Eliza: The Nebu – Part 2

Eliza: The Nebu – Part 2

Note to Readers:  I know I promised small bites, but this article took on a life of its own, and rather than hacking it apart, I present it whole.

Okay, we now have a glimmer of who the Nebu are for in the year 2021, they were driven from our solar system, from the planets and moons.  The custodianship of the Sol system was officially turned over to the Earth Alliance in late 2022.  Of course, none of this information has been made available to the general public.  I know about it by following Michael Salla and Elena Danaan’s work.

The reason I emphasize these two scientists and authors is because their work is impeccable.  In case you are not yet aware, Elena is a trained archaeologist and can speak several languages and read ancient ones.  Dr. Michael Salla, who as a researcher has devoted over 30 years in the field of exopolitics, a relatively new area of research that is seldom addressed in public.

Why has evidence of other races and species been kept from the general public, especially since the end of WWII?  What is the purpose of so much secrecy… unless something was being hidden from the populace that might not be acceptable to the people.

This is yet another subject which could be the subject of several books, but we will generally address the partnership between the Nebu and the Alliance of Six with what has become known as the Deep State.

After the Roswell incident, in 1947, with the help of President Truman signing new secrecy and security laws, a secret cabal took over the UFO and ET issue and took it underground.  It went black. (excerpted from We Will Never Let You Down, Elena Danaan).

This was the beginning of Majestic 12 or MJ-12.  During this post-war period, the Nazis successfully infiltrated and took over the American government and Europe.  This secret takeover of the United States was also kept from the people of the United States who blithefully thought the Allies had won WWII.  It was all a lie. 

With the signing of a secret agreement with Orion Grays, MJ12 unknowingly or perhaps quite deliberately opened the door to the rest of these regressive ETs, including the Ciakahrr, a rapacious race of Reptilians who relished the taste of human flesh and blood.

In 1949, the Central Intelligence Agency was formed.  You can read about the agency elsewhere, but in short, this intelligence organization has worked to undermine and take down numerous foreign governments, bringing the countries under the control of the United States and the central banking system, through the IMF, BIS, WEF, United Nations, et al.  These “agencies” have been working steadily towards the destruction of humanity through endless work, vaccination agendas, etc.  All of these dark projects have been designed to 1) reduce the population, and 2) bring the survivors into a state of permanent slavery; and 3) to control the planet and its resources.

Of course, the various races involved in the Alliance of Six had their own agendas… for not only were the little Grays involved, but so were the aggressive Maytra, Grail, and the others. Deals were made with the DS dominated Pentagon.  Monies were siphoned off from other agencies and placed into dark projects for the building of Deep Underground Bases, which tapped into the pre-existing and extremely ancient tunnel system that extends throughout the planet at various levels. DUMBs were placed in strategic locations under mountains and deserts, on isolated islands, under existing military bases, with tunnel networks under cities and under the sea.

The book, We Will Never Let You Down, goes into greater detail on this and other related subjects, as does The Book of Alien Races, especially in the section on Draconis, with the description of the five Draco Reptilian races who were involved here on Terra.

Now, the Orion Grays, being a hive mind species and connected to a Queen Hive artificial supra-physical intelligence, were capable of interdimensional travel, viewing through ‘time’, able to anticipate the coming of the envoy program, which was described as being started sometime in the 1960’s.  Keep in mind that all space faring races can transcend the limitations of time.  Space travel is time travel.  Many of the envoys inserted themselves into specific timelines in order to influence and perhaps change the outcome for Terra.  The Grays did the same.  So did the regressive Anunnaki under the leadership of Enlil, Ninurta, and Marduk.

All systems that have come down to us from the age of Sumeria, have been designed to control the freedoms of humanity, to tamper with the natural evolution of culture and evolution.

