Purging From the Illusion

Purging From the Illusion

Take time to let go, take time to be with yourself and discover who you are without all the added baggage that you once defined as you. There is a very natural purging that is happening right now, it’s part of the current energies, whereby we are being released from that which used to define us. This can leave us feeling empty, confused, a sense of loss, disorientated, and more. Your entire world is being redefined from the inside and the best thing you can do is to welcome it and realise that this is a gift. You are being blessed, you are not being harmed. You are being given yourself, or at least, an opportunity to be fully you – without the presence of the past that once defined you. ~Kerry K

Note to Readers: Some of you may have been asking: “Now, why didn’t she write?”

The answer is complex. For one thing, recently I haven’t felt like writing for this blog. After nine years, I’m a little burnt out. Also, as the above paragraph from Kerry K suggests, the energies actually don’t support writing about those things that formerly captured my interest. And I have been experiencing a confusing array of feelings and thoughts as I have been undergoing a massive internal purging.

Energetically, ALL of humanity is currently experiencing a massive purge as many of us unconsciously or consciously release from the black goo matrix under whose influence humanity has been living since at least the 1940’s. A video I put up from Megan Rose somewhat explains the ‘black goo’. Basically, it is a form of artificial consciousness that has blocked the ability of humans to fully connect with Source energy unless they were themselves resonating at a higher frequency.

This black goo matrix was constructed energetically by a faction of the negative Greys who aligned with the dark control agenda set up by descendants of extremely ancient 13 Illuminati families who had infiltrated this world long ago. These beings naturally aligned with the agenda of the Greys and later, the Ciakar Reptilians, all who sought to control, manipulate, and abuse the human population of the planet. The agenda was complex, the connections between terrestrial and off-world influences, each with their own agenda… well, the human population of Terra was targeted in so many ways.

Although the plan was for the dark forces to completely take-over this planet, the plan was foiled by a combination of Earth-based forces known variably as the Earth Alliance and forces from the Galactic Federation that united to remove all physical negative ET influences from Terra (Earth), the Moon, Mars, and some of the larger moons and planetoids within this solar system.

One factor that released humanity was the physical destruction of the satellites that had been put up around the planet by the Orion Grey Alliance and acted as a frequency fence. Another factor was the ancient computers on the Moon — actually set up by the Pleiadians long ago to trap their enemy, the Reptilians within a 3D matrix — were shut down and then rebooted at a higher frequency by the Galactics. The existing moon bases were then turned over to Terran military, primarily Space Warden (U.S. Navy) and cooperating secret space programs from an assortment of countries (India, Great Britain, France, etc.).

Since the Ciakar and negative Orion groups have been run out of the solar system by the Galactic Federation (of worlds, not ‘light’; the latter is a psyop) the artificial matrix set up to retain a 3D frequency on Terra (actually within this entire solar system?) has been dropped. Terra has reverted to her natural 5D frequency as a result. According to one source that I recently read, 99% of all planetary cultures throughout the multiverse maintain a 5D consciousness level. Those that don’t are rare.

However, lest we feel that we are somehow failures since we seem to still be residing within a 3D frequency, remember, you chose to be here. Living in 3D on Terra is living through a Master Level class; only masters are allowed. We chose to forget that we are all Masters and all a part of God… or Goddess Source (whichever you prefer) intent in experiencing more of our Self as we play within this frequency level. Now, we… at least a portion of humanity… is beginning to remember who we truly are and in the process, remembering our Truth. However, before the fullness of knowing (different from intellect) can return, a purging of old beliefs and programming must commence. It is this same process that I have been undergoing within the past couple of months and even before.

Since leaving the influence of a former mentor and companion, I had begun to question what I had been told about myself and other stories relating to a life off-planet and in the Pleiadian star cluster. It was story that was all encompassing and took my attention off of my life here on Terra. I was told that I was a walk-in. This is actually not such a rare occurrence if you take into consideration that an energetic walk-in is part of your higher consciousness being assimilated and embodied within your current Earth vehicle or physical body. This is what ascension is… You are not going anywhere. You are not going to be saved by anyone outside of yourself. Jesus is not coming to save you or rule the world. The friendly ETs are not going to land here en masse. Our planet has just been freed of extraterrestrial influences; now, it’s the responsibility of the Terran people, all of us, to free ourselves from the former negative alien influences that had successfully infiltrated every institution, government, media, military, corporations, education, religions and spirituality. We are now being required to recognize that we have been an enslaved species, genetically altered thousands of years ago to blindly obey our alien masters, manipulated through fear, force, artificial wars and disease, starvation. Our ‘leaders’ have been enticed by illusions of control and power, given dominion over the rest of humanity as they acted out their roles as minions for the real power, the Ciakar Reptilians and Orion Greys… as well as other negative groups, including Pleiadians from the Alcyone star system (known as Jayha), the Altair Collective, and negative Anunnaki from the Aldebaran star system.

