Eliza: The Golden Hour

Tri-colored Heron

The Golden Hour

This morning I left before 7 a.m. to go on my morning walk. Now that my leg is healing up (strained/pulled muscle) I can, again, get in my normal walk. I got into the habit of walking in the morning as it is relatively quiet, with a few people leaving for work, the children have not yet gone to school. There are usually only one or two people running or walking their dogs.

The weather report claimed there was light rain in my area, but I only saw piles of rain clouds sitting off the coast and to the south. As the sun began to rise higher, the clouds were limned with a golden hue, eventually turning white or grayish white. Other than the distant clouds, the skies were a light Robin’s egg blue with a large waning moon lowering into the western skies.

The birds are quite active early in the morning, dominated right now by black birds, noisy Grackles, the occasional mud hen, white ibis, mottled duck, feral Muscovy ducks, loud geese, woodpeckers, Egrets, Anhingas, and the occasional Great Blue Heron. I even watch a pair of Black-bellied Whistling Ducks a couple of days ago, in one of our local ponds. Apparently, they have moved on.

I’m just going to put up some of my bird photographs from other forays into the various SE Florida wetlands; nothing is current.

Male Grackle
Black-legged Stilt
Great Blue Heron
Wood Storks

Well, I hope you all enjoyed that little foray into the secret lives of Florida birds. There are over 200 species of beautiful and unusual birds who make their home in Florida. Fortunately, feathers are no longer popular additions to women’s hats… the causal factor behind many birds being brought nearly to the point of extinction — fashion. Purely nonsensical in my book.

Anyway, Florida has many nature preserves, national forests, one national park (the Everglades), state forests and state parks that are preserving the last great open spaces of the peninsula. It is an interesting place that draws many people due to the mild climate and its beaches.

Years ago I would never have consciously chosen to live in Florida, yet here I am. The summer approaches with temperatures moving into the 80’s in late April. The start of hurricane season is just around the corner (officially June 1st) and Southern Florida is actually suffering from a prolonged drought. We could use a few tropical storms just for the water they bring. Hurricane season is also the rainy season… let it rain!

Enjoy your day/evening wherever you may be in the world.


(c) All Rights Reserved, all photos by Eliza Ayres, http://www.bluedragonjournal.com and https://sunnysjournal.com

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6 Responses to Eliza: The Golden Hour

  1. denis says:

    Your walk sounds to have rekindled your fortitude and I”ve always admired your foray images. Grackle though is a new bird in my vocabulary.
    Thanks for an uplifting post Sunny.


  2. Barbara says:

    Now if I could just maintain the balance of a Wood Stork, within and without….. Good to know you’re once more out and about during The Golden Hour, Sunny. Much love, B.


    • Eliza Ayres says:

      The wading birds all seem to be able to lock one leg into position and ‘rest’. I have observed it in several different ones. The Wood storks are very homely but dignified and have extremely noisy and smelly off-spring. Birds are rather entertaining.

      Thanks for the comment.


  3. Dick Bacon says:

    It reached 78* in the PNW today. In a pond near my house I saw a blue heron, bald eagle, green heron, red-winged black birds, dunlins, coots and a variety of ducks. I miss you and am happy to hear you’re on the mend.


    • Eliza Ayres says:

      Hello, old friend and hiking buddy – nice to hear from you. Sounds very warm for the PNW this early in the season. Trails should be melting out fast! Stay well. Eliza


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