So, what was the weapon directed, at least in part towards those who would eventually be drawn to spirituality and inner growth?  The Orion Grays developed a substance known as ‘black goo’.  Today, you find this inorganic substance present in the Covid-vaccination formulas.  This substance was designed to act as a transmitter that would connect the vaxx recipient up to the Orion Mother Hive consciousness, effectively overriding the consciousness of the human.

All of the agendas you are witnessing currently on the world scene, at least in Western countries (Europe, United States, Canada, Australia) where the culture will even allow such things, are driven from the same underlying motives: 1) reduce the population, 2) permanently control the survivors. 

The Orion Grays intended on replacing Earth humans entirely, through their Gray-human hybrid program.  Millions of human females were abducted, forced to conceive and carry hybrid offspring, which were then removed and taken either off-world or into underground bases.  Some of these children were subjected to barbaric experimentation, even involving crossing humans with animal genetics, creating monsters. 

As I mentioned briefly, the Ciakahrr relished the taste of human flesh, and most especially, the substance called adrenochrome.  You can do your own research on that subject, but it was for the purpose of obtaining adrenochrome that tunnels were built under stores, amusement parks, under cities, etc., designed to capture children.

While some of the children were taken into military black projects, on and off the planet, others were killed and eaten, sold into slavery off-world, or subjected to unimaginable torture.  The list goes on…

Still, this doesn’t yet address what was used to subtlety influence spiritual groups… briefly it was the same substance, the black goo, through which technology was designed to affect the mind with suggestions, messages.

Orion Grays are an extremely intelligent race and were able to read an individual’s mind, looking for any potential weaknesses present, or wild dreams, and use that against the person drawing them into a seductive story that was highly addictive to some personalities.

Together with the Central Intelligence Agency and DARPA, technology was designed to target individuals with frequencies.  While I cannot offer concrete proof of my theory, I feel that the individual with whom I was involved for a period of time was one of those targeted individuals.  Whether or not I was such is up to speculation. 

The manner in which I originally channeled messages seemed quite natural to me.  The messages used to flow out, sometimes whole rivers of text, and soon began to attract the attention of an assortment of “others” out there, especially when I posted on Facebook.

Now we know that Facebook was specifically designed by DARPA and then just “handed over” to Zuckerberg, who is a Rockefeller and Khazarian.  It was software designed to track and spy on the private lives of regular people who posted photos of their children and family get togethers in quite a naïve fashion, thoroughly believing in the benign nature of the social media platform.

It was through my posts on Facebook that this individual “found” me and contacted me in 2014.  At first, I wasn’t particularly impressed and rather resisted connecting.  Still, my curiosity eventually overcame my intuitive caution.  We connected, exchanged emails and Zoom calls.  She endeavored to convince me to leave my job and move to another state where we could then build a healing center together.  Again, there was the resistance on my part, which just increased when I didn’t “go Home” as promised as a “walk-out” as advertised by my friend.

I now recognize this whole episode that played out over the course of several years, was ultimately an opportunity for me to truly understand the “why” I wanted to go Home and where that sense of longing arose.

There was quite a bit of misrepresentation and misunderstanding of the quality of consciousness in my friend’s belief system, for she also regarded herself as a “walk-in” and would be eventually “walking out”.  It sounds like the perfect escape plan, only it doesn’t quite work that way in reality.  We leave… that is our consciousness or soul essence leaves our physical avatar when our body “dies”.  Yet, my friend insisted that she and I had other lives elsewhere, namely as commanders within the Pleiadian fleet present in this solar system.

There are elements of plausibility to this scenario, as the present Galactic Federation of Worlds, at least the military arm of it is largely made up of those “Pleiadians” who come from the solar system of Taygeta, the sun they call “Ashaara”.  The Errahil, descendants of the Lyran Ahil who fled the Man system when the Ciakahrr attacked it, came to the very young star cluster of the Mana Hiri, the Daughters of the Mother.  Being a scientific race… actually races, for they were accompanied by the Taali and Noor, they managed to terraform a solar system out of star dust, creating planets where they could live.

