SPECIAL: Laura Walker of Oracle Report

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Visit link below to hear this special interview:

Rumble — A special report from Laura Walker of the Oracle Report on the current situation and what to expect in the coming months.

Laura covers the Space Weather forecast through the end of the year, into 2022 and a bit into 2023.

Note to Readers: Laura Walker recently experienced a stroke and could not speak or write for months. Now, she is speaking again but usually only focused on space weather and the corresponding Sabian symbols.

Phoenix sponsored this interview on Patriot Intel Report, 11 Sept 2021.

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Crepe Myrtle

Greetings, everyone. I haven’t posted for quite a while. I’ve been taking some time off from blogging, since I have been feeling a bit of burn-out. I also joined Kerry K’s Plasma Light Tribe and have been taking advantage of the massive library of meditations and weekly Friday calls for her patreon group. In short, I have been enjoying immersing myself into an experiential atmosphere rather than writing anything.

Despite not being the best of meditators here, I have found it easy to follow Kerry’s guided meditations. She doesn’t tell you what to see, feel, think or believe — a nice break from the typical ‘you need to do this’ stuff found many places on the internet.

Right now, I am going to continue to enjoy this well-deserved break.

You know, people often ask me questions that really are not mine to answer. I would encourage everyone reading these words to realize that the answers you are seeking are to be found within your own being.

Discovering the calm center within will aid in providing a safe haven as we continue to navigate choppy waters during this transitional period. It’s your choice and your responsibility.

I wish everyone well. Autumn is approaching or at least the Equinox. I got outside this morning to observe a blazing sunrise as I began my daily morning walk. Beautiful. There are many beautiful things to observe beyond politics and intel.

For now, go in peace.


P.S. One more thing: This morning I was greeted with, “Greetings, my Beloved!” It was Commander Aiden greeting his mate, Lady Sundeelia. Lately, I have been wondering just who I am these days. I guess he would know better than anyone else… and he answered my question, as well. Sunny is back… if she actually ever left. Hmmm, being here on an ascending planet is difficult enough; this confusion just adds to the adventure, I guess. Sigh. Still, I am doing well, despite all of it… gaining some perspective and distance from what I was told/taught then I first arrived on these shores. I am a very different person than I was just a short year ago and will continue to adjust, change, transform, and grow. Love to all, ~Sunny

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Great Blue Heron

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Prime Directive of the Galactic Federation of Worlds

In this Exopolitics Today interview, Elena Danaan, a former professional French archeologist, discusses a recent communication she received that details the Prime Directive of the Galactic Federation of Worlds. Elena is publicly releasing the ten articles making up the Prime Directive, along with commentary by her primary extraterrestrial contact, Thor Han Eredyon. The contents of the Prime Directive are known to participants in secret meetings and agreements that have occurred between the Galactic Federation and national space program leaders and major aerospace corporations. Its contents have not been publicly released until today. In the discussion with Dr Michael Salla, the contents and implications of the Prime Directive are analyzed in terms of their scope and implications for humanity.

Note to Reader: I thought this discussion important to allow people to realize the Prime Directive presented through the Star Trek TV series is real. It also reveals why the Galactics do not overtly interfere with our civilization.

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Kerry K: Plasma Light Body Correction

Note to Readers: You will note this is a departure from my ‘usual’ presentation. I have posted Kerry’s videos in the past as an adjunct (often as an inspiration) for my own posts, but today I thought this to be important to present to my entire audience as modest as it is, in the hopes you will generate a wave of information by passing this on to your own family and friends.

In the video, Kerry mentions a blog post that she originally wrote as she had received from the Galactics with whom she consciously works (for the most part through her dreams). The blog post contains light codes which will activate your own plasma light body correction. So, below, I will post the entirety of this post for your reading pleasure. I have obtained written permission (via email) from Kerry to do this. I hope you enjoy this and the rest of the work Kerry K has presented as part of her mission here during this Ascension window.

First, here are Kerry’s notes on her YouTube video:

This is an exceptional Energy Update, it’s something that will be applicable for many years to come and describes some difficult truths about our planet as well as some historic corrections that have just occurred, these corrections are to planetary plasma fields also known as the planetary light body. These corrections to the plasma field directly align the plasma light body of the individual, giving them opportunities to finally leave the earth matrix at the completion of this lifetime, should they choose to.

Lightworkers, which is to say every human being who has taken effort to uphold their personal vibratory field, every human being who in some way has undertaken a path to connecting to their spirituality and themselves as a spiritual being are the very ones who allowed for this correction to happen at this time. We were not alone, we were supported by the Galactics (non-terrestrial 5D+ consciousness’) and of course, Earth herself.

Read the blog post here: https://kerryk.net/plasma-light-body-…

And now, the blog post:

Plasma Light Body Correction – An Important Energy Update And Healing For All

I first shared this information on Thursday the 22nd of July at 1am. I was in a meeting with the Galactics which often happen in dream state. I was awoken immediately after receiving this important information, to share it with my Patreon Plasma Light Tribe so that before I shared it with everyone else, it could be embodied by a small group who would establish this Plasma Light Body Correction in their body consciousness, making it easier for others to align to the same.

I remember sitting down to write this blog, kind of blurry-eyed yet highly energised to the point that I could feel currents of plasma light frequency bouncing off my words. I then became aware that the Galactics had given me light encoded information and it was being transmitted through my worlds. As you read these words now, it is no different to those who held the first embodiment, you will also have full access to the energised, potentized, healing frequency that they convey.

If possible, as you read, allow yourself to have no distractions looming, give yourself just these few minutes to fully absorb the energetic transmission contained in these words. As you read on, the words will begin to translate to a living plasma energy field accessible to your plasma light body, and in turn to your etheric and physical bodies. Sometimes there is a delay in this information reaching the physical body, although for some it will be immediate, sometimes the information comes in waves that land up being reinforced and expanded upon over the coming minutes, hours and days.

The plasma light body healing that is being introduced to you through connecting with these words, is a self-correcting energy field, to understand what this means and its impact on you, take a purposeful breath, steady yourself, and read on:

You are now interacting with a plasma-light-field containing some of the original light codes of creation. Something your body has been deprived of for many, many lifetimes. It is like a living download, a direct conversation between you and Creator-Source-Consciousness. This highly accessible plasma field is a self-correcting-template made available to you for your highest and most divine healing, at whatever levels you may need it.

What is my Plasma Light Body and why is it important?

Plasma, as a substance, is both physical and non-physical/energetic. Every few milliseconds, you phase into and out of form, your body oscillates between the atomic and sub-atomic at a non-perceptible speed. Materializing and dematerializing, from matter to consciousness, in a seemingly never evening dance of spirit and form. This oscillation is maintained on a plasma circuitry, therefore embedded in both the atomic and sub-atomic forms.

Plasma is formed in the electro-magnetic fields of creation. It is the substance of creation, it is Consciousness, in form, and pre-form. Plasma, therefore, is creation in its bare state, think of it as the resultant arc of light from electro-magnetic interplay; imagine cosmic lightening and there you have it, you’re seeing plasma.

You are a plasma light being, and like all plasma, you exist as both solid and non-solid, the particle and the wave. This means that all your potentials, exist as pockets of light encoded information embedded into your plasma body. You draw on and access from this field every time you step into creation. Creation, however, is really not the right word because creation implies that you are building or making something out of nothing. Since all potentials already exist in the plasma field, you are simply learning to draw to you, whatever is in your highest alignment, and magnetising it to you.

Why don’t I normally attract my most optimal creations then?

That’s the million-dollar question and where this starts getting really interesting. Buckle up!

Self-replicating distortions

Distortions in your physical body such as pain, illness, aging and injury; as well as distortions in your emotional body such as hurt, programmed patterns, negative, limiting beliefs, all exist in your plasma body too. However, when the plasma body is aligned, those alignments will automatically express themselves into the physical and emotional bodies.

Our individual plasma body holds numerous distortions in order to match the distorted plasma body of earth. This pairing is essential to sustaining life, it is the necessary matching of co-resonant frequencies and is how life on all planets throughout the Cosmos operates.

Earth’s plasma body was captured and held in a highly unnatural state for millions of years. This number is hard to quantify due to numerous timeline distortions. Suffice to say, it’s been a very long time. In this time, Earth’s chakras, and meridians (lay lines) were programmed at the plasma level to distort and hold anti-life codes. Our physical bodies, to be hosted here, had to correspond to these distortions. Many starseeds were captured in earth’s capture and locked into repeating cycles of accumulating karmic patterns of grief and despair.

This is exactly why, we land up “naturally” co-creating distortions in our reality rather than harmonious outcomes. We are in a sense, programmed, bound, and destined to follow the trajectory of earths distorted energy field and self-replicate the very distortions we have come here to amend. Many of us saw the distortions in earths plasma body and came in as support crew to initiate the return of natural, divine order.

What does the capturing of earths plasma field mean?

When earths plasma light body was captured and placed in an unnatural tilt that it could not correct, it resulted in something called a rotational stagnancy, which is counter to the dynamic flow of rotation all planets throughout the cosmos experience. Rotational stagnancy means that although the earth rotates, the flow of energy does not, it is locked into position and therefore becomes stagnant and repetitive and ultimately self-defeating, self-sabotaging and exhausting. One of the reasons why we keep repeating patterns. The self-replicating nature of this distortion locked us, along with the planet, into unnatural karmic spirals, set about to prevent us from ever reaching our higher nature and transmuting the distortion.

Why so much effort?

If earth was locked into this unnatural alignment, and humans would automatically follow suit, why was so much effort put into maintaining the humans and preventing them from becoming aware of who they really are?

As you may well know, so much effort was spent on keeping humanity distracted and programmed to believe in their futility, meaninglessness, and powerlessness precisely because the dark ones knew that humans had DNA from God-Creator-Beings and if they were to use their potential, they would instantly amend the distorted plasma field and destroy the entire anti-life system of reversals that they had worked so hard to establish. Because as much as humans must correspond to their host planet, their host planet also has the ability to correspond to them.

For the humans to correct their plasma field distortions required only one thing, the connection to their presence as Christed (Krystic) Beings of God-Consciousness. Everything was done to prevent this because when the humans began to rise above the programming, it would create a ripple effect and flow into the collective, liberating them as well as the planet.

But couldn’t earth have gotten herself out of the plasma field distortion, isn’t she powerful enough?

