Eliza: Journal Entry, May 21, 2023

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Eliza: Journal Entry, May 21, 2023

I haven’t done one of these for a very long time… It was nearly a daily habit of mine to write a journal entry when I started Blue Dragon Journal.

I would like to write another couple of articles on my new Nebu series, but due to interrupted sleep, will have to rest for a while.

The constant solar flares are taking a toll on this older vehicle, so I require more rest. To be frank, my body has always had issues. Although not unhealthy as in sick and in bed with a fever, I just seem to require more sleep and alone time.

I am still considering on what to include in Sunny’s Journal going forward. For now, I’ve decided not to post the major intel providers, including X22 Report, SG Anon Audio files, anything with Nicholas Veniamin, Michael Jaco, and Juan O Savin. It is not that I suddenly feel these providers don’t deliver solid intel or at least spectulation on current events… I’m just tired of dealing with the ongoing war. I want to look forward beyond the war when we start rebuilding a new world and assisting others in healing from the trauma.

Therefore, I am tossing back the responsibility to seek out reliable news sources to you, the reader. If you have a question on what anyone says in the news, I can give some input, but I am hardly an authority on subjects I have had no hands on experience with in this lifetime. No more fantasies.

If you’re looking for intel, go to TruthSocial, Telegram, and seek out what attracts your attention. Rumble has good videos. Dr. Michael Salla’s work is superb for exopolitics.

I will not comment on lightworker stuff. I’ve been too heavily involved in that world and frankly do not feel comfortable with it. There has been far too much infiltration by the dark, a subject I have already begun to address in my Nebu series.

The only channeler who I might listen to now and then is Michelle Fielding and I don’t listen to all of her stuff. Anything that is from an Archangel or ascended master right now, kind of gives me the creeps. It is really up to the listener to learn to listen to your own feelings. It could be that you are passing through a stage when you have to hear what one person is teaching or saying. My only advice is just don’t get drawn into being a follower of anyone for in doing so, you are giving away your sovereignty, something that immature human beings are very prone to do. This includes being a follower of my work. I expect everyone to adult. A child can also “adult” in terms of wisdom, as often times their hearts and minds still work together. It is that purity we as older folk must find our way back to, the innocence and purity of the heart, protected by the strength and experience of the adult mind.

When I say immature, I mean in terms of spiritual evolution. We, as Earth humans, have been heavily programmed to look to authority, to wait until we are told what to do, how to do it, how much to do it, and where to do it. This is an abdication of personal responsibility and sovereignty, your personal power that emanates through your body directly from Source Creator. When you finally learn to stand centered in your own power, listen for the inner voice or nudge, verify, and then act, then Source energy can work through you. We are the hands, hearts, eyes of Source, here and now.

Abdication = Voluntary or forced renunciation of sovereign power

Humanity has been taught, coerced, bullied, and programmed to abdicate their personal power and to look outside of themselves for advice, direction, and purpose.

And then there is at least 25% of the population world wide, perhaps more, that say, “No, way, am I going to do…” Just fill in the blanks. That is how I felt during the whole Covid scenario, “No way!” and still feel that way. I followed my intuitive nudges that told me the whole thing was a total scam… The truth is emerging slowly through alternate sources and even now breaking through the media blackout, as the truth is hard to deny. Why else is there a 40% increase in “sudden death” statistics if it isn’t caused by the vaccinations themselves? The extent of denial and avoidance is painful to watch, unless you learn to detach from the inevitable results of such a deliberate attempt to destroy a huge percentage of the population. I still shake my head at the stupidity and blindness of some people, their evident lack of discernment.

So, some of humanity are going to wake up due to the painful circumstances being shoved into their faces through this passage through the Valley of the Shadow of Death. Those who survive — and not all will — will become stronger for the experience, wiser, less willing to just hand over their free will to any authority figure.

So… the weariness that comes from being in a state of constant vigilance, wears a person down. Since my adrenals are already sensitive to stress, I am going to cut back on the offerings/posts on Sunny’s Journal, at least for the time being.

I will continue to post, but with less frequency. Still, there are topics that I want to discuss. Feel free to make suggestions in the comment section which I will be leaving open.

And now, I think I’ll take a nap…



P.S. In terms of real life experience, I used to work in a state prison in medical records. I read hundreds of medical records during the course of my work. I am familiar with medical protocols, the formerly intended privacy of medical records, ethics, etc., all of which went flying out the door during the Covid panic… you have to wonder why. I know why. The Rockefeller version of Western medicine runs like a military organization. The doctors, nurses, and technicians respond to orders on high. If they refuse orders, they are threatened and then fired. The system was designed specifically to act in this manner, bypassing moral, ethical, and legal codes in order to fulfill the long-term agenda of the dark controllers… Individual decisions to follow what proved to be deadly protocols will have consequences for those who did not walk away. In this war for the future of humanity, no excuses will be allowed. The Nazis are not winning this battle; they are being systematically destroyed, root and branch.

I may address this topic further as it relates to the Nebu… and the Alliance of Six, plus the regressive Anunnaki faction.


