Eliza: How I came to write The White Lion series

Feline Warrior, artist unknown

Eliza: How I came to write The White Lion Series

An alternate title for this article could be “How I realized I was being influenced by Alien AI”, which would probably put off quite a few people, but let me explain.  I’ll keep this in little bits for those who view these articles on your mobile phone.

Okay… some of you who have been reading my writings since I started blogging know I used to channel.  What I brought forth was benign.  However, it did attract the attention of a woman who had a large following at the time (2013).  Eventually, she contacted me via email and then on Skype.  She wanted me to know that she knew my specific light lineage, where I was from as a starseed, etc., things that everyone who feels differently and is open to such things seems to want to know.  I knew I was from elsewhere; I just didn’t know the circumstances or why.  And whenever I consulted a medium or channeler, I received a different answer.  The only thing that was consistent was some kind of connection to both Sirius and the Pleiades.

I am not writing this to criticize anyone, just to share my experience.  Therefore, no names will be shared.  The ones involved know who they are. 

So, this woman told me that I had a connection not only with Sirius and the Pleiades, but also with Venus.  I was told that I was a hybrid Sirian-Pleiadian born on Venus.  Sounds strange, doesn’t it, yet since that time, I have found out there are both T-Ashkeru and Pleiadian colonies present in biodomes on Venus.  For instance, the famous Commander Val Thor lives on Venus in a biosphere city.  Cmdr. Thor is a Taali colonist or descendant thereof; he has not yet shared that side of his heritage.  The Taali are originally from the Lyra star system, more specifically, the Man system or Kepler 62.  Those people were forced to flee from the Ciakahrr invasion of their worlds long, long ago, and spread out across this galaxy, Nataru, settling into various colonies.

Now, I am most certainly NOT claiming any connection with Cmdr. Val Thor nor with any specific star race at this time.  I let that story go back in 2021.

Still, on with my tale.  Long story short, I ended up in the physical presence of the woman I mentioned earlier as she claimed to be one of my immediate star family, i.e., my elder sister.  I was going to discover that she claimed a lot of things.  What were her motivations in doing so?  Not clear to me right now other than she was very needy and tended towards co-dependency.  Fortunately, I don’t… and have long outgrown victim consciousness.

Anyway, having been around this person and accepted the story that one of my walk-ins, Tazjma, walked out and was now replaced with another walk-in, namely Sundeelia, my ‘sister’ and I used to talk about our lives elsewhere.  It’s complicated… anyway, in the Spring of 2021 after finally finishing my long 100 chapters of The White Lion series, I suddenly woke up, and knew that none of the things I had been told for nearly seven years had any basis in reality, whether here or elsewhere.  It was a big shock, yet something I began to intuit long before due to my tendency to be a natural skeptic, curious, and asking questions.  My questions prompted my ‘sister’ to begin to change portions of her story, but she was, unfortunately, too protective of her embedded belief system that my attempts to clarify the situation only created some tension between the two of us.

Now… how did the story begin?  Well, my friend told of a vision of my twin, and I being blown up in an attack upon a moon in the Sirius system (aka Ashkera or Sirius A).  This was supposed to have been towards the beginning of the Orion wars.  Mind you, I had no other reference at the time of these wars other than I knew the movie series Star Wars was about the Orion Wars.  So, if you want to read about the story of Lord Delos and his twin brother, Lord Tazo, go here.

Writing about Delos, Tazo, Lord Lyonell triggered something within me, and I just started writing a series of chapters in a serial fashion, moving from one lifetime to another, until I had covered four consecutive lifetimes.  I finally ended the last chapter when my protagonist, Raphael DeAires Kantor, was about 100 years old.  He was to live up to 1,000 years or so, but I knew I had written what needed to be shared about that particular life.  By this time in the last stages of writing, I had already woken up to the fact that much of the background material for the story I was telling wasn’t true at all.  So, the story began to alter in its content, but not to the degree that meant entirely rewriting it.