Yes, she is more than powerful enough and yes, she could have done this. But if she did, it could have had devastating consequences for the existing earth humans who would have been catapulted into awakening far earlier than they were ready for. It also could have resulted in her implosion (not necessarily a bad thing for an eternal being) and an annihilation of the human collective. There was always the opportunity we are currently in, whereby we would wait for an ascension cycle, where cosmic influence would naturally amend the plasma field distortions and wherein the plasma light body could regenerate. Whilst we can say that “we did this”, we became aware of our higher alignment and this changed the earths plasma distortion, it would be more true to say that this was a team effort, with many humans in full and active participation along with the Galactics silently working behind the scenes.

Earth breathed a sigh of relief

On the day that I became aware of all of this, it was in a meeting with the Galactics and quickly realised that a once self-replicating distortion was rapidly become a self-replicating correction, I could feel our planetary body take a sigh of relief. I still feel that sigh of relief from her rippling through my body.

Another important point regarding this Plasma Field Correction:

When earths plasma light body was released back to her natural flow, so was yours. This means you are no longer held on earth, unable to escape, but rather, you are free to be here or not and when you are done with this life, you are finally free to leave or stay. The choice just became yours.

The role of the Galactics

The Galactics are working with us as guardians of our ascension, ensuring that we are granted a fair opportunity for organic ascension as a planet and as individuals. We have a tremendous role in this, and we are asserting ourselves in that role. Whether we know it or not, we are accelerating consciousness through our active participation in our healing. Earths grids are being repaired, her plasma body has undergone rapid and monumental healing. This in turn, sets the collective human body form free from bondage and suffering.

Focus again on the words you are reading, they are an anchor light, guiding you to access waves of energy that are being gifted to our morphogenic (collective) field, liberating the once-distortions of our plasma field.

Plasma is highly programmable, and once entrained to a distortion will perpetually maintain it until purposefully redirected.

These words are your purposeful redirect, making you aware that a self-correcting cosmic light of the highest divine order, is permeating your plasma light body, realigning you with the cosmic blueprint of creation. Realignment with Christ (Krystic) Consciousness and your natural blueprint.

Returning you to your home state. A natural state of grace within creation, aligned to perpetual life, abundance, and healing.

The Universe is giving you a gift today, read those words again and feel yourself silently saying “yes” to that gift, consciously participating in your liberation from plasma light body distortion and experiencing the self-correcting nature of the universe as Earth and her inhabitants align to their rightful energy grids.

How to best harness the healing effects of the plasma field correction?

I am launching a 21 day Conscious Breath Initiative, it will start during the week of the 26th of July, it will be free and you’ll find it on my youtube channel. Beyond doing this 21 day challenge with me, to align you to stillness, presence and the power of your breath, I recommend going over the Stability Trilogy Series to prepare you to receive and harness the power of this upgrade. It is already infused into the Stability Series and those who had done it both before and after the Plasma Field Correction have noted how much stronger the energy flow is now.

My Plasma Patreon Light Tribe is exactly where you need to be if this information is appealing to you and resonant for you, we meet every week for a live call, and you gain instant access to an entire library of content (including the Stability Series).

With love


And Celebration

Kerry K


❤ ❤ ❤

So, there you are, folks. It’s your choice to accept this great gift from the Galactics, our starry families… or not.

Much love,

Eliza Ayres

P.S. The original wording and spelling has been retained per Kelly’s request. In case you are wondering, she is from South Africa, hence the differences in spelling from American English.

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Eliza: On Simplicity

Eliza:  On Simplicity

Here is another delicious and very wise quote from Kerry K, an ascension teacher from South Africa.  I encourage you to have a listen to her YouTube channel.  Today, she wrote this on her Telegram channel:

Life is simple.  When I say those three words, many people shut off because there is a knee-jerk response within them that says “that’s impossible!”  Their lives are often testimony to complexity and hardship; yet, when all the maddening chaos finally wears itself out, because inevitably it will, what is left is a strange and barely recognizable place called – simplicity.  When you come upon that simplicity, especially if you’ve been away from it for a long time, you may experience a surreal recollection of this space, as if a distant memory is waking up.

Aaah, simplicity.  It always returns, although that’s not technically correct.  Simplicity never goes anywhere; it is the person who moves away from it and eventually returns to their centre where simplicity has always been.  In the simple silent knowing of what is, there are only two words to be spoken.  I am.  That is all.  That is enough.  Those two words adequately convey the entirety of your journey from beginning, to the harrowing middle and the nerve biting culmination.  They express the volumes of your experience and the inevitable truth, that no matter how far from your centre you travelled, you were always, inevitably, due to return.

You can find Kerry K on her Instagram account, @KerryK and on YouTube.

~   ~   ~

And now, for my perspective on this topic.  Egads!  I am discovering an abundance of inspirational quotations from some very astute, wise, and compassionate beings here!  I will, however, have to keep in mind the physical limitations of this vehicle.  Too much typing hurts the wrists and tightens up the shoulders.  Anyone who types for a living or does data entry will know of what I speak.  I have done both!

Now, simplicity, such a simple thing, don’t you think?  Yet, the ego mind, influenced by the deceptions of the Dark Brotherhood, has decided that if something is simple, it must be 1) fake; 2) too obvious, and therefore, unbelievable; 3) It’s not possible… i.e., disbelief. 

This discussions brings to mind a lovely old Shaker folksong, ‘Tis a Gift to be Simple…’:

While the lifestyle of the Shakers is probably not for everyone, yet it is the essence of simplicity.  I think the Shakers were on to something, a desire to reach beyond the ever-increasing complexity of religion and societal mores during their times.  They and others like them, chose to commune directly with their Creator, without the mediumship of a priest or minister.  They were a bit ahead of their time, but should be an example to follow, with certain adaptions, of course, to more ‘modern’ sensibilities. 

Inner communion with the Divine is the right of every organic human being on the planet, no matter what form this communion might take – that should be up to the individual and Source.

When other men or women attempt to dictate how one should think and feel, they are violating Cosmic Law.

When you give up your power to another, because you have been conditioned to believe (be lied to) that they are in some manner or another superior in knowledge or sanctity than your humble self, well, you have exchanged gold for dust.

Be you the most ignorant person on the planet… or should I say the most uneducated person on the planet, you contain within your own Heart more wisdom than can be contained within the Bodleian Library at Oxford University or any other library known to man.  The wisdom contained within you is quantum, without end, without beginning.  All you need do is to access it and that you can do without a library card.  However, you do have to settle your mind, allay your doubts and fears, open your heart and TRUST in the Purity that exists within Life.

Will you ‘get’ every answer to every question immediately?  Probably not, but you’re still free to ask.  The answer will be given when you are ready to trust it, when you are open enough to accept the answer, else it will be denied and therefore, locked away until you are prepared to repeat the process… until you ‘get it’.

Spirituality is simple.  Love.  Compassion for self and others.  Faith that miracles can happen.  And applying hard work to make things happen.  Stuff doesn’t get done when you just sit there on your behind waiting for others to do things for you.  You, dear ones, are the hands, feet, eyes, minds, of Source energy and it works THROUGH you, through your creativity, through your determination, through your courage, through your vision.

Nature can appear to be complex in… well, nature.  Yet, with some quiet observation, you will notice there are patterns, there is organization, even in the most jumbled of landscapes like the sandstone formations of Southern Utah in the States.  There is a Divine Intelligence underlying all Life.  Beauty exists for its own sake.  It doesn’t need anyone to look at it, but is it not a delight for the eyes to behold?  Is not a peach a delight to hold in your hand, to smell its sweet fragrance and to taste its lush, juicy flesh?  Nature is.  You are.  Your body is a part of Nature.

Seek to simplify your life.  Let go of the programming and conditioning you encountered as youngsters in the warped system that currently passes for education on this planet.  Let go of relationships if you deem that they are retarding or slowing down your inner growth.  Let go of everything, even personal belongings that weigh you down, that serve no practical purpose in life.  You do not need to be a minimalist in practice, but having only what you need when you need it will serve you well.  There is less to worry about… and while you’re at it, drop the worry thing.  Life happens.  Prepare as best you can, then let it go.  Adapt when circumstances demand it.  Help each other.  Be kind to self and others.

Humanity was set here upon Terra billions of years ago.  Civilizations have come and gone.  Humanity has been contacted and had contact with extraterrestrial civilizations.  Modern man is the invention of Galactic races, 21 of them donating their DNA towards the creation of a new race of humanoids. Modern man was created to be a slave race, but even slaves can free themselves in time. For you, dear ones, that time has arrived.

While some of you are afraid of Extraterrestrials, we regard you as Family.  We are here to assist, but we are NOT your saviors.  For a race to arrive at full adulthood, to become a fully-fledged Galactic race, you must pull yourself up out of the mire with your own bootstraps…

Tazjma used to be an avid hiker.  Once she stepped into a black sticky mire on a forest trail and lost her boot, temporarily.  It’s not fun to attempt to pull a boot out of a foot-deep mud hole, while balancing a full backpack on your back!  Neither is it fun to have your freedoms snatched away from you by someone to whom you have unconsciously given your power away… which has happened to humanity here on Terra.

To balance that unintentional error in judgment, you are required to put your lives on the line, to make known to ‘the authorities’, usually spineless, arrogant, nasty faceless bureaucrats who are following orders from above, that you will not comply, you will not obey, you will not allow the infringement upon your God-given rights to life, liberty, and fulfillment, to be removed from you.

You are more powerful than your controllers, dear ones.  And they know it.  They fear you even as they fear the Light.  They have tried everything they can do through intimidation, blackmail, murder, bribery, violence, wars, deception, poisoning the food/water/soil/air, creating biochemical weapons, etc., etc., in an attempt to control and dominate humanity.  Have they succeeded in destroying the lot of you who remain?  No.  Humanity will survive this tremendous test, but you need to discover the inner fire of the Heart, the calm center that allows you to think clearly, to strategize your next move, to find beauty, love and compassion for those who are most injured.  You can do it, folks; you have all of the raw ingredients inside.  Now, make some banana bread! Or cobbler. Or pie. Pardon me, Eliza isn’t eating carbs right now!

Okay, I’ll stop now.  I feel my neck (my borrowed neck) tightening up.  Hope you are enjoying the alteration in tone.  I am. 

I AM Eliza, here to serve.  Blessings to all.