As the remnants of the old control system, the Matrix, collapse, our societies are in a massive state of turmoil and chaos, yet we can, if we exercise the will… we can pull ourselves out of the goo. First, we need to realize that we were a slave race, living without fetters inside a prison environment. There will be many humans who have a difficult time comprehending the extent of control and manipulation. Also, due to the existence of Reptilian DNA within our gene pool, depending on the genetic inheritance of a particular individual or group, some humans are more susceptible to being controlled than others. Reptilians and negative Greys work from a hive mind. The Star Trek Second Generation series investigated this type of system surrounding an entity called ‘the Borg’. There is actually a form of consciousness that is referred to as ‘the queen’ by the Reptilians that serves to dominate the ability of these aggressive and warlike beings. The Greys also function under the influence of a hive mind. Until quite recently, the black goo matrix was also attached to the queen consciousness that was located somewhere in the Orion system. Everyone on the planet, except perhaps those who resonated at 5D consciousness, were connected up energetically to the artificial matrix. Few could penetrate through this matrix until it was taken down. And even though the matrix has been removed, the entities that were a part of it still are present and utilize those humans who persist in allowing their consciousness to be manipulated by the old programs and belief systems.

Any information that contains within it fear, control, and dominion, resonates at an extremely low frequency. The whole agenda behind the current health related issues, the climate, and other topics, are designed to keep the human population under the control of a non-existent matrix. The minions of our former controllers are losing their grip on the awakening population as huge protests (not covered by MSM) are taking place world-wide.

Those who have sought to control humanity in the past, even the recent past, now are realizing that their window of opportunity has closed. Humanity is ascending, rising in frequency. As the Light penetrates through the mind fog, people are beginning to spontaneously experience realizations, inner knowing that what they believed in the past, no longer makes sense, and certainly no longer suits. Depending on the strength of will and willingness to move through any sense of blame, shame, or guilt as a result of having made ‘mistakes’ or have been taken in… those who can face up to the sudden blinding acknowledgement at all they have known before was a LIE.

Lest you be seized with a sense of self-recrimination, understand that we voluntarily entered into the Matrix and played within the illusion on purpose. Experience is necessary and a part of our ‘job’ that the millions of starseeds took on when we agreed to incarnate on this planet. We experienced the illusion. We played many roles, negative and positive, within the illusion. Now, it is time to release the old roles and step back into our natural Divinity and remember our connection with Source. It is time to release the old prophecies, the old stories of saviors, the internal complexes of consciousness that bound us to the Matrix of control. It doesn’t exist anymore save within those who refuse to let go of the old programs and beliefs. For the rest of us, it is time to move beyond the tattered illusion, to let it dissolve, so we might heal from the engendered trauma, take up our power and sovereignty and step into unity… first within our individual consciousness and then, as a collective.

According to Jason Estes, a fellow who resonates above 5D and who is sometimes difficult to fully understand (unless your consciousness level is equally high), the majority of humanity, some six billion souls are currently taking on ‘walk-ins’. His interpretation of a walk-in is an expansion of an individual’s consciousness as a portion of their higher self joins with the earth-bound consciousness. An immediate expansion occurs which can leave the person in a state of confusion as they begin to comprehend that everything they formerly believed in was built on a foundation of lies and shifting sand. So, in a way, I have experienced just such an occurrence… and probably more than once within the last couple of years.

As a result and probably much to the consternation of those who had grown fond of my stories about Sirius and the Pleiades, I have chosen to discard much, if not all, of these stories… for I find they are not based in actual fact. The worlds beyond ours are very complex, filled with an assortment of races and species, some friendly and others not so much. The world that I had constructed within my mind doesn’t exist. It was a shock to absorb this realization, but I have. The story I wrote over the course of four years is based on that fictional reality… a fantasy that was probably encouraged originally in the minds of those who had served as mentors of my former mentor…

I have cut myself off from those beliefs. Although I still have chosen to retain my book, it is now a fictional account of a fictional series of lives lived within the Sirian and Pleiadian star systems. I recognize the fallacy and the intricate web for what it is… yet a story is a story. Just realize that whatever fantasies your own ego has created as a story for yourself is nothing compared to the Truth of who and what you are as a portion of God consciousness, a Light Being, an Angel, embodied in a human flesh body for a time here on Terra, Earth… a magnificent blue-green water world that will soon be returned to her full potential as a Living Library for the Multiverse.

My life here and now counts. I can consciously let go of the other stories and focus on raising my frequency here so I might enter into the ascension doorway with ease and grace. I hope to see all of you there with me.

The entire population of Terra is ascending in frequency. It may not appear so… but it is happening. Do not believe the stories of doom and gloom. Have faith. Integrate the Light Codes that are streaming onto the surface of the planet and into our bodies, a massive flood of information that will replace all of the old stories we once claimed as our own. We are about to enter the Second Renaissance and a renewal of Life and Love on Terra. Welcome to the New Earth… a place that exists within you!

~ Eliza Ayres

(c) All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, https://sunnysjournal.com

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Megan Rose: The Black Goo, Artificial Consciousness

The Black Goo – Artificial Consciousness

Megan Rose

The Black Goo is a term used for the artificial consciousness that was created with Orion Grey technology and broadcasted via satellites into human consciousness. The human brainwaves have assimilated to this frequency. Time to disconnect! There are many channelers that are unknowingly channeling the black goo to feed the hive consciousness and siphon the life force.

