Eliza: Evolution or Devolution

Washington Oaks Gardens State Park, photo by Eliza Ayres

Eliza:  Evolution or Devolution

And now, to a more sobering topic, devolution or evolution… or?

👉 ‘That’s why there is no “middle path” and no “sitting in the fence” during this Time of Transition. As many esoteric and spiritual teachings have hinted at: “there is a way up and a way down” [Hopi]. The splitting of humanity is at full force which has also been prophesized. The choice is up to each human being. But it’s not just a verbal choice or choice by action. The choice is also determined by the level of being/soul embodiment of each individual.

It’s a choice on a soul level, yet not everyone has a soul developed enough to “move up” in this current cycle. The choice between people taking the jab and who doesn’t also reflects the level of soul embodiment, hence people’s “true colors” are being revealed even of so-called “spiritual teachers”. A truly embodied individual would reject the jab for obvious/common-sense reasons.

Every choice matters and has karmic consequences. Yet. there is no judgment for all there is are lessons over lifetimes and lifetimes.’ ~ Bernard Guenther

Perhaps to some readers, this seems a depressing or anxiety-inducing topic, yet it is a topic that is currently confronting the entirety of humanity thanks to the psychotic ultra-rich tiny minority who has decided to rid the planet of 90+ percent of humanity.  Yet, in the long view, these interlopers in the karma of the collective are acting as instruments of fate, allowing all members of humanity to make a choice, a soul level choice, whether to continue on evolving here on Terra or to be removed and taken to yet another third-density world, there to continue on with their soul lessons. The worst of the worst will ‘ascend’ to a negatively polarized fourth density planet there to work off their karma until they, too, are given an opportunity to fully return into the Light.

Mind you, this is not a judgment on my part, as each individual makes their own choices, despite all views to the contrary.  As an elder, I could be fearful of my own demise as I have had bronchitis in the past and along with it, very high fevers for an entire week or more.  Yet, during this entire nerve-racking ordeal for humanity, I have barely even had a cough or sneeze and it wasn’t because I chose to go around wearing a mask.  I only wear a mask when entering into one of my local grocery stores.  I do not and have not gone to many other stores except occasionally, like every six months or so to get staples like printing ink and paper.  I buy any clothes I need on-line from reliable sources.  I have only entered one restaurant during the past year and ate outside without a mask.  It has been, I must admit, a rather surreal experience.

From the beginning of the mass hysteria, that was purposefully hyped up by a captive (owned) and manipulated press and MSM, social media, et al, I felt this was yet another hoax.  I was correct although it took time for the evidence to come out and only did in drips and drabs for those who knew where to look – which did not include the majority of American people who were addicted to watching television and clung to their cellphones, being bombarded by negative energy waves 24/7.  Since I once worked in medical records and have lived on this planet for seven decades, I knew the ‘virus’ was not real.  The goal of the globalist elite who were pushing the false narrative was to frighten people into taking the ‘vaccine’.  The whole scenario was always about control; panic the lemmings – those who are incapable of critical thinking and feeling their own intuition – and boom, you have that portion of the human collective controlled, dominated, and manipulated by their own fear.

Why the fear?  When a body is dominated by the ego, the ego works overtime to protect it from all dangers, real and imagined.  When the soul is embodied, there is little to no fear of the consequences of dying in this world, for there is the sure knowledge of the continuance of consciousness even though the body vehicle perishes.  I have never had fear related to the ‘virus’ nor to the ‘vaccine’.  Utilizing my common sense, I know that if viruses are real, they are known to mutate and create variants – at least this is a narrative given out by scientists and medical ‘authorities’.  In my opinion, this is simply another narrative being put out to create more fear among those people who have not successfully embodied their soul essence within the course of this or other lifetimes. It is, after all, a process that takes lifetimes to successfully complete…

In the news that has managed to trickle down, it has been proven by both Russian and Italian doctors that there is no CV virus.  Rather, it is a bacterium that has been exposed to radiation. When it gets into a bloodstream, it begins to affect the proteins within the body, eventually causing blood clots to form, blocking the ability of the cells to obtain oxygen, and so the body dies of system-wide oxygen-starvation.  If the individual already has a body compromised by a pre-existing health condition (created by the inability of the individual to clear old trauma and pain) and they accept questionable treatments and control-driven narratives without using their ability to think on their own, they may succumb to the imagined threat, fear itself. The bacterium cannot harm those who have strong spirits, strong immune systems, and pay no heed to the ‘official’ narrative, but continue to heed their interior guidance system, the intuition and common sense. There are, also, inexpensive viable treatments other than the questionable ‘vaccines’ that are being offered to an unsuspecting and fearful public.