When dealing with any channelers, pay attention to their vocabulary, who they claim to be “channeling” or communicating with.  If the sources call themselves “Pleiadians”, Sirians, Venusians, etc., all earth names for the star systems, these are not real ETs.  Elena Danaan, who communicates with her contacts in the GFW uses unhackable technology, an implant that was placed in her brain when she was abducted by Grays, meant to be a tracking device, but then its frequency was attuned to the frequency of the GFW and cannot be interfered with by regressive ETs.  Most channelers do not have such means to connect with their sources.

Elena has said that if you connect with your “soul family” then telepathic communication is possible and not potentially harmful.  It is still wise to be cautious.

The Orion Grays counted on the curiosity of the Terrans so they would drop their natural defenses and acquiesce to believing they were in contact with heavenly messengers, God, archangels, ascended masters, whatever.  These devilish agents played with the dreams and longings of their targets, using the individuals’ emotions to fool them into believing what they were hearing was truth.

After being in the physical presence of my alleged “starry” sister for a time, my natural skepticism began to arise once more.  The stories she continued to tell lost their hold on me and I just wanted to break free.  Then, she would accuse me of running away and not being in unity consciousness, exercising the shame/blame game of someone who is profoundly unsure of their own humanity.  There was a high degree of paranoia involved which repelled me and stories about how she had been treated unfairly nearly thirty years ago by a former mentor were repeated ad nauseum. 

When the Covid shutdown came, I relished being able to think and be in my desperately needed space so I could consider my options.  During this time, I still thought of myself as Sundeelia, but found myself repelled by the overtures of some males who seemed attracted to the exotic quality of the walk-in.  Then, by 2021, when the great military operation to take back the solar system began in earnest, I was able to break free of the artificial ego construct that was Sundeelia and the prior aspect, Tazjma.

Later on, I learned it is not possible for your consciousness to be in more than one place at a time unless forms of destructive manipulations are performed to fragment your consciousness, placing shards of it into other physical forms or clones, who would then be programmed to perform certain tasks within the Nacht Waffen or other dark military or corporate operations primarily off-world.  The Montauk and MK Ultra programs were used by the Deep State black operations to do such things, often augmenting their human subjects with artificial intelligence and technology.  It is some horrendous history that only now are some courageous whistleblowers coming forward to share at much personal risk.

I have a sense that I was able to break free finally from the channeling “thing” when the Nebu technology on Luna (the Moon) was disabled by the GFW and Earth Alliance. This occurred in February of 2021.  By this time, it had been months since broke off my relationship with my former “sister”.  Since that time, I have progressed in my personal healing and have arrived at an understanding of why I was put through this more subtle experience that was possibly associated with the Nebu and my former friend.  It was a karmic lesson, for I feel I was involved at some level in the lengthy Orion Wars, whether as one of the enemy forces or as one of the Black League who fought the growing power of the Nebu against all odds.

Still, I have gained a wider perspective on the whole operation that is still playing out against the foes of humanity, the remaining hybrid human-reptilians who are attempting to control our planet.  Their former controllers, their “gods” have been forced to abandon their minions and will not be returning.  The plans of the Deep State, long drawn out and arranged, written down, have been upset by the growing spirit of freedom in humanity, as people come to realize and desire to break free from the control matrix.

You see, in order to control humanity, we had to acquiesce to their plans, through our own free will allow ourselves be imprisoned.  Only we can break those artificial bonds.  It is through our own creativity and courage that the matrix will fall.  When enough humans stand up and say, “No!” to whatever demands the remaining (and rather pathetic cartoon figures) minions of the regressive alien agenda… we will be free.

Yes, “they” will threaten, bluster, and rage… people will be killed during false flag attacks, because some people have been unable to break free of the conditioning.  They drag it around their shoulders clinging to ancient and ill-logical belief systems that have no basis in reality, but are meant to divide, conquer, and sow division between genders, religions, cultures, in short every aspect of our lives. 

