Eliza: Spirituality is all about being YOU

Spirituality is All About Being YOU

Yes, that is true; spirituality is about freedom. However, and there is always a caveat… true spirituality isn’t separate from living a balanced life. True freedom can exist even if your body is dwelling within a prison. You are consciousness, not the body.

One of the latest distractions or what I term the Great escapisms, coming from the New Cage crowd, and actually a notion that has been pushed by some major figures like David Wilcox, Kerry K, etc. and that is the great Solar Flash.

A lot of starseeds do not feel they belong here on Terra and in a way they are correct. Their original planetary matrix, the place where they first came into incarnation as a new soul, was elsewhere, hence the deep sense of longing to go Home.

These individuals conveniently ignore or deny that they chose to come here, answering the inner call of their soul, to perform a mission. In chosing to come into incarnation, these souls knew they would undergo a period of forgetfulness, for they would have to descend in frequency in order to adjust to living in the dense energies of third density.

The issue of third density being “heavy” is not the natural state of the frequency level. If you spend any amount of time out in Nature, you can witness for yourself the degree of harmony and balance that exists naturally, when Nature is not interfered with by man or is respected by and stewarded carefully by man.

So, why do so many starseeds and lightworkers want to leave third density? Frankly, it is hard for a sensitive being who originated in a higher frequency place to be here.

Then there is the tendency for starseeds to continually seek information outside of themselves, going from one guru, teacher, ascension guide, mentor to another, never quite finding themselves and often not even knowing what they are seeking.

The “thing” sought by starseeds and all human beings who are drawn towards spiritual practices is connection. For when many of us were first born on this planet, we passed through the Veil of Forgetfulness. We forgot who and what we were, and that is, powerful, amazing beings of consciousness.

When I state that we are fractals of Source consciousness, most people identify Source as being “God” and having a human face and body, even if greatly refined than our own.

Source is supra-physical, it does not exist within the realm of Creation; it exists in the Void, a non-physical realm where space and time does not exist. It is a realm of pure consciousness and exists beyond duality. It is the birthing place for all sentient beings… who are birthed out into the physical Multiverse. Perhaps someday we will return to that non-physical existence but we were originally birthed into the physical realms to assist Source in learning about itself and what was possible within Creation.

Looking for something outside of your own consciousness to bring you completion is, frankly, a cop out, whether it is seeking a savior in Yeshua’s return or a Solar Flash, to bring you back to a state of permanent bliss, back to the Void.

As starseeds, we are charged with the mission of returning to inner balance, gaining a neutral perspective on the world, our circumstances, and seeing it for what it is, not what we want it to be.

Here on Terra, the frequency level has been quite repressed, well below what would be natural for the planet. Now that the regressive alien forces have been removed from Terra and the remainder of the solar system, it is giving our allies, the Galactic Federation, an opportunity to carefully monitor the outside forces that will affect our rise in frequency.

Being in an Earth-bound avatar, your body resonates in concert with the heartbeat of the planet. In turn, the planet resonates with the heart beat of its sun. Without the sun, there can be no life. Our planet is located within the “Goldilocks Zone” where abundant life is possible, and so it came to be that our world was chosen by the Seeders to be where they would begin a magnificent long-term evolutionary experiment…

Of course, the experiment was interfered with and added onto, in terms of genome, until 22 to 24 ET genomes were entered into the mix of the Terra Hu. Our physical bodies are the result of this long-term experiment, but our soul essence is not… and this is what many starseed and lightworkers do not seem to remember, yet.

Being the result of a high-level… the highest level of evolutionary experiment, the bodies that we wear while incarnated on Terra, contain the most refined biological quantum technology anywhere in the Multiverse. If the Truth were known, we… or those who choose to remain here on Terra as fully activated human beings, we will surpass the brilliance of our Makers, the scientists of the Intergalactic Confederation.

Of course to arrive at such a state, our detached DNA requires repair and activation, and then a period of learning how to manage this biological quantum technology, our physical avatars.