I am not a medical doctor or health provider.  Along with my training in medical records, I have used my own experience, common sense, and intuition to inform me that this whole virus situation was a hoax with an agenda.  It has been very successful for the perpetrators, at least initially, for a large percentage of various populations have either willingly chosen to take the vaccine or have been forced to by either their governments or their employers.  Whether one takes the perspective that a person had no choice and was forced to take the vaccine, i.e., they were ‘a victim’, doesn’t matter.  In the end, the person did make a choice by being in a country or situation that compelled the end result.  Of course, for the most part ‘the choice’ was unconscious, driven by fear of the unknown, fear of dying, and just fear.

Members of the Galactic Federation, have always known that a percentage of humanity would not be ascending at the end of the last Great Year (26,900 Earth years).  How?  They have the ability to look through the various timelines and the Akashic Records of each individual and the human collective on Terra.  Do they look at the Akashic Records of each individual?  No, it is not required; they can see the frequency and vibration of the individual through their actions

Many have chosen to be sheep, led blindly to the slaughter, bleating that they are victims and have been betrayed.  If anyone betrayed them, it was their own willingness to believe whatever was handed to them by outside authorities.  Those who have questioned the ways of the world since childhood or early adulthood, will inherit the Earth.  Those souls who are of tender-loving hearts, innocent… the Meek, will inherit the Earth.  Not the prideful, angry, vengeful, arrogant intellectuals… not they, despite their avoidance of the vaccine, for their frequency and vibration will determine whether or not they survive the rising frequency levels of the planet and the constant bombardment of cosmic waves of high frequency rays that penetrate all, including the depths of the planet. As James Gilliland has oft stated, only those who are in frequency resonance with the planet as she ascends will remain.

The betrayers have betrayed themselves through their hatred of humanity, their fear and loathing of the common man and the planet herself.  They mock God.  They close churches.  They lock people up in their own houses.  They cause small independent businesses to fail and go under.  They lie about everything and anything. They create draconian rules out of thin air to justify their hatred and willingness to abuse the innocent and vulnerable old and young of our people.  Their hate is their own self-judgment, hatred being the lowest vibration in contrast to unconditional love.  Every time they hate and despise the people, they are judging themselves, as we all act as mirrors for each other.  What they see in the mirror of consciousness is their own sorry selves; it is self-hatred and jealousy of the creative essence of true humans.  For the reptilian races are unable to ascend beyond the fourth dimension; so, they are jealous of the divine essence of humanity, the divine God seed that was placed into mankind long ago by your progenitors, the star races of the Sirians, Pleiadians, Lyrans, Vegans, Andromedans, and others.

Those persons who have embodied their souls (it is not automatic or achieved in one life) and have listened to the still small voice of their own intuition, who are grounded in common sense, and use critical thinking to determine their choices… they will do well, whether or not they physically survive what is coming.  Physical survival does not matter… which is, for some of my readers, perhaps a shocking statement.  I have conscious memory of at least four of my lives elsewhere and I am still here, present, conscious, and obedient to the inner Laws that guide my heart.

The Christian Bible, a much edited book, does contain certain jewels of wisdom:

 “Wherefore, my beloved, as ye have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, WORK OUT YOUR OWN SALVATION with fear and trembling. For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure. Do all things without murmurings and disputings: That ye may be blameless and harmless, the sons of God, without rebuke, in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation, among whom ye shine as lights in the world; Holding forth the word of life; that I may rejoice in the day of Christ, that I have not run in vain, neither laboured in vain.” Philippians 2:12-16 (my emphasis)

For all the dour prophecies, a portion of humanity will survive, whether it be the much-prophesied Solar Flash (that David Wilcox still insists will happen), the vaccination, climate change (a minor ice age is more probable than an over-heated planet), other earth changes, damage from space or whatever is in store for the survivors… humanity will endure.  It has always been so. 