© All Rights Reserved, no recordings/videos are permitted, Eliza Ayres, www.bluedragonjournal.com and https://sunnysjournal.com

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The Dark is Unraveling

Quan Yin seated on a Golden Lotus

Eliza:  The Dark is Unraveling

This is brilliant statement from an ascension teacher, Kelly K, who presently has a YouTube channel:

“Everything that Darkness does to expand, is its own undoing, its own unraveling, to revert back into LIGHT!” ~ Kelly K

See the video below where Kelly speaks at more length on this subject:

And then, we have this wonderful quote from the Pleiadians via Barbara Marciniak:

“As you claim yourself and build a bridge in this fleeting moment of opportunity, it is important to understand that evil cannot be eradicated. What you call evil has a purpose, and sometimes the same tools can be utilized to access either light or dark energies. We have referred to the dark side of living as Family of Dark.

We ask you to recognize that darkness is greatest before the dawn, and that the darkness holds many keys… Whenever you go somewhere new, you are bound to meet an unknown. The presumptions you apply to the unknown territory determine what you will experience. You cannot go into a higher frequency of energy without exploring every territory; therefore, the dark side of humanity and the dark side of existence now call to you to examine and understand them.

Wayshowers are repatterning many realities now. They live quietly, and you may never hear their names, yet they are pioneering new avenues of frequency where the dark conspiracy stories of planetary, solar, and galactic control can be understood. This is no mystery to those of you who have spotted the clues over the years, the synchronicities that have shown you a bigger picture of existence, where everything is much more connected. Yet you have been encouraged to believe that nothing is connected. To understand the restructuring of Earth’s frequency, you must first learn about the controllers of Earth.

Some of you will eventually ask, “How could things have become so corrupt?” Well, how could they? That is for you to answer. Your challenge is to go from the lowest of frequencies to the highest, and exploring the dark misuse of power will take you there.

When we talk about power and darkness, do not feel that you have to run away from this realization to have light. You must learn about the power of darkness in order to understand the wounds and waywardness in the souls of these beings, who are desperately seeking something that was never given to them by their parents or by anyone else. Because of this lack the practice stays in their bloodline.

What is missing? You already know: It is love.

The wayward ones on your planet, whether murderers, rapists, pedophiles, or mass manipulators, are all devoid of love and do not know it. And so, your task of healing the planet will grow greater as the dark secrets of the world’s ruling families and their dark occult practices are discovered.

When darkness crosses your path, you cannot run from it… When you run from the dark you give it more power, allowing it to perpetuate itself…  We ask you to rethink and reevaluate your lives as you are called to regenerate yourselves. You shall change, you will change, you must change, because it is the season of change. When the storms become dark, find your courage and face your fears.

You cannot reach the light without knowing the dark, and the dark comes now in massive amounts asking to be healed.

The form of love we speak of has not been practiced here for hundreds of thousands of years. Genetically you are dealing with the cleansing of a long, long line of humanity, generation upon generation of wounds.  It is a challenging time in which you live, a challenge to examine how degenerate humankind’s frequencies have become as a whole.

The task ahead is to not underestimate the job, but to truly look at the darkness and see the work that has been cut out for you: to regenerate yourselves and your planet by finding what is really important, what you are going to value. Shocking changes will create a destabilization of civilization, and this is all meant to be.

Some of you want to experience the time of light as if you were driving from one picnic to another. That is not the case. The issue of accountability must be addressed on your planet; not to blame people but to teach them that at this time each person must be his or her own leader. The truth is that no one is going to lead you.”

– Barbara Marciniak, Family of Light

~   ~   ~

More things to ponder over, eh?

Now, what did I write about earlier?  What is the opposite to Love?  Fear.

How does fear get programmed into the human psyche?  Through repetitious abuse, be it emotional, mental, or physical.  In the case of the elite families, the abuse takes all three forms so the programming penetrates deeply into the psyche.  And it starts young, very young.  So, when you begin to see videos of child abuse or abused children being broadcast on your evening news, do not direct your anger only to the ones who were brought up in this manner.  They have known nothing else in their lives, short or long, nothing but abuse.  And they hate the system in which they have grown up, but fear the consequences should they attempt to leave, as probably most of these people have seen other children or adults killed before their very eyes and perhaps, by their own hand. 

Now, breathe.  In a former life, Sundeelia lived through this sort of treatment for a decade of her young life.  She was a he at the time, Raphael Kantor, whom some of you have encountered in the few chapters from her writings that have been put up on Sunny’s Journal.  He was not brought up into a Dark family but was a captive of war.  He was rescued, many are not, including those on Terra today who grow up into these dark families.

How can you treat those individuals who when their crimes are revealed before humanity?  With compassion.  It will demand a lot from you as a lightworker to be able to look into the eyes of a mass murderer and see a human being there, a frightened, angry, confused human being.

Some of these ‘people’ are not fully human, but that is the topic for another essay.  Yet, their essence is encompassed within a human body.  Do we truly understand what drives these people to do what they have done for thousands of years, perpetrating lies, intentionally creating violence, misunderstandings, wars, disease, and pestilence?  If not, then we need to look into the darkness and shed the Light upon it and see with our inner eyes and Heart the deep-seated pain that is caused when one turns away from the Light.

The darkness is not devoid of Light, but seeks to camouflage it, to invert it… all the symbols that humanity holds dear, the reputed words of God written in sacred texts – a very edited volume that does not hold much of the information granted through the sages and masters through the ages.  The history of this world has been intentionally suppressed so humanity would be cut off from its roots, like a young tree with its bark stripped to intentionally damage, weaken or kill it.

Have you ever seen a tree growing out of a split in solid granite?  I have.  Life is a miracle.

Have you ever looked into the eyes of a convicted murderer who is ‘in’ for life?  I have.  And what did I see there?  Another human being.  In our encounter, actually several, we treated each other with respect and courtesy.  Is that possible with some of those whom we could call psychopaths?  Probably not.  I have encountered a few of those, too.  It is nearly impossible to communicate to them, to break through the madness and reach the human within, if there still is a kernel of a frightened child within. 

The Dark is arrogant.  It is unable to create and so those who are brought up into Dark Families follow the instructions laid out by their leaders.  They are unable to do anything else, being almost robotic in nature… well, actually, anti-nature, anti-life, certainly anti-human.  They regard everything living as the enemy, to be used, abused, owned, killed or maimed for their ‘entertainment’.  They would do the same to their own kin if told to by their handlers, for they all have handlers.

The Dark thrives in darkness, in the hidden rituals, hidden texts, hidden symbols, hidden or what we call ‘occult’ practices.  Those brought up into these families feel that they are innately superior to the rest of humanity, that they are ‘special’, that they have a divine right to rule those whom they choose to let live. 

Yet, the Dark cannot survive long when the Light shines upon it.  Like an earthworm washed out onto a drying sidewalk after a storm, it squirms and struggles to hide itself beneath the soil once again, out of sight, so it can develop plans in secrecy, then, flaunt them brazenly to humanity through the avenue of movies and works of fiction.

For while most of humanity is not aware of Cosmic Law, the denizens of the Dark Families are.  They are taught black magic from childhood, about the power of symbols, incantations, the summoning of demons, the necessity to follow the formula to the letter.  These methods have served them well… until now.

What is different now?  The intense Light of the Cosmos is penetrating deep into their strongholds, into their secret redoubts, into the Deep ‘Military’ Underground Bases (D.U.M.B.s) across the world, into the dark tunnels which they have used trillions of stolen dollars and gold to construct so they could be safe while the outer world is destroyed by some created or natural disaster, be it an atomic war, enormous Solar Flash, the planet tilting on its axis and flipping, or some other enormous disaster scenario. 

The dark families do not love humanity.  They hate or at least, they have been programmed to hate humanity.  They have been programmed to hate, which is just another word for fear… the opposite of love.  They hate humanity; they hate themselves.  For have I not told you that fear is the opposite of love?  And that all who are present here are One?  Even those who have been brought up to see themselves as different, as special, as chosen… are no different than the humblest being on Earth… and they really hate that realization.  It is something that literally drives them insane.

So, how do you think one of the global elites feels when his house is sprayed with horse manure?  How would you feel, especially after you have been told all your life that you are better than those others who are now daring to defy your commands?  Confused, angry, arrogant… perhaps, afraid?  Well, I guess that depends on the level of psychosis within the mind of the individual.

The Dark contains the seeds of its own demise.  Like a neglected formal garden… for what thrives in a neglected garden?  Weeds.  Strong, resilient weeds.  We, humanity, are considered weeds or merely cattle, to be used by the dark families and their minions.  So, it is understandable that these former in-control-types are freaking out and panicking as more and more of their most sacred secrets are being revealed by determined researchers despite and probably because of all the threats, deaths, ‘suicides’ that have resulted through years, if not decades of digging into the bowels of Darkness to reveal a pitiful old, gray-haired man manipulating the controls of mass media as his plans for world domination are laid out to be seen by the profane… the common men and women who have taken upon themselves the mission to expose the darkness for what it really is… merely an attempt to hide the Light that exists IN ALL THINGS, SACRED AND PROFANE.

The Light of the Divine exists in all things, even within the heart of darkness.  Light does not emerge from darkness.  Light is there and these psychotic heavily programmed arrogant people know it… in whatever is left of their stony hearts.  For they have convinced themselves that they can live without Light, without goodness, without mercy, without hope, without faith, without… Love. 

No one can live, truly live, without love.  A child who has never been loved is someone who is damaged, weakened, traumatized.  These people have never been accepted for what they are, but abused, exposed to dark rituals from early childhood, altered, perverted, broken… Unless they have somehow managed to discover a way to escape the nightmare, they become psychotic robots, incapable of love or affection, meting out upon others what was meted out upon them.

Now, whether or not those individuals who surrender to the Light Forces can be rehabilitated is questionable.  Most of these ‘creatures’ are so incredibly damaged that they are beyond being saved.  Yet, the children of these creatures can be saved, although they will have to be carefully watched as they grow up to see if any of the behavioral characteristics of their parental lines shows up when they are adults. 

The Dark has overplayed its hand, whether intentionally or as a part of a movie script set out by the White Hats to educate the sleeping, programmed masses. 

The lightworkers have a lot of work ahead.  For out of those sleeping masses will come those who cannot wake up, those who will wake up more slowly, and those who manage to crack the door of disbelief and fear to see… the Light.

