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On Timelines

One of my readers suggested another topic, namely timelines.  I will say up front, I am no expert on the matter, yet I will give forth what I know right now.

Here is the question:

Picking up on living in uncertain times, I was just wondering whether with timelines there is a point of no return as it were, so that when a certain point is passed a timeline cannot be changed no matter what?

As I was sitting outside in the patio eating a bit of lunch, listening to a mockingbird singing his territorial anthem, my consciousness relaxed enough that I began to visualize waves of energy before my eyes.  This repeated as I was attempting to take a nap to rest a sore hip… to no avail, but I did see the waves of energy as the room in which I was lying began to disintegrate slightly into flowing patterns.  When you witness this phenomenon for yourself, you begin to comprehend how everything around you is energy and that our world and the roles we play in it are like actors on a stage, a frequency stage, a hologram.

So, what is a timeline?  I was unsuccessful in finding any logical definition other than how the term is currently used in speech, especially among those who are both channelers, energy workers, healers, and astrologers.  Basically, it is a stretch of seemingly linear time that leads to a particular and desired outcome, reflective of those who are participating consciously or unconsciously. For lightworkers, it is ascension; for our erstwhile controllers, it is world domination.

In my humble opinion, timelines can and do continually shift.  This is a result of the shifting of the collective consciousness of humanity, as experienced by individuals and large groups.  The entire planet is currently undergoing a massive dark night of the soul.  Faced with the official narrative involving fear and control, people are being confronted with the darkness that has always been there but ignored, unseen, or misunderstood.  Humanity at large is beginning to shift as the darkness refuses to ‘go away’, but continues to be exposed, largely due to the efforts of people who standing up and speaking out against ghastly inhumane mandates involving lockdowns and an agenda that has been drawn out of the closet that shows very intentional plans involving the use of vaccines, censorship, digital tracking/passports and the like to control all movement. In fact, those who bother to do their own research and reading are finding out that every aspect of life, including your own bodily functions is the target for those who would prevent the ascension of humanity.

Those who have taken the vaccines are losing their connection with their souls.  They will not ascend.  Through their fear of the unknown ‘enemy’ with its label of a virus, they have made their choice to forego ascension at least for this round and perhaps many more – we’re talking hundreds of thousands of years in linear time. 

Various channelers like Paul Wyrostek, Magenta Pixie, Lorie Ladd, and Michelle Fielding (and others) continually mention timelines.  They also remind us that it is our particular frequency and resonance that will affect our own individual timelines.  In other words, you will experience something quite different from another person who has made other choices, especially when those choices are based on fear or any other low vibrational emotion.

The recent channeled piece from the 9D Arcturian Collective via Daniel Scranton addressed, in part, timelines.

“We are giving you what we can when we can because we have a sense of what you are ready for and what will ruin certain surprises that you have in store for yourselves. We also never know which timeline you are going to choose for yourselves, because you have that option. You can choose what you are going to experience, and many people do not realize that. There are some very simple truths that you all must accept if you have any chance of navigating your life’s journey with joy, freedom, and creativity. One of these very simple truths is that you are going to see your vibration reflected back to you in some way, shape, or form.”  ~ Daniel Scranton ~ Predictions, Timelines & Simple Universal Truths ∞The 9D Arcturian Council (https://rainbowwaveoflight.wordpress.com/2021/04/05/predictions-timelines-simple-universal-truths-%e2%88%9ethe-9d-arcturian-council/)

I do know that timelines continue to shift and will continue to shift until the 100th monkey effect comes into play.  Still, given that some people are choosing fear over optimism in the future, that the timelines for these people will be very different than for those who are endeavoring to raise their frequency, forgive themselves, learn to love themselves, learn to meditate and listen to the subtle messages of the intuition, as well as those who are drawn to work in natural surroundings.

The matrix within which we have been functioning is profoundly unnatural and is in the process of crumbling before our very eyes.  With that collapse of the delusional dreamworld, the remaining members of humanity will naturally resume life that is more in attunement with the environment.  Simplicity will become a way of life.  The quantum software residing within humanity’s DNA will naturally unpack packets of information that has been stored within the human genome for millennia.  The malicious tampering of the genome will be undone as the ten strands of ‘junk’ DNA are reconfigured into the physical, responding to the rise in frequency.  Unbelievable gifts and inner knowledge will naturally unfold and be revealed… but only to the descendants of those brave souls who have had the courage to stand up in disobedience to the barbaric mandates being forced upon some citizenry.  It has never been more important — for the survival of humanity — NOT to endeavor to fit in and please those who are currently in authority and appear to have power over you. They do not have your welfare in mind when they concoct their insidious and diabolic plans.

For those who know themselves to be starseeds, you will be the wayshowers, going before the masses, carrying the torch of freedom and the sword of Truth.  Through your example, you will inspire others to begin to question the old guard’s narrative, pushed through the main street media (MSM).  You can stand up and face off the fascist multinational companies, the petty politicians, the illiterate and arrogant ‘educators’, the misled physicians, and the ones in any position of authority who allow themselves to be bought and manipulated by greed and lust.  Utilizing your intuition as your guide, renew your adherence to an inner code of honor, nobility (that has nothing to do with a bloodline, but everything to do with a moral code) and integrity, become the example you wish others to become.  It is up to each one of you to exude, radiate your love, your compassion, your inner joy, your optimistic outlook, and your vision for the future that you wish to create NOW.

So, will there ever be only one timeline left?  I would say, ‘No, as there are over 7 billion people on this planet’, but even one person can affect a multitude of others simply by learning to accept themselves, to honor themselves, and to do it with humility and graciousness, without ego, without an agenda.

We have all seen the example given by Mr. Trump, just how many people he has affected.  What if more people gave their dreams such a tremendous focus that the world began to change around themselves?  What is possible?  Who knows, until you apply yourself, put yourself to work, and make the changes you want to see begin to happen… first within your own heart and mind, later translating to inspiration for others, until… oh, my gosh, what really happened?

The human collective is very powerful, but not unified yet on a conscious level.  When and if it ever reaches that level of awareness, nothing, I mean nothing will stand in the way of humanity.  And you will be welcomed into the Galactic Society then with open arms.

Much love and blessings to all.


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