Earth, Terra, has always been a crossroads, for individuals whether they be of the negative or positive polarity.  It is a place of choice: come into the Light (embody your soul essence) or remain in the Shadow (fear).  Until you have suffered enough to realize that only you as an individualized consciousness have the power to change your world, you will continue on the lower path.  Will you go to a dark planet at the end of this lifetime?  That is a question to which the answer depends entirely on your frequency level.  More like as not, you will simply go to another third-dimensional world that is appropriate for your level of soul evolution, there to repeat again (and again) the lessons failed in this lifetime… and every other one that you have lived upon this world.  For the frequency level of the individual depends on their entire karmic load, whether it be of Light or darkness, light or heavy.  Karma is neutral; what is unbalanced must be rectified and come into balance.  No personal judgment, from God or man is involved.  All is energy.  All is frequency.  All is vibration.  Tesla knew this; now, you know it, too.

When I first arrived here, I was appalled by the level, the very low level of frequency I felt emanating from many of the people here.  Since then, I have observed changes in some of the population, as people have continued to wake up. According to Michelle Fielding, an experienced spiritual coach, over 60% of humanity has successfully woken up (as of late September 2021).  Still, I have also observed the stubborn unwillingness of many to open their eyes to see that they have been lied to through every stage of their lives here, for centuries upon centuries.  Cognitive dissonance is not a new phenomenon for humanity, but something that has dogged the slave race created by the Anunnaki, the alien race who landed here over 250,000 years ago and managed to manipulate a portion of humanity, intentionally dumbing them down, limiting their genetic potential, with the intent to use them as slaves and as food.  If you are curious about the real history of humanity then seek it out.  If I can find such things on the Internet, so too can you.  Part of humanity are descendants of the slave race; the other part are descendants of some of the star races that sent migrants to this world through various spans of time.  You figure out what is what.  Many currently incarnated humans are actually a mixture of both, slave race and the descendants of the starry races. 

The energies support the continued evolution and soul embodiment of a significant portion of humanity, a fact that should gladden the heart of any spiritual seeker.

According to one unidentified source:

The energy has increased throughout 48 hours ‘window’, leading to further light waves in the planetary field, and bringing forth new breezes of the uplifting drifting Solar Diamond shine.

It can be called like ‘Tender emanation’, characteristic of May month energetic vibrational tone; it emanates and beams qualities of highest Universal love over the planet and into Hearts of those, who are traveling higher in their individual ascension.

The Ruby Ray of unconditional Love, and Divine (Source) Mother takes their infinite presence, playing notes and colors through ‘Tender emanation’, in order for Humanity to rise stronger in the Calling of Heart and Changes. We have Divinely beautiful background from work during this linear month.

It supports all areas of creativity, music, art, arts of the Heart.

It supports creations of the New, or in the way of shifted “thinking”, actions, dedications and more.

(from Telegram notation, source unknown)

Those who hate, those who lie, those who hold jealousy in their hearts will react with panic and dismay in the coming of these higher, purer, finer energies.  Seek thee the way of the true seeker and go within and make thyself right with God, with Source Energy, with yourself.  It is a choice.  It has always been a choice.  It is called free will, a gift from your Creator, but one that demands that you release the darkness, embrace it, accept it, transmute and transform the doubt and fear into Love and Light, returning back to balance and being willing to live in the NOW, without fear or expectation, just acceptance.

This interview addresses the quantum effects of the ‘jab’:

I realize that I have dumped quite a bit of thought-provoking material today, but it is what it is.  As always, if this material does not resonate, then go elsewhere.  I do not demand that anyone believe one word of what I manage to get out in my essays.  I am not an authority on life, spirituality, even on myself.  I simply observe, record, and write as guided.  Take it or leave it.

I will say this before I leave, be kind to yourself.  The energies are intense.  You may require more rest than ‘normal’.  You may require an energetic ‘vacation’ (permanent or temporary) from certain friends, family members, or even co-workers.  You may be undergoing tremendous change in your life.  Adjust.  Take care of your health.  Do creative things.  Spend time in nature. Ground.  And most especially, breathe! 

