James Gilliland talks about Feline-humanoid Species

Drawing by Elena Danaan, from The Seeders

( जेम्स गिलिलैंड फेलाइन-ह्यूमनॉइड स्पीशीज के बारे में बात करते हैं ) FROM OUR HISTORY TO THE FELINESI was triggered this morning by a post in a telegram group (1) about another perspective on the history of our planet. As you may have noticed I have written quite a few articles on our past, mainly based […]

James Gilliland talks about Feline-humanoid Species — Galactic Anthropology

Note to Readers:

I’ve been following James’ work for years. I don’t “agree” with everything he says, either, but James has had real contact, physical, astral, NDEs (3), etc., plus has video recordings of ships visiting the areas where he has his ranch in SW Washington State, north of the Columbia River, near Mt. Adams.

As for me, more dots need to be connected, so I remain somewhat of a skeptic, but also respect James for the courageous disclosure work he has been doing in the face of much harassment from dark government agencies, black helicopters, etc. He has endured being ridiculed, harassed by neighbors and state agencies, etc., etc., yet he still continues with his heart work and now, the rest of us are slowly catching up to him. James is also working on setting up a Hawaiian ranch, possibly for winter events. James typically spends winters in either Mexico or now Hawaii. The ECETI Ranch tends to get snowed-in during the winter months.

James Gilliland gives a weekly radio broadcast, has written several books, and lectures. His ECETI Ranch sponsors a disclosure event/gathering every year, in July. You can find more about it by going to:


Thanks, GA, for bringing James’ work to the attention of more readers…


P.S. In my White Lion Series, I wrote about members of a Feline race. You can read it here… Caution though for those not fond of fiction and long reads… the story is four volumes long. Eliza Ayres

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