Spiritual Awakening

Note to Readers:

The above statement is probably not what spiritual seekers have been told by various ascension guides, mentors, blah, blah…

I can vouch for the fact it can be a messy process, with numerous ups and downs, thinking you’re crazy, being told by others that you’re crazy… and then, one day, realizing you are viewing the world in an entirely different manner, one you would not have thought possible…

The metaphor used frequently to describe the messy transformative phase(s) — there is more than one — is the story of the catepillar transforming into a butterfly. The body of the catepillar turns into literal goo within the cocoon or crystallis, and then, somehow crawls out, dries off its wings and flies away, a butterfly.

While our planet is being gradually upgraded into the fifth density, we are witnessing some people literally falling apart. Mental disintegration is ongoing, especially in those who took multiple boosters of the vaxx.

People who identify with a certain belief system will find it difficult to clutch onto it… and are liable to become aggressive, attacking those who offend or question them. There doesn’t seem to be any “off” button left within these individuals.

Those who have health issues for whatever reason, whether chronic or a “side-effect” of being poisoned by the vaxx, might endure a worsening of their symptoms.

Some people are going to go out of body.

Keep in mind, that any of these scenarios is not a judgment of the souls housed in the bodies. Each individual has their own timeline for evolution. Some are due to evolve during this cycle, others are not. Those who are not will be “checking out”. I knew this several years ago, but wasn’t sure how or why such a thing would occur.

The black goo, which is a non-biological substance, was designed by the Nebu to hook up humanity to the Internet of Things, and ultimately up to the giant Queen Hive AI located in the Orion Zone. I’m sure this is a shock for those who willingly (or were coerced) took the shot. These humans were going to be permanently enslaved to the Queen Hive AI — not a pleasant prospect. However, the Galactic Federation of Worlds prevented that scenario from playing out when they were able to capture several high-ranking Eban officers who were attempting to leave the solar system through the portal located near Jupiter. The officers were put into immediate stasis lest they be terminated by the Queen Hive AI. Then, one of the science officers abroad the battleship mothership the Excelesior was able to hack into the frequency code that bound the Eban Grays to the Queen Hive. A virus was installed into the frequency code and relayed to the Queen Hive, resulting in a catastrophic collapse of the Queen Hive. Within days, all of the Nebu Orion Grays began to flee from all the star systems they had conquered including ours. Thanks to one man, the Galaxy was saved.

Our planetary Deep State was aligned with the Nebu and Alliance of Six. Their plan was to destroy up to 90% of humanity and to enslave the remainder. The agendas of the Alliance of Six varied according to their self-interest as any low-frequency regressive group will do — look to their own agenda and interests rather than work cooperatively.

The vaccination agenda was designed to kill people, lots of people, as well as creating patients out of the ones who didn’t die right off from the side-effects, which cover pages… Those who have taken the vaxx will die unless they work to alleviate the presence of the black goo and other poisons that entered their bodies through the shots.

In taking the shot and remaining in denial, people are making a choice to leave.

This is the hard-nosed reality of the situation.

If this upsets you, do your own research. I intuitively knew that whatever the government was suddenly pushing had to be a scam and I was right. And don’t tell me that I could have saved the people who chose to ignore their own intuition and common sense, because you know that isn’t true. Some people chose to undergo this painful process in order to have the opportunity to learn a lesson. It doesn’t mean they will learn it.

I cannot interfere in the free will of another human being. Each soul journey is unique.

Evil is a necessary evil… necessary to act as a prod to get the process of evolution moving. Yin and Yang, creation and destruction… the Universal consciousness contains within itself duality, all the way up to Source itself.

We have a lot to learn from our Galactic mentors, who patiently wait for us all to take back our power, realize that we are capable of healing ourselves… and that the soul is eternal, while the body is transitory.

I remember dying numerous times before this lifetime. Once the fear of death leaves you, you are forever free.