Go in Peace,


P.S. For those readers who may disagree with anything I have presented and wish to make negative comments, I warn you in advance, those comments WILL be deleted by me, the editor and commander of this blog. Period.

© All Rights Reserved, videos and recordings of this material are NOT permitted.  Author, Eliza Ayres, https://sunnysjournal.com

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9 Responses to Eliza: Evolution or Devolution

  1. goldensunrise17 says:

    As frustrating as it is to witness people not seeing through the fog of lies and deception, I would say that a good portion of those who do not see are making the choices they make, maybe out of selfishness and/or laziness to look elsewhere for information, but many of them will be making those choices to try to save others, out of love for humanity also. Will they be punished with more soul lessons for that?
    It doesn’t seem appropriate to me.
    Maybe some of them agreed at a soul level to whatever awaits them from getting vaccines in order to show the rest of us the long term consequences. We don’t know yet.
    It does beg the question however, are souls ever truly free?


    • Eliza Ayres says:

      Your questions are appropriate. We cannot judge people’s inner reasons for doing things nor their intent. Or the outcome of their decisions. Those ‘decisions’ are dependent on the frequency of the person, something that is immeasurable by just viewing someone from the outside.

      As for the lessons, they continue even at the higher dimensions, all the way up to the throne of God… if there is any such thing. Karma is energy. Energy is neutral. Best to view these things from a neutral position, as well, or there is the tendency to feel sorry for someone who has, in your (or my) opinion made a ‘bad’ choice. I simply know that I chose NOT to take the vaccination. I don’t feel I would ‘save’ anyone by doing so. Nor does mask-wearing or social distancing ‘save’ anyone. You’re welcome to your opinion.

      The ‘vaccines’ are not vaccines in the classical sense; they are chemical bioweapons designed to compromise the immune system and alter the genetics of the individuals who take them. Was this in the ‘soul contract’ of these individuals? Probably not, yet something was there that would indicate the choice not to ascend was already there at birth. Embodiment of the soul, development of the soul is required for someone to step up in frequency. It is always about the frequency and vibration of any one person, not our opinions or judgments, that determines their fate. And is re-learning lessons all that bad? I have observed the consequences of one of my own Family and how he came to be tried as traitor in one lifetime for a foolish mistake and then, a couple of lifetimes later, is now the Lord of the Pleiades. Redemption. Full and magnificent redemption. Lessons learned.

      I realize this is a prickly question for many. Thanks for being brave enough to put forth your comment.


  2. Chris says:

    Hi Sundeelia! This is an unrelated question but I thought maybe you could help me.

    I am a Pleiadian starseed. Do you by any chance remember the big building in Pleiades where the throne room is located? With the beautiful gardens all around it? I have had memories/visions of it.


    • Eliza Ayres says:

      Chris – we don’t as a rule have kings in the Pleiades but do have men who are Lords of one of the Isles. The Isle of Maia, which is one of our largest isles (that I am aware of) has a palace for the Lord of Maia, Lord Dino. The climate in Milan is somewhat temperate so you may be thinking of the Isle of Airus where Lord Aeolus is the spiritual leader of the Isle and Ancient of Days. He is a physical incarnation of the Holy Spirit and very high-frequency. He has a beautiful palace made from pink granite on the outside and pink marble inside, representing the 2nd Ray of Pink, Love. His city, which I call Ostta, is a tropical city filled with lush vegetation, many parks, colleges, and beautiful avenues. Lord Aeolus holds court every morning. The court is very formal and wear gorgeous clothing. The Isle is quite wealthy, having gold, diamonds, and other valuable resources in abundance. Perhaps this is what you are remembering? Our Lord of the Pleiades currently lives on board his mothership, The White Winds, a vessel 3,000 miles in diameter, 47 decks deep. His ancient family home is on a desert isle. His home is built of abode and sandstone and is built down into the ground about 5 levels, with solar lighting available in all rooms. The architectural style is much like New Mexico Pueblo Revival, with walled gardens. We are a varied and diverse people with thousands of isles (planets).


      • Chris says:

        Thank you very much for your kind answer! I really appreciate it!

