Michael Salla: Tracking Past Life Memories To Find Space Ark Crews, May 18, 2023


    Michael Salla – Exopolitics Today

    After completing his mission to an underground spaceport in the Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee region, JP was taken back to a military base where he handed off the healing technology his team had been given to his superiors. He then underwent a decontamination process and was instructed to go to a particular room where he was connected to an unknown technology. JP next began having a vision of a beautiful partially submerged city on another planet. JP recognized himself and a woman dressed in white coming out of the city whom he immediately recognized.

    In this Exopolitics Today interview, JP discusses how the technology that was used on him can stimulate and record past life memories. He claims that this is extraterrestrial technology and is being used by the US military/Earth Alliance to track the crews of space arks that are activating all over the Earth. According to JP, the goal is to find crew members that can help activate different parts of space arks as apparently, these areas remain dormant and inaccessible to those without the right DNA frequencies and consciousness.

    Note to Readers:

    JP is active military who has been granted permission to disclose what would be highly classified information, specifically about the hidden space arks that can be found all over the planet. This process is part of the ongoing soft disclosure. Only those who are drawn to the subject will know anything about them.

    Dr. Michael Salla has been involved in the study of exopolitics for over 30 years. He has communicated with JP since 2008, although their communications only were made public for the past couple of years. Disclosure is happening NOW.

    The White Hats are actively seeking the souls belonging to the crew members whose bodies are being held in stasis on these arks.

    Like what I wrote in my story series, The White Lion, only those people whose soul essence or frequency can “turn on” the arks. The White Hats want to find these people so they can activate the arks and utilize the technology within them.

    The arks are already activated, but not everyone can enter them. Frequency and genetics is the key to being able to even enter the arks. The ships are organic and sentient, aware, even though they have been sleeping for thousands of years.

    There is a space ark located in the Kherson area of the Ukraine, which is one reason the Deep State via NATO want to regain that territory. Unfortunately for them, those low frequency individuals do not have the necessary genetics to access the ark.

    BTW, I wrote my White Lion series before I knew anything about the space arks, in 2018 through 2021. Very curious, indeed… I started connecting to the work of Alex Collier, Elena Danaan, and Michael Salla in the spring of 2021. Yet, my primary character, Raphael Kantor-VaCoupe was flying a golden sentient starship for three of the books from the series… a ship found in a buried outpost of a race that had lived earlier on the planet. This little ship wasn’t an ark, but the entire outpost was sentient, with quantum crystalline technology…filled with records of a great star fleet.

    The disclosure of the relationship between JP and Elena is precious… It shows how connected we truly are through lifetimes… I wrote about this sort of thing, too, how soul mates return to work with each other lifetime after lifetime.


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