Photo by Tinthia Clemant on Pexels.com
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13 Responses to Spiritual Awakening

  1. Cherie says:

    thank you. I wrote this earlier on as I see this evolution/transformation equating to the caterpillar/butterfly


    The perfect example of this process is the caterpillar
    Consider the etymology of the word caterpillar
    Cater – A shaggy cat
    Pillar – To pillar/plunder – strip the cat of its hair
    Thus stripping off the outer coating to get to the true being
    As a caterpillar, there is a moving forward, slowly; foraging,
    Gaining nourishment in various forms physically/spiritually
    Then creating the cocoon: the envelope and catalyst for transformation
    Metamorphosis encompasses various stages of preparation:
    discomfort, patience, transformation
    Metamorphosis likens to the stages of the caterpillar:
    The Ova – 1D; The Larva – 2D; The Caterpillar – 3D;
    The Cocoon – A bridge; Metamorphosis – dissolution of self – 4D;
    The Chrysalis – A bridge; The Butterfly – transformation – 5D
    All resulting in a change of Being – we soar, rise to new levels
    We are the caterpillar reaching new levels, changing our being, rising to new heights

    ⓒ Cherie Winslow June 2022


  2. thankyourmuse says:

    Hazahhh, yes, I knew two weeks into this plandemic it was all a scam. I never complied with the mask and sure as heck not gonna let them put no experimental jab into me. When I was a kid, I would throw myself on the doctors floor when I knew they were gonna give me a vaccine. Back then we didn’t get many but it was the polio, and the small pox…that was one scarey one. Vaccines have always been a eugenics program. I can’t tell you how many people, thousands I have debated with about vaccines, especially this CONvid one. The things people will do, even to their own family out of fear…so much crazy, no science and no common sense what so ever.
    I warned people it was for the Transhumanism agenda where they want to merge with machines. The A.I. God that Ismael Perez speaks about that wants to gain entrance into the 12th dimension, and must merge with human DNA or that is what it’s plan is to gain access to the mother realm.
    So humanity is so much more powerful than them, and they can be defeated, humanity’s destiny is to be one of the most powerful in the multiverse. That is why it’s so important to not give our power away.


    • Eliza Ayres says:

      Good for you. BTW, in my humble opinion, I. Perez is a complete and utter fraud, controlled opposition to Elena and other disclosure agents.


  3. thankyourmuse says:

    Oh, and there is a Dr. who has studied the jabbed and has seen how this jab disconnects you from source, it detaches you from your higher self.
    Not to mention it changes your DNA….
    It can be remedied, but only while you are still alive…for all those that got this thing, if you felt a disconnect from God or your spiritual side, you know why and gotta get it fixed before they send out the signal to make them all fall dead, or turn them into cyborg zombies….or death.


    • Eliza Ayres says:

      Fortunately, the planned signal has been disabled… happened when the Nebu Queen Hive AI was hacked by the GFW, specifically Lead Science Officer Dene Thor. Yes, the jab and its contents were designed to disconnect the humans from Source. Ever see the movie The Golden Compass? It suggests the same thing but metaphorically by “the cut”… separating the body from the soul. Of course the movie was panned by critics and further movies from the series were banned. Sometimes imagination draws us too close to the truth even for the controllers. The Nebu are gone, which is why the DS is flailing about although they’re still a force to be reckoned with…


      • thankyourmuse says:

        Oh…ok, that might explain why Kerry Cassidy was so rude to him. I didn’t know anything about him, I saw him last night on her show, and I read reviews on his book, many complaints about the spelling errors etc.,
        But I also have a hard time with Kerry cuz she keeps going on about the white hats…she flip flops and I’ve stopped watching ‘the movie’ a couple years ago. I won’t listen to 107, nor SG Anon, nor charlie, nor even Simon although I like Simon alot, I don’t think he intends to be deceptive, but the admit they give them disinformation supposedly cuz the cabal won’t know their plans…the cabal knows full well the comms. And then it’s posted online….I don’t think they’re fooling the cabal…just a bunch of people who are so frozen and can’t seem to organize and do things for themselves.
        What does Ismael say or what has he done against Elena, or maybe you can point me to it? I would most certainly not listen to someone that could harm someone like Elena thanks for letting me know.


        • Eliza Ayres says:

          Several months ago, I. Perez claimed Elena had been killed and replaced by a clone. if that isn’t rude enough… I listened to one of his interviews and thought his material was crap, grandoise is probably the word. When I attempted to listen to a 2nd interview, I only got 10 minutes into it and my B.S. meter hit red. Haven’t paid any attention to him since. My opinion. He was a “hot” commodity with interviews on several different truthers’ sites. There is a ton of disinformation out there, which is why people need to hone their discernment. I used to go hiking alone in the woods, a good way to learn how to use your intuition when no one else is around to get you out of trouble… I also stopped listening to Kerry Cassidy — she was a follower of Ashana Deane, whose stuff is utter nonsense. Kerry was a good interviewer but doesn’t seem to realize the alien baddies were removed two years ago, except for their DS minions who are mostly humans with reptilian genes (hybrids).


