The Great Frequency War of Earth

The Great Frequency War of Earth

You’re in it.

We all are. It’s just that some of us are aware while many are not. The job of the Warrior is always to protect those who cannot protect themselves. We came here to do just that. To Protect and to FIGHT. But not in the commonly understood sense of the word.

This time, in this particular war, we fight with our Minds and our Hearts, much more than with our bodies, although the body is incredibly important also. The body must be functioning well in order to operate on this physical plane of existence and to be the conduit between the physical and spiritual realms. But that doesn’t mean it has to be a “perfect” body, a thin body, a “pretty” or even a strong body. Those are all earthly judgements. It must be the body that you fully inhabit as the Spiritual Being that you are so that you can use it here to the best advantage of humanity. Love it. Be kind to it. And it WILL serve you faithfully.

You are being taxed on every level of existence.

Make no mistake, you are going to become weary in this war. The battles are many and sometimes they come at a pace that is challenging to keep up with. But we ARE doing it. And we ARE WINNING. As many say, we’ve already won, everything just has to play out.

Over the past few days we’ve had a huge influx of light. Some of us have felt elated. Some have been dealing with releasing old patterns and wounds. And some have just felt downright discouraged. It’s ALL ok. This is a process. And thank goodness we don’t all have our ups and downs at the same time. What a mess that would be!

I just wanted to remind you that you’re exactly where you should be right now. And whatever you are feeling is “correct”. Let it all be. Observe, learn and move forward.
Always forward.
There is no going back.

I love you all.

—18 May 2023—

Another M class flare just kicked in, the 3rd one within a few hrs

Ops…the 4th one kicks in…an M class 2.2


This is photon light, coming in and Light is information


Note to Readers:

So, between getting toasted by CMEs, M-class flares, and radiation from cell towers, it’s a wonder anyone survives this kind of treatment.

How are all you doing these days?

My body has turned into an early warning device for sun flares. When I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t sleep… oh, another flare is coming. And then, the next night, I have to sleep nine or more hours and still feel exhausted.

Still, it’s time to warrior-up, in our own way. We’re tough survivors. We’ve been through it all. This planet is going to belong to the Terra Hu, forever.


Terra = Earth (aka “Gaia”, the Greek name for Earth)

Hu = human, seeded here on Terra by the Seeders, the Intergalactic Confederation, and also on Lyra. Other human races may have originally entered our galaxy, Nataru, through portals from other dimensions, parallel universes.

For further information, see the works of Alex Collier, Michael Salla, Elena Danaan, and other agents of disclosure via the secret space programs.

The increase in the photonic Light arriving on Terra through the Sun is having the effect of awakening the light within individuals, hastening the Great Awakening.

BTW, the Galactic Federation is monitoring the CMEs, gradually increasing the volume of photonic Light reaching our planet. Our solar system is already within a fifth density area of this quadrant of our galaxy. Yet, given the control over the population, the greater percentage still remains in upper third density or fourth density, with a smaller minority that has progressed to fifth density (and beyond). If the sun were to give off a Solar Flash as has been advertised by some within the New Cage movement, many people would go out of body, i.e., die, due to the resulting trauma, as their bodies would not be able to sustain the literal impact of the Light resulting from the great solar flash.

Elena Danaan… who is the emissary for the GFW forces located within this solar system and who are currently monitoring the situation on Terra — although they will NOT interfere, lest that be a violation of their Prime Directive — has told us repeatedly, that the GFW will not allow a solar flash to occur. Keep in mind, these people (for they are people, not angels or devils) have the technology to terraform entire solar systems. They are backed up by the Intergalactic Confederation, who possess technology 20,000 years more advanced than our own. Give them some credit and drop the fear porn. The GFW is looking out for our protection, to allow us to clean up our planet, remove the remaining minions of the dark invaders (Ciakahrr Reptilians, Orion Grays, et al) and take back our power and sovereignty. If they were to physically land on the planet before we were aware of who/what we are in truth, it would be a violation of our sovereignty… and we would not learn the lesson thoroughly.

No one is going to save humanity, except humanity. We contain Source energy within our own physical bodies. We need no gurus or saviors or kings. We are our own salvation and have the free will to make our own choices. We just need to remember this and connect with our inner power that communicates directly with Source, Universal Consciousness. We are the Son (and Daughter, the child), the Christ Consciousness, the anointed one, when we wake up to the Light within us… the Kingdom that exists within us, the Terra Hu.

Now let that sink in!


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