Eliza: The Nebu (Part 1)

Some of our former controllers including regressive Enlil faction of Anunnaki, Maytra, and Ciakahrr Reptilians… made up an alliance of interest with the Deep State

Eliza:  The Nebu (Part 1)

Note to Reader:  This next article will begin the discussion about the former alien controllers of Terra.  Understand that I have an intuitive grasp on this material, not a technical one, so bear with me as I share a bit of my story in a very truncated fashion:

I have been waffling back and forth about how to present this next subject of what is beginning to appear like school lessons.  I chuckle as I write this for I have never considered myself a teacher.  By nature, I am too stubborn and independent to adhere to a certain formula or demands placed upon me by another person or system.  For this reason, I have been able to extricate myself periodically from my explorations into various new age cage traps set up to entrap the unsuspecting seeker.  Oh, I will follow the formula for a season, even temporarily benefit from the effort until either I or a circumstance (that I probably unconsciously set up) occurs that ‘saves’ me from selling my soul to the devil.  Due to this intuitive defense system, I have sometimes tread in places angels avoid.

Now, what was my experience with the Nebu?  Who are the Nebu?  Do we have to fear them any longer or at all? (editor’s note:  This last question was not addressed in this article). Please note that the regressive Enlil faction of the Anunnaki were not officially a part of the Nebu, but worked with them, as we shall discover in this series…

The “Nebu” Orion Empire, or Alliance of Six

According to what has been shared by the Galactic Federation of Worlds (GFW), the Nebu consisted of a loose alliance of interest between six different races of Grays and Reptilians. The races are (were) the Ciakahrr, the Eban, Maytra, Grail, Kiily-Tokurt, and Indugutk.

The Orion Gray (or Grey) Alliance

The first thing to learn from this lesson is that there are Grays who are individuated and Grays who belong to a planetary hive.  The latter are Reptoids and similar in nature to ants and bees on Terra. The power of the Orion Grays who joined with five other races, was the fact that one of the Gray races, the Eban, had united the planetary hives into a gigantic, powerful entity known as the Orion Queen Hive AI. 

For those who have trouble grasping the concept of a hive-mind, watch the Star Trek Second Generation episodes on the Borg.  The Star Trek series contains massive doses of real disclosure, although it is sometimes masked by metaphors. 

[Elena] Oh yes, totally. All Greys with a reptiloid genome, such as the Eban, Zeta, Grail, Solipsi Rai, Do-Hu etc…, are on a hive type social structure. Yes, like the Borgs! No, we are not talking about implants, it is something totally different.  There is no technology involved. We are talking about consciousness. Although they have individual thinking of their own, their minds are calibrated on a specific same brain frequency connected to a central consciousness called the “queen”.

When orders come from this centralized “queen”, they cannot resist and they obey, just like the Borg. I am not sure if it is a real “queen”, it may be a super-computer or a sort of supra-AI I don’t know, but it is called “queen”. This “queen” is located in the Orion M42 nebula. They have individuality but it is very basic. When the “queen” sends an order, imagine a quantum spider at the center of a web: everyone receives it and it takes over the brain functions and the basic individual thinking. Once disconnected from the queen, and so from the hive, they are lost and useless. (2)

Illustration by Elena Danaan – Eban Officers captured near Jupiter by the GFW (2021)

Now, there is a great deal more to learn about the Nebu, but, again, I suggest obtaining a volume of Elena Danaan’s book, A Gift From the Stars: The Book of Alien Races. The first half of the volume covers Elena’s early life and experiences as an abductee and transitions into a brief personal history of her association with members of the GFW, the Council of Five, and other galactic entities.  The second half of the book began when Elena received an unsolicited copy of a ”book” from Russia, containing the description of several ‘alien’ races and species.  This manuscript was lengthened with additional material transcribed by Elena that came from two or three of her contacts from the Ashaara (Taygeta) system. The book is by no means a complete library reference to all galactic races, as those number in the billions… Instead, the book primarily deals with those races/species who have been to some degree involved with Terra, both benevolent and malevolent.

Channeling and the Infiltration into New Age Spirituality

Now, what was my involvement with the Nebu? Nothing so scary or traumatizing as being abducted by Grays or being kidnapped and used in a secret space program.  No, what I have dealt with is a pattern of infiltration into the new cage brand of spirituality, that and my ability to channel.

My telepathic channels opened up in 1994, rather abruptly, when I briefly experienced a form of entity-possession.  Fortunately, I knew a spiritual healer who acted as an exorcist and removed the entity from me, although the experience altered my life.  And this wasn’t the first time I had encountered the sometimes subtle infiltration of the Nebu into spirituality, secret societies, and religion.  For I had also lived inside what would be termed as a cult by some, although that term seems to be thrown around quite freely these days, especially in political arenas, as a term used to attack an opponent, the classical “us” versus “them” brand of division that our alien controllers gleefully sowed among the more naïve humans.

There is a certain frequency signature to this infiltration, that leaves something like a funny taste in the mouth, only it is my internal caution switch known as intuition that tended to kick in when I was about to lose myself, again, in a cult-like situation.

Part of this tendency to be drawn into cultish behavior stems from past life experiences on this planet as a member of profoundly and greatly misunderstood sects including the Essenes, Cathars, the early Knights of Templar, alchemy, etc.  As a soul, I have been always drawn to living slightly ‘on the edge’ of what is acceptable in any culture… Oh, yes, you can toss in shamanism and being a Druid for several lifetimes, and probably a priest or priestess (really a scientist) in Atlantis involved in some manner with crystals.