Humanity has centuries of trauma to clear before it can successfully move into the Golden Age.  Some people will have more resilience than others.  Some will not make the transition and that is okay.  Not everyone is prepared and ready to ascend in frequency this time around.  Some have made the choice to leave, a fact that will become more evident within the next five years.  The population of the future will have been greatly pruned in size, yet humanity will survive and thrive, freed of its former leaders who sought to suppress/repress the natural creativity of which humanity, true humans, are innately capable.  Like strong trees, humanity will take root in the well-watered, light-filled regions of the Golden Age, but between now and then, a transitional period must be endured. 

Those who have not yet fully embodied their soul essence will flinch in the sight of the darkness that appears to be winning.  They will run.  They will seek to hide, but no one can hide from the revelations that are coming, that are here.  If you wish to survive the onslaught of information that is about to create a tsunami effect, smashing all the remaining systems and constructs of the artificial matrix under which humanity has been living, then you must strive to embody your soul, courageously look into the darkness, and see it for the truly pitiful, corrupted, inverted, artificial, anti-life complex of spider webs of deceit that it is.  The constructs of the dark cannot long withstand the oncoming flood of Light that is washing away the old systems. 

People are beginning to wake up, to see the Light, to realize they have been lied to by the news, by their governments, by the medical field, by their educators, by practically everyone who has ever played the role of an authority figure in their lives.  People are bravely confronting the fear being pushed in their faces by rabid, out-of-control governmental agencies and faceless bureaucrats…

Be crushed by the Light of Truth or stand with it.  You have a choice.  Succumb to fear or walk in the Light of the Divine Source of Creation.  It is your choice.

Well, that was rather passionate!  I’ll leave off now.  There is much to consider, to ponder.  Look into your own heart and see what weeds you need to pull there, what energies you need to transmute and dissolve.  What can you love into healing?  Be tender and gentle with yourselves as you will be required to be tender and gentle with those newly awakened ones who will be coming to you for reassurance, for a little TLC… tender, loving care. 

As we heal ourselves from centuries of abuse and trauma, we heal our world, we heal each other, for ultimately, we are One.

I AM Eliza

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, www.bluedragonjournal.com and https://sunnysjournal.com

Videos and recordings of this written material are not permitted.

❤   ❤   ❤

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Eliza: On Polarity

Great Egret, photo by Eliza Ayres


Eliza:  On Polarity

Although I wrote a piece yesterday entitled neutrality, do not get the wrong impression that I am in anyway a pacifist and would not defend myself if pressed.  Yet not everyone who is present upon this planet are meant to go out into the streets and meet head-on the ‘enemy’… who is usually just another delusional mind-programmed minion of those have really controlled their slave race from the shadows, the Illuminati, the Freemasons, the Black Families, the Vatican, the Deep State, the Zionists, the Khazars, the off-world controllers who have orchestrated all wars, poverty, suffering, and disease upon this world.

Some of us ‘fight’ by bringing in more Light, shedding light upon the darkness until it jerks away, repelled by that which frightens it the most, Source energy. We are Light Warriors and we are here among you.

Now, I will present the perspective of an intelligent young man (see below) and then, will give some perspective on the battles, both inner and outer, with which humanity is confronted today.  So, on to the comments made by Bernard Guenther:

Know Thyself – Know Thy Enemy

 by Bernard Guenther

Both (of these halves of the whole understanding) are very much needed right now and in the times ahead.

I think most people still have no idea what we are really up against here and the level of evil that is operating on earth right now which is certainly not obvious for most people who are distracted by appearances or wishful thinking.

I’m not saying this in a doom and gloom sense but looking at cold hard reality without rose colored glasses on, neither falling into Hope or Fear. Know Thy Enemy is just as important as Know Thyself right now. If anyone is triggered by this, please use it as an opportunity to look within. Only by facing your own darkness will you be able to know and face the evil “out there”.

Is there Light and the Good too? Of course, there is but we have been looking away and ignoring what’s been happening for a very long time within ourselves and in the world, and now it’s time to face it all. No more denial. This didn’t just start two years ago; it’s been a long plan and is the real “alien invasion” from an occult perspective, perfectly socially engineered over thousands of years.

In light of the evolution of consciousness with eight billion people and (many) vastly different levels of soul embodiment including soulless humans, The division is necessary and part of the splitting of humanity as I and many others have talked about for years. Various esoteric traditions have conveyed the same.

It’s a natural division in light of the evolution of consciousness during this Time of Transition. I recommend reading the Gnosis trilogy by Mouravieff for deeper esoteric and metaphysical insights on that topic.

Polarization is also necessary and so is friction between the consensus state and the individuated state to ignite the alchemical fire within. Many people feel that friction intensely as they start the individuation process out the consensus state, they have been in most of their lives and lifetimes.

The natural splitting and polarization is DIFFERENT from the artificial divide and conquer strategy of the matrix forces. This is a KEY point to understand so you don’t fall for New Age pop spiritual ideas.

Careful of the distortion of spirituality that teaches pacifism, just focusing on love and light and not getting into “us vs them”. Sri Aurobindo wrote about these distortions as well. Active resistance is necessary and REJECTING the suggestions of the adverse forces on 3D and 4D levels.

Easier said than done because they target our weaknesses, wounds, blind spots, and work through other people but in the end, all there is, are lessons, over lifetimes and lifetimes, until we have fully spiritualized our Being in complete surrender to the Divine.

There are many paradoxes in all this and on the path which the intellect has no ability to unify nor understand. It requires the higher mind to reconcile, holding the tension between the opposites and paradoxes of Polarization and Unity for all is one in the apparent division that is necessary now.

Welcome to the adventure of consciousness. We have only just begun…

– Bernhard Guenther

~   ~   ~

Now, dear ones, can you see with some clarity and discernment just what Master Bernard is expressing?  This is a young man who has diligently applied himself to manage clearing his inner darkness and trauma.  It has not been an easy process for him, as he has also been willing to stick his neck out, figuratively, and share his experiences and insights through his writings and on social media.  He has been attacked viciously by the same energies that the members of the Galactic Federation in this galaxy encountered in the form of the negatively polarized reptilian races and their human allies, even some hundreds of thousands of years ago, in this galaxy, not one far, far away.

Polarity is existent on ALL planes of being, although the intensity of the polarity differs.  Being a low-frequency plane, 3D is especially challenging, on purpose as this world is a school house for souls, both those who are new to the physical existence, some who are very old, experienced souls, and everything (everyone) in between.  There is a spread from those who are highly trained previous to even incarnating and have enough soul experience and connection to their intuition that they intuitively know when something feels ‘off’ or violates their moral code or endangers themselves or others, especially the vulnerable in society, the young and old.

Other souls, perhaps due to their lack of experience in the physical realm, are willing to trust those who should not be trusted, those who do not have intentions for the highest good of the individual or the collective.  And there are still yet other people who are willing to believe whatever they are told by so-called ‘authorities’ without questioning the narrative being given. 

Bernard and his partner (wife) Laura Matsue maintain there is a certain percentage of people who appear to be human but who are not.  Whether or not these ‘beings’ are functioning humans or simply programmed robotoids is anyone’s guess – at least I cannot take just the word of two people to condemn 20% of the population of Terra as being clones or robotoids, artificial intelligence disguised as living, breathing, thinking humans.  If such a thing is true, it will be revealed in undeniable terms in the near future. The concept of A1 robots pretending to be human is anathema to my sensibilities.  Let me clarify, the opinion or knowing of these two young people is not the issue.  It is the thought that a portion of this planet’s population is already artificial in nature that bothers me, as it should bother anyone who has managed to embody their soul.

Now, wait a minute… am I claiming that aliens have already controlled our planet?  Well, yes, but that control has been slipping.  The really powerful Beings, the Anunnaki leaders like Lord Marduk, who dominated the planet for centuries, have been removed by the Light Forces.  Only their demented minions remain, although these highly programmed individuals are set on fulfilling the agenda as it was set out centuries ago by their dark masters.  If you listen to or read alternative sources, you may find out, in bits and snatches, the dark and highly suppressed REAL history of this planet and how it was taken over by dark masters long ago. 

These beings were extremely technologically advanced in comparison to the existing Earth cultures of the time… although there is also the distinct possibility that these alien forces used their weapons of choice, infiltration, lies, propaganda, sowing seeds of division, discontent, and dissent within the societies that already existed.  Then, when in seats of power, they sought to destroy all historical records and to either fully suppress what had gone on before or give a twist to the narrative blaming the indigenous peoples for what befell upon them… like claiming humans are born sinful and that they deserve punishment from a wrathful God.  What a piece of fiction, deceitful fiction, but one that has been effective in programming deeply-held belief systems of people who regard ‘humanity’ and anyone who is ‘different’ as highly suspect and potentially an enemy to attack, defame, deride, punish, torture, and even kill.

Now, what is happening as the planet transitions from one frequency to another, from one quadrant of the galaxy to another, humanity is being challenged to wake up and come to an understanding that EVERYTHING is shifting.  The ancient Hindu teachings speak of ages or great cycles, although there is some controversy on exactly where Terra is in terms of leaving the Dark Age or Kali Yuga and entering the Golden Age, or Satya Yuga.  The truth of the matter is that ages overlap.  Therefore, you can have one person determined to abide in and hold onto what they were told as a youngster, and going into denial or cognitive dissonance when confronted with anything resonating at a higher frequency.  Then, you will have another person, perhaps even in the same family or group of friends, who completely embraces the new energy and challenges the old paradigms.

I can say with some authority (although there will certainly be some to dispute my opinion) that the apparent division, discord, and disharmony now being experienced within every society on the planet, is a result of this energetic transition, this planetary ascension, this awakening process of the individual and the collective.

One thing to understand about the awakening process is that it is perfectly NATURAL and part of the cyclical development of the Soul.  Therefore, those who wish to control humanity, to prevent successful individualization and embodiment of soul essence, critical thinking, use of intuition, etc., those people endeavor to infiltrate every system and organization in an attempt to suppress and deride those who would free themselves or offer true unconditional service to humanity.  No, the controllers need to stomp down all attempts to free anyone or any collective from being used, controlled, and often culled by the controllers, who regard humans as cattle, subservient to their needs and whims.

