Eliza: How I came to question the narrative on ‘Ashtar’

T-Ashkeru and Terra (Japan)

Eliza:  How I came to question the narrative on Ashtar

I first learned about the ‘planet’ of Ashtar from my former star ‘sister’.  She gave a vague location of it being hidden ‘behind’ Venus.  Ashtar was also supposed to be extremely mountainous with a cold climate, with most of its people living inside the planet.  The people were described as being tall and appearing similar in complexion and hair color to today’s native Swedes (blonde, blue-eyed). It’s a wonder I believed anything this person had to say as it was extremely illogical in nature and parroting information either from another ill-defined source or ‘channeled’. Let’s just say, there were certain things that niggled at my consciousness during the three and half years of our friendship.

In my story about Raphael, I started off describing some of the co-workers and Eagles (security guards and warriors) as being Ashtarian and extremely well-built and tall in their body types.  Unfortunately, I found out later that the real people of what could be considered Ashtar are hybrid Grays (probably Eban) and Taali (Lyran).  And these human hybrids call themselves the Taali-Ashkeru or the T-Ashkeru (tee-ash-cur-ru).  The T-Ashkeru are a highly scientific, energetic race, well-known for their engineering marvels and inventions, including materials used to build both buildings and ships that you can see through from the inside, but not from the outside.  Some of the T-Ashkeru actually look like our Asian peoples here on Terra, with dark hair, pale to medium dark complexions, and varying eye colors (from gray to brown).  In a recent video of Elena’s, near the very end, there was a T-Ashkeru, semi-crouched in a corner during the momentous encounter between representatives of the Galactic Federation of Worlds and the Negumak Gnomopo from Scorpius.  The man was in a flight suit and could have passed for a Japanese, with black hair, small to medium built, dark eyes, medium complexion.  I suggest anyone interested in this momentous meeting watch the video, Contact on Elena’s YouTube channel.  There is also a link to the transcript of this meeting on one of my posts, here. Or go directly to Elena’s website, here.

Now, how did I begin to understand that my intuition about something being fishy about Ashtar begin?  Well, the vague description of its location for one.  Then, when I finally obtained a copy of Elena’s book, A Gift From the Stars: The Book of Alien Races and read the bit about the Sirius star system or as the Galactics name it, Ashkera, I recognized the real position of Ashtar.  For one thing, no planet called ‘Ashtar’ exists.  I know the names of three of the planets of Sirius B: Nayin, Morga, and Nibiru (the latter named by the Anunnaki).  There are more planets in the Sirius B (Thula) system, but we haven’t learned them yet.  Then, there is the overwhelming presence of Ashkera herself, Sirius A, which affects all of the planets in the triple-star system.  The planets of Thula (Sirius B) do not experience full darkness at night; there is always a kind of twilight at the edge of the horizon when the planet is turned away from the blazing glory of Ashkera.

Now, the culture and peoples of the Thula star system… that is complex, and I only know a little, what I have read in Elena’s books.  Of course, other authors have claimed to have had communication from Sirius, but I would have to question the origin of some of the material given the fact that since before the end of the Orion Wars, the worlds of Ashkera were infiltrated by the Nebu, a clever, regressive Gray race from the Orion Zone who set out to conquer several star systems, primarily through infiltration… but I’ll get to that story later in another article.

Due to the infiltration of the Nebu into the planets surrounding Sirius B, there developed a split in the T-Ashkeru culture.  One part became aligned with the Ashtar Collective.  The other half became aligned with the Ashtar Galactic Command.  Another thing, the term ‘Ash Tar’ can mean ‘high commander’ or ‘high command’ in the Taami language, which is the lingua franca or common tongue of the descendants of the humans of Lyra.  The personage called “Commander Ashtar” in some New Age circles or “Ashtar Sheeran” is an imaginary character.  He does not exist.  See the Debunk page on Elena’s website, here.

So, do you see why I might question anything in terms of channeled material coming from Sirius, now knowing what I know about the infiltration of the Nebu, regressive Orion Grays, into that culture?  I’ll explain further in another article.

The worlds of the Sirius do not only contain humans, as Grays, humans, reptoids, and amphibians make these varied worlds their home.  Many are the hybrids between all these various races and species as well.  The science of genetics is practiced far and wide within our galaxy and beyond.

The Ashtar Collective held its siege or headquarters on Morga. This siege recently collapsed when the frequency code of the Nebu Queen AI Hive was hacked by the Galactic Federation of Worlds.  Since that time, the Nebu began to flee back to their planetary hives. 

The Ashtar Galactic Command has one huge floating city/base located in the upper atmosphere of Jupiter.  This is a military center and has served as a meeting place for many galactic races.  Elena has been escorted there at least once and describes the environment in one of her books.  The AGC is military and DO NOT communicate with civilians on Terra, no channeling, which would be considered a violation of the Prime Directive, as the Ashtar Command is a member of the Galactic Federation of Worlds, although they act primarily as mercenaries.

Back to another item that my ‘sister’ shared with me… ‘Lord Ashtar’ was supposed to be an uncle of mine by marriage of his daughter to my uncle, who was supposed to be the Lord of the Pleiadian Federation.  Neither personage nor office exists. Presently, there is no federation of all the Pleiadian worlds. The planets in the Ashaara (Taygeta) system are all members of the Galactic Federation of Worlds. In contrast the worlds in the Alcyone (Jayha) system are aligned with the Taal Shiar and associated with the Ciakahrr Empire. The GFW is currently negotiating with the Taal Shiar to see if they will rethink their connection to the Ciakahrr, who are losing their power in this galaxy thanks to the recent collapse of the Alliance of Six (see Elena’s books and videos for more information on this topic).

