Eliza: Cosmic History

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Eliza: Cosmic History

Dear readers, I wouldn’t be so egotistical to think that I knew all of Cosmic History as there is quite a lot of it… as you might guess.  And it is all very complex.  Yet, I can give those who are curious some links (see below) that might quench your thirst for more knowledge.

Please keep in mind that ‘knowledge’ is not wisdom.  The latter emerges from within one’s self, through your intuitive facilities and connection to your eternal Self, that exists beyond physical form. All of humanity have more than one form, one lifetime, and live in a multitude of dimensions and densities as we are all fractals of Creator Source energy.  We are living these lifetimes so Creator can experience what it feels like to live within various portions of its creation.

Most people… or many people have often wondered, “Why am I here now on Earth; what is my purpose?  Do I have a mission to accomplish?”

The first and primary purpose is what I mentioned above; you are here as a fractal of Creator Source energy experiencing physicality.  I might add having a physical body is an experience that many Light Beings would love to have an opportunity to undergo. You are blessed to be here, whether or not you are currently enjoying the adventure.  A secondary reason is to balance karma, energy, which became unbalanced during prior or parallel lifetimes here within this reincarnational matrix.  (Note: This matrix was recently released.  Those who are ascending will no longer be compelled to reincarnate upon this world unless it is their choice!).

From some sources I have, it is becoming apparent that ascension into 5D is imminent.  It may take place within this year or any time during the following months on into 2023.  There has been much speculation regarding a Solar Flash being the impetus for such an event or a major kill-shot for our 3D world. 

I will advise those who are aware that they have risen in frequency above 3D that a large percentage of Earth’s population currently resides in upper 4D.  The percentage typically ranges between 40 to 70% of the population.  Since the current controllers of the planet are not eager for their debt slaves to ascend in frequency, removing them out of their control, you might begin to understand the endless litany of fear porn being broadcast via every sort of commercial media nowadays, be it movies, newspapers, MSM, music videos, talk shows, and social media.  The mass production of fear drives down the frequency of the population. Yet, the control of our erstwhile ‘controllers’ has begun to seriously crumble.  The real puppet masters behind the scene, 4D Reptilians and the Anunnaki, have vacated the planet and our solar system.  All that remains are the archonic-controlled human hybrid minions incarnated into elite family bloodlines, who are still attempting to robotically forward their long-term agenda of eugenics, destruction of 95% of the human population.  Yet, there is no longer any support or back-up to keep this agenda moving forward.  And the human population is growing increasingly resistant to the draconian mandates coming down from panicked governmental minions.

Why is all of this happening now?

The answer lies in the genetic make-up of the human species, a species that was created, in part, by the Anunnaki.  Some say that these master geneticists came from the constellation of Orion, others suggest the wandering planet Nibiru was the origin of the genetic experimentation that ultimately created humanity as it exists today.  Do know that 20 other extraterrestrial races donated their DNA towards the Earth experiment besides that of the Anunnaki or Nibirians. While there were already humans or certainly humanoid species upon the planet, today’s Earth humans are largely the result of this massive experiment, which seeded a new human species upon this planet.  Thereafter, Pleiadians, Sirians, and some other star races also interbred with the new human species, adding their own unique genetics to the mix.

Can you now get a sense why so many galactic star-faring nations are so interested in Earth or as I call her, Terra? We are their blood cousins, with a living library of their genetics coursing through our veins and in our precious and rather unique DNA.

Now, the Anunnaki did not want the new human species to be intelligent or long-lived so they purposefully shut down whole portions of our DNA, making it recessive and unavailable, shortening our lifespans and dumbing down the population.  Yet, despite all of this manipulation, a large percentage of humanity is managing to wake up, to see the lies and the intentions of our former controllers as not being in our interest.  For despite all of the genetic manipulation, our bodies are enlivened by soul essence and our souls are activated by the intensification of the Light through which our solar system is currently passing through on its cyclical journey through space.  We recently entered what is called the Photon Belt, which is acting as a remote activation device, ringing individual and collective inner alarm clocks.  People are waking up, either suddenly or more gradually, depending on whether or not they are what is called a starseed (extraterrestrial soul essence), a walk-in (an adult starseed who has entered an adult body through soul agreement with the human host) or a fully indigenous Earth human.

We… all of us, are beginning to remember who we are.  Our galactic Family members are sending us energies to activate us even further.  Our sun, Sol, is undergoing startling and rapid changes, transforming from a golden-yellow colored star to a blazing white star in a few short decades. As a consequence of the incoming solar and Cosmic rays, our own bodies and DNA is being gradually encoded with Light codes, light being intelligence.  We are changing through no effort of our own.  Ascension is happening to you and through you… through your physical body.

Of course, not all Earth humans will manage to ascend.  I will leave it to my readers to sort out who won’t.  It does not mean, however, that these souls will not get a future opportunity to ascend, only from another physical platform, a 4D platform, which will aid them in speeding up their own ascension process after entering this new reincarnation cycle.  They will ascend, only in their own time.

Now, is the time to focus on remembering who you are.  The positive extraterrestrial races that provided their DNA to the Earth experiment knew that, in time, their progeny would wake up and would ascend.  It was just a matter of ‘time’.  Know that when and if the solar flash… which may actually be called a ‘micro-flash’… that when this happens, each ascending human’s body will be protected by their galactic counterparts.  We will receive assistance and guidance after ascension so we can move into our new way of living with ease and grace.  It is nearly beyond our capacity to comprehend just how loved, well regarded, and watched over is our species here on this planet.

In the past, I was told that Earth is the linchpin to the ascension of the entire galaxy.  Recently, I have learned of other worlds that have already undergone their ascension.  These amazing beings are here to aid us, too, so that we will move through the process without fear or trepidation. 