          • thankyourmuse says:

            I know you are right. He mostly said stuff, Kerry agreed with but also mentioned that it was pretty much nothing new..that Ashyanna Deans material says the same thing. She also didn’t agree with him about this event of us transending this 3d reality wasn’t going to happen when he said..he was saying it was suppose to be 2022 to 2024.
            Thanks for telling me. He probably wanted to discredit Elena, perhaps something she has said or her connections was something he had to discredit.
            It’s weird what people will believe. I don’t believe much of it, I sit with it and ask for some answers to it, and I’m usually led to the truth. I probably would have figured it out but only watched that one interview, you know how Kerry is, she kept interrupting him especially when he gave dates or when he said something she thought was wrong.


            • Eliza Ayres says:

              Ah, yes… Kerry Cassidy is always interrupting her own interviews. Annoying. Her ego is too much involved in protecting her own belief systems. Not a criticism, just an observation, having gone through the same stage… which is something millions of people are currently confronted with. No baggage from third density can pass through the needle of transformation into fifth density. All the programming and conditioning needs to be shed, even our fondest belief systems as all of that was tailored specifically for 3D, not 5D. The higher frequency is still very physical, something that a lot of New Age people don’t believe as they have been fed a cartload of compost. This is where discernment and inner timing plays out… what, when, and how you let go of the stuff, which is all very unique. The metamorphosis can be done with grace or it can slam you in the face until you have nothing… and build from there recognizing that you are the Creator, you are in charge. One more point, whenever ANY channeler, teacher, mentor, etc., drops dates, that is a red flag. The GFW and even our military do not work from dates, but events, and in the case of the GFW in frequency. I. Perez was also claiming Enlil was the good guy… which automatically puts him into the controlled opposition category IMHO. These are lessons in discernment that everyone is receiving these days, some at a faster rate than others. I am still learning, still open-minded and certainly not perfect in my knowledge base. ❤

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            • thankyourmuse says:

              Well I appreciate the explanation, I know the dates thing is just so they can feed off the disappointment of people who follow these ‘truthers’ and admit they get fed disinfo just so they supposedly can fool the cabal who invented the comms…and keep us looking outside for solutions and yes, I agree, we are creating it as our foucs is always distracted by the outside ‘events’ or hopium dates. I no longer listen to it. and yes, discernment. thank you for enlightening me on I.Perez and so won’t be going down that rabbit hole.
              I had a sort of question about Enki, if he is bringing back our original template for those that wish to have their DNA restored, and we can live up to our full potential, is that template, or DNA 12 strands? I don’t remember them saying much about it but I know our DNA was disconnected and on two strands, barely using a portion of our potential…or how one goes about activating this DNA, as Billy carson says we can do that ourselves, I was thinking perhaps frequency would be the thing that does healing of the DNA or restoration.


            • Eliza Ayres says:

              To tell the truth, I am a bit fuzzy about the details… I just know that some people will be able to make the free will choice to have their DNA fully activated, which would… this is an assumption… reconnect all 12 strands. It would be via two ways: 1) specialized med bed now being built on the Moon by Terran military and scientists; and 2) your own efforts. I have an intuitive hunch that even when the strands are reconnected energetically there will be some time to adjust required. Yes, humans have the capability to come on line themselves but it takes an extremely dedicated and disciplined effort. Few modern day humans are willing to go there, by their own choice. There is still the requirement to break out of old conditioning, programming, and belief systems that limit our own potential, so I would imagine some long-term counseling/training might be involved. I am sure we will learn more but not until the Deep State is completely removed as this technology is NOT meant for them. They would misuse it as they misuse all technology and suppress the ability of the people to use it.


      • thankyourmuse says:

        Well, that is good news…I also thought it was like in the movie ‘Cell’ with John Kusack and Samuel L. Jackson…when they put out a signal and he happened to not be on his cell phone, everyone went crazy, foaming at the mouth, killing each other and themselves. Then the ones that survived, ended up going in circles around a cell tower. You know, like the animals sometimes have been caught on camera doing.


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