Now, according to some sources, for the past three to four years, the White Hats have been actively orchestrating a mass awakening in humanity by exposing the dark agenda, allowing it to become painfully and unmistakably in-your-face (literally!) with mask mandates, social distancing, vaccine agendas and passports, tossing out medical protocols to push political and social agendas, poisoning people in a seemingly diabolical effort to reduce the population to 90% (in their own words, found on the Georgia Guide Stones) and so on.  Then, there is the lunacy of the Left, the straight-out Marxist agenda of a formerly sedate Democratic party and the treachery of the RINO Right… which is being revealed to be the left and right wings of the same uni-party system, again a device to divide and conquer humanity… at least Americans into two opposing sides.  Is it any wonder that people are extremely confused right now, especially if they continue to hunt for answers outside of themselves or blindly accept the ‘official’ narrative, coming from either side? (RINO, Republican in name only).

This is polarity on a massively intense scale, folks.  There is no place to escape it on the planet.  While some claim this is a battle that is taking place across the Universe, well, I don’t have the data to support this contention (if interested, listen to the videos presenting Gene Decode, among others).

There is even a division between those who wish to actively fight against the ‘enemy’ out in the streets if necessary.  That may be necessary in some cases, but for those who are not directly and physically being confronted with an black armored tactical squad breaking down their door, what can you do?  Raise your frequency by working to clear your own trauma/karma and dark within so you do not attract violence and trauma physically into your own life experience.  If you do, then strive to maintain your inner connection, strength and power that emanates from a soul level, not from the ego or monkey mind and certainly not from the level of fear, the lowest frequency opposite to love.

One person may be confronting massive destruction of their way of life.  We cannot and should not judge them as lacking or being naïve or caught up in the web of deception and deceit that has been woven into every existing system of the old energy.  If these people have the will to survive, their creative abilities will come into play.  While they may sustain damage in the process, even as I did as a young captive in the hands of the dark lords for an entire decade, they will eventually heal and become stronger due to the wisdom gained through the experience.  Those who survive the onslaught and violence of the dark and live to ‘fight’ another day may shut down their hearts as a result of the trauma.  This is when it is important to do the exact opposite and understand you are extremely powerful when your heart is fully open and your heart is broadcasting unconditional love towards EVERYONE, most especially your so-called ‘enemies’, the triggers of change and challenges for growth.

Polarity, the contrast between opposites, is ultimately a tool for the growth of the soul.  When this is understood from the core of your Being, then the comprehension that all that exists within this earth plane is One.  The sometimes severe polarities of this particularly difficult ‘school’ are designed to teach those lessons that an often reluctant humanity dislikes and resists.

When a portion of humanity is unable or unwilling to feel and to explore the dark places of their own ancient trauma, then these individuals are not prepared to step up in frequency.  Avoidance of the sacred work or dharma, wherein the soul prepares itself through meditation, creative endeavors, prayer, balanced heart and mind, critical thinking, use of common sense, remaining grounded, eating and exercising to keep the body temple clean and healthy… taking responsibility, then there will continue to exist issues, whether emotional, psychological and certainly physical… until the person wakes up, takes back their power, listens within to guidance from the soul and oversoul… and generally come back into alignment with the Will of God for them and humanity.  What we do with ourselves does affect others, yet we cannot dictate to others what they should do for themselves.  In doing so, we are taking away their ability to utilize Free Will and are actively interfering with their decision-making process… as well as creating a great deal of karma which we will be required to address, either in this life or another one.

I understand it can be heart-breaking, disturbing and exhausting to witness people who are family members, co-workers, friends, acquaintances, neighbors, etc., making what you deem a ‘bad’ choice.  Yet, they have every right to make a choice, a decision.  Of course, when faced with the loss of a job or being excluded from participating with friends due to your difference of opinion, many are those who will capitulate to the exterior peer pressure.  It takes a uniquely strong and centered person to resist the temptation to succumb to the fear of the collective and the fear tactics being used by the sheep herders, the heavily disguised wolves in sheep’s clothing.

It is clear this is a highly controversial topic and difficult for me, at least, to express my opinions in few words.  I apologize if the text of this essay is too much to read on your cellphone; it wasn’t written on one!

So, I am going to stop now.  Kindly present any questions or ask me to clarify any points I may have muddled.  As always, these essays flow forth like a stream of consciousness and do not necessarily make sense to anyone who is not familiar and comfortable with paradox.  As Commander Spock would say, “it’s illogical!” and he would be correct, at least at an intellectual level.  Paradox exists in the quantum realm, where all things can exist at the same time and in the same space.

I can be both a warrior and a pacifist at the same time.  Paradox. Right brain creative thinking breaks down the boundaries that were so painstakingly erected by a fearful group of aliens determined to dominate and fully conquer this world and these people.  Paradox confounds the hell out of them.  They have no access to the creative powers that exist, as potential, within EVERY human being who has a heart flame.  When you rise up in frequency, they can no longer touch you, harm you, or destroy your outer vehicle (your body).  Their frequency range is rather limited… primarily due to their own choices made long ago to turn their collective backs on Source Energy.  Now, you have the choice, to continue to live in fear or to embrace what is offered by the Light… it is your choice and you will be held responsible when it is made, hopefully at a conscious level.

I choose to embrace my inner power and to be guided by my intuitive and critical thinking abilities to be able to see, with clarity and inner peace, what I need to do next… Light warriors work from a place of inner calm, strength, clarity, compassion, and integrity. We are what the Enemy fears most.  We are present and accounted for in the Book of Life.

Peace Out.

I AM Eliza

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, www.bluedragonjournal.com and https://sunnysjournal.com

Recordings and videos of this written material are NOT permitted.  If you have English as a second language, please feel free to utilize the translator (right hand on each page) to read the material in the language of your choice.  Blessings to all.

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BALANCE: Photo by Tina Nord on Pexels.com

Eliza:  On Neutrality

From one of my long-term readers came this suggestion for a topic: “Wondering how you’re doing…… on one hand, it’s all so predictable and very tiring, and on the other, it’s necessary…. I guess. Light versus dark, good versus evil… doing my best to stay neutral, and if you think that ‘staying neutral’ and ‘observing without being affected or judgment’ might make a good topic at Sunny’s Journal, I’d appreciate it.

So, how is EVERYONE doing these days?

As some of you, those who often check my blogs, may have noticed, I have not written anything new for two or three weeks.  Due to the tension, I have been dealing with, emanating from the human collective, my physical vessel has been quite exhausted. I have also been recently informed that the exhaustion I have been feeling is a symptom of the ancient darkness, the old paradigms, the old trauma and pain being flushed out by the intensifying Light bombarding the planet.

The whole purpose behind writing this journal is to aid me, my Oversoul, to be able to finally release some really ancient trauma that I was unable to do while ‘alive’ during other lifetimes due to my responsibilities at the time.  This sort of thing pertains to all people who have suffered, especially those souls currently incarnated on this 3D earth plane.  Terra is an intense school and not everyone is going to graduate, even some starseeds who came here to assist but got lost in the process due to being unwilling to tackle the personal clearing of their emotional and mental bodies.  Until that is done, no matter the origin of the individual, whether starseed or indigenous, the Earth fragment will be required to continue learning lessons at the level of 3D, whether here on Terra or yet another planet suitable to the particular frequency of the individual. 

Now, for those who think it ‘unfair’ that anyone who has incarnated here is required to take more lessons in order to ascend in a future life, keep in mind, I am NOT judging these individuals as having appeared to have ‘failed’.  Cosmic Law dictates the outcome for anyone who is incarnated on any dimension or frequency.  And each soul, without exception, has lessons to undergo and can fall in frequency if the lessons are ignored.  AND each soul has their own particular timing and wake-up call.  It all depends on the original soul contracts agreed upon by the soul BEFORE incarnation.

So, the question submitted above is an interesting one.  Basically, it is: “How does one remain neutral during a time of apparent chaos?”

There is another aspect to the same line of inquiry: “How does one maintain their inner balance so as not to be affected by the chaos… and at the same time, is able to remain neutral and without judgment?”

Well, folks, the answer is quite simple:  GAIN SELF-MASTERY.

There is no magic pill that one can swallow and suddenly become an Ascended Master.  No one, guru, ascension teacher, spiritual coach, etc., can grant you a rise in frequency to the point where you are going to magically float away on a cloud and play a harp for eternity.  No, the earth plane is a far grittier school house.  It takes guts and courage to win through the lessons here.  It takes patience and honesty… an ability to look into those places within that many people fear the most.

During the course of the past nearly three years, I have been endeavoring to dig deep into my past traumas and have, unintentionally, unveiled things that others have attempted to suppress… for what reasons, well, I can’t really address that for others; they have their own reasons and traumas to clear.  I can not do it for them, only for myself.  However, as I clear my own inner pain and heal the wounded child within for my own self, I am, in effect, changing the timeline of the past for those who are now a part of my current incarnation… in the Pleiades and on Venus.  Remember, the part of ‘me’ here is an adult ‘walk-in’; I have a life, perhaps lives elsewhere. Everyone here does, too. We are multidimensional beings; we exist on many planes of being. We exist because we were created to experience the Universe for the sake of our Creator. 

Okay, I’m getting a bit ‘out there’ for some people.  Sorry, that’s how my mind here works.  I am an intuitive; so naturally, I think out of the box.  I challenge a lot of assumptions made by those who have allowed themselves to become complacent through the ages.  I have had a tendency to tweak a few noses in the process including members of my own family here on Earth and elsewhere.

Now… what is self-mastery?  One must do the shadow work, clearing the trauma, shame/blame, self-judgment and finally, arrive at a place of self-acceptance.  Then, one must learn to love oneself without judgment, and with compassion, meaning you have arrived at a place where you can accept yourself for what you are now and what you can be… and every act of omission or commission ever committed by any of your incarnations or present self, here incarnated on the Earth plane.