I was delighted, yes, delighted to find out that much of what I questioned about Ashtar, Sirius, and the Pleiades, was questionable in nature.  The answers I was seeking were found in Elena’s book, at least some of the answers.

I know my former friend would not believe me, but I can say the same thing about many of the Christian patriots who believe that Jesus is returning to be King of the Earth, and that the Earth is surrounded by a firmament, and is flat.  Do you see just how many distractions and nonsense has been thrown at those who are truly seeking answers outside of themselves?  Do you see how important it is to learn to lean upon your own ability to feel into the information you are being fed from any source.  One of the biggest lessons that humanity is learning today is the fine art of discernment, trusting your inner feelings to tell you whether or not the information received is for you.  And just how you are able to discern its veracity will depend on your present frequency level. This is a painful step for many, but a necessary one in order to shake off any remaining shackles to our consciousness.

I can explain these things to someone until I am blue in the face, but from experience, I know that would be a wasted effort on my part and would probably lead the other person feeling disappointed, confused, or outright rejecting my information.  In order to understand any sort of information, you have to reach a certain level of frequency where there begins to be an resonance.  Until you have achieved that, you may never be able to break out of a certain mindset or belief system.  It is up to the individual to walk out of the cage and into the light.  No one else can do it for them.

Photo of alien woman retrieved during the Apollo 20 mission…

Elena recently visited Nayin, one of the worlds in the Sirius B system, to see her dear friend, Myrah, who is written about in A Gift From the Stars.  Myrah was a member of the team who originally saved a nine-year-old and very frightened girl, a very young Elena.  Myrah is a scientist and with her husband, recently returned to her home world to live with her growing family.  Since the worlds of Sirius B (and the rest of the triple star system) have been freed from the tyranny of the Nebu and Alliance of Six, a new breath of freedom has returned to those intelligent and creative people.  For the record, Myrah is a green-eyed, petite blonde.  Her eyes are wide and slanted, and she possesses high distinctive cheekbones and porcelain skin.  So, the T-Ashkeru people do vary in their appearance, just like Terrans.

So, I have covered a few things I learned about ‘Ashtar’. I will write more about the Nebu and their malign presence on Terra in another article.

Let me know if you are enjoying this alteration in focus on Sunny’s Journal.  Keep it civil, as always.

~ Eliza

P.S. I personally recommend all those who can afford it, to obtain at least the Kindle version of Elena’s book, A Gift From the Stars: The Book of Alien Races. It is $4.99 (US) on Amazon:

Barnes and Noble may have their own electronic version. I have the print copy from B&N. There are also other language volumes now available and more being translated every day.

The information isn’t complete, which would probably fill an entire library, but it is a good foundation to begin understanding and appreciating that we are not alone and that other species are sentient and capable of star faring, many thousands of years advanced in their evolution and technology than our own. Still, Terra is very important to Nataru… just how important we will discover together in the future days, weeks, months, and years… together.

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6 Responses to Eliza: How I came to question the narrative on ‘Ashtar’

  1. Ann Kaplan says:

    Eliza, Sunny’s Journal is our FAVORITE site and we are major Patriots, truthers and spiritual seekers for over 40 years! We love Dr. Salla, Elana D, etc. also.
    ALL these subjects tie together at this point which is what keeps us believing in the coming new world as the politics drag on!! Your work is very helpful and important to the awakening process. We urge you to continue this valuable service to the future of humanity! 😇 💞😘


    • Eliza Ayres says:

      Okay, Ann and the others… I REALLY appreciate the tremendous fervor I am sensing emanating from my readers. I am INSPIRED to continue. I have been a seeker of Truth since I incarnated on this planet and got killed more than once for my views and practices… The Spirit from within me drives me onward. You will, however, have to look up the work of Nicholas Veniamin, Michael Jaco, and Juan O Savin, all of whom I will probably no longer post. I hardly ever listen to an entire video of theirs… Future of humanity? I guess I am being told my role by y’all… just know that I am very independent and self-motivated… My father told my former husband that and he didn’t listen… Much love, Eliza


  2. Scotty Gray says:

    Mrs Ayres, I sure appreciate your info on these subjects. Those who don’t I would have to say are not “totally” awake. If it’s not all true we will soon find out.

    Thanks, Scotty


    • Eliza Ayres says:

      Thanks, Scotty. Since I am not the original purveyor of this information, I also await disclosure, when we can meet some of our Galactic neighbors face to face. Then we will know for sure the reality that we are not and never have been alone in this huge Universe.
      As I have experienced from my own, sometimes difficult and slightly embarrassing experiences, there are levels, plateaus, steps through which we pass in our “awakening” process. I also have a long way to go, but tend to move through some of the steps quicker than a lot of people. Programming doesn’t stick with me, at least for very long…
      Thanks, again, for your comment and readership. ~ Eliza
      P.S., If I have a title, it would be Ms. And Eliza Ayres is not my full name… I’m due a little privacy don’t you think?


  3. Anonymous says:

    Muy interesante. Gracias. Bendiciones.


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