Eliza: Journal Entry May 23, 2023

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Journal Entry, May 23, 2023 – An Update

Just in case anyone was wondering what happened to the next “chapter” in my Nebu series, I am still working on it. I still need to do some editing.

I was startled to see so many readers responding and commenting now that I have opened the gate. Still, I am one person who is not an expert, not an abductee, experiencer, researcher, or scientist. I’m not sure what I would call my style of writing other than it comes from a very intuitive part of my inner being.

I have long had the ability to synthesize information that I have either heard or read about elsewhere. This doesn’t mean that it is entirely accurate or up to the moment. Like all of you, I am learning as I go. Still, having been interested in science fiction as a youngster… I was reading Andre Norton books as a fifth grader and Ray Bradbury in high school. So, naturally I would be drawn to learning about the worlds that exist beyond our own and the adventures of those Earthlings who have ventured into the unknown.

Still, I remain grounded in reality, although it isn’t always comfortable. Right now, I am experiencing a need to rest more and let go of the desire/need to pursue the latest intel developments, which unfortunately often contain more disinformation than real intel due to the seven year war we have been in whether or not most civilians are aware of the situation beyond the narrow scope of their daily lives.

I will endeavor to present more of my observations. I do appreciate comments, but keep them short. It took me an extraordinary amount of time to answer all of the questions… questions that I am really not the person to answer them, not being an “authority” on any of the topics raised.

If you have a question, keep it limited to one per comment.

If you have a question, you really need to do your own research and put in the time OR allow the Universe to give you an answer when you are ready to receive it.

I do not have the energy to argue a point and I do not need to “be right” about a subject. I am just presenting my impressions and perceptions, plus what I have learned through my own experiences.

We learn our lessons by experiencing them through the feeling body. You can ask all the questions you want but you will not incorporate them into your body… your feeling body until you experience whatever is bothering you. This process is unique to every single individual on the planet. When we undergo experiences, we begin to learn wisdom and can apply it in our lives.

In the end, it is the journey itself that is the mission, just being here. What happens next doesn’t play into what is happening NOW. Seeking answers all the time without really listening to how you feel indicates a certain amount of fear and anxiety about the future.

Time exists on planetary bodies where gravity is present. Each planet has its own time. Only when you are in space there is no time… and even on the great starships they have to maintain a gravity field in order to manage their bodies at high efficiency. Physical bodies are designed to live on planets, not out in space in a tiny ship.

While my energy is somewhat low right now, I am not sick. So, no worries.

Thank you, dear readers, for your lovely and provocative comments and questions.


P.S. One more caution, KEEP COMMENTS ON TOPIC. I do not intend to run a forum or discussion. If you wish to exchange information with each other, please make contact via email, Facebook or another social media forum.

Personal health information really shouldn’t be shared online except for the briefest of explanations. The intelligence community has access to EVERYTHING posted. Having been in the medical records field, I know the importance of keeping personal information private.

With this in mind, I am going to be deleting some comments and exchanges that give away to much personal information.

I would appreciate your cooperation in this matter or I may have to close comments once again.

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