While I am currently focusing on becoming more aware of my inner journey… and writing less for my reading public… I thought I would share a little of what I have learned and what is possible to decipher of our previously suppressed galactic history.  It is time we remembered as a species and as individuals our importance and our place as living libraries for all of our galactic cousins.  Our ascension will mark a major milestone for ourselves and the Galaxy, as we become one of the newest races to take to the stars.  In truth, we’ve been there for quite a while, but that is yet another story.  See references to Space Warden, the Secret Space Force, and break-off civilizations that long ago joined forces with the Dark Fleet run by the Draconians who once controlled much of this world.

Now, I will put up some of the links I promised for those who are curious and have the time and impetus to do their own research.  Do not neglect to check whether or not the information presented by these authors resonates within your own being.  You are a sovereign being, responsible for your own awareness and focus.  Listen to your body and let it advise you whether or not the material is meant for you to read and study now, later, or never.

Blessings and peace to all,

I AM Eliza

© All Rights Reserved, Eliza Ayres, www.bluedragonjournal.com and https://sunnysjournal.com



From The Fifth Kind comes this:


Here’s a new slant to the Earth – Pleiades relationship:


Sheldon Nidle has been a long-term Sirian contactee.  You can find many of his lectures and videos on his website:  https://www.paoweb.com/

More recently, two other contactees by the names of Elena Danaan and Megan Rose have come to my attention.  Here is a video from James Gilliland (yet another contactee) where you can meet these two ladies:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tRhpVPNiYc&ab_channel=ECETIStargateOfficialYouTubeChannel

This is a short list, but a lot of material is covered.  There are still other sources that you can access with a little research of your own.  Happy hunting!

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10 Responses to Eliza: Cosmic History

  1. Eliza Ayres says:

    Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:

    Newest article posted on Sunny’s Journal.


  2. Triie says:

    On September 18th you stated you were no longer going to channel as you cannot know if information you’re told is truthful. Something must have happened to open your eyes and I will not ask what that was. However, I am wondering if has it changed your thinking regarding this essay. We can only pray that good will triumph over evil in this and every other world.


    • Eliza Ayres says:

      A couple of years ago… actually four, I was told that the entire Pleiades star cluster was freed from their enemies. It would appear that this belief was mistaken. If you want further information, refer to the works of Alex Collier, Elena Danaan, Dr. Michael Salla, and other former members of the Secret Space Force.
      At the same time, be assured that the Earth Alliance and the benevolent Galactics who are assisting us (Pleiadians, Sirians, Andromedans, Vegans, Lyrans, Arcturians, et al) are winning. According to reports coming from Galactic sources through Elena who is a contactee, the Dark Fleet has retreated from this planet, fleeing from their secret base/settlement in Antarctica with starships, through their portals, and via ships to Argentina.
      The remnants of the dark control of this planet (and the rest of this solar system) is steadily being revealed to Earth’s population, including the dastardly eugenics agenda designed to kill off 95% of the planet’s population by using any method these psychopaths could invent and put to use. This is all being revealed as part of an orchestrated ‘movie’ by the so-called White Hats. It’s a bitter pill for humanity to learn just how traumatized, used and abused we’ve been, all of us, no matter your gender, culture, country, race, skin-color… We’ve have all been lied to by all of the authorities of the infiltrated systems. This especially includes all religions and spiritual teachings. Yes, there are kernels of truth, but mixed with a ton of poisonous lies.
      The Light will prevail. Light is igniting the inactive DNA within your own body. I could write an entire essay on just this and perhaps I will. The Light is WINNING, folks. And we are shuffling off the lies, beliefs, and mind-programming that we have suffered under for millennia. Thanks be to Source, to the Galactics, to our own unique presence here in the Milky Way Galaxy. Humanity is about to learn just how precious and unique we are.


  3. gratzite says:

    Regards channeling George King said, “There are other sources but never more then 80% reliable due to inference of the mind”.
    Samadhic Trance is required with entry into Cosmic Consciousness for this, as demonstrated in “The Twelve Blessings”, and “The Nine Freedoms”.
    I have noticed a variance in the number of zeros missing in the histories of events in some galactic transmissions, like the destruction of Maldek more than18 millions of years ago, often misquoted as much less.
    I sometimes wonder if the concept of Time on the higher levels of frequency is different from
    appreciation down here, reference to an impending “ascension” is implied.


    • Eliza Ayres says:

      I don’t know who George King is, but he’s right. The egoic chattering mind does filter whatever message is supposed to be coming through. I’ve experienced that myself. As for ascension… well, we’ll see, won’t we? ~Eliza


      • gratzite says:

        You should know about George King (1919-1997), he was a Cosmic Master and founded The Aetherius Society. He was important in being part of metaphysical operations which founded the basis for the New Age. You might read his biography.


        • Eliza Ayres says:

          Thanks, but I have never heard of the man. I’m more familiar with Krishnamurti, the Theosophical Society, I AM movement, Alice Bailey, Torkom Saraydarian, et al. Each of us takes unique routes along the Path. I’ll look up Mr. George King, later. I’ve also had quite a lot of exposure, good and bad, to New Age churches, organizations, and philosophies. I’ve been on the Path for a long, long time. While not an authority on any of it, certainly not a ‘Master’, I am not a novice, either. I am still here, exploring this world and my own inner worlds. ~Eliza


  4. gratzite says:

    Have read about the galactic history in the book by Alex Collier based on his life long association with Andromedans? It is still free to download.


    • Eliza Ayres says:

      Yes, yes… will do. Alex is a great resource. He has written several books which are no longer in print or not available… actively censored. Thanks for this suggestion, G.


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