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Q & A with Jason Estes

Q & A with Jason Estes

This is a long session (2+ hours). If you do not presently understand Jason’s answers, come back later. His work is high frequency and not available to everyone right now. If it doesn’t resonate, leave it.

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Simon Parkes: 9th Nov Update – Current News

Simon Parkes: 9th Nov Update – Current News

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The Quickest Way to Shift Reality – Kerry K

The Quickest Way to Shift Reality – Kerry K

I made this video in response to the multitude of people I see who are trying to change the external without changing themselves. Whilst we can all look outside of ourselves and write a list of what is wrong with the world, this is not how it’s going to change. By going into ourselves and deconstructing our own inner reality, we begin to deconstruct the old external reality. This is the true power of a creator being, they do not try to change the outside because this reality does not belong to them entirely. It belongs to the collective so their influence is diminished. Their reality however, belongs to them entirely and this is where they become a ripple creator (explained more in the vid). Stay tuned to around the 8 minute mark where I do a practical but very simple exercise in learning to connect to yourself, this is the foundation of becoming a master of your own reality.

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ECETI – James Gilliland, Megan Rose, Elena Danaan

ECETI – James Gilliland, Megan Rose, Elena Danaan Interview

ECETI Stargate Official Channel

The Galactics have finished aiding humanity by removing the negative extraterrestrial influences from this Solar System. Now, it is our turn to wake up and unite…

They’re here!

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Michael Salla: Contact with Council of Nine & Roddenberry’s Star Trek Future

Dr. Michael Salla: Contact with Council of Nine & Roddenberry’s Star Trek Future

One of the most intriguing aspects of Gene Roddenberry’s creation of the Star Trek franchise was his relationship with a mysterious extraterrestrial group calling itself the Council of Nine that were being channeled by the psychic Phyllis Schlemmer in the 1970s. Roddenberry sat in on channeling sessions from 1974 to 1975, and participated in Q & A’s that were recorded in Schlemmer’s 1993 book, the Only Planet of Choice.

What lent credibility to the Council of Nine was that their existence was confirmed in the famous Law of One channeling sessions held from 1981 to 1984, which are widely regarded as the most authoritative channelings ever conducted due to the strict scientific protocols used by a retired applied physics professor, Don Elkins.

These historical events provide important context for Elena Danaan’s most recent contact experiences where she claims to have been taken to Jupiter’s moon, Ganymede, where she met with the Council of Nine, and was told why Rodenberry was chosen to prepare humanity for a Star Trek future.

The is an audio version of an article published on November 4, 2021, and narrated by the author Dr. Michael Salla. For original article with links and references, go to: https://exopolitics.org/contact-with-…

I wish to thank Elena Danaan for permission to use her video update of her encounter with the Council of 9. Her YouTube channel is http://youtube.com/elenadanaan

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Michelle Fielding: Are the White Hats Ready to Go?

Michelle Fielding: Are the White Hats Ready to Go?

Psychological Operation underway…

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Reptilian humanoids, or anthropomorphic reptiles, appear in folklore, fiction, and conspiracy theories.

Reptilians are not made by God Source Creator…

Kerry K: Whether we like it or not, the reptilians have had a hand in our planetary history. Are they the bad guys? You decide for yourself, watch this video and share your thoughts with me. If the reptilians are leaving and no longer in control of human consciousness, what does that mean for you and your ascension?

Note to Reader: If this topic doesn’t resonate with you, leave it and find something that does. Honor yourself always…

For those who are willing to read a longer version of Cosmic History (but certainly not the whole story) try this link below. Keep in mind this is one man’s version of the history. Alex Collier’s works give further insights. Elena Danaan’s books give one a perspective on a partial list of the billions of species and races that exist within the multiverse… and so on. Discover your own sources. Ask questions. As human beings, we are allowed to question EVERYTHING. The poor Reptilians are guided by a hive mind and therefore cannot question; it wouldn’t compute within their consciousness for one thing. There are Reptilian species who have managed to ascend into higher frequency, more than you might think, as well as hybridized species, like our own. We carry Reptilian DNA within our blood, which is why some people easily give up their power and obey the mandates. They don’t want the responsibility for thinking and acting under their own volition… that is until their Angelic roots (which is also a part of our DNA) becomes enlightened. Then, they begin to question, to venture beyond the accepted patterns, the mental programming… and can no longer be controlled by outside forces, including the Reptilians. No one is going to hand you your sovereignty; you need to take it and act on it yourself, as a God-created being, capable of creating great things.

Reptilians have actually aided humanity in maturing through experience. Consider that for a moment or two…

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Amy Satori & Michelle Fielding – Current Energies

Amy Satori, David Cowan & Michelle Fielding – Current Energies

Part 2:

Note to Readers: This very long presentation might open some eyes regarding the vaxx agenda, especially prior to 2020…

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