A representative or emissary of the Intergalactic Confederation, Lady Oona, has stated that there will be no destructive Solar Flash. Their technology and that of the terraformers of the GFW can monitor and regulate the pulses and eruptions coming from our star, so we will rise in frequency gradually, in spurts, to allow the biology of our avatars to adjust to the higher more refined frequencies.

Long ago when Enki (Prince Ea) studied the genome of the primitive humanoids of this planet, he could see their true potential. As a creative being himself, aligned with Source, he wanted the best for these beings, so he performed his own experiments and arrived at the successful creation of a fully activated human being, the Adamu.

His creation threatened the rule of his half-brother, Enlil, the half-reptilian, who later on ordered his scientists to take a portion of the Terrans genome off-line, to disable its quantum potential, in order to create a perfect slave race, strong, docile, subservient, and short-lived.

Prince Ea… who has no claim to Terra, has returned to this solar system with the original pure frequency essence of the original DNA of the Seeders, that has the potential of correcting all of the damage done through the ages of enduring poisons in the atmosphere put there by those who hated humanity and wanted to cause further damage to the human genome. Yet, the humble Anunnaki, heir to his father, King Anu, makes no claim to be a savior of humanity. He gave his gift to the GFW to have the frequency codes entered into the new med beds so that those wishing to have their DNA upgraded and repaired could have it done.

Wanting to return Home or continually looking for a savior in the form of another being, is to deny your own abilities to tune into and connect with Source. Your body contains the necessary “hardware”. Your soul is the software that will activate the technology, through your attention, through letting go of outcome and expectation, of dates and timelines.

As Yeshua told his followers long ago, “The Kingdom of God is within.”

Remember, the Master was not talking about Yahweh, the “god” of the Old Testament of the Jewish faith, for Yeshua knew this one to be a false god. No, while utilizing the language of the times, he was speaking of the Father… of Source itself which being supra-physical contains no genders. In a way, he was also speaking of Enki, for as a geneticist, Enki used some of his own Anunnaki genome and added it to that of the primitive humanoids of Terra, and then activated it. Enki was the original Father of the lighted fully activated humans who descended from Adam and Eve, the ones that Enlil sought to destroy by the Great Flood and the wars, disease, and hardships that followed as a result of the never-ending jealousy Enlil held against his half-brother and his creation, the activated Terra Hu.

This morning I was wondering about why Enlil hated humanity so much, for hatred of “other” is an indication of self-hatred. It is really quite simple. Enlil was the second son of his father, King Anu. Enki or Prince Ea was first-born and the heir to his father’s empire. Despite his superior strength and commanding presence, Enlil was never going to be the Crown Prince and heir to his father while Enki drew breath. It was a case of pure, unadulterated jealousy, compounded with a bad case of self-hatred, always being compared to the intelligent, compassionate and creative half-brother he hated with a vengenance. This observation explains a lot about Enlil’s nature and how far he strayed from his own inner balance, for although he was half-reptilian, he was also the son of his father, Anu. He could have chosen a different way forward, but did not, and now, he will have to spend the remainder of an extremely long life reconsidering his choices.

Although the regressive faction of the Anunnaki did great damage to the Terrans, in the end, it was the Terrans who will emerge from the experience the victors. As Enki saw from the beginning, the potential of our physical avatars is limitless. Combined with the soul essence of high frequency beings, there really is no limit to what the Terra Hu can accomplish in the future.

Still, in a journey, you must pass point B to get to H… and all those in-between, which can be at times a tedious and somewhat painful process.

Make the journey a bit easier for yourself by adopting a balanced perspective, without judgment, following your inner guidance which will not and should not be what serves others. Looking outside of yourself can grant you ideas, but there is always the danger of being distracted from the inner path to self-knowledge.

The alchemical saying, “Know Thyself” still holds true. You are the Alchemist. You are in control of creating your world, meaning you create the circumstances and experiences that come into your life through the manner in which you frame your beliefs.

