Eliza: Shifting Frequency Levels Means Shifting Your World View

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Eliza: Shifting Frequency Means Shifting Your World View

This morning, I received an interesting question.  I asked for permission to put it up as a subject for another article.  Here is what I came up with:

You know, I have a question for you that is burning a hole in.my brain; why are Elena Danaan and Michael Salla not addressing the ongoing genocide?  Or have I just not seen it if they have?  It seems to me that should be the MOST pressing issue for the GFW right now. Have you heard anything on this? If the Prime Directive has been broken THIS should be first and foremost topic and the reason for intervention presently.  Is my thinking flawed with this?

There is a simple answer to this question:  Elena and Michael Salla are NOT responsible for the decisions made by other people to take the vaxx.  Nor is the Galactic Federation.

I can hear the outrage now, but I would hope there would also be a few people pausing to consider what I just wrote.

For those of you getting triggered by my response, first I would suggest that you take a deep breath, calm yourself and then listen to the video from Vidya Frazier that I posted this morning (5.24.2023).

In the video, Vidya states or implies that there is a shift taking place within humanity now as the higher frequencies come online.  She also notes that there is a decided SPLIT taking place within humanity, meaning some people have decided NOT to ascend and will be physically leaving this planet via the avenue we call “death”.

This sort of topic brings up all kinds of emotions, some long repressed/suppressed within us. Conflicts and controversies can arise between those who you thought loved you.  Vidya explains this very well, so do take a listen.

If you seek to blame the Galactic Federation for the death of millions, stop.  They performed a mighty task in assisting the Earth Alliance (aka The White Hats) in removing uninvited intruders, namely the Ciakahrr, the Nebu and Alliance of Six, and associated human allies, from this solar system.  However, as a Level Two (still evolving) world, the GFW is prevented by their own Prime Directive to not interfere any further.  In other words, humans have to solve human issues on the planet themselves.  Yes, it is a messy, painful process. Yes, some people are dying, especially in the artificial conflicts stirred up by the Khazarian Mafia, Freemasons, and other secret societies… but the GFW is not allowed to interfere unless another regressive ET invasion manages to occur – which it will not.  Our solar system is being carefully monitored by the GFW, and other organizations.  A huge fleet from the Intergalactic Confederation is present (over 500 motherships), with six currently orbiting Terra (cloaked and in time warp so they can’t be seen but they can observe and monitor the surface).  A fleet of benevolent Anunnaki (Ea’s people) is due to arrive but will not enter the solar system as that would be deemed an invasion.  The Negumak, a people that the Ciakahrr fear above none else also have a fleet parked outside the solar system, while they consider joining the GFW on a permanent basis.

Now, back to the plandemic.  Several years ago, I knew that not everyone presently incarnated on Terra would ascend but didn’t know how or why they would leave.  I do now.

During this shift in frequency, we are being tested for our readiness to rise in frequency.  One test is whether or not we are willing to accept our personal responsibility for our own choices.  Using shaming, blaming, and pointing fingers at another person for something you did isn’t going to work anymore.  On a large scale, we are seeing the Left playing this low frequency mindset/game as they continue to act out the victim/abuser scenario.  Most of the time, they label themselves the victim when, in fact, they are the abuser, by gaslighting the public, by telling lies.  The media is very guilty of this.

Now, why would a person choose to take the vaxx?  Are they “the victim” in this scenario?  It depends on your perspective, whether you are coming from a third density POV or a fifth density one.  It doesn’t matter if the person appeared to be coerced, bullied, shamed, or forced into take the vaxx.  They made a choice, probably before incarnating in this lifetime, for whatever reason which is probably not residing at a conscious level. Because their soul level decision isn’t in their consciousness, they are bound to blame others for their own circumstances, but that isn’t going to work. Guilt, or in this case, choices made through soul contract, cannot be shifted to others. Shaming and blaming no longer works, not in the rising frequency. It all comes down to personal responsibility, an inner state of balance, integrity, and thoughtfulness that at this stage of these individual evolutionary journey, may not be something they can handle, yet. This is not a judgment upon anyone, but recognition and an honoring of individual choice, at a soul level… a concept we certainly didn’t learn in Sunday school or public school.

This may appear very controversial to some of you but stop and feel into this.  What if a person wants to incarnate here but at the soul level doesn’t feel ripe enough to move up in frequency; they wish to experience another incarnation in a lower frequency level than 5D.  Should we judge them for making this choice even though it would appear that they were forced into making it by outside circumstances?

The GFW, the Zenae (Andromedans), the Council of Five (now Six), and all the other councils overseeing the evolution of the Terra Hu, honor free will and personal sovereignty.  They will not interfere unless there is outside intervention by a culture that is more highly advanced technologically, such as was the case with the Nebu and the Ciakahrr.

In taking a higher perspective on this subject, we can now see that individuals such as Elena and Dr. Salla are performing their missions in bringing forth disclosure.  They are not present to save or prevent other humans from making what is deemed by many as a “bad” choice.

Many patriots are beginning to recognize that the time to attempt to wake up people is over.  People have already made their choices.  The ones who took the vaxx are now coping with the side-effects, some of which result in death of the body.  It could have been worst if the plan of the Nebu had been allowed to play out.  Ninety percent of humanity was supposed to die from the vaxx, and if they didn’t die in the first round, other vaccinations and pestilences were already being prepared by the minions of the Nebu, as well as a nuclear war that would wipe all human life from the surface. The “elite” were planning to wait out the time needed to clear the nuclear danger safe in their deep underground cities. Only thing is, the Nebu and Ciakahrr are known for telling fibs; more likely those who survived the nuclear holocaust would become either tasty snacks or be enslaved, too.

In deciding to shift in frequency to a higher level, much is expected of each individual.  Free will and sovereignty is honored.  The individual is expected to act with integrity, to be responsible for their own choices, to adapt to circumstances that present themselves in their lives, to flow with change.

Resisting change… attempting to stuff down the emotions that are now rising to be cleared will result in their manifestation in some other form, whether through disease or a circumstance you cannot ignore.

So, the answer is simple, but the understanding is both more complex and rests with each individual who encounters these words.

As always, I encourage you to read and listen to the works of Alex Collier, Michael Salla, and Elena Danaan.  There are also other experiencers, abductees, veterans of SSPs, etc. who are interviewed by Dr. Salla and Elena. There are also scientists and physicians doing research to see if alternative means of healing can be done for some of those who are suffering from the side-effects of the vaxx. A lot rests, too, on the individual’s personal determination to look at the results of their choices, their acquiesance to authority, and to take back their personal power, re-center and calm their emotions.

Those who are steadily working to shift in frequency are being compelled to release their former way of looking upon life and existence here on Terra, to look at themselves differently, to realize they are changing from the inside out and that shift is reflected back to them in terms of some relationships ending, some people leaving their lives whether through death or conscious choice.  Seek not to judge, but flow.  If you resist, you will continue to experience difficulties in adjusting to the rising frequency levels.

Our solar system is already in fifth density.  Our sun is shifting in frequency and in response, so are we.  We are about to become Galactic citizens, a state of being which requires us to no longer see ourselves as victims.  We are graduating to adulthood in the eyes of the Galactics and with this will come many blessings in the future.

I hope these words have granted some degree of clarity to this for some painful issue.

Be well,

Eliza Ayres, May 24, 2023


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2 Responses to Eliza: Shifting Frequency Levels Means Shifting Your World View

  1. pathwaytosovereignty says:

    I support your comments 100% Eliza – you covered it so well and thoroughly. It is Truth what you are describing. And so it is! Heart blessings….. Libby


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