Then, you learn to balance the energies of the Divine Masculine (mental body/plane) and the energies of the Divine Feminine (emotional body/plane) within.  The ultimate sacred union occurs when balance is attained and then culminates in the Sacred Union within the Heart Chakra.  Mind becomes balanced with Heart and work as one unit through the Sun/Son, or Christ Consciousness, a truly balanced state of Being.  This is the true meaning behind the Life of Jesus which he reiterated for all of us to learn from.  He told us that what he did, we would do greater…

So, when the outside world appears to be chaotic… and frankly, in my humble opinion (IMHO) there has not been a moment when it has been anything but chaotic here… you must discover the inward place of peace, calm, and compassion within your own Heart Center.  If you are balanced and have done the work, it is a simple matter of returning to center even if you get momentarily pushed off-center by being triggered by one event or another ‘out there’.  You can by watching too much ‘news’, whether MSM (main street media) or alternative, also be triggered, by something that you are reacting to, judging as ‘bad’.  When this happens, endeavor to arrive at an understanding as to why you were triggered.  Does this event or happening somehow affect you immediately or not?  If it does, then you have to deal with it as best you can.  If not, then why were you triggered?  Are you in fear of losing your life or livelihood, losing friends, relatives, your old beliefs and programming?  Are you being challenged to expand or do you feel you need to withdraw, to contract, to hate everything that is different and outside your present comfort zone?  Only you can determine these things.  Each person will react or not in a different fashion depending on their own level of self-mastery or programming.

Certainly, today’s news channels, media, music, etc., is all designed to keep you unbalanced, fearful, in victim consciousness, feeling angry, resentful, ungrateful… a whole litany of low-frequency emotions and feelings.  How do you combat this sort of barrage effectively?  Number One… numero uno… TURN OFF THAT STINKING TELEVISION AND TURN OFF YOUR CELL PHONE!!! 

Unplug, go into Nature, meditate, do something creative…

Still, to manage to keep balanced within, you need to KNOW yourself.  What is your frequency?  What are your hopes, thoughts, wishes, fears; what do you want to be?  Who are you now?  Can you tell the difference between your energy/frequency and that of the human collective around you?  What is ‘yours’ and what is ‘other’… even as you manage to comprehend that you are both.  Paradox, something that is beyond the capacity for the ego mind to presently understand.

Remember, dear ones, unless you are a robot and have been programmed by the Matrix, you are a spiritual Being experiencing a ‘human’ life.  Your body, your physical Avatar, is NOT you.  It is simply a vehicle, a ‘space suit’ to assist you in navigating the challenging waters (emotions) of this low-frequency plane of existence.

Although the vehicle is a space suit, the body is also a marvel of natural creation, with its own form of consciousness or Body Consciousness.  If you are in tune with the feelings that flow through your body, you will begin to be able to discern what is ‘you’ and what is coming from the ‘collective’.  While incarnated here, your consciousness is a part of the Collective; you cannot help but be affected by events and happenings that occur halfway around the planet, yet, your daily life is not necessarily affected physically by those events.  Look around you now… has a flood torn through your house?  Has an earthquake or tsunami flattened your town?  Are you dying from the aftereffects of an untested ‘emergency’ jab? 

Breathe, dear ones.  Breathe.  This life is but a brief moment in the time continuum, the great cycles through which the stars move in grand circles.  What you do not manage to accomplish now in this life; you will manage to complete in another.

Many people have come to the Earth plane now, in this incarnation, for their own soul journeys here, whether of short or long duration.  We cannot know, looking from the outside, what is the purpose of someone’s else’s suffering.  Sometimes an empath or remote viewer can look into the cause and core of the origin of the trauma, but even then, it is the individual who is directly involved in any situation to discover a way to move out, to rise above what has negatively impacted this and other lifetimes.  People come; people go.

As long as one is incarnated here on the Earth plane, make the best of it.  You have the opportunity to rise in frequency if you actively and willingly commit to the inner work that is necessary to come to an internal balance.  When you arrive at this inner balance, your outer circumstances will NOT affect your inner peace.  You might be incarcerated in a high-security prison or even be killed, but if you maintain your balance, neutrality and inner peace, it will not affect your future incarnations in a negative fashion, requiring a karmic balance from you.  Look upon the sacrificial death of Jesus.  Did he complain and claim to be a victim?  No, he maintained his Truth to the end and rose in frequency (in His Light Body) beyond the requirement to retain his physical vessel here on the Earth plane.  So can you, perhaps in not quite so dramatic a fashion, but I hope you get the gist of the matter.

As you judge others, you judge yourself… you recreate karma (action) that requires balancing through good works, good intentions, good thoughts, and good service (dharma).  If you have arrived at a place where you are no longer playing victim but accept responsibility for your actions, intentions, and thoughts… have now learned to accept yourself, and to be grateful for the lessons presented by Source as opportunities to learn… then you will progress to a place, a frequency where you can expand beyond ‘self’ into ‘unity consciousness’.  Once unity or Christ consciousness is attained, your Self will be unmoved by what it observes in the outer world and remain without judgment. 

When you judge others, you judge yourself.  When you hate others, you hate yourself.

Source energy uses souls as a means to know itself better, to explore the worlds it has created.  Everything physical will eventually return to Spirit, formlessness, but before arriving at the edge of the Void, kindly attempt to appreciate the beauty, diversity and amazing mysteries that the Divine Mother has set before us.  Our bodies have been designed to help us to enjoy physical life.

As each of us takes responsibility to do the inner work, to come into balance, that inner balance and higher frequency resonance will flow out into the environment and be reflected back to us through the people we meet and the circumstances we encounter.  It all starts within for in the end, there is only ONE BEING here.

I hope this little essay has given everyone some food for thought.  I hope the people in the northern latitudes are enjoying summer, a challenging one to be sure with floods, storms, earthquakes (political and physical), and heat waves… and the ones in the southern latitudes are dealing with the challenges being presented to wake up to reality.  Everyone is being challenged now.  Meet those challenges with courage, equanimity, use your intuition, listen to your feelings, observe your world, use your common sense and discernment and do not judge anyone as being good or evil.  Energy… we are all energy, frequency and resonance.  Become the Still Point and rest in the comforting hands of your Divine Father/Mother despite whatever is being telegraphed as being ‘real’ around you.  It isn’t; it is an illusion, a very real appearing illusion, but an illusion.  And right now, the illusion is being very LOUD, demanding your attention, trying to get you to succumb to fear.  It is up to you, each one of you, whether or not you will fall or rise.  We all have Free Will.  Whether or not we exercise that Will depends on individual choice.  Stand or fall.  And while that sounds like a judgment, it isn’t.  Evolution or devolution.  Cycles.  It is bigger than all of us.  What is playing out on the Earth plane today is Biblical, one that wasn’t edited by men with a negative agenda.  I hope you enjoy the ending which will be the Beginning of a New Earth, one here and NOW.

Much love and hugs to all my readers.  Again, send your suggestions to me via email if you have any topics for general essays. Remember, no questions of a personal nature.  And thanks for your support of this creative endeavor, Sunny’s Journal.

I AM Eliza

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Here is a piece from AA Zadkiel to remind us of our true Being:

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Great White Egret, photo by Eliza Ayres

Eliza: What is the Opposite of Love?

Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes. ~Carl Jung~

First, one needs to look at what ‘love’ is to figure out what is its opposite in terms of archetypes.

From my perspective, Love is.  Still, the simplicity of that statement is certain to have some skeptics asking for something more substantial than just my opinion.

Well, from my experience Love is what binds humans together.  No matter what our appearance, gender, religion, culture, place of origin, nationality, species… love brings us together.  Love unites.  So, what divides us?


What is the favorite tool or methodology currently being used against bringing people together?  Fear.

Scary scenarios, scenes of violence and destruction, degradation, twisting and perverting natural laws and behavior, violating moral codes, casting aspersions on truth-tellers… all of these things are currently being used to create division between people.


The tiny minority of those who are descendants or minions of an alien race are losing their grip on society, on humanity, so they use the same tools they have always used in any world they have attempted to control and/or conquer.  The intentional creation of fear in people is what is utilized. 

How is this done?

Through the promulgation of an incessant din of repetitious lies put forth on the airwaves, in newspapers, magazines, movies, music videos, any and all media sources.  One might ask, is this a new thing?

No, it is not, although this method of using propaganda is actually more subtle than attacking a planet outright as also been done in the past.

Propaganda and lies have been used against humanity ever since the alien race arrived on the scene and took command of the evolutionary process of the human race here on the third planet from Sol.  The how, when, where, and why of this interference can be discovered if one is willing to put in the time to study, expose, and explore the secrets that have intentionally been kept from the people.  That is not the intent of this article. 

The positively-aligned extraterrestrial races that are supporting the ascension of humanity on Earth regard this world as the ‘Planet of Lies’, acknowledging the grim fact that nearly everything taught to the children, pushed in the media, repeated in the colleges and universities, cited by the authorities… all of this ‘information’ is, ultimately, based on lies and constructs with an agenda.  So, what is this agenda?

The ultimate agenda is to control humanity, a much reduced humanity, a humanity that has been tagged like sheep, connected up to artificial intelligence networks designed to control and surveil every thought, action, intent.  And whose intent is behind this Orwellian wet dream?  About 3,000 people world-wide.  And why?  They regard themselves as superior beings than the remainder of humanity.

It has been suggested by some alternative sources that some of these ‘people’ are reptilian hybrids.  Perhaps they are, but is that yet another lie?  I can’t answer that question from this perspective.  One would have to be a pathologist and study the physical bodies of these beings… which would probably just prove that they are wearing human vehicles or bodies.  What is clear, is that these people or the consciousness currently housed in some human bodies fear humanity.  Bottom line, folks; these erstwhile controllers fear humanity.  Why is that?  What is so special about Earth humans?

Other sources who have studied human DNA claim that there is within the genetic make-up of Earth humans at least 22 unknown, potentially off-world or extraterrestrial influences.  Why else would there be such an incredible diversity of humanity?

Earth is different.  There are many races of humans here.  Did they all come from the same place?  I would venture to say, ‘No, it’s not possible.’  So, where do they come from?  Well, the ones who will eventually have to answer that particular question are our distant cousins, the extraterrestrial races who all contributed a bit of their genetics in order to create this test species of humans, a rather unique blend with great potential.

How can we learn about such things?  By using two methods, physical research and meditation, going within to receive information, Light, illumination, clarity, wisdom.

Frankly, anyone on this planet can use their inner senses to great benefit if done with purity and humility.  God is not mocked.  Powerful gifts are not granted to those who intend to abuse them.

So, how have the erstwhile controllers managed to remain in power for so long?  Smoke and mirrors.  Intimidation.  Blackmail.  Blood rites.  Invocation of dark energies.  Superstition. Deliberate censoring of information.  Constant wars and annihilation of indigenous cultures, peoples, and their beliefs.  Degradation of the sacred Feminine and sacred Masculine.  Book burning.  Censorship and attacks against creative individuals.  Deliberate destruction of the environment to create climate change, starvation, drought, fires, floods, and earthquakes.