Seeking to go “Home” is missing the whole point of being here on Terra. “You” are Home wherever your consciousness is focused. There is no home to go to… unless you are a soul who will return to their original planetary matrix when their current mission is accomplished, at the end of this present incarnation. Meanwhile, enjoy the journey… it is your mission, being here and now, experiencing for Source the wonder of a world about to transform into a physical paradise. Yes, it will take a few years to manifest, but the frequency levels are rising quickly. Align with the rising waters of spirit or fight against them. Ultimately, it is your choice, your free will that dictates the outcome, not what someone else told you to expect.

Peace emerges from within a balanced heart and mind. It is attainable. Self-acceptance, compassion for yourself and others are the first steps. With balance comes understanding and inner peace. The rest, enlightenment, etc., comes with patience. If needed, it will be added unto thee for the fulfillment of the promise beyond the stars.

Be well,

Eliza Ayres

Photo by Max Avans on Pexels.com
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15 Responses to Eliza: Spirituality is all about being YOU

  1. thankyourmuse says:

    Beautiful….well expressed! ❤


    • Eliza Ayres says:

      Thanks. This is an example of how I write… it just flows without much thought or research involved… very intuitive.


  2. thankyourmuse says:

    What you said about the med beds….we’ve heard so much about, some saying Trump stated that the medical industry would change totoally in June of this year. Is that what you think will happen? I had heard Sasha Stone was working one these in some other country and they were gonna be sent out…and also that they had to be on ley lines, but not much about them or even if or when those would be made available to the general public.
    Is your process at this time, and the reason you are needing much more rest is that your DNA template is being restored?
    Is the med beds the only way to do this activating the DNA template or are we so damaged that it can’t be done without this technology?
    I know…lol, pondering.


    • Eliza Ayres says:

      In truth, I don’t know the specific timing of when the med bed technology will be made available to the public. A lot depends on how events play out. The “war” has to be completed; the DS removed before this sort of highly advanced tech will be allowed into the public domain. I’ve heard conflicting notions, but it would appear that people are being trained as technicians, most procedures will be done in hospitals or medical facilities since they are already set up to handle patients. Counseling will be required in some instances, depending on what is needed/desired… doesn’t mean everything will be instantaneous. Medical treatment for those in physical duress will prevail; in other words, treatment will be triaged. Those who are dying from the side effects of the vaxx, who have chronic underlying medical conditions, those missing limbs from military duty or accidents, those requiring correction of their eyesight, hearing, etc. There are no protocols that have been released to the public as well. I do know that med beds are being built on the Moon under the watchful eyes of the Earth Alliance and the tech is currently HIGHLY CLASSIFIED, so any conjecture on the how, why, where is strictly conjecture, guessing, and not backed up with solid evidence. Heck… many are those who don’t even believe in the existence of ETs much less this sort of advanced technology. Still, whistleblowers from the secret space programs have much to say about the tech and used it in the course of their assignments, primarily in off-world settings. Not being personally involved in such things, I can only pass on what I have encountered thus far and it isn’t much. Hope that suffices for now. ~Eliza

      Liked by 1 person

      • thankyourmuse says:

        That’s fine, thank you. It’s always the ‘coming soon’ stuff that gets me. AS in soon…..soon meaning in my lifetime? LOL
        You did have alittle more info than what is out there so I’m grateful for that, Didn’t know they were manufacturing them on the moon…so hopefully for humanity and those in need this ‘soon’ is now,


        • Eliza Ayres says:

          For current updates on the ongoing developments in our solar system (and beyond) listen to the Disclosure series by Elena Danaan available for free on YouTube. This is how I have learned a lot of what I share… in my own words. Elena’s books also contain more info.
          Military operations don’t work off of civilian time or expectations. The lesson here is to master the art of patience, while keeping yourself balanced. Unfortunately, most people have forgotten just how long something can take to manifest in the physical, and the timing is largely dependent on our collective beliefs and programming.
          Patience, Grasshopper. Breathe… and find something else which with to occupy your day. ~Eliza


