The Secrets of Scalar Light, Nikola Tesla, and Universal Energy

The Secrets Of Scalar Light, Nikola Tesla, and Universal Energy | Tom Paladino | Ep. 77

Nick Zei’s Universe The Game

Scalar energy is the energy of the stars.

This episode is all about the phenomenon that most people don’t know about that is the life force of the universe: Scalar Light.

Tom deep dives into what scalar light is, how it pertains to everything, and how it works.

Note to Readers:

Scalar energy is non-physical, non-biological, it’s Spirit, quantum, consciousness. No atoms, photons, or electrons.

Proof of the spiritual dimension?

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2 Responses to The Secrets of Scalar Light, Nikola Tesla, and Universal Energy

  1. thankyourmuse says:

    Yes..we didn’t learn about him in school.
    We are able to put out those frequency with our minds..psyonics and radiionics.
    It’s all so fascinating…
    Been studying this stuff for a couple decades now.


  2. Nancy says:

    This is the most amazing news ever! Ive been getting his newsletters
    And offer of a free trial for a year. Wondering if the scalar EESYSTEM centers
    Are doing the same thing in person. Opening all over the world .
    Dr Sandra Rose Michael has many utubes demonstrating this .
    Thank you for posting .. now I will give it a try And send this out to many
    So I dont have to attempt explaining . It’s a God thing covers it!


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