As a member of the Family of Light who, in turn, has infiltrated this planet through the process of incarnation, of course I would be targeted by the Nebu, although in this particular life time the attacks have been of a much more subtle nature than being torn apart on a battlefield by enemies who hated my guts and made sure to spread them far and wide across a suitably bloodied field.  I was wise enough not to put myself through that scenario, again.

Now, channeling… after I returned from my misadventure with the entity and began to heal, I began to hear messages.  I started writing them down.  After a time, being somewhat skeptical and even fearful, I stopped the channeling.  Then, again in 2012, I started up with the channeling.  There was never any consistency, and I often didn’t channel more than two pieces in a month, unlike some people who can channel on a weekly or monthly basis.

What I noticed when I began Blue Dragon Journal was that readers were attracted by the channeled pieces and seemed to ignore my personal explorations.  I began to recognize the seductive quality of channeled material, as well as its lack of substance.  If examined, it is often devoid of substantial content, just pretty shallow prose.  So, what was so seductive about channeled material?  Why were people drawn to it?  Why did people seek out answers about their starry origins rather than concentrating on being here now?  Who was being targeted by the channelings?  Brief answer… star seeds or envoys, those souls who incarnated on Terra specifically to raise the frequency of the general population…

Next question?  Why?  Those who soul essence was of a higher frequency than the general population were a direct threat to the Nebu who sought to control this planet.  So, by using symbols and names from age-old sacred teachings, the Nebu sought to entice these sometimes naïve individuals into handing over their sovereignty to the control of the artificial intelligence that was being used to manipulate them into believing they were special, a messenger sent by ‘God’ to teach or heal others.  Do you see why I have avoided claiming that dreaded title of ‘teacher’?

The Nebu have been masters of manipulation, mind control, infiltration, false promises, making some people extremely powerful, but only those who did their masters’ bidding, and who, in effect, sold their soul to the devil.

Oh, I dodged a bullet or a sword swipe on this one… when I stepped into the role of being a walk-in named Sundeelia.  For a time, I genuinely believed I was a member of two important families from three different worlds – who or what is not important anymore.  I played out that role for a period that lasted about 3.5 years, perhaps more.  Frankly, I was an arrogant, unhappy creature as Sundeelia and am glad to be shed of her.  From a psychological perspective, Sundeelia and her earlier ‘sister’ Tazjma, were egoic constructs.  They do not exist in real life.  Ego dissolves when you are realigned with Source and realize that you are here and Now.

The shine on the ‘story’ began to dim for me when I began to question the narrative of what I was being told about myself, through the agency of another human being, and through my own internal channelings or messages… that came like subtle inspiration, adding detail and painting a picture of an interesting life elsewhere.  Only thing, I was still here on Terra and extremely unhappy about it, angry, frustrated, wanting to go home.  Little did I realize that I had created a shiny artificial personality that was completely fake.  The cracks began to appear and accelerate as more questions arose until I was given the opportunity to take a breather through an unexpected direction… the Covid lockdown.  No longer was I able to visit my friend.  Without an outside source to continue to build and prop up the narrative – that was already getting rather tarnished – I started to break away from one source of control, my relationship with the individual who claimed to be a member of my starry family.  Still, the process of releasing the false narrative took time, so be compassionate to those who are currently undergoing a similar process of shredding old conditioning, belief systems, and programming.

When the process of letting go had progressed enough, I began to see other sources of information ‘out there’.  It is true that in order to understand a concept, you need to be resonate or vibrate at a similar frequency rate as the information.  A little below that level and you will be unable to understand the concept at all; it will appear to be garble in your brain. And if you haven’t at least begun to shed the ego stuff, understanding will not come at all.

The Nebu took one more crack at controlling me before they lost control of this solar system, through the agency of one Myka Danaan, an entity that was supposed to be from Orion. Oh, my.  This time I slammed down the frequency fence on receiving channeled messages.  I still occasionally receive a personal message, often just before fully awakened in the morning or during the night, the state of being I express as ‘betwixt and between’ which resonates at a certain wave length.  On the whole, I categorically refuse to cooperate with any entities that attempt to contact me in this manner.  I do not possess what I would term a safe technology that is unhackable, except for my own strong intuitive perception – and that has served me well in most cases.

Sorry for my muddled explanations. I didn’t come into this incarnation with all of my scientific knowledge intact.  For some reason I chose not to pursue that direction for a couple of reasons: 1) been there, done that, 2) needed a more subtle challenge… There are probably still more reasons, but who is counting, eh?

This piece is getting too long, so I will describe in another article what I understand about the infiltration performed through channeling and done on those who lap it up and those who practice the questionable art form.


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2 Responses to Eliza: The Nebu (Part 1)

  1. Barbara says:

    Super essay, Eliza, thank you! I relate to much of your experience as it’s very close to my own and as I read, I smiled… ah, sweet confirmation of the Starseed challenges. “Subtle” is the word, though the physical aspects are definitely not that! Looking forward to more… much love, B.


    • Eliza Ayres says:

      A/B – thanks. I wrote that piece in the middle of another sleepless night. At least it’s quiet then… There will be more. Hmmm, the challenges of being a starseed would be a good topic, although bits and pieces of my own experiences will be sprinkled liberally throughout my writings from now on. I am attempting to keep this material more grounded than was seen in previous offerings.
      ❤ Eliza


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