I removed from the storyline a lot of references to archangels, ascended masters, fantasy figures like Commander Ashtar, etc., when I began to comprehend what I was writing about and had been told by my now former ‘sister’, were figments of a productive imagination or simply disinformation, even misinformation from another source altogether…

For you see, the story of Delos and Raphael was started with me believing it was my story, my past lives.  I don’t doubt there were perhaps elements of my own history there, but quite a bit of the story has come from within me, from some of the deeper reaches of my own as yet undetermined past.

Knowing this and realizing the foundations of the storyline, specifically the versions of Sirius, Ashtar, and the Pleiades, as presented by my ‘sister’ were all false and had no basis in reality, I knew there was some as yet undetermined reason that I was selected to be led down this dead-end path.  Perhaps it was a distraction from what I was supposed to do in this lifetime; that has not been determined yet.  I sense there is a great deal more to come from this experience.

In my next article, I will attempt to describe what took place within me that allowed me to break free from the lie.  I am attempting to keep these articles in tasty bite-sized tidbits for y’all.


P.S.  If you care to read my four-volume tome, you can find it on my former primary blog, Blue Dragon Journal.  Go here.

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4 Responses to Eliza: How I came to write The White Lion series

  1. Terryl Beverly says:

    I find your postings great. I am sorry you have allowed the shamers of the world to influence your decision to curtail your writings/postings and I am sure there are many, many others that have simply not thanked you appropriately like myself until now, and am hopeful you change your mind and stop listening to those evil voices. It’s all a part of a game to them. Don’t let them win. Thanks


    • Eliza Ayres says:

      Terry – In the past few days I have realized a few things about myself. Namely, not everyone is ready to listen/read what I have to say. 2) I have been hung up on getting high numbers in my stats, which is silly, so I need to re-focus down to my take on things. I may direct your attention to an article or video that I saw, but just put up a link. For some reason, I have a deep intuitive understanding about things that I can’t quite explain, so I will give folks a read on what I am feeling about things. On occasion, especially as ‘Sundeelia’, I was an arrogant know-it-all. I don’t want to go there again. As for listening to “evil voices”, I intend to write more about them. I am not easily shamed, having gone through too much in my life… I simply move on. Now I am refocusing. Bear with me, that’s all I ask. EA
      P.S. I might add, I’m going to open comments from now on. I was sheltering behind a wall for too long in fear of those ‘shamers’… well, not really fear, ‘cuz they’re still going to get spammed if I deem it necessary. Got to maintain high frequency here. Blessings.


  2. josefine says:

    Dear Eliza, it is your blog, so you can write what YOU LIKE!!!! I Like your postings, your content ( I am content:) ) and who doesn’t like it, can leave, it is as easy as that. So don’t worry about the sinking numbers. I think sometimes peolple are just overwhelmed and scared to leave their shell. Love and thankfulness from Germany ,Josefine


    • Eliza Ayres says:

      Yes, Josefine – it is MY blog. So I will determine what it contains, if anything. Perhaps someday when I actually have a garden, I will write about growing potatoes. Only thing, once in the ground, potatoes pretty much grow themselves. Anyway, part of growing up emotionally is the ability to allow change to occur. I’ve done it all my life. If you do read my White Lion series, you will see that my protagonist, Raphael, was compelled to alter the trajectory of his life several times and in major ways. Rising up in frequency will, in some instances, force the change. Still, the person involved needs to come to an understanding why through compassion for themselves and acceptance of the need to adjust expectations. It’s all part of evolving into what is considered a GALACTIC human being, which means rejecting all sense of victimhood. Learning soul contracts and how every part of Creation that exists is part of the Whole begins to make more sense when you finally realize that in some manner you signed a contract to undergo certain experiences before incarnating. Of course, Earth humanity in general has to let go of a ton of ancient conditioning… something I will be addressing in future articles. Much appreciation for your comment, dear Josefine. P.S. I have a tiny bit of German heritage… German Swiss from Zurich.


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