        Yes, I think I remember that the Lord of Pleiades has this residence that goes down inside the planet like you described it. I think it had to be built that way because of the strong radiation or energy coming into this planet, so the residence is protected by being underground.

        But the vision I was talking about was in another place. I could see this sort of palace or building, that looks similar to the Gothic Cathedrals here on Earth. But this Pleiadian palace is tall but not dark like our cathedrals, it is quite the opposite, full of light. It also has like stained glass windows, which form patterns of different colors, they are very beautiful and the patterns have meaning. The walls do have some white-pinkish color. There are some inscriptions on one or several walls.

        There is a throne room, but there’s not only one throne there, but two. One is very illuminated while the other one is not, or at least not yet. One is where the Lord of Pleiades sits, and the other one is awaiting someone to fill it. But they are side by side for sure. There is a circle made of what looks like tiles on the floor in front of the thrones. It is a spot where energies converge I think, so it’s important.

        I am pretty sure that the Lord of Pleiades goes to this palace or building whenever he is not aboard the Pleiadian star fleet. It’s not the palace of another high lord, though maybe his palace looks similar to the one you were describing belonging to Lord Aeolus.

        The palace I am talking about has beautiful gardens all around it, and maybe fountains or some kind of water body. Really a sight to behold!


        • Eliza Ayres says:

          Well, Chris… there is another building or a building complex I have been calling ‘Alyona Castle’ in my stories. It is the ‘capital’ of the Federation and extremely old, having been added onto over many centuries. It is built up, with stories, galleries, windows, and spires soaring above the large park in which it sits. The Pleiadian High Council sometimes meets there on the solar Isle of Alcyone, the largest star in the systems that make up the Federation and Central Sun to this galaxy, I believe. As for the symbolism, the Lord of the Pleiades doesn’t sit on a throne — he is not a king or ruler in the same manner as we have had kings here on Terra. He is the senior administrator for the Federation, although it is an inherited position descending from the Founder, Lord Metatron. This palace you speak of may actually exist on a higher plane than that which I have managed to access while writing my story. Sounds like an interesting place. BTW, the Lord of the Pleiades is currently a bachelor. He does have two living sons but no mate (wife). I certainly do not remember everything… as when I went into the Command, I was just 19 years of age in this life.


          • Chris says:

            Thank you again, this is fascinating! I think the thrones are really symbolic, because like you said, the Lord of Pleiades is not a king like the ones we used to have in medieval times on Earth, for example. Though when I have seen him in my visions, he is wearing a forehead crown and a beautiful long robe, a bit iridescent, he looks quite royal. I have seen him like this inside this palace. But I have also seen him wearing his star fleet uniform elsewhere.

            The throne next to his might be for his future wife then. But that throne should also be symbolic. In my vision it was certainly ready, awaiting. So she might go to Pleiades relatively soon. Maybe they will both head the High Council, and that is the symbolism of the thrones together.

            I know the Lord of Pleiades is of the 7th ray, violet vibration. This should be connected to Lord Metatron, I guess.


            • Eliza Ayres says:

              Lord Metatron was the Founder and Father of the House of Coupe, the hereditary house of the Lord of the Pleiades. Yes, Lord Adrigon VaCoupe is very tall, slender, dark-haired, and when in session for any Council, wears a long violet robe or cloak edged with golden braid or other embroidery over his silvery white uniform. He wears a uniform as he is also the Supreme High Commander of the Pleiadian Command. Sometimes, as a symbol of his lordship, he will also wear a large golden pendant on his chest and a small golden coronet set with amethysts upon his dark hair. The Lady of the Pleiades as his mate would not rule in the Pleiades, but might attend Councils as support. The only other Lady who might attend Council and sit in a prominent spot would be the present reigning Shekinah, or High Priestess of the Pleiades. The Shekinah is not mated (married) while she holds the Office, given the tremendous demands on her energies during that time. The current Shekinah also happens to be the Divine Complement of Lord Adrigon, the Lady Nina Diaz, first Daughter of Lord Ashtar. Twin Flames do not mate in the Pleiades and spiritual leaders do not act also as temporal leaders. The Shekinah would only be present to give her opinion or guidance.


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