Fear and the creation of fear has been used for centuries against the people, the common people, who are regarded as being ‘useless’ eaters, less than cattle, to those who would keep and hold this beautiful planet as their own private hunting ground.

So, what can those who are awake and aware, or are becoming aware of these insidious and diabolical measures being initiated by the erstwhile controllers… what can we do?  Do we fight, flee, ignore these threats, fall into fantasies of love and light, give in or do we stand up, proclaim our sovereignty and declare, individually and together, our intention to be FREE? Well, we do have a choice whether or not we are actually cognizant of that point.

Some ascension teachers claim that all of humanity will ascend.  I beg to differ.  In my humble opinion… and remember, this is simply my opinion, only a part of humanity will survive to fully ascend into the Fifth dimension.

What is the Fifth Dimension and why should we want to go there?  For one thing, it is a frequency and not a place.  The ‘dimensions’ overlap each other like Russian dolls.  A person who vibrates and holds a frequency of high 5D will not be visible to those who are still resonating at 3D.  Only someone who resonates at a slightly higher level and has clairvoyance can possibly see another being that is 4D or higher.  I might stress that 4D beings can be negatively polarized and are well known to be tricksters.  Those who are naïve about frequency and resonance, and who might be open to ego manipulation might think they are communicating with angels, when in fact, they are communicating with demons and malicious spirits. Then, are all 4D beings negative and ‘of the Devil’ as some Bible-thumping Christians would claim?  Well, no. 

In another article, I already went through how religion has been used as yet another weapon against humanity.  Mankind was to be taught that they were ‘sinners’ and could only find salvation through following the dictates and teachings of the Church.  If they were discovered to be outside the accepted authority of the Church, then they were considered fair game, to be attacked, slandered, tortured, their possessions seized, their families destroyed, their countries annihilated from existence.  Those who were in obedience were still considered lesser beings unless they gave their power entirely to the authorities, whether religious or temporal.  Just have a good gander… through ‘history’ at least as it has been told.  It is a constant sorry tale of one man against another, group against group, rape, pillage, destruction.  Is all of this violence due to man’s ‘sinful’ nature? No. It is a false judgment placed upon humanity by those who wish to retain their control over this planet. We live in a false, artificial matrix designed to suppress, limit, and control humanity. Why? That is a topic for further discussion.

So, who benefits from all of this violence and the fear engendered by wars, destruction, and suppression?  Well, that would be the ultimate controllers of the planet, who have now been removed physically and energetically from this world.  All that is left now are their minions, those who were the low level managers of the agenda put in place long ago by their Draconian and negatively-polarized Anunnaki overlords, the so-called ‘gods’ or extraterrestrials who manipulated human genetics in order to create a slave race here on Earth.

If you didn’t know it yet, fear is food to negatively polarized beings.  That simple fact should be enough for an individual to determine not to continue to fall into fear for in doing so you are consciously allowing yourself to be manipulated.  Just look at how a large percentage of Americans (nearly 32%) have willingly allowed themselves to be jabbed by an untested, unapproved ‘vaccine’ for a virus that has a 99% survival rate.  What?  Where’s the common sense?  Where’s the critical thinking?  Why did these people submit to the general hysteria being perpetrated by an out-of-control media?  Why did these people believe that by wearing a mask or accepting being vaccinated would be helping others?  Pardon me?  How does that help anyone?  IMHO, it is simply a cop-out, to put it bluntly.

Humanity is being sorted.  The division is artificial, but also very real and painful.  Some will survive as fully conscious beings, while others will not.  Those individuals who have managed to ensoul their true beings are resisting the draconian measures being forced upon the people.  This is not an easy fight.  This is not the daisies, butterflies, and unicorns advertised by the infiltrated New Age philosophy.  This is real, a fight for the continuance of humanity as organic, creative beings.  This is a battle for the salvation of humanity, “for we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places… (Ephesians, 6.12, King James version).

The spiritual wickedness in high places is now being clearly demonstrated, for those with eyes to see and ears to hear, by the current crop of global elite, with their insistence on rules for their behavior and rules for the commoners, those deplorables whom the wealthy and powerful regard anyone outside their carefully crafted bubbles.  Only problem is, people are finally waking up and taking offense that someone could possibly consider themselves as superior to their fellow man.  People have yet to understand that the elite are, on one hand, amused to see the reactions and continue to stir the pot of division.  As long as we continue to react, they continue in power.

So, now we return to what is the opposite of Love and know it to be fear.  How do we overcome fear?  By realizing that each one of us is more than what we seem, more than our body, more than our current dreams and yearnings, more than the labels that have been placed upon us by various sources. 

What is humanity?  For one thing, humanity is not and has never been relegated to just one planet located within a tiny solar system.  Humanity exists throughout this universe and beyond, at many different frequency levels.  Humans here on Earth, at least ones without reference to older and wiser wisdom have been indoctrinated to believe a lie, that they are alone in the Universe.  We are not alone or the only species who are sentient.  And most Earth humans are certainly not the highest form of life since they resonate as a collective barely into lower 4D at this time.  Many are the extraterrestrial races that resonate far beyond 4D. 

There is much to learn.  So, how do you go about it?  Do your research.  Ask internal questions and expect answers.  Who are you addressing when you go within and begin to expand your awareness that your current physical world is actually quite limited in its scope, at least that which you believe is the totality of existence? Initially, you will be contacting your own innate Divinity, the energies of the greater portion of Self that is not incarnated upon Earth. The Allness of you cannot be contained within one human vessel for ‘you’ are a fractal, a fragment of the Source energy from which you were originally created and brought forth into physicality.

Humanity is like an orphaned child, feeling abandoned, left outside in the cold, seemingly devoid of any means to save themselves except by prostituting themselves to a cruel master… oh, sorry, been there, done that, not doing that again.

Take your power back.  Your power as a human being is Love.  It is your ability to exude love, to send your powerful love energy out into the world, to bring people together, into harmony, into attunement with each other.  No, this won’t happen instantaneously because everyone needs to clean up their own act, clear their own inner darkness, release outdated beliefs relating to every type of system that has existed within the old energy… the old 3D energy.  Everyone of us needs to ‘lighten’ up the load, the load of garbage that we have taken in as children, the indoctrination given often by well-meaning adults… and some not so well-meaning adults and authorities.  We need to learn to quiet our monkey minds that continually chatter and distract and listen to the still quiet voice within, our intuition, our inner knowing, and relax, knowing that the Divine has infinite patience as we struggle to release every burden we no longer require to cling to, whether that is a relationship, a formerly deeply-held belief, a job, a place we no longer resonate to… anything that weighs you down.

Love has been mistaken for fantasy… oh, if only he loved me; if only I could find my twin flame, then everything would be fine… It’s not a fantasy.  It takes work to slough off the detritus of the ages, however long your particular soul has reincarnated upon this blue-green sphere.  The process takes work, concentration, humility, focus, determination, honesty, and above all, courage.

Frankly, many of Earth humanity are either too traumatized to succeed in the short amount of time still available or they are simply ‘new’ souls, inexperienced and naïve, easily manipulated because they haven’t managed to embody their higher energies, their soul essence into their physical form.  Whatever the cause, humanity is now being divided by frequency and resonance.  Those whose frequency is in alignment with that of the planet’s consciousness will ascend.  Whether or not that will be an actual physical ascension or transformation remains to be seen and experienced. 

Having been a part of a race that was resonating at various levels of 4D many hundreds of thousands, if not millions of years ago (in Earth time), I know it takes a long ‘time’ for humans to evolve their consciousness.  The promised New Age will not just magically appear on this planet because of someone’s fantasies.  Bringing heaven to earth will take a concerted effort due to the simple fact that Ages overlap.  While the ‘dark’ or previous age or cycle is in the process of crumpling under its own process of entropy, simultaneously, the new cycle is beginning to surface.  The new cycle, known as the Golden Age or the Satya Yuga, will continue to unfold, to grow and blossom, if those who are awake and aware of energies place their focus on the New World, not upon the crumbling systems of the old.  The old is dust, unusable, infertile.  The new is fertile soil.  Plant a seed in the new fertile soil and let it grow into a strong vision for the return to balance, harmony, abundance, and prosperity for all, not just a few.  Focus on forgiveness of what is past and do not forget the lessons learned.  Focus on self-acceptance and acceptance of anyone else’s right to make their own decisions.  Release the need to correct others and make them believe what you do.  Let each individual decide for themselves their own direction in accordance to what they are feeling or not.  We were granted free will when we came here, the freedom to make ‘mistakes’ and to hopefully learn from them; that is what constitutes ‘experience’.

Now… perhaps my readers have more questions, not personal questions, but ones relating to the content of this or any of the other articles I have written.  If I have an answer, I will reply.  If I do not know any pertinent answer, I will say, I don’t know.  I am not omniscient here.  I know what I know when it is time or there is a need for me to know it.  This is trust in the Divinity that exists within the Heart when you make a conscious connection with Source Energy.  It is a frequency, a resonance, an energetic connection, rather like a lifeline to the one who might feel out of place here on Earth.  It is a way to eventually arrive at zero point neutrality, the ability to observe the world but not to be in it.  Not all people are even close to approaching that degree of self-mastery so do not panic.  It is a process that takes lifetimes to complete.  Those who awaken in this life will awaken, once again, in others.  Those who require further experience to get to the place where they want to awaken, will receive the necessary lessons to arrive at that place of understanding, of inner knowing of what to do when the need arises.  One cannot force growth without weakening the plant.  Creator has all the ‘time’ in the world; you… the REAL you, is an eternal soul and rest in the energetic hands of your Creator.  Trust.  Faith.  Hope.  Place your humble trust in the internal guidance that you will receive if you are open to receiving.  Most are not.  Meanwhile, test the spirits, for not all are kind.

This article is getting quite lengthy and I am not sure if I have actually made a coherent point, but like I have said before, these writings tend to flow out of some undefined place within… like spring waters.  Take what resonates, leave the rest.  If you do not understand what has been shared here, leave it and perhaps come back later when you are nudged.  Perhaps what is meant for you is hidden behind the words; you never know.

Blessings and hugs to all my readers, old and new.

I AM Eliza

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This young man, Aaron Doughty, describes the 3D/5D split that is currently underway on the Earth:

This video was made in 2019, but very relevant NOW.

