Being Embodied

Being Embodied

How is everyone doing these days?  Silly question, I guess.  It’s definitely a test of self-mastery to retain any sense of sanity given the disruptions in our ‘normal’ way of life.  I know I have had to cut back on listening or watching disclosure videos.  I’m not being an ostrich with my head in the sand… no, hardly.  I’ve been aware of many of these things for a very long time that are only now being revealed to the public.  The information has been available for a long time if you bother to dig or go outside the MSM box of mind-programming.  For one thing, I became aware of the hypnotic effect of television 15 or so years ago and haven’t watched it since.  Sure, I watch YouTube, but not the ads, mainstream news or talk shows.  Get an ad blocker app if you don’t enjoy watching ads on your computer.

Have you ever become aware of how your body speaks to you all the time?  When you see something that is upsetting, have you noticed your stomach clenching?  I once held an unopened letter in my hand that I knew had some bad news in it.  My body intuited the energy being communicated through the paper by the writer.  Recently, you may have experienced the same kind of thing before opening up an email.  Who writes first class letters anymore! 

Our bodies are a marvel of complexity and right now they are under considerable strain given all of the upset in the world.  Most days now I have to take a nap in the afternoon to be able to last the rest of the day.  Of course, I am retired and can design my own schedule while many people face going to a job every day.  So, I guess I’m doing other work of an energetic sort for people who have families and work.

My general ‘mood’ has lightened up quite a bit now that I have more freedom to choose what I want to do, when, and where… not that I can afford to go anywhere right now.  Like I said, I am retired and money is tight.  No complaints though.

Our bodies are working hard these days, even if it appears that you are, as in my case, hardly working.  If you can manage to remain in high frequency as much as possible your body is able to alchemicalize massive amounts of low frequency consciousness, such as what is being revealed about all sorts of things.  This heavy interior load is another reason you might be experiencing an unusual amount of fatigue or even exhaustion.

I am being purposely vague, but low frequency consciousness is anything that vibrates at a low vibratory rate, such as fear, hate, anger, resentment, jealousy, rage, obsession, judgment, controlling, lying, and so on.  How does your body feel when you are confronted by an angry person or someone who wants to control you?  It doesn’t feel very good, does it?

While we are the caretaker and occupant of our human Avatars or bodies. we are not the body.  We are a light being of high frequency who has dropped in to experience living in the third-dimension at a time when the planet is shifting to the fifth dimension.  Some people thought the shift would happen like turning on a light bulb, flick the switch and everything is done, we have unicorns and butterflies.  I remember December 22nd, 2012, when so many light workers woke up disappointed, either in themselves or resentful of others who unconsciously (or consciously) held us back from ascending as a collective.  Even today, over eight years later, only about 35 to 40% of the world’s population can be classified as ‘awake’. Fewer still are aware of the metaphysical aspects of ascension and all it involves in terms of ‘self-mastery’.

Ascension cannot be done all in a moment.  Your body is of earth-earthy.  It is a creation of this planet and needs to adjust to the Light.  Right now, the planet is being bombarded daily by high frequency Light (intelligence) from the Cosmos, from Light Beings and extraterrestrials who are working with the collective, the elementals, and the planet to make adjustment, step by step, bit by bit.  If the so-called solar flash were to occur, probably 90% of humanity would die instantly, as their physical bodies would not be able to handle the shock.  The Galactic beings who are so patiently working with us do not want that to happen.  And we have stepped off of a timeline that would have led us to that possibility. 

Timelines shift as we shift.  We can consciously radiate higher frequencies by remaining in our bodies and letting them do the work for which they were designed.  Even in ancient texts, there was the knowledge the human body can adjust to at least the 7th dimensional frequency… as the planet was also designed to do.  It is possible.

Once we do reach 5D, we’re not going to stop there, but keep on climbing, at least those of us who still remain here on Earth.  It will take ‘time’ as the lower frequencies move slower.  Time is relative. 

So, do what you can to remain in high frequency states and if you slip, do whatever is necessary to re-center and to rediscover your sense of inner balance. Go meditate, go for a walk, listen to music, dance, journal, create something… to move the energy through the body.  Be aware that you have a choice every moment, every hour, every day, whether or not you are grateful to be here.  I am, after much internal struggle.  Sigh.  And feel better for letting go those things that no longer resonate. Like all who have incarnated here, I, too, have free choice, especially to change from what no longer resonates deeply within.

I send you all my love and blessings,


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2 Responses to Being Embodied

  1. goldensunrise17 says:

    I’ve had a couple of really dark days the last two days, just awful.
    Still, as your article said in blue dragon at least these feelings are temporary.
    You’re definitely right about doing something to move bad energy through, I’ve forced myself to do activities and it really does help.
    Going into shops without a mask that helps too. Got to be done. Small battles win wars. No one says anything. They’re too afraid to disobey and I‘m not so why would they.
    I love the picture. My daughter has wavy hair just like that, same length and the exact same shade.
    I find all your essays very therapeutic. Thank you again 💜


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