Eliza: Journal Entry, 26 May 2023 – “Now why don’t she write?”

Photo by picjumbo.com on Pexels.com

Eliza: Journal Entry, 26 May 2023 – “Now why don’t she write?”

Welcome to the American unofficial start of summer, Memorial Day weekend, when millions will attempt to drive/fly to vacation spots with mixed degrees of success. Frankly, I hated camping on three-day weekends when everyone and their uncle showed up, often people unused to camping who want all of the conveniences of home including a generator so they can watch television.

Yesterday and this morning, I was doing chores. Although retired and able to determine my own schedule, I do keep some things on the date book, specifically grocery shopping and laundry.

Also, I found myself relishing the fact that I didn’t feel compelled to find something to add to the blog. As one reader suggested, I am enjoying my little sabbatical from doing massive blogging. Another thing, I have discontinued reading some of the busier intel telegram channels as it was just getting too much. I was spending too much time on Telegram, reading disheartening news, and getting sick and tired of it. When I say “disheartening” it is simply that in the outer world we are beginning “to see” the covert battle playing out more in our own lives, primarily for the benefit of those still sleeping… at least that’s what the intel folks keep saying. I would rather focus on watching gardening, pet, 4×4 overlanding videos, etc., than waste time watching controversial arguments with woke idiots that won’t wake up no matter what you do.

Warnings have come out for this weekend regarding possible blackouts taking place in selected cities. If you happen to still live in a Democratic-run city, you can probably expect some sort of chaos to take place, whether a false flag attack that the media claims was done by a radical right-wing Nazi (when actually done by a non-citizen with communist sympathies), etc. The media gaslighting may be turned up quite a few notches as the remaining Deep State minions are actively being flushed out into the light by the White Hats.

I would advise to not attend any large events staged in public settings, but make up your own mind on that one.

Another scenario that has been on the radar of late is the possibility that the financial markets will crash, especially around June 1st if the U.S. Corporation defaults. This default business is a lot of hullabollu since the Corp. defaulted in 2021 and has been in bankruptcy for years. The Corporation doesn’t even exist anymore. New fiat dollars have not been printed since 2017, so when newscasters talk about the Fed printing more dollars they are: 1) lying, gaslighting, or 2) following a script designed to make people think the Fed is still in charge when it is categorically NOT; or 3) continuing the slow boil of “waking up” the sleepers, especially when their bank accounts are frozen and seized by desperate banks.

(My opinion, not financial advice) Get thee out of the giant corporate banks, folks. Your decision, your money. There will be a transition to Central Bank Digital Currencies which will be resisted by the people, but how that scenario plays out in your world is dependent on your state/nation of residence. CBDCs have been forbidden in Florida and I use a credit union, anyway. I left BofA nearly two decades ago. Banking is going to transition from being centralized to decentralized. Whether or not cash/currency will be made available is, again, dependent on your residence. The fiat dollar is being flushed out of the system as it has been the means of paying for the services of those who perform child/human trafficking, weapons trafficking, acting as hit men for the Democrat Party, and an assorted of deviltries… When the Quantum Financial System is fully online and available to the public, ALL transactions will be audited, which will prevent a lot of crime, which has been until now, usually paid for “under the table”, i.e., by suitcases of cash. I am not a financial advisor and cannot answer questions regarding the QFS, RV, or related topics.

Now, I noticed that the comments suddenly all dried up. Did I frighten you, folks, or act too stern? I just want y’all to realize that nothing you put up online is “private”, nothing. Personal health information should only be shared with your chosen health providers. Giving medical advice to others is also frowned upon. If you wish to have personal conversations, fine, but take it elsewhere.

I am not attempting to start up a group following here. I’ve done the group thing several times and find it isn’t my thing. I’m too independent by nature to follow the crowd or toe the line. I encourage my readers to question everything, including what I put up.

Some of our Galactic friends have noticed that humanity in general is too trusting of authority and needs to develop their individual discernment. Even if I appear to better researched than some, this does not make me an authority. I try to give my personal impressions on a topic, as well as snippets of my personal experiences. My experiences will differ greatly from those who have spouses, have raised children, and currently work for a living. Accept the fact that we all come from a different perspective, sometimes even from our parents who brought us up. Mine have been gone for over two decades, so I’m on my own… which suits me.

If a question pertains to the subject discussed, fine. Same with comments. If you have a comment or question on something you are curious about, direct it (them) to my email:


If I feel any question might be an appropriate topic for an article, I will request permission to use it, anonymously, of course, and post an article on the blog sometime that week. Don’t be disappointed if your question isn’t used.

I can give advice, but you can totally ignore it. In regards to “the movie”, it depends on events, not dates. If you are constantly looking for dates, you are going to suffer from chronic disappointment. Yet, I suppose it is appropriate for some people to go through the disappointment phase as perhaps they will learn to detach from expectations, always being “right”, and seeking results for uncomfortable situations outside of themselves.

True balance and serenity comes from spending time with your Self, away from the noise, from the Internet, from the TV, from outside stimulation. Go for a walk this weekend. Listen to the rain beating on the window. Enjoy the hot spring sunshine that will be streaming forth in some parts of the world. Play with your children or pets or both. Read a book. Listen to music. Send a question off into the aether and let go… the answer will come when you are ready to hear it.

Personally, I intend to read more this weekend. I have a couple of articles in mind, perhaps more on the Nebu, but I’m not sure yet, so no promises.

If SG Anon puts up another Audio File, I will post it. Other than that, I am not going to actively look for or post a lot of intel. In the past I have provided links and suggested sites that people can join if they are hungry for such things. TruthSocial and Telegram are available for cellphones; neither cost anything. I am not on Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok… but you can find things on those, too, although Meta has announced it is going to actively censor Christian related topics… (white hat influence designed to annoy Facebook users? Or the DS puffing up its attempts at censorship? Don’t know; don’t care… I left FB in 2019 because I was already being censored there!).

Okay, folks, I’m done here. I want to wish the American readers a great Memorial Day weekend. The rest of you, enjoy your weekend… spring in the north, autumn in the southern latitudes.

Be well,

Eliza Ayres



Photo by Askar Abayev on Pexels.com
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3 Responses to Eliza: Journal Entry, 26 May 2023 – “Now why don’t she write?”

  1. Lorrie says:

    I’m with you on the social media sites. Lots of very crabby people. I call it “victim of the week”, or what group shall we pick on this time. And yes, it’s a pain in the a$$ to do much blogging. I’ve let it go for quite a while, because: crabby people. Thank you for putting it out there.


    • Eliza Ayres says:

      Thanks, Lorrie. Yes, sometimes it is best to step back from the rat race… and see what nurtures us, rather than drain us as individuals. I can’t meet the needs of other people and shouldn’t be expected to… I’ll continue writing but on my terms.

      Thanks for the comment. ~Eliza


  2. pathwaytosovereignty says:

    Soooo delightful to see this photo – and like you – I too have given up many years ago things like FB etc. etc. I simply cannot be bothered to amplify the 3D/4D world. Have a beautiful weekend. Heart blessings…. Libby


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