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11 Responses to Eliza: Journal Entry, May 21, 2023

  1. Marti says:

    Thank you for sharing SG Anon & Michelle as long as you have! Much Appreciated! Will have to find out about the Nebu & Alliance of the Six which I’ve never heard of before…

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    • Eliza Ayres says:

      You’re welcome, Marti. SG Anon has a new Rumble video up… look under QNewsPatriot. It is one of his interviews with an activist in the financial sector. His next Audio File has been slightly delayed. The intel is flooding out now and it’s hard to keep up. I was finding it becoming a full-time occupation and quite mentally and emotionally exhausting. Sometimes even warriors… armchair warriors… have to take a break from the action. I started writing on the next section of the Nebu series, but it’s going to take some editing to keep on topic. I do get carried away and yet attempt to keep the sections short enough for even newbies to chew on. Much appreciation. Eliza


  2. thankyourmuse says:

    for some reason, I never fell under the ‘do what you’re told’ by government or religion. Even as a teenager I always said ‘I want to be free’. I never cared what the neighbor’s thought, although my Mom did. I don’t really care what anyone thinks of me, I always listen to my gut, choose with my heart and observe.


    • Eliza Ayres says:

      Thank you, Muse… inspiration. It’s the rebels who have gotten things done. Sounds like you’re following your inner guide. Keep on keeping on. Thanks for the comment.
      ~ Eliza

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      • thankyourmuse says:

        Your welcome and also I am glad you aren’t gonna be following or sharing any of the whole ‘white hat intel’ stuff. To me this whole ‘movie’ is two sides of the same coin in this matrix. This duality game they play and spending hours listening to them….well, I stopped listening a couple a years ago…I don’t like being lied to even if it’s a noble lie..if that is even a thing.
        It’s the savior/hero program, so yes, I’m not following them nor do I care about this movie they are playing because they are trying to make it a BLOCKBUSTER BIBLICAL ENDING…and they give disinformation as if that is gonna fool the cabal…they know the comms, they invented them.
        In the art of war, there is always collateral damage…this is just so wrong to me. They can say it like a mantra till the cows come home, but this isn’t just a movie to those of us who became homeless and can’t afford rent or don’t want to be injected by a bioweapon just to go to work or the store, the whole thing I knew two weeks in was a big scam.
        Anyway….I grow weary of the movie…they are telling everyone to stock up again..over and over, as if I can barely afford just making it thru the week….and have some massive lockdown or get shot, blah blah, and get your popcorn ready again…another feeding fest for those that feed off negative emotions.
        I prefer to ‘remember’ and manifest in a quantum way, and in love and grace, maybe MAKE THE MATRIX GREAT AGAIN…we can do it.
        And like you…I just wanna sleep thru it.
        Get your rest on, and take care of you. ;_


        • Eliza Ayres says:

          I knew about some of the “coming” events since 2017 and about NESARA since about 2003… it’s been a loooooong journey and an exhausting one.
          If people want the white hat intel, they are welcome to go TruthSocial, Rumble, and Telegram… It’s time to adult and chose empowerment, which isn’t going to come if you wait to be fed like a baby bird. Not you, my dear… I need to put up some boundaries and not feel compelled to fulfill everyone’s wishes and leave my own in the dust pile.
          ET intel will still be shared, as well as some “energy” reports. ~Eliza

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          • thankyourmuse says:

            Right on…and THANK YOU…
            It’s time for humanity to put their big boy pants on and get busy.
            So appreciated. 😉


  3. Nancy says:

    I will miss your sharing of intel esp from SG! You may want to look into
    DR Rasid Buttar who just died suddenly ..he was very ill Nov to Feb..near death
    W symptoms of the v ..not jabbed..was shed on or worse…see his last interview on green med info telling of this . I have been shed on 3 times…w not typical cv symptoms ..I have lyme plus many coinfections ..along w long cv which now is said to be Nanotech.. See Dr Ana Marie Mahilcea ..my bio scans show the v .. mrna the Spike And now my ETA scan shows graphene in blood lungs bones and esp knees which have been killing me for 3 mos.. after I got a short cough .
    Dr Anas blood slides prove that we all have nanotech hydrogel jabbed or not! Its also in the blood of beef and pork that she tested. Please dont stop now..
    U are the best at sharing intel !


    • Eliza Ayres says:

      Nanotech… is an Orion Gray invention being used on Earth humanity. There are natural substances that can assist in healing. Check into the following channels on Telegram: Essential Organics; CultivateElevate; 144,000 Light Warriors… for starters and ideas on what you can do for yourself. The primary thing is to focus on raising your frequency. Sorry to hear of all your health issues… see them as opportunities for your inner growth and know that you are not your body. You are an eternal soul and capable beyond measure. Then, the med beds will be coming perhaps even this year. Your medical issues are enough to warrant treatment, IMHO. Remaining in a fear vibration will only make things worst. It is a soul lesson many are facing right now. ~Eliza. P.S., regarding SG Anon. He is recuperating from serious back surgery. He hopes to put out another audio file in the next day or so. You can find him on Rumble under “QNewsPatriot” or on TruthSocial. I love his work, too.

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    • thankyourmuse says:

      There’s a really good video with Sasha Stone and Jim Humble of curing many things, and detoxing with Jim’s MMS. I love this talk with Jim that Sasha Stone has. He states we need to take responsibility for our part in creating this and that also has to do with heath, we are creators, and our bodies will tell us in the language of pain why or what is going on with you. Anyway: Here’s the video:


      • Eliza Ayres says:

        Exactly… We are Creators… we are fractals of Source… it means the same thing. We are capable of healing ourselves if we let go of our fears. There are researchers looking at multiple ways to clear the body of nanotech, etc. as the vaxx contains more poisonous substances. Thanks for the link. I’ll look into it and readers are welcome to go there on their own. Adulting it is called, taking personal responsibility and stepping out of victim “poor me” consciousness. Energy medicine is helpful, too. Elena has some videos up on products she uses. Thxs, Eliza


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