If there is any “us” vs “them” thoughts in the material presented by an ascension teacher, run not walk away.  The darkness long ago penetrated deep into the esoteric teachings and secret mystery schools.

When humanity is left to its own devices, there is a natural movement towards unity as we are carriers of Source energy through our biological quantum technology, our physical bodies.

Humanity will eventually leave their belief systems of assorted “gods” behind, like abandoned teddy bears, left behind by adults who no longer require the assurances and support of a God “out there” and who now realize that they themselves are the Alchemists and capable beyond their own current dreams.

For the benevolent ETs do not have gods or goddesses.  Even an advanced Anunnaki like Prince Ea, heir to his father, King Anu, does not demand you to kneel in his presence for he is fully aligned with Source.  He recognizes the divinity and connection that potentially exists within all the Terra Hu.  This is why he came back when our solar system was cleansed of the regressive alien components.  Accompanying the Intergalactic Confederation ships, Ea brought back his own ship, the gigantic Nibiru, which is as big as Luna.

Still, the Galactics and the Seeders will not interfere with the current military operations ongoing on the planet and beneath her surface.  This is the job of our military forces, a task which has been ongoing now for at least seven years and will hopefully come to a completion in 2025.  Even now, the rest of the population, especially those who have not awakened from the illusion, are being shown the plans the dark had developed for the destruction of humanity.  The dark plan began back in the 1700’s and has progressed to the point of almost being able to take down all the governments of the planet and bring them under centralized control.  It will not happen.  We have begun to awaken from the illusion and our numbers are increasing every day.

There are sure to be questions that arise from this article; I have my own, but now recognize the whole scenario related to channeling was one agreed by me before entering this incarnation.  I am sure my relationship with my former friend was karmic in nature and as far as I am concerned, the karma is balanced.  I have forgiven myself for ignoring my own intuition regarding the situation.  Lesson learned.  I have also decided to release the need to study the “spiritual” work of others and focus on where my intuition takes me.  In doing so, I am in the process of returning to my center.  It is a process, and the lessons last a lifetime.  Once we accept this as truth, we can flow without resistance and adapt to whatever circumstances arise.  I do know more peace now and that is a good thing.

Be well,

Eliza Ayres

Notes:  I wrote this piece over a few days, and it may appear a bit choppy as a result.  If I have given you a glimpse into the damage done by the Nebu then I succeeded.  The infiltration into the New Age teachings could be the topic of an entire book.  Others have done the research into this matter, but it doesn’t interest me.

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2 Responses to Eliza: The Nebu – Part 2

  1. Barbara says:

    “Accompanying the Intergalactic Confederation ships, Ea brought back his own ship, the gigantic Nibiru, which is as big as Luna.”

    Hi Eliza, I love that you included this line in your Part 2. That is my understanding, too, though I’ve not done near the research you have and appreciate yours very much. Much love, B.


    • Eliza Ayres says:

      Yes, it was interesting to learn that the giant Anunnaki ship is named Nibiru… which some folks have claimed to be a planet. There is a planet named Nibiru, but it is in the Sirius B star system (star = Thula). And the Anunnaki homeworld is located in a parallel universe. It is a complex culture that you just can’t categorize into one paragraph. Everytime Elena encounters Ea, she learns more about the Anunnaki. Elena always shares her impressions which deepens our awareness and knowledge base of this culture… and it is a culture, an empire that extends to other galaxies. Gotta stretch your imagination on that one… the culture also contains several races/species, not just one. So the original definition of the Anunnaki found in A Gift From the Stars: The Book of Alien Races, isn’t a comprehensive description of these peoples. We’ll probably learn more, but it will take some time… and people need to get over labeling the entire empire as being “bad”, “evil”, or villians. Perhaps I’ll write another article on them, what little I know now! Thanks for the comment, Altea. P.S. The Anunnaki use the big portal in the Bootes constellation (Arcturus) whenever they travel interdimensionally into their other galaxies/universe. Wow!


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