          • thankyourmuse says:

            LOL…Thanks…Obeone, or Mr Miyagi. I haven’t lost patience in waiting…per say, I just thought maybe you had some insights I didn’t have. Pretty sure most of this isn’t even gonna happen this year, more like 2024 or 2025 so no worries, the only thing I’ve lost patience with is caring about waking up the normies, More like frustration because they hang on every word of the ‘truthers’.
            Thanks and I was looking into Elena’s website so I will continue to do that.
            I have plenty to do so no problem occupying my day! 😉


  3. pathwaytosovereignty says:

    I Am in full alignment with your writings Eliza – you express it sooo well. Heart blessings….. Libby


    • Eliza Ayres says:

      Thank you, Libby. Remember, you are your own Teacher, not me. I am but a humble instrument of the Source energy working through my fingers as I type. Much appreciation for all the unexpected responses and comments that have flooded in. It has been at times a bit overwhelming.
      ❤ Eliza


      • pathwaytosovereignty says:

        Yes I understand this – I have been a Counsellor and Teacher for at least 4 decades so I can also see and sooo appreciate the many changes in the human form along this pathway. I am honouring YOU cos you are speaking Truth in gratitude and surrender.
        I had an interesting journey over last 3 months where a massive brain tumor was removed – apparently I had one week to survive – and the whole journey has been filled with Grace in all ways. It was such a valuable part of the Divine Plan and I am now 74. I had no fear at all. It has been such an interesting journey and – like you – filled with Gratitude as I learn how to Receive and stop Doing.


        • Eliza Ayres says:

          Dear “Path” – what an amazing journey and you’re still here. Doctors seldom really understand the strength of the human soul, always pronouncing sentences upon our heads. I appreciate your Presence here as a reader… and a soul sister. ❤


  4. Unicorn Dreaming says:

    Great post.. thank you Eliza.. ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Alice says:

    What a great realization Eliza about Enlil. Makes so much sense. While I’ve read Elena’s books and heard her discuss the two brothers, as well as Dr Salla, this is the most concise summary of what transpired and what was given to us. I’m still open to the possibility of the solar flash, even knowing it has been managed and mitigated. David provided strong evidence for it, and at some point I imagine we will be affected by its impact, even if stepped back. Thanks for your musings and posts about our galactic heritage, and your understanding now of the races and star systems. You have taken the works of others and provided great summaries and perspectives. Many blessings to you this memorial weekend.


    • Eliza Ayres says:

      Thank you, Alice. I know David presented a great deal of evidence, but since he wrote his book on the subject, the ownership of Terra and indeed, this solar system, has been changed. The solar system including Saturn, which had been the HQ for Enlil and Ninurta, his son, was ceremoniously handed over to the Earth Alliance by Prince Ea, after his half-brother was removed to a prison planet. Ninurta was taken in hand by his grandfather, King Anu and also removed from this solar system. I do not know what happened to Marduk other than he chose the dark side much to the sorrow of his father, Prince Ea. The “solar flash” and the fake alien invasion were both in the playbook of the Deep State and our former regressive ET controllers. Since the latter have been removed or chased out of the solar system, neither one of these scenarios can play out, according to the calming statements of Lady Oona, emissary for the Intergalactic Confederation. Remember, our planet was invaded by the regressive Anunnaki faction of Enlil over 400,000 years ago. They were quite capable of leaving suggestions built into architecture and ancient books as to what their plans for the future would be. Since the IC outranks the Anunnaki, being INTERGALACTIC, they add weight and substance to the efforts of the Galactic Federation to retain balance in this galaxy, in Nataru. The balance is returning with the collapse of the Nebu Orion Empire and the ongoing disintergration of the Ciakahrr Empire.


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