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Eliza: On Self-Healing

Double-crested Cormorant

Eliza:  On Self-Healing

Whether or not the consciousness residing within this physical vehicle is a walk-in or not, I have learned to walk my own path without the benefit or need for much input from other people.  This has, of course, led to the consternation, confusion, and rejection of ‘me’ by many former friends, acquaintances, and blood family relatives.  Have I been bothered by this?  Yes, at times, but eventually, in all cases, have released any self-condemnation and persevered, as I strove to follow my own inner guidance.  So, my decisions do not make ‘sense’ to others; that is not my concern.  Although I have been subjected to criticism and even libel from afar by some who would claim me as ‘family’, it has not stuck on my consciousness.  I am aware of such dealings.  I do not ignore them, but work on releasing whatever triggers arise from such knowledge.  I do not allow the judgments of others to knock me from my path, my determination to listen to and follow the voiceless guidance from within.  Nor do I judge these individuals for their lack of understanding.  Resonating at a different frequency, they are incapable of understanding.  They cannot understand the paradox that I have surrendered to on a daily basis.  An individual cannot comprehend such experiences as I have, unless they, too, have lived it.

It may seem to some of the uninformed that I can be somewhat cold, detached, reserved, neutral.  I am an observer of life here, not necessarily a full participant.  My nature is somewhat introverted, hidden away from the public eye, a non-participant in the activities of humanity that seem to me to be shallow and predictable.  I see certain behaviors in others as obvious patterns ingrained in a very damaged humanity through centuries of abuse and self-abuse.  Therefore, I have refused to participate in these activities and instead, choose more solitary occupations, like writing, painting, and long walks.

Since losing contact with one who claimed to be another walk-in from star family, I have been very much physically alone, yet I have not faltered from my task of self-examination, digging into dusty, neglected corners of my own nature and finding all kinds of hidden treasures, courage, and resolution.

Yes, I am a walk-in and yet my consciousness has augmented the consciousness of the pre-existing human who still resides within this physical vessel, the one called Eliza. I know I am not alone here.  I can feel the attention of my mentors and guides and occasionally, when quiet, can overhear their comments and answers to questions I voice aloud.  Yes, I talk to myself and yes, sometimes I am answered by the still small voice within.  Whatever people might think about this and me, I really do not care.  I did not come here to ‘fit’ into what passes for ‘society’ or its rules of engagement.  I am not here to ‘be nice’ to those who do not comprehend or hear my inner voice.

I do take responsibility for my decisions and actions.  My choices are made often quite slowly.  Deemed a rebel in some quarters by former acquaintances and ‘strange’ by former family members, I shrug it off.  Their feelings, their hurt, their rejection no longer hurts; it just is a state of being that I comprehend.  I resonate at an entirely different level of consciousness than these others, including those who claim to be fragments or walk-ins of star family.  There are a few who have endeavored to listen, to comprehend, and they are admitted cautiously into the inner sanctum, but still I am ever vigilant as the ways of the betrayer are many and this world has been under alien domination for a long time.  All living here, including myself, have been affected in some manner or another, so I continue to shield and go deeper within for direction.

I am a female, yet I think like a male in some ways, without sympathy to the plight of those who complain about their circumstances.  Currently, my own circumstances are not what you call luxurious, but I deal with it.  I practice conservatively and cautiously, studying things at length until I am ready to make a decision.  Still waters are deep, sometimes, but the inner currents are not always obvious to the onlooker.

Despite my overt neutrality, there is love within for humanity as a collective, else I would not be here in the first place.  Why else would someone who was a successful member of the Pleiadian Outer Fleet want to walk-in to a somewhat disagreeable existence on the Planet of Lies?  Out of a desire to assist in some manner that is still not fully comprehensible to me, either.  I have faith that my purpose in being here, beyond my writing assignment, will eventually be made plain even to me, but that day has not yet arrived.

So, where am I going with this babble?  Self-healing.  Self-healing is or should be the priority of all those who are currently claiming to be ‘awake’.  From my observations, it is not yet apparent even to those who have recently woken up from the dream spell of the Matrix that they are still somewhat caught up within its skeins while they continue to criticize what they are seeing clearly for the first time in perhaps lifetimes.  Being critical of others is yet another symptom of someone who has not yet tackled their own inner work of transmuting all thoughts, triggers, reactions, traumas related to ‘other’, those who are different, who oppose, who confront, who inhibit their innate freedoms.

Divorcing yourself from the Matrix takes courage.  Stepping out beyond the comfortable expectations of ‘society’ and its spurious rules is frightening to many.  They rather be miserable than be different.  Why?  It is the result of centuries of abuse by the people who have controlled various cultures, who have interfered with, programmed, maimed, killed, and destroyed entire cultures that were ‘different’.  People have been intimidated and threatened to where they would rather embrace conformity even to false doctrines because they are fearful of dying.  This tendency to identify with the abuser has been called Stockholm Syndrome.  Everything taught to them by their mentors, parents, and leaders has indoctrinated them to the point where they actually would rather cling to the Lie than embrace the Truth as it is being revealed everyday if you know where to look.

Even those who claim to be starseeds, wayshowers, walk-ins can suddenly be overcome by the same fears that stalk humanity daily.  It takes a strong individual to resist the siren call and fall in frequency, taking on the collective trauma of humanity as their own and complaining about being a victim of something that did not even occur to them personally.  I have observed this tendency, this negation of purpose, this dereliction of duty in keeping the neutral perspective of one who is different and is meant to be different by purpose.  Fear is the mind-killer and it can effectively trap even the well-prepared if not confronted and dissolved consciously and with sure knowledge of the power that can be channeled through the neutral co-creator with Divinity.

When an individual, whatever their origin, undertakes the determination to be responsible for their actions, thoughts, and interactions with others, their life begins to change.  The waking individual will be challenged and confronted by those who are uncomfortable with the seemingly sudden change in direction, in thinking, in comprehending the world around them.  They will be confronted, criticized, pressured, deemed ‘crazy’, subjected to libel, threats, and lies.  Whether or not they can withstand this sort of treatment will determine whether or not they can handle the Light that will enter into their bodies as they determinedly take on the task of self-healing

This is not an endeavor to be taken lightly, for although it involves Light, intelligence, as this step will initially divorce an individual from all they have come to know, accept and believe in the past.  They will not know what to believe.  They will be forced, compelled beyond reason to look within for answers.  They will have to learn to see life with their inner eye rather than what appears to be real and isn’t.  They will have to take responsibility for how they feel, act, think, and communicate to others.  They will have to work on their own issues, not ignore what is happening to others, but to focus on understanding why certain things happen and repeat in life until one determines to react in a different manner.

‘You create your own life’ has become a mantra of the New Age religion.  It is true in some respects, but is a shallow and rather pointless exercise designed to shame others because their life is not as fulfilling and wonderful as your own… at least until your life falls apart unexpectedly and you are suddenly unable to run away from the inner demons you have sought to suppress so assiduously in the deep recesses of your own subconscious.  Did you create the catastrophe that has overtaken your shallow existence?  If so, why?

Judgment of self or anyone else is self-defeating.  What you throw out as mud hoping to strike down your opponent will return like a boomerang unto yourself.  It’s called karma, energy, action.  For every action there is a reaction.  Your lies about someone will come back to haunt you, not the subject of your criticism.

So, taking responsibility and being observant of your own thoughts is vital during the process of returning to Self.  It is the letting go of the common mindless practices ingrained into human behavior through traumatic abuse.  Sensitive people often turn that outer abuse and direct it towards themselves, claiming to be a victim of someone else’s actions rather than determining how or why whatever happened can teach them on how to change their perspective or way of seeing something. 

It took decades for me to overcome the effects of being abused by my father.  The why of what occurred took longer to understand, but some insight into the family background gave me some ideas although now it will never be quite brought to light… my blood father has been dead for over two decades now, but trauma lingers in the Light Body until it is confronted, dissolved, and released. 

For those who are followers of ‘Q’ or alternative intel, both sides of the family were Masons of some sort or another.  I refused to go there, to join the organization in its form as the Eastern Star. Now my consciousness is being exposed to learning about the sordid history of masonic involvement in pedophilia and acts of violence against humanity.  I begin to comprehend my innate rejection of the energy behind and intentionally hidden from even the organization’s general membership below the fateful 33th rank, its dark Satanic, inhuman agenda that is active in the world today.

Humanity has been conditioned to hate itself, to belittle those who utilize very human creative traits, who think for themselves.  It will take a lot of strength, determination, and courage to be able to stand up to the outer pressures in the face of so much thoughtless reactions from programmed people who have abdicated their power and have succumbed to the social expectations of others.  Just look at the whole rigmarole surrounding a common cold (which is the body’s way of naturally shedding built-up toxins due to unhealthy habits) and the resulting push to vaccinate everyone for a non-existent ‘virus’.  This whole year plus long ordeal has managed to wake up more people than any other event or occurrence in modern history, even the tragedy of 9/11… a tragedy designed by the erstwhile controllers to drive their cattle, humanity, into the trap they have been carefully planning for over centuries.

In order to understand what is going on in the world today, you have to first understand yourself and where you stand in terms of your beliefs, thoughts, actions/inactions, values, and how you wish to help, defend or confound others.  It is up to the individual to make the changes, not to succumb to some outer force.  Many people are unwilling to go to take that step towards giving ones allegiance to a higher calling.  Only those who have felt the yearning to see a world different than the one they seem to see around them now; only those who have felt the fire within their heart center can step forward and be counted.  Yet, even then, it is only those who work to clear out the inner trauma and pain, to release it, to cease blaming others for their circumstances, who are willing to release all they have known for all that is possible if one is in alignment with the unseen but felt eternal Cosmic Laws of Creation.

When one acts in obedience to these laws, the Divine takes your hand and guides you through whatever the world attempts to throw your way.  Obstacles become opportunities.  Fear becomes love.  Darkness fades in the dawning of enlightenment. And you step forth to complete the mission for which you have come here as a volunteer soul. 

I send my blessings to all,

I AM Eliza

P.S.  I still struggle with this language to convey what is in my Heart.  Feel the resonance behind the words and interpret them in your own way.  Take what resonates and makes sense to you and leave the rest.

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, www.bluedragonjournal.com and https://sunnysjournal.com

Here is a video from Infinite Waters that echoes what I have shared above:

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