of the Army of high frequency souls that voluntarily answered the Call of Gaia to assist in bringing Her out of the dark grasp of the enemy of Life.

Some of us were members of the Black League who fought in the Orion Wars against another enemy, who unfortunately found its way to infiltrate this world. But we knew that coming in, for many of us came from the future…

That is a story that has been told elsewhere and I encourage those who are interested to do their own research and perhaps to discover where they, too, have participated in this spiritual conspiracy…




In the end, it’s all a matter of perspective…

This actually made me laugh in response. ; )

And from Telegram:

Believe it or not you signed the dotted line!
This is all playing out according to the plan!
You chose to come here to raise the vibration for all humanity. When you start that doubt and start questioning why, remember this!
You are the purest form of light, just being you in this time! I know it’s hard but you can do this!!
You came here for it, hang in there